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In the series, Michaels will be moving in with a different family each week to help change their diet and exercise habits. She will focus on getting to the bottom of the issues each family member faces -- ones that affect their health and happiness -- and will arm them with the tools necessary to make life-altering changes. The families are in for a huge wake up call as Michaels -- tired of hearing all the excuses -- will show America that anyone can make a change.


News Articles about NBC Networks Losing It With Jillian


USA Today 9/15/10 GoDaddy signs 'Biggest Loser' star Jillian Michaels

TMZ 8/4/10 Jillian Michaels Sued -- 'Potentially Lethal' Diet Product

Zap2It 8/4/10 'Biggest Loser's' Jillian Michaels sued. Again.

Reality TV Calendar 7/22/10 Life Doesn't Work That Way - Recap and Commentary

Reality TV Calendar 7/21/10 The Man Of The House Needs To Stand Up - Commentary

Reality News Online 7/21/10 Losing It with Jillian, Episode 8: A Tale of David and… David

Reality TV Magazine 7/20/10 Losing It With Jillian Season Finale: The Alvarez Family

Reality TV Fans 7/20/10 Jillian Heads to Florida to Whip the Alvarez Family Into Shape Tonight on “Losing It With Jillian”

RealityWanted.com 7/14/10 Losing It with Jillian: Episode 7 Recap

Reality TV Calendar 7/14/10 It Keeps Getting Tougher And Tougher - Commentary

Reality TV Calendar 7/14/10 "Fix Yourself, Or I'm Outta Here" - Commentary

Reality News Online 7/14/10 Losing It with Jillian, Episode 7: Midnight Train to Obesity

Reality TV Magazine 7/13/10 Losing It With Jillian: The Franklin Family

Reality TV Fans 7/13/10 Jillian Pays a Visit to the Franklin Family in Michigan Tonight on “Losing It With Jillian”

RealityWanted.com 7/7/10 Losing It with Jillian: Episode 6 Recap

Reality TV Calendar 7/7/10 A Clash Of Cultures Puts Jillian Between A Rock And A Hard Place - Recap and Commentary

Reality News Online 7/7/10 Losing It with Jillian, Episode 6: Would You Like a Cup of Bleach?

Reality TV Magazine 7/6/10 Losing It With Jillian: The Plunkett-Marquez Family

Reality TV Fans 7/6/10 Jillian Helps Cultural Leaders of the Yavapai-Apache Nation Tonight on “Losing It With Jillian”

RealityWanted.com 6/30/10 Losing It with Jillian: Episode 5 Recap

Reality TV Calendar 6/30/10 Another Instant Turn Around, But It's Real - Commentary

Reality TV Calendar 6/30/10 "Suck It Up!" - Commentary

Reality News Online 6/30/10 Losing It with Jillian, Episode 5: “Suck it Up” Has Got to Die

Reality TV Magazine 6/29/10 Losing It With Jillian: The Vivio Family

Reality TV Fans 6/29/10 Jillian Helps the Vivio Family Deal With a Series of Bad Events Tonight on “Losing it With Jillian”

Reality TV Calendar 6/23/10 Signal The Conspiracy Theorists - I'm With You - Commentary and Recap


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