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On Survivor: Blood vs. Water 20 castaways will be divided into two Tribes of ten. This edition will feature returning Survivor contestants playing with (or, rather, against) their loved ones. The game will be played for 39 and a half days instead of the typical 39. The first tribe is the returning players making up the yellow Galang tribe. The second tribe is new players to the game comprising the red Tadhana tribe. So the returning players and their loved ones will be playing against each other instead of with each other as they thought. Redemption Island will also return in this edition of Survivor. The tribes are comprised of individuals from all different backgrounds with the same ultimate goal: to be the Sole Survivor. This edition of Survivor was filmed in the Philippines. Survivor: Blood vs. Water premiered on September 18, 2013.

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TMZ 6/26/14 'Survivor' Star Caleb Bankston We'll Pay For His Funeral Says Railroad Company

People 6/25/14 Caleb Bankston Death: Jeff Probst, Fellow Contestants Mourn Survivor Star

Zap2It 6/25/14 'Survivor's' Caleb Bankston, Colton Cumbie's fiance, killed in a railway accident

People 6/24/14 Survivor Contestant Caleb Bankston Dies in Railway Accident

Statesman Journal 1/3/14 Salem's 'Survivors': Mother, daughter reflect on challenges

E!Online 1/2/14 Survivor's Rob and Amber Mariano Expecting Fourth Child—See Their Sonogram Picture

Reality TV Fans 12/20/13 Survivor: Blood vs. Water - From Winner To Writer

Reality TV Fans 12/19/13 Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Hayden The Day After

Reality TV Magazine 12/18/13 Video Exclusive Survivor Interview: Laura Morett Ignores Any Mention Of Russell Hantz

Reality TV Magazine 12/18/13 Exclusive Survivor Interview: Hayden Moss Won’t Discuss Kat Edorsson’s Apparent Boob Job

Reality TV Magazine 12/18/13 Video Exclusive Survivor Interview: Tina Wesson Thanks Fans For Support After Son Dies In Crash

Reality TV Magazine 12/18/13 Video Exclusive Survivor Interview: Gervase Peterson Originally Thought Tyson Was ‘An A*s’

Reality TV Magazine 12/18/13 Video Exclusive Survivor Interview: Ciera Eastin – Big Moves Come In Small Packages

Reality TV Magazine 12/17/13 Exclusive Interview: Survivor Winner Tyson Apostol & His Plans With The $1 Million

Reality TV Magazine 12/17/13 Video Exclusive Interview: Monica Culpepper Says She’s Done Playing Survivor

TV Guide 12/17/13 Survivor Winner Tyson Apostol: "I Really Tried to Not Alienate Anybody"

Reality TV Fans 12/16/13 Beyond Reality – Survivor Blood vs Water Finale Recap from 12/15/13

Fearless-Diva 12/16/13 'Survivor: Blood vs Water' Season Finale Recap-- Who Won the Jury in the End?

Fearless-Diva 12/16/13 'Survivor: Blood vs Water' Reunion-- And the Winner Is?

Fearless-Diva 12/16/13 'Survivor: Cagayan' Spoilers by Jeff Probst

Reality TV Calendar 12/16/13 Tyson Brings Home The "Won Game" - Strategic and Tactical Analysis

Unofficial Survivor Guide 12/16/13 Third Time’s A Charm — Tyson Apostol wins Survivor: Blood Vs. Water

Reality TV Calendar 12/16/13 Tyson Wins - Stimpy Snarks - A Stimpy Snarkfest

Unofficial Survivor Guide 12/16/13 CBS previews Survivor: Cagayan — Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty

Reality TV Calendar 12/16/13 Third Time Is The Charm - Yell at Your TV Recap and Commentary


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