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Eleven unsuspecting volunteers are left marooned on one of Britain's biggest landfill sites for three weeks. Their challenge? To survive off the rubbish the rest of us have thrown out.  The participants have willingly agreed to take part in a testing eco-challenge but they don't know where. Most have assumed that they will be dropped into a pristine natural environment like the Amazonian Rain Forest or the Arctic. How will they react when they are delivered to a huge, smelly British landfill site where they are forced to make a home from other people's waste?


News Articles about BBC Networks Dumped


icSurreyOnline 9/5/07 Grandmother reveals why living in a dump was a good idea

Bangkok Post 9/3/07 Orchestra plays rubbish

Scotland on Sunday 9/2/07 Get down in the dumps

Croydon Guardian 9/2/07 C4 rubbish Dumped set-up claims

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Daily Mail 8/30/07 Now C4's reality rubbish dump show is exposed as a fake

Media Guardian 8/30/07 Channel 4 pins autumn ratings hopes on rubbish

Metro 8/30/07 New reality show is rubbish

Daily Mail 8/29/07 New reality TV show dumps contestants on rubbish tip for share of 20,000 prize

Guardian 8/29/07 Channel 4's Dumped: Making rubbish TV

Variety 3/7/07 Channel 4 preps reality 'Dumped'

BBC 3/7/07 C4 to make rubbish reality show


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