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The series will follow 12 musicians as they battle through innovative songwriting challenges that will test their creativity, patience and drive. From dance track to love ballad, every episode will feature a different theme that will require the contestants to write and perform lyrics from multiple genres. Their intimate life stories and personal drama will unfold within the show and in their lyrics as they compete and live together. In the end, only one is crowned the ultimate hitmaker walking away with a $100,000 cash prize, publishing deal with Sony and with BMI Songwriters, The Writing Camp, and a recording deal with RCA/Jive.  Kara DioGuardi is head judge.


News Articles about Bravo Networks Platinum Hit

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Digital Spy 4/12/11 Leona Lewis to guest judge 'Platinum Hit'

USA Today 4/11/11 Kara DioGuardi's Bravo show to feature ex-'Idol' contestants

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