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About Survivor: Caramoan

On Survivor: Caramoan 20 castaways will be divided into two Tribes of ten. The first tribe is the Bikal tribes which consists of the "favorites". These are former players that have come back to play the game again. The second tribe is the Gota tribe, consisting of the "fans". Each tribe will have one of the previous players on their tribe. The tribes are comprised of individuals from all different backgrounds with the same ultimate goal: to be the Sole Survivor. Survivor: Caramoan premiered on February 13, 2013.

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People 8/26/14 Survivor's Erik Reichenbach Is Married

Entertainment Weekly 6/11/14 'Survivor' fave Malcolm Freberg to host new online travel series

Post Gazette 12/12/13 TV review: 'Survivor' winner forgoes law for writing role on 'The Millers'

Entertainment Weekly 9/19/13 'Survivor' winner-turned-'Millers' writer John Cochran takes us inside his L.A. life -- Exclusive Video

Reality TV Fans 7/15/13 Brand New Clip – See How the Open of Survivor: Caramoan was Filmed

All In Spare Time 7/3/13 Can AI or Survivor Make It Back in the Race? Predicting Emmy Nominations: Best Reality Show

Entertainment Weekly 6/14/13 InsideTV Podcast: Jeff Probst talks about a possible all-winners edition of 'Survivor'

Reality TV Fans 5/27/13 Survivor Caramoan: How Sherri Could Have Won (or at least taken the entire $100K for 2nd place)

Reality TV Fans 5/23/13 Rob Cesternino’s Post Finale Interview of John Cochran, Winner of Survivor Caramoan

Hollywood Reporter 5/23/13 'Survivor: Caramoan' Winner John Cochran Lands CBS Writing Gig

Reality TV Fans 5/22/13 Survivor After Show With Parvati – Interview With Dawn Meehan and Winner John Cochran

Times Union 5/21/13 CBS Survivor Phillip Sheppard’s New Book Soars; Fans Want More ‘Specialist’ and ‘Stealth R Us’

The Digital Universe 5/20/13 BYU adjunct instructor places 2nd on CBS’ ‘Survivor’

Reality TV Magazine 5/16/13 Survivor: Caramoan Finale — Behind The Scenes

Reality TV Fans 5/15/13 Survivor: Caramoan – Eddie The Day After

Reality TV Magazine 5/15/13 Red Carpet Interview — Erik Reichenbach Reveals Real Reason For His Medical Evacuation

Reality TV Magazine 5/15/13 Red Carpet Interview — Boston Rob Mariano & His (Very Real) Book Of Rules

Reality TV Magazine 5/15/13 Red Carpet Interview — Eddie Fox & His Dog Bar Business Idea. Genius Or Silly?

Reality TV Magazine 5/15/13 Survivor: Caramoan Red Carpet Interview — Sherri Biethman Wanted To Tell Jury “F*ck You!”

TVFunSpot 5/14/13 Survivor 26: Dunce Island - Finale: Nerd Wins Survivor; Really Wants to be Recapper

Reality TV Magazine 5/14/13 Video Survivor: Caramoan Red Carpet Interview — Dawn Meehan Stunned By Brenda Lowe..

Reality TV Fans 5/14/13 Survivor: Blood vs Water – Season 27 Teaser

Reality TV Magazine 5/14/13 Video Survivor: Caramoan Red Carpet Interview — John Cochran Lives The Survivor Dream

Reality TV Fans 5/14/13 Survivor: Caramoan – Finale: Boston Rob Interview

Reality TV Fans 5/14/13 Survivor: Caramoan – Eddie Arrives At Ponderosa


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