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About Casting Calls and Auditions  

We are listing news and website links about reality television casting calls.  If you want to audition for a reality tv show, this information should help you find your way.  Please note, we have no additional information about any casting situation and can't help you get on a show.

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News Articles about Reality Television Casting and Auditions


Reality TV Fans 8/11/14 Casting Call – Is There Someone in Your Family Missing From Your Life?

Reality TV Fans 7/28/14 Casting Call – 20 and 30-Somethings Seeking to Find Former Flames

Reality TV Fans 7/17/14 Casting Call – Are you & Another Planning Something Special to Celebrate a 1 Year Milestone?

Reality TV Fans 7/15/14 Casting Call – People Interested in Testing Out Hacks to Make Their Life Easier

Reality TV Fans 7/14/14 Casting Call – Do you work in an office with a bull-pen like setting?

Reality TV Fans 7/14/14 Casting Call – Lingerie Fighting Championships: Bootie Camp

Reality TV Fans 7/11/14 Casting Call – Enthusiastic Family with Young Children for a New Fun Show

Reality TV Fans 7/9/14 Casting Call – Two Friends Attending High School Reunion That Desire Plastic Surgery

Reality TV Fans 7/3/14 Casting Call – Adventurous, Outgoing, 21 Year Olds With An Interest In Traveling

Reality TV Fans 7/2/14 Casting Call – Fun Duos For Major Cable Network Show (CA)

Reality TV Fans 6/26/14 Casting Call – TLC’s Extreme Cheapskates

Reality TV Fans 6/26/14 Casting Call – Do You Own the World’s Fattest Pet?

Reality TV Fans 6/18/14 Casting Call – Online Couples That Have Not Yet Met in Person

Reality TV Fans 6/17/14 Casting Call – New Reality Series “Utopia”

Reality TV Fans 6/15/14 Casting Call – Major Cable Network Seeks Outgoing Overweight Families For New Series

Reality TV Fans 6/12/14 Casting Call – Women Considering Changing Religions

Reality TV Fans 6/9/14 Casting Call – Are you currently breastfeeding a child aged 3 years or older?

Reality TV Fans 6/5/14 Casting Call – Preacher’s Daughters

Reality TV Fans 6/4/14 Casting Call – Real Estate Agent to Help International Buyers Find Homes in America

Reality TV Fans 6/3/14 Casting Call – Listing Impossible

Reality TV Fans 6/2/14 Casting Call – Are you Living a Double Life or have a Secret Past

Reality TV Fans 5/29/14 Casting Call – New Matchmaking Show Looking for Daters in/near Durham, North Carolina

Reality TV Fans 5/29/14 Casting Call – Sex Sent Me to the ER

Reality TV Fans 5/27/14 Casting Call – Virgin Couples 35 and Over

Reality TV Fans 5/21/14 Casting Call – Outrageous, Over-the-top, Unbelievable, Hilarious Love Stories


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