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This page will direct you to the latest news and best sites about the BBC and NBC Networks show

The Weakest Link with host/presenter Anne Robinson


About NBC's The Weakest Link


On this show, losing contestants (the "weakest link"), after a rapid-fire quiz, get the boot with the dismissive remark, "You are the weakest link" by host Anne Robinson.


News Articles about NBC's and the BBC's The Weakest Link 


Daily Mail 4/23/11 You're the Weakest Link, Goodbye: Anne Robinson quits as game show host
Times Online 8/30/09 Anne Robinson: Iím in better nick than Madonna

Daily Mail 8/27/09 Face it, Anne Robinson, good lighting does wonders for your skin

Daily Mail 4/26/08 Why Anne Robinson needed a disguise After she'd popped out to the shops

Digital Spy 4/26/08 Anne Robinson desperate to avoid snappers

Daily Mail 4/19/08 You are the weakest lip: Anne Robinson shows off her new trout pout

This is London 4/7/08 The sauciest link: Anne Robinson stuns viewers by asking contestant to feel her breasts

Digital Spy 4/7/08 Robinson breast grope sparks 16 complaints

Telegraph 4/2/08 Apprentice rejects to appear on Weakest Link

Digital Spy 4/1/08 'Apprentice' candidates for 'Weakest Link'

Digital Spy 2/11/08 Anne Robinson: 'I'm desperate for a man'

Digital Spy 1/17/08 'Weakest Link' to replace 'Neighbours'

Digital Spy 1/17/08 Oasis, Blur for Britpop 'Weakest Link'?

Daily Mail 11/16/07 How four notes made music composer the other multi-millionaire of The Weakest Link

Guardian Unlimited 11/8/07 Weakest Link tipped for Neighbours slot

This is London 10/28/07 Anne Robinson steps out with 'male friend'

Daily Mail 10/5/07 Anne Robinson and the bingo wings that won't fly away

Celebrity Spider 10/1/07 Anne Robinson to Divorce

Daily Mail 9/30/07 Heartbreak for Anne Robinson as she splits from husband after 27 years

Daily Mail 9/11/07 Meet the latest face of Anne Robinson... looking younger than ever

Digital Spy 8/23/07 Danielle Lloyd wins 'Weakest Link'

24 Dash 8/13/07 Pete Doherty wants to appear on 'The Weakest Link'

Digital Spy 8/13/07 Danielle Lloyd signs up for 'Weakest Link'

Ananova 5/18/05 Jade the Weakest Link?

Celebrity Spider 4/5/05 Anne Robinson Ordered to Apologize Over Homophobic Insult


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Websites about The Weakest Link (US)


NBC Official Site 

Ebay - Weakest Link

IMDb - Anne Robinson Filmography

Link World

Pazsaz Profile for The Weakest Link

Quiz Show Study Course

Reality TV Links - The Weakest Link

The Weakest Link is a Communist Conspiracy

Weakest Link Game Show

Weakest Link Internet Search

Weakest Link Site @ The Original Game Show Page

Weakest Link Stuff

Who Wants to be the Weakest Link?

Yahoo Full Coverage - The Weakest Link

Zap2It Show Profile


Websites about The Weakest Link (UK)


BBC- Weakest Link Official Site

100% Unofficial Weakest Link Site

Bohemia's The Weakest Link

The Game Show Page-Weakest Link

Media Guardian - Best of Anne Robinson's Putdowns

The Weakest Link Challenge

The Weakest Link Online Game

Weakest Link Interactive

Weakest Link Quiz Book from

Weakest Link stuff if you are in the UK

Weakest Link Website

Welcome to the Weakest Link

You Are The Weakest Link


Websites about The Weakest Link (Australia)


The Official Australian Weakest Link Site

The Day I Skipped Work to Audition for The Weakest Link


 The Weakest Link Singapore


My Demand


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