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This will be a  13-episode reality series developed by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon chronicling the making of an independent film that  Miramax will release theatrically.  Pete Jones, the winner wrote and directed the movie, Stolen Summer. The second installment is "Battle of Shaker Heights", written by Erica Beeney. It was announced in 2014 that the show would return, this time searching for a first-time director. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck will be the executive producers of the show. All the information about submissions and the project are at 


News Articles about Bravo Networks Project Greenlight


Zap2It 10/25/15 ‘Project Greenlight’: So, who’s in charge here anyway?

Zap2It 9/16/15 Matt Damon blames editing for ‘Project Greenlight’ diversity comments

Zap2It 9/15/15 Matt Damon in hot water for telling black filmmaker that Hollywood doesn’t have a diversity problem

Boston Globe 9/15/15 Matt Damon catching heat for comment about diversity on ‘Project Greenlight’

LA Times 9/15/15 Matt Damon isn't racist, the system is; 'Project Greenlight' proves it

Slate 9/14/15 Project Greenlight Revealed Exactly Why Hollywood Still Has a Diversity Problem

Entertainment Weekly 9/13/15 Project Greenlight preview: Matt Damon, Marc Joubert tease major behind-the-scenes drama 9/11/15 'Project Greenlight' doesn't miss a beat after 10-year absence

Hollywood Reporter 9/10/15 'Project Greenlight': TV Review

HitFix 9/10/15 Review: 'Project Greenlight' returns a decade later, still addictive

ET Online 8/10/15 Ben Affleck Wears Wedding Ring, Reunites With Matt Damon For 'Project Greenlight' Premiere

Zap2It 6/25/14 Matt Damon and Ben Affleck want your 'Project Greenlight' submissions

Entertainment Weekly 4/30/14 'Project Greenlight' revived by Affleck and Damon at HBO

Zap2It 4/30/14 'Project Greenlight' returning to HBO with Ben Affleck, Matt Damon as executive producers

Zap2It 6/12/06 Dimension Plans 'Feast' for September

Reality TV World 10/25/05 Report: 'Project Greenlight' team "hoping to move forward" with fourth season

Post Gazette 8/30/05 Damon says money decided 'Project' film

Reality TV World 8/8/05 Matt Damon: Future of Bravo's 'Project Greenlight' show "in the air"

Zap2It 8/8/05 Damon: 'Project Greenlight' Is 'On a Respirator'

Reality Shack 5/16/05 "The Finale" – Project Greenlight, Episode 9

Reality Shack 5/8/05 "Redemption" – Project Greenlight, Episode 8

Reality Shack 5/2/05 "It's a Wrap!" – Project Greenlight, Episode 7

Reality Shack 5/2/05 "Mutiny on the Bar Set" – Project Greenlight, Episode 6

Reality Shack 4/16/05 "The Beginning of a Disaster" – Project Greenlight, Episode 5

Reality Shack 4/9/05 "If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It" – Project Greenlight, Episode 4

Star Ledger 4/7/05 Inept but likable

The Vanguard 4/6/05 'Project Greenlight' hits on third try


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