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This page will direct you to the latest news and best sites about CBS Network's Survivor Nicaragua show

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About Survivor Nicaragua

The 20 new castaways will be divided into two Tribes of 10: Young vs. Old. The Espada Tribe, made up of individuals over the age of 40, must prove they have the life experience and knowledge that will ultimately help them Outwit and Outlast their younger competitors. The La Flor Tribe, consisting of individuals 30 years of age and younger, will have to use their youth and vitality to Outplay and ultimately Outlast their elders. Who will prevail: youth or maturity?

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The Republic 5/8/11 Holly Hoffman, an alum of the television series "Survivor" addresses Celebrate Women event

Reality TV Magazine 4/26/11 Survivor: Fabio’s Homoerotic Horror Film Now On DVD

Reality TV Magazine 2/2/11 Survivor: Producer Planned Murder

Hollywood Reporter 2/1/11 U.S. Seeks Extradition for Former 'Survivor' Producer Charged With Killing Wife

Reality TV Magazine 1/20/11 Survivor: Nicaragua Winner Jud “Fabio” Birza Arrested

Reality News Online 1/12/11 Survivor: Nicaragua – Why Fabio Won (and Chase & Sash Lost)

Reality News Online 1/11/11 Survivor: Nicaragua – Why Dan & Holly Lost

Reality TV Hall of Shame 1/10/11 Court Rules Against Richard Hatch Again, Says He Still Hasn’t Paid Back Taxes

TV Guide 1/7/11 Mark Burnett Talks Survivor Quitters, Redemption Island

Reality TV Magazine 1/4/11 Exclusive Survivor Video Interviews

Reality News Online 1/3/11 Survivor: Nicaragua’s Alina Clarifies – Why Did She Vote for Chase?

Reality News Online 12/28/10 An “Insider” Look at the Survivor: Nicaragua Finale, Part 1 – “I Wish Them the Worst”

People 12/27/10 Jeff Probst Explains Survivor's New Rules

TVFunSpot 12/23/10 Survivor Nicaragua: Who You Calling Old? Episode 15 - Absolutely Fabio

Reality News Online 12/23/10 Survivor: Nicaragua, the Finale’s Missing Intelligence Award – Brother, Can You Spare a Vote?

TV Guide 12/23/10 Survivor's Dan: I Didn’t Make Any Enemies

Reality TV Fans 12/22/10 CBS Announces Survivor: Redemption Island to Premiere February 16

RealityShack 12/22/10 Survivor Nicaragua Extra – Notes to Survivor Players

Reality TV Hall of Shame 12/22/10 Hall of Shame Update – Nicaragua’s NaOnka Extends Her Shame in Finale & Reunion

Reality News Online 12/22/10 Survivor: Nicaragua, As I See It – Who’s Laughing Now?

Reality News Online 12/22/10 Survivor: Nicaragua Roundtable Predictions Update, Finale and Reunion Show – Total Domination

TV Guide 12/22/10 Survivor's Sash: I Thought the Jury Would Have More Respect For the Game

Reality TV Fans 12/21/10 Survivor: Nicaragua – Life at Ponderosa – Dan

RealityShack 12/21/10 Survivor: Nicaragua – Finale – Bad Season, Cool Winner

Reality News Online 12/21/10 Survivor: Nicaragua, The Big Picture After the Finale –"In Your Face, Strategists!"

Unofficial Survivor Guide 12/21/10 Jud "Fabio" Birza Wins Survivor: Nicaragua


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