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On this show described as a celebrity challenge series, chef Gordon Ramsay will train ten inexperienced cooks to staff the kitchen of a new, exclusive London restaurant which will open for a period of two weeks. The restaurant will serve 70 diners who will include celebrities, members of the viewing public and food critics.


News Articles about Hell's Kitchen


RTE 8/27/09 Hell's Kitchen pair have bust-up
Daily Mail 10/15/08 Hell's Kitchen winner Terry Miller closes restaurant after falling victim to credit crunch
Digital Spy 6/3/08 'Hell's Kitchen' star dates Dell'Olio?

Digital Spy 11/16/07 'Hell's Kitchen' chef signs ITV deal

Celebrity Spider 10/23/07 Gordon Ramsay: "Marco Pierre White Used to be a Savage"

This is London 10/1/07 Hell's Kitchen Marco salvages fiery marriage as divorce called off

Daily Record 9/29/07 Stock Idol

Celebrity Spider 9/28/07 Gordon Ramsay's Job Made Him Infertile

Digital Spy 9/27/07 'Kitchen' star leaves fish and chips tip

This is London 9/25/07 Hell's Kitchen runner-up Adele parties hard then dozes off after soap awards

Daily Mail 9/19/07 Marco Pierre White: 'Jamie Oliver's a fat chef with a drum kit'

Digital Spy 9/19/07 Pierre White blasts 'fat chef' Oliver

Daily Mail 9/18/07 Hell's Kitchen runner-up Adele set to earn '2million'

Digital Spy 9/18/07 McGuigan triumphs in 'Kitchen' final

Manchester Online 9/17/07 Hell's Kitchen finalists ready for final

Sky News 9/17/07 Game on for Adele

Digital Spy 9/17/07 Nick drops food during 'Kitchen' final

Digital Spy 9/17/07 Celebrity chefs return for 'Kitchen' final

Daily Mail 9/17/07 Marco backs Emmerdale star Adele in Hell's Kitchen final

Digital Spy 9/16/07 'Hell's Kitchen' boss backs Jim Davidson

Sunday Mirror 9/16/07 Exclusive: Abbey lifts the lid on Hell's Kitchen 

Digital Spy 9/16/07 Titchmarsh turned down 'Hell's Kitchen'

Digital Spy 9/16/07 Abbey Clancy praises 'Kitchen' boss

Digital Spy 9/15/07 Marco merges 'Hell's Kitchen' teams

Digital Spy 9/15/07 'Kitchen' boss gives verdict on final four


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