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This show will follow the selection of 68 players from 12,000 applicants who will then try out for six final spots on the show.   These six will be invited to an NHL training camp to try out for a professional team.
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News Articles about CBC Networks Making the Cut


Democrat and Chronicle 9/30/06 Reality TV leads to deal for MacDonald

Inside Pulse 9/25/06 Making The Cut - Hockey's Gift To Reality TV Is Back

Jam! 9/21/06 2nd season of 'Making The Cut' to debut

Jam! 11/4/05 'Making The Cut' winners play on

Chronicle Journal 4/19/05 Making the trip: Lecuyer returned home for shot at Allan Cup title

Winnipeg Sun 4/14/05 Reality show winner fits in

Hockey's Future 3/19/05 The State of CIS, Part 2: CIS on Making the Cut 1/9/05 Reality TV Show Reunites Lifelong Friends In Texas

Journal Gazette 1/1/05 Kometsí Drouin has fun doing hockey reality show

Reality News Online 12/24/04 Making the Cut, Episode 13: The Final Six 12/20/04 Dickenson is Making the Cut in Texas 12/17/04 Goalie getting reality check

Mississauga News 12/15/04 Mike Mole surfaces by making the cut 12/15/04 Texas' Demone, Former Bully Hubbauer Among Six Who 'Make The Cut'

Edmonton Sun 12/15/04 Fans split on the final Cut

Jam! 12/14/04 T.O. native in final cut of hockey saga

Slam! Sports 12/10/04 Final cut creating a buzz

Reality News Online 12/9/04 Making The Cut, Episode 12: The Finalists Are Chosen

Winnipeg Sun 12/9/04 St. John's impressed with former Bison

NHL 12/8/04 Matt Hubbauer made the cut - twice

Reality News Online 12/4/04 Making the Cut, Episode 11: Keep Your Head Up

Slam! Sports 11/30/04 Lemire a world traveller

Powell River Peak 11/30/04 Hockey survivors aim to make the cut

CJAD 11/29/04 Quebecer Bruno Lemire on teams in Germany, Alaska and Texas in four months

Reality News Online 11/27/04 Making The Cut, Episode 10: Coming Up Aces

Hamilton Mountain News 11/26/04 Get your hockey fill with reality tv show

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