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One of the most unknown professions, but also one of the most dangerous, the show follows the truckers as they make their treacherous trek across the frozen lakes of the Great White North. With temperatures of -50 degrees, unpredictable conditions, and a road of ice that can collapse at any second, plunging the driver and his cargo into the frigid depths, these guys live on the edge. Hauling precious cargo for Canada ’s multi billion dollar diamond industry, these fearless road warriors risk an icy death in search of fortune and glory.


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News Articles about The History Channel's Ice Road Truckers


TMZ 4/21/14 'Ice Road Truckers' Star Charged with Kidnapping Prostitute ... And Forcing Her to Jump Out a Window

E!Online 4/21/14 Ice Road Truckers Tim Zickuhr Charged With Kidnapping Prostitute and Extortion

Hollywood Reporter 4/21/14 'Ice Road Truckers' Driver Allegedly Kidnapped, Beat and Threatened to Kill Vegas Prostitute

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TMZ 6/5/11 'Ice Road Trucker's' Wife: He Didn't Beat Me

Reality TV Fans 8/8/10 History Channel Announces New Spinoff Series “IRT: Deadliest Roads” to Premiere This Fall

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NY Post 7/6/10 'Trucker' vixen

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Reality TV Fans 5/13/10 Season Four of Ice Road Truckers Premieres June 6 on the History Channel

Reality TV Fans 8/21/09 Ice Road Truckers Season 3 Recap

Reality TV Fans 8/19/09 Ice Road Truckers Season 3 Finale Preview

Reality TV Fans 8/14/09 Ice Road Truckers Season 3 August 16th Lisa Promo

Reality TV Fans 8/13/09 Ice Road Truckers Season 3 Episode 11 Recap

Reality TV Fans 8/8/09 Ice Road Truckers Season 3 Aug 9th Broke Down Promo

Reality TV Fans 8/7/09 Ice Road Truckers Season 3 Episode 10 Recap

Reality TV Fans 7/31/09 Ice Road Truckers - 8/2/09 Episode Sneak Peek No. 2


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