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This page has links that will help you find the latest news and best sites about  Figure Skating the Winter Olympic Games.  

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About Olympic Figure Skating


"Figure" skating is named for the compulsory figures skaters did in competition until 1990, in which the skater would attempt to trace a set pattern on the ice. Judges would examine the figure and grade based upon how close the tracing was to the proscribed pattern. Nowadays, figure skaters perform two programs in competition: the short, or technical, worth about 1/3 of the total score, is comprised of a series of required elements. Skaters have more freedom in the long, or freeskate program, which lasts about four minutes. Judges will award two scores: the technical mark for the required elements or technical merit in the long program, and the presentation mark, which reflects the choreography and flow of the performance and the athlete's musical interpretation. In Olympic caliber competition, look for skaters to include six to seven triple jumps and several spins in their freeskate programs, as well as some triple-triple combinations from the top echelon of women and even some quadruple jumps from the men.


Official Olympic Figure Skating Sites


Vancouver Official Figure Skating

Official Olympic Figure Skating


Olympic Figure Skating News and Guides


NBC 2010 Olympic Figure Skating Guide

Canoe 2010 Olympic Figure Skating Guide

CBC 2010 Olympic Figure Skating Guide

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ESPN 2010 Olympic Figure Skating

NY Times 2010 Olympic Figure Skating

USA Today 2010 Olympic Figure Skating


Olympic Figure Skating History


Hickock Sports Figure Skating History

Slam! 1998 Figure Skating Coverage

BBC Olympic Skating News

Canoe 2002 Figure Skating Guide

CBS 2002 Figure Skating Guide

Deseret News and KSL Radio, SLC Coverage

ESPN Olympic Figure Skating

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Olympic Figure Skating Internet Search 

Rocky Mountain News 2002 Figure Skating Guide

USA Today 2002 Olympic Figure Skating News


Other Figure Skating Sites


Figure Skating World

Life Skate 

Salt Lake Tribune - Figure Skating Tutorial


US Figure Skating Online

Way More Sports - Figure Skating News


Figure Skating Stuff


 2002 Salt Lake City Figure Skating Store

 A Basic Guide to Figure Skating (Olympic Guides)

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 Figure Skating Magazineicon

 Figure Skating Now: Olympic and World Champions 


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