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About There's Something About Miriam

On this show Miriam, a transsexual is competed for by six men (one of which was a Royal Marine commando) on the island of Ibiza.  The men did not learn that the woman was a man until the end of the series.

News Articles about Sky One's There's Something About Miriam


Reality TV World 7/25/07 Fox Reality to debut UK's 'There's Something About Miriam' October 31

Digital Spy 4/3/06 Fox Reality picks up 'Miriam'

Digital Spy 2/9/06 Japan gets 'Something About Miriam' 6/13/04 Ryan picks she is in fact a he 6/11/04 Miriam's going in 6/10/04 Miriam is Brother Maria

Herald Sun 6/10/04 But she's so girly ... 6/9/04 Freak show or TV show? 6/9/04 Miriam eyes contestants 6/7/04 Miriam has landed

SMH 6/5/04 A big turn off 6/4/04 Miriam Does Big Brother!

Digital Spy 6/3/04 Miriam to spice up 'Big Brother' down under

Ananova 6/3/04 Transsexual miriam to join Australian Big Brother

Digital Spy 6/3/04 Miriam to enter BB Australia house

Herald Sun 6/3/04 Miriam? Oh boy

The Age 5/20/04 Reality reaches new low 5/10/04 Reality show with a twist

This Is London 3/29/04 Miriam gets the elbow

Digital Spy 3/29/04 1.4m watch Miriam reveal her secret

The Scotsman 3/28/04 Transsexual Miriam Rejected by Reality Show Winner

The Scotsman 2/25/04 Dinner Date - Miriam 2/23/04 Reality TV transsexual speaks out against complaints
Ananova 2/23/04 Miriam says she did it for 'love'

BBC 2/20/04 Miriam's glad to be recognised

BBC 2/19/04 There's something about Miriam

Zap2It 2/6/04 U.K. Transsexual Dating Show Cleared to Air

Guardian 2/6/04 Payout follows reality TV shock

Sky News 2/6/04 Lad's TV Embarasment

BBC 2/5/04 Transsexual reality show pay-out

Ananova 2/5/04 Payout over transsexual show

Digital Spy 1/8/04 Sky 'nearing deal' over transvestite show

BBC 11/5/03 Men 'suspected' TV transsexual

Irish Examiner 11/4/03 Reality TV transsexual says show was 'fun'

Zap2It 11/3/03 She's a Man, Baby: British Reality 'Twist' Spawns Legal Threat

The Mirror 11/1/03 She Ain't 'Arf Odd Mum!

Media Guardian 10/31/03 Reality show men sue Sky over transsexual 'trick'

Digital Spy 10/31/03 Contestants 'to sue' Sky over transvestite show

BBC 10/31/03 Legal threat over transsexual show

Guardian 10/30/03 Contestants in transexual show to sue Sky

Scotsman 10/30/03 TV Show Row over Woman Born A Man


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