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From schoolteachers to firemen to police officers to social workers, this competition gives everyday men and women the chance to transform into fearless acrobatic competitors at the six regional qualifying competitions held throughout the U.S. 100 finalists will have a shot at a $500,000 cash prize and the chance to win the coveted "American Ninja Warrior" title at the national finals in Las Vegas. Comedian Matt Iseman ("Dumbest Stuff on Wheels," "Clean House") returns with his energetic, charismatic style as host and is joined this season by Olympic gold medalist Jonny Moseley, whose experience as an extreme sports athlete brings a unique and colorful perspective to the show. Angela Sun ("Yahoo! Sports Minute," NBC's "1st Look") will serve as the sideline reporter giving fans an up-close look at the course and its competitors. 


News Articles about NBC Networks American Ninja Warriors


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