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News Articles about Tornados

People 6/17/14 Twin Twisters Level Nebraska Town, Kill 5-Year-Old Girl

Yahoo 4/24/14 Forecasters Are Already Predicting a Massive Tornado Outbreak This Weekend

E!Online 11/19/13 Illinois Tornado Victim Finds His Dog Buried Alive in "Unreal" Story of Survival

Yahoo 11/17/13 Tornado rips through Illinois

Hollywood Reporter 6/2/13 Discovery's 'Storm Chasers' Stars Killed in Oklahoma Tornado

People 5/26/13 Stories You're Talking About: The 5 Best Animal Rescue Photos from the Oklahoma Tornado

People 5/21/13 Oklahoma Tornado Survivor Reunites with Missing Dog On-Camera

People 5/21/13 Oklahoma Tornado Death Toll Reaches 24, Continues to Climb

CNN 5/20/13 Oklahoma tornado tears massive path of death, destruction

Mercury News 6/1/11 One of Northern California tornadoes reached 120 mph

Boston Globe 6/1/11 Four fatalities confirmed as tornadoes rip through Mass.

Mass Live 6/1/11 West Springfield reports 1 killed in tornado

MIT 5/26/11 The Limits of Tornado Predictions

Sydney Morning Herald 5/26/11 Anguished hunt for scores missing after US tornado

Edmonton Journal 5/25/11 Hunt for tornado survivors looking bleak

LA Times 5/25/11 No respite from threat of tornadoes

Toronto Sun 5/25/11 Tornadoes touch down in Oklahoma, more expected

News OK 5/25/11 Joplin tornado lures rescue help from Oklahoma

Gainesville Sun 5/24/11 Tornado deadliest in US since 1953

NY Post 5/24/11 Multiple deaths confirmed as violent, tornado-producing storms begin sweeping Oklahoma

Daily Mail 5/24/11 Terrifying twister cuts six-mile swathe through a Missouri town, leaving up to 116 dead

CSM 5/24/11 Joplin tornado: Will it be one of the Top 5 costliest?

Ottawa Citizen 5/24/11 Tornadoes not affected by climate, expert says

CNN 5/23/11 New graduates face devastation after Missouri tornado

Kansas City Star 5/23/11 Violent storm could strike the Plains again today


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Tornado Safety


FEMA Taking Shelter From the Storm
Life Pod Tornado Shelters

National Storm Shelter Association

Remagen Safe Rooms
Tornado Shelters Vendor List

CBS Prepping For Tornado Season

CBS Tornado Warning: Don't Hide There!

Tornado Books/Videos/Stuff


Ebay - Tornado Photos
Tornado Books
Tornado Videos

Tornado Shirts, Mugs etc

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UK residents get Tornado books and video here


Websites about Tornados


Tornado Facts

Tornado Tracker

The Storm Prediction Center - Tornado FAQ's
The Storm Prediction Center - Tornado Statistics

Forces of Nature - Tornados

BBC - Storm Chasing in the UK

The Physics Of A Tornado

The Storm

Storm Chase Accounts and Photos

KeepSafe Safe Rooms

Tornado Statistics by State
Tornado Tracker
The Tornado Project Online
The Fujita Scale (by Tornado Project Online)
FEMA Fact Sheet on Tornados
USA Today-Tornado Information
Online Tornado Museum
Distraction from the Sky - Tornados
Scientific American - Tornados
United Kingdom - Tornado and Storm Research Organisation
National Weather Service Tornado Information
Tornado Chase Day - all about tornados
Tornados and Tornado Research 

TornadoSafari - Tornados

American Storm Chasing -
Texas Agriculture Extension Service Emergency Information Web Site
The Whyfiles - Tornados

History of Tornados


Omaha 1975 Tornado

The Tornado Project - The Top Ten US Killer Tornadoes 

Salt Lake Tornado of 1999

A Case Study of the 5/27/97 Jarrell, TX Tornado
The Great Tri-State Tornado Of 1925
Snyder Oklahoma Tornado of 1905 







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