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Presented by Danny Wallace, the show tosses together a group of Castaways that will reflect all aspects of British life: variety of ages; all backgrounds; a variety of skills or none; a range of personalities. But all will have something to offer and strong reasons for wanting to be part of Castaway.  The castaways will explore the best ways to live in close quarters with people they may not have much in common with, draw on personal skills to develop the infrastructure of the island and, in the process, discover more about themselves as individuals.


News Articles about BBC Networks Castaway

Daily Mail 7/18/10 Return to Castaway Island: The cast of Britain's first reality TV programme reunite

Bolton News 12/7/07 Castaway star to have baby

Digital Spy 7/28/07 'Castaway' host explains why show flopped

Digital Spy 7/22/07 'Castaway' star says show was misleading

Independent 3/27/07 BBC reality show is cast away to a midweek slot

Digital Spy 3/27/07 Jason becomes first 'Castaway' evictee

IOL 3/13/07 Desert island dismissed: viewers snub 'Castaway'

This is London 3/13/07 Viewers desert island reality show

IBN live 3/12/07 BBC warns 'extreme reality TV' stars

Sunday Mirror 3/11/07 Death Crash Secret of TV Castaway Star 

Daily Mail 3/10/07 Revealed: How BBC's Castaway island is home to 700 inhabitants

Stuff 3/8/07 BBC maroons 13 castaways on NZ island
BBC 3/7/07 Lap dancer takes on castaway life
Sky News 3/707 Castaways Unveiled

Daily Mail 3/7/07 BBC reveals desert island misfits for new reality show

Digital Spy 3/7/07 Identities of thirteen Castaways revealed

Manchester Online 3/6/07 Danny's survival guide

Sunday Mail 3/4/07 Lambs to the Slaughter 

Media Guardian 3/4/07 Meet the new castaways

Sunday Herald 3/3/07 Castaway the sequel

TVNZ 10/26/06 Castaway show may be filmed in NZ

Media Guardian 10/24/06 Island sun showdown

Reality TV Links 7/26/06 Casting Call - Castaway (UK)

Digital Spy 7/22/06 BBC confirms return of 'Castaway'

Guardian 7/22/06 Castaway, the grandad of reality shows, returns

Daily Mail 7/21/06 'Exotic' Castaway to return to small screen

BBC 7/21/06 TV's Castaway back for second run

Daily Record 7/21/06 Isle Be Back

Zap2It 1/17/02 BBC's New 'Castaway' Returns to the Iron Age

BBC 1/26/01 Castaway returns

The Northern Echo 1/18/01 Back from my castaway island

BBC 8/17/00 Castaway family to leave island


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