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 ITV and the producers of Grease the musical have started the search for the next Sandy Dumbrowski and Danny Zuko.  Thousands have applied but only two can win the coveted, lead roles and become stars of the stage when Grease opens in the West End later this year.  Putting his reputation on the line by judging the potential hopefuls (as well as producing the eventual winners) is renowned Theatre Producer David Ian who is joined on the judging panel by multi-millionaire, showbiz impresario (and Im A Celebrity favourite) David Gest; choreographer to the stars and judge on hit TV show So You Think You Can Dance Brian Friedman and The X Factor mentor and 80s pop icon Sinitta.


News Articles about ITV Networks Grease is the Word


Entertainment Weekly 8/30/07 West End Update

Digital Spy 8/20/07 'Grease' winner drops dress size

Digital Spy 8/14/07 Cowell compares Friedman to risotto

Digital Spy 8/12/07 David Gest misses 'Grease' premiere

Digital Spy 8/10/07 Critics pan 'Grease' stage debut

Daily Mail 8/9/07 Grease: Under-sexed, under-done and under par (...but the first night audience simply loved it)

The Sun 8/9/07 Dan and Sandy hit West End

Daily Mail 8/9/07 Critics savage Grease as reality television winners take to stage

Evening Telegraph 7/25/07 Kavanagh 'to star in soap'

The Comet 7/19/07 Bradleys star turn

Digital Spy 7/18/07 No plans for more 'Grease' says ITV

Digital Spy 7/3/07 Arlene Phillips "evil" to 'Grease' winner

Bexley Times 6/20/07 Generous Danny hits the right notes

The Stage 6/14/07 Full Grease cast is revealed

London Theatre Guide 6/14/07 Danny and Sandy meet schoolmates

Bromley Times 6/13/07 Danyy scoops plum 'Grease' role

Playbill 6/11/07 London Grease Finds Its Sandy and Danny

The Mirror 6/11/07 Joy For Grease Duo 

The Mirror 6/10/07 David Gest - An Apology 

Digital Spy 6/10/07 Danny and Susan win 'Grease' roles

Daily Record 6/9/07 I'll Win It For My Granddad

Digital Spy 6/9/07 'Grease' girls vow to keep things friendly

Daily Mail 6/8/07 Cowell vows to quit musical reality TV shows

Reading Evening Post 6/8/07 Michael is the one that they want

Manchester Online 6/8/07 Grease Is The Word: Kav's living the dream

Ananova 6/8/07 Cowell: No more musicals!

Digital Spy 6/8/07 Sinitta: 'I stole Kylie's costume'

Digital Spy 6/5/07 'Grease Is The Word' finalists hit back

Digital Spy 6/3/07 Susan, Michelle in 'Grease' final

Digital Spy 5/31/07 David Ian praises fellow 'Grease' judges

Digital Spy 5/31/07 'Grease Is The Word': Michael Quinn

Manchester Online 5/28/07 Grease Is The Word: Anthony makes final

Digital Spy 5/27/07 Danny B, Anthony in 'Grease' final

Digital Spy 5/25/07 'Grease' stage show 'makes 5 million'

Celebrity Spider 5/21/07 Simon Cowell: "Critics are Right About Grease is the Word"

Manchester Online 5/21/07 Grease Is The Word: Anthony in semi-finals

Digital Spy 5/20/07 'Grease' hopefuls suspicious of rivals

Digital Spy 5/20/07 Bradley and Lauren leave 'Grease'

Digital Spy 5/19/07 'Grease' stars split from partners

Daily Mail 5/18/07 Cowell: 'I slipped up with flop show Grease'

This is Hertfordshire 5/17/07 Go greased Bradley

Now Magazine 5/17/07 Joseph and Grease go head to head

Digital Spy 5/12/07 Sinitta to be protected by bodyguards

Herald 24 5/10/07 Bradley sticks with Grease

Irish Post 5/9/07 Irish songstress a big hit with Grease viewers

Digital Spy 5/6/07 Richard and Joanna voted off 'Grease'

Digital Spy 5/5/07 Male 'Grease' contestants vow to shape up

Digital Spy 5/4/07 'Grease' boys challenge 'Any Dream' rivals
Sky News 5/4/07 David Flees Britain

Celebrity Spider 4/30/07 David Gest and Sinitta Demand More Grease is the Word Airtime

Digital Spy 4/28/07 'Grease' judges ignored contestants

Manchester Online 4/27/07 Grease hopefuls are paired up

Manchester Online 4/27/07 It's a new Grease of life

Digital Spy 4/26/07 'Grease Is The Word': Meet The Dannys

Digital Spy 4/26/07 'Grease Is The Word': Meet The Sandys

Digital Spy 4/22/07 Sinitta hopes for a black Sandy

Manchester Online 4/22/07 Grease Is The Word: Finalists revealed

Digital Spy 4/22/07 'Grease' rejects complain about "fix"

Digital Spy 4/21/07 Norton criticises 'Grease' again

Digital Spy 4/8/07 David Gest told to tone down criticism

Digital Spy 4/6/07 Feature: Grease appeal

Digital Spy 4/5/07 Sinitta: 'I laugh at contestants'

Digital Spy 4/5/07 Grease Is The Word: 'Meet The Judges'

Digital Spy 4/4/07 Sinitta failed her 'Grease' audition

Manchester Online 4/2/07 Who's the one they want?

Hello! 3/29/07 Zoe, Holly and Sinitta start search for new Sandy and Danny

Variety 3/19/07 'Grease' TV show to bow in Britain

Digital Spy 2/27/07 TV show to hunt for new 'Grease' stars

Celebrity Spider 12/21/06 Simon Cowell Denies Stealing Grease Reality Show Concept

Daily Mail 12/20/06 Cowell unveils new money-spinning search for Grease stars

BBC 12/20/06 Cowell unveils Grease talent show

Guardian 12/20/06 Cowell to produce reality TV Grease show

Manchester Online 12/20/06 Grease is the word for Cowell


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