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"The Joe Schmo Show" combines elements from many reality shows found on TV...except with one huge secret -- only one of the contestants is real. Everyone else on the show, from the host to the other 'players', are actors following a pre-determined outline.  In Joe Schmo 2 two contestants are real in this fake dating show. In 2013, a third installment will air titled 'Joe Schmo: The Full Bounty'.

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Reality TV Fans 3/6/13 The Joe Schmo Show: The Post Schmo: Episode 10

Reality TV Calendar 3/6/13 "You guys did a freaking good job!" Recap and Commentary

Post Gazette 3/5/13 "The Joe Schmo Show's" Chase Rogan is the nice guy who finished first

Post Gazette 3/3/13 Reality show a blast for local 'Joe Schmo'

Reality TV Fans 2/27/13 The Joe Schmo Show: The Post Schmo: Episode 9

Reality TV Calendar 2/27/13 The Rise Of The Lamas - Recap and Commentary

Post Gazette 2/23/13 Reality Check: 'Joe Schmo Show' ramps up craziness

Reality TV Calendar 2/20/13 What Just Happened And What Will They Do Now?

Reality TV Fans 2/15/13 The Joe Schmo Show: The Post Schmo: Episode 7

Reality TV Calendar 2/13/13 The Great Bidet Debate And The Frisky Business Challenge

Reality TV Fans 2/6/13 The Joe Schmo Show: The Post Schmo: Episode 6

Reality TV Calendar 2/6/13 What's In The Urn And Why Is Chase Making Notes? - Recap and Commentary

Reality TV Calendar 1/30/13 Bring Your Convict To Work Day - Recap and Commentary

Reality TV Fans 1/30/13 The Joe Schmo Show: The Post Schmo: Episode 5

Reality TV Calendar 1/23/13 Making Love Comfortable And She Almost Blew It  
Reality TV Calendar 1/16/13 The Injured Schmo And The Incontinent Beaver - Recap and Commentary

Oshkosh Northwestern 1/12/13 'Joe Schmo' back to mock reality TV

Post Gazette 1/12/13 Reality Check: Local is a Joe worth rooting for

Reality TV Calendar 1/9/13 On With The Schmo! Recap and Commentary

Post Gazette 1/8/13 Tuned in from Hollywood: 2 Pittsburgh 'Schmoes' advise current player

Boston Globe 1/8/13 ‘Joe Schmo’: a pawn in their game

Variety 1/6/13 'The Joe Schmo Show' is the freshest reality program, but also an ephemeron

Tucson Weekly 12/25/12 Joe Schmo Returns, Giving You Exactly One Reason to Watch Spike

Entertainment Weekly 8/14/12 Spike TV revives 'Joe Schmo' reality prank series -- Exclusive

Zap2It 8/14/12 Fake reality show 'Joe Schmo' will return to Spike TV


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