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On this show two married women switch places with one another, living with the other's family and taking on the other woman's household duties. At the end of the season, the families get together to discuss what they experienced.


News Articles about Channel Four's Wife Swap

Daily Mail 7/20/09 'I can't apologise any more,' declares race row Ron Atkinson during Wife Swap with Olympic Tessa Sanderson
Reality TV Fans 2/13/09 A Fantasy Adventure Mom and a Overachiever Mom Tonight on Wife Swap
Reality TV Magazine 2/07/09 Wife Swap: Keeping Up With the Joneses
Reality TV Fans 2/6/09 A Non Conformist Mom and a High Achieving Mom Tonight on Wife Swap
Reality TV Magazine 1/31/09 Wife Swap Fat Kids and Mean Men

Reality TV Fans 1/30/09 Food Issues Create Tension Tonight on Wife Swap

Reality TV Magazine 1/19/09 Wife Swap: Splurge or Save?
Reality TV Fans 1/16/09 A Thrifty Mom and a Spending Free Spirit Tonight on Wife Swap
Reality TV Fans 1/9/09 A Traditional Mom and a Roller Derby Chick Tonight on Wife Swap
Reality TV Magazine 12/14/08 Wife Swap Casting Career Moms
MSN 6/11/08 Peter clears up Wife Swap rumors

icSeftonandWestLancs 4/30/08 Wife Swap star flies into trouble over US trip

Sunday Mirror 3/9/08 Sinitta: I gained 10lbs living with Les Battersby star Bruce Jones for Celebrity Wife Swap

Digital Spy 3/9/08 'Wife Swap' woes for 80s pop star Sinitta

Digital Spy 2/12/08 Jones, Sinitta for 'Wife Swap'?

Daily Mail 2/10/08 'Sadistic Wife Swap nearly cost me my sanity' says TV presenter Anna Courtenay

Now Magazine 1/15/08 Comedian and model take part in Celebrity Wife Swap

Guardian 10/1/07 Wife Swap watched by 2.7m

Telegraph 10/1/07 The weekend on television: Celebrity Wife Swap

Hastings Observer 8/10/07 Celebrity Wife Swap comes to Hastings

Life Style Extra 7/18/07 Channel 4 films first gay 'Wife Swap'

Sharecast 7/5/07 RDF Media bags another series of Wife Swap

Wiltshire Times & Chippenham News 5/23/07 Couple in Wife Swap controversy

This is Basingstoke 5/17/07 ‘I didn’t get a fair deal on TV’s Wife Swap’

This is Hampshire 5/10/07 Wife swap families get feisty in TV showdown


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