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This page will direct you to the latest news and best sites about NBC Network's America's Got Talent show


About America's Got Talent Show


This show will bring the hottest performers from across the country to TV audiences in a new talent competition series that allows viewers to determine who will walk away with a $1 million cash prize. The series features a colorful array of hopeful future stars who possess widely varying levels of talent. Singers, dancers, comedic performers and unique novelty acts of all ages will have a chance to strut and perform in front of a panel of celebrity judges who will determine which acts advance to the final rounds. Nick Cannon is the host of the show. Season 9 will begin on May 27, 2014.


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News Articles about NBC Networks America's Got Talent Show


Reality TV Fans 4/9/14 America’s Got Talent Returns for Live Shows Beginning July 29

E!Online 4/8/14 Heidi Klum's Bra Was Stolen by a Magician on America’s Got Talent: "I Was a Little Droopy!"

Zap2It 4/8/14 'America's Got Talent' Season 9: 'People get more inventive,' says Heidi Klum

Daily Mail 4/7/14 The real Sleeping Beauty! Heidi Klum shares photos of herself passed out on America's Got Talent set

Hollywood Reporter 4/7/14 Simon Cowell's 'Got Talent' Sets Guinness Record for World's Most Successful TV Format

TV Guide 2/26/14 NBC Announces Premiere Dates for America's Got Talent and American Ninja Warrior

Digital Spy 2/1/14 Sharon Osbourne unhappy with America's Got Talent payoff

People 1/29/14 Kevin Hart, Nick Cannon Top NBA All-Star Lineup

Reality TV Magazine 11/21/13 Heidi Klum And Mel B Will Return To America’s Got Talent For Season Nine

Zap2It 11/20/13 'America's Got Talent': Heidi Klum, Mel B and Howie Mandel all returning

TV Guide 11/20/13 Which Judges Are Returning to America's Got Talent?

USA Today 11/19/13 Howard Stern signs on for more 'AGT'

Zap2It 11/19/13 'America's Got Talent': Howard Stern in for Season 9

Reality TV Fans 9/19/13 Kenichi Ebina Wins “America’s Got Talent”

Reality TV Magazine 9/19/13 America’s Got Talent Season 8 Finale: Voters Surprise Again With An Unexpected Winner

Entertainment Weekly 9/19/13 'America's Got Talent' winner Kenichi Ebina: 'A dancer can feel the house'

USA Today 9/19/13 'America's Got Talent' crowns Season 8 winner

TV Guide 9/19/13 Who Won America's Got Talent?

Zap2It 9/19/13 'America's Got Talent' Season 8 winner: Kenichi Ebina or Taylor Williamson, who won the prize?

BuddyTV 9/18/13 'America's Got Talent': The 40 Best Performances of Season 8

BuddyTV 9/18/13 'America's Got Talent' Performance Rankings: The Top 6

Reality TV Magazine 9/18/13 America’s Got Talent Finale: Kenichi Ebina Wows Again With Matrix Remix

Reality TV Magazine 9/18/13 Howard Stern On Why A Comedian Probably Won’t Win America’s Got Talent

Reality TV Magazine 9/18/13 Howie Mandel Approves Of America’s Got Talent Season 8 Judges

Zap2It 9/17/13 'America's Got Talent' Season 8 finals: Cami Bradley and Kenichi Ebina have our votes

BuddyTV 9/17/13 'America's Got Talent' Finale Preview: Talent vs. Following

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