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Featuring high adventure and human drama, "Expedition Impossible" will feature 13 teams of three, racing in a fun expedition across vast deserts, over snow capped mountains and through raging rivers in the beautifully exotic, fabled kingdom of Morocco. Each week a new stage of the expedition will be revealed to the teams. Will they crumble under the pressure of having to think clearly in the wilds of the great outdoors, or will they find a way to work together to complete their adventures? And if one person quits, the entire team is eliminated. After 10 stunning legs of competition with drama, comedy and great characters, one team will cross the finish line first to claim victory. Each winning team member will receive $50,000 ($150,000 total for the team) as well a new Ford Explorer.


News Articles about ABC Networks Expedition Impossible


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Reality TV Calendar 8/5/11 At A Loss For Words Because It's All Been Said Before - Commentary

Reality TV Calendar 8/5/11 Country Boys Out Of Breath , Here's The Rankings

Reality News Online 8/5/11 Expedition Impossible, Episode 7: Never Give Up

Reality TV Magazine 8/4/11 Expedition Impossible Recap: Fight To The Finish

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