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News Articles about Lightning and Lightning Strikes

Zap2It 8/20/15 Man accidentally catches lightning hitting a Delta plane on video

People 8/20/14 Lightning Strike in New Mexico Critically Injures Student During Middle School Football Practice

Yahoo 5/24/14 Lightning hits World Trade Center in striking video and photos

Yahoo 7/17/13 Lightning Strikes Woman Inside La. Grocery Store

Yahoo 6/24/13 Fishing Tops US List of Lighting Death Activities

US Magazine 4/16/12 Paul Wesley, Joan Rivers' Plane Struck by Lightning on Friday the 13th

Digital Spy 4/14/12 Teen struck by lightning twice in one day

ABC 7/15/11 48 years apart: Lightning strikes kill dad, son

CBS 6/8/11 77 cadets sent to hospital after lightning strike

Southtown Star 5/22/11 Lightning damages ‘beautiful’ home in Beecher

Daily Journal 5/22/11 Walmart worker taken to hospital following lightning strike

Washington Post National 5/16/11 Pa. man survives lightning strike while helping Boy Scouts set up tents at campsite

BBC 11/9/10 Lightning bolt kills Wild At Heart giraffe

MSNBC 8/15/10 Lucky escape for boy, 13, hit by lightning at 13:13 on Friday the 13th

USA Today 6/10/10 10 steps to calm dogs afraid of thunder, lightning storms

Digital Spy 8/4/09 Man survives 300,000 volt lightning strike

Herald Tribune 4/4/09 Lightning strike injures person at trailer park

Herald Sun 4/3/09 Virgin Blue plane returns to Melbourne after lightning strike

LJ World 3/11/09 Lightning strike survivor contemplates luck

Taiwan News 3/11/09 Lightning kills 5 in Cambodia during unusual storm
The Canadian Press 12/5/08 Lightning stops play during second round in South Africa on Friday

OFW 12/5/08 Lightning kills 1, injures 2 others in Negros Occ.
News 12 12/3/08 Lightning hits E. TX Salt Water tank, causes fire
IOL 12/3/08 Soweto Boy Killed By Lightning
The Times 12/3/08 Lightning kills 9-year-old
Earthy Sky 12/1/08 Can Lightning Ever Occur In A Snowstorm?

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Lightning Websites Lightning Page

America's Weather Lightning Page

Colorado Lightning Resource Center

Global Atmospherics Lightning Information Science

High Altitude Lightning Home Page

Kids Lightning Information and Safety

Lightning and Boats

Lightning and Other Wonders of the Sky

Lightning Answer Files

Lightning by Stormguy - Lightning Protection Institute

Lightning Poster Shop

Lightning Safety Institute

Museum of Science Lightning Page

National Severe Storms Laboratory

National Geographic - Lightning Story

NOAA Lightning Page

Oklahoma Lightning

Sun Sentinel - Lightning

USA Today Understanding lightning

Weathereye Lightnin

Franklin Institute - Lightning Science, History & Detection

The Strike Closest 12 Stroke Lightning Strike Ever Caught On Video


Lightning Photos/Photography


Lightning Poster Shop

Lightning Photography Homepage

Amazing Close Lightning Strike at Gymea Bay

Electric Desert Photography

How to Photograph Lightning

Lightning Photography Tips

Lightning Photos by Terry

Lightning and Severe Weather Photography

Lightning Aircraft & Space Photography

Positive Flash Photography

Skyfire Lightning Gallery

Striking Images - Lightning Gallery

Strike One Lightning Photos


Lightning Variations


High Altitude Lightning

Ball Lightning Page

Flash Lightning

Fulgurites - Fused Sand Formations 

     From Lightning 


Fulgurite Page

Brown County Fulgurites

Weather Notebook - Fulgurites
Worlds Longest Fulgurite


Lightning Safety and Human Contact


Are You A Survivor?


Lightning Injury Research - University of Chicago

Lightning Protection of Boats

Lightning Protection Tech Forum

Lightning Strike & Electric Shock Survivors International, Inc.

Lightning-Associated Deaths -- United States, 1980-1995

Lightning Safety Institute

Lightning Strike What You Should Know

Effects of Lightning Tips on how to protect yourself and your home from lightning

National Weather Service--Lightning Safety

Main Consequences of a Lightning Strike

Search the net for Safety Products

StrikeAlert Personal Lightning Detectors

The Day My Life Changed. . . Forever

Thunderstorms and Camping Safety by Chuck Doswell



Books on Lightning   


Electrical Storm

Storm Chaser

Homemade Lightning: Creative Experiments in Electricity



UK residents get Lightning books and video here


Technical Research on Lightning


1998 Oklahoma Lightning Study

Additional Results from New Mexico and Oklahoma Studies

Time Evolution of Tornadic Storm on June 13, 1998 - New Mexico Tech

Lightning Mapping Network for STEPS (3/22/00)

The New Mexico Tech 3D Lightning Mapping System

Thunderstorm and Lightning Research at Langmuir Laboratory







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