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On this show 10 Prime Minister hopefuls will be selected from auditions around the country before they are whittled down to a winner by a Pop Idol-style public vote. The finalists are free to participate as candidates in the next general election.


News Articles about ITV's Vote for Me show


Washington Times 1/19/05 TV picks convict for race

BBC 1/18/05 Rank and bile

icBirmingham 1/17/05 Reality TV star may stand for Brum seatA

Daily Record 1/17/05 Howard in His Sights

Scotsman 1/17/05 TV winner targets Howard
Guardian 1/16/05 Row erupts as TV's new political idol accused of being racist

Guardian 1/11/05 'Political Idol' met by viewer apathy

BBC 1/11/05 'Poll Idols' face first hurdles 1/10/05 Westminster hopefuls out to show they have the X factor

Media Guardian 1/10/05 ITV votes 'Political Idol' into graveyard slot

BBC 1/10/05 Poll Idol contest gets under way

Media Guardian 1/9/05 MPs blast 'tawdry' Politics Idol show

Telegraph 4/20/04 Campbell attacks MP show as 'crass'

Guardian 4/20/04 'Political idol' loses Campbell's vote

Times of India 4/17/04 After pop pin-up, it's political icon

BBC 4/16/04 Reality TV to choose next MP?

Ananova 4/16/04 New reality TV show will find election candidate

Telegraph 4/16/04 Will ITV's search for 'pop idol' MP unseat a real one?

Guardian 4/15/04 ITV defends 'political idol' show

This is London 4/15/04 TV's political pop idol

BBC 4/15/04 TV bid to find UK's 'Poll Idol'

Digital Spy 4/13/04 Pick an MP in new reality series

Ananova 4/13/04 New reality TV show will find election candidate

Guardian 3/30/04 Political Pop Idol? It doesn't get my vote

Anorak 3/29/04 Politics Idol

Scotsman 1/8/04 Would Political Idol election get your vote?

The Sun 1/5/04 Now it's political Pop Idol

Guardian 1/4/04 Power Idol? Now politicians audition for votes

BBC 4/13/03 Pop Idol set for politics?


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