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This show is the new series that takes amateur chefs – many of whom simply cook as a hobby – and attempt to turn one of them into a culinary master. Contestants on Masterchef will be put through the paces with various challenges as they compete head-to-head to create delicious dishes. The series will serve as a unique platform for people from all walks of life who want to follow their dream of working as a professional chef. These contestants will have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to show their passion and excitement for food as their skills and palate are tested with the hopes of becoming the winner of Masterchef. The fifth season begins May 26, 2014.


News Articles about FOX Networks Masterchef Show


Zap2It 7/22/14 'MasterChef' Season 5, episode 9 recap: 'Top 13 Compete'

Reality TV Fans 7/21/14 The Home Cooks Go Head to Head With the Judges Tonight on “Masterchef”

Parade 7/15/14 Joe Bastianich on MasterChef: Whose "Poor Attitude" is "Disappointing"?

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Zap2It 7/7/14 'MasterChef' Season 5, episode 7 recap: 'Top 15 Compete'

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BuddyTV 6/30/14 'MasterChef' Recap: Who Stole Jaimee's Ramekin?

Zap2It 6/30/14 'MasterChef' Season 5, episode 6 recap: 'Top 16 Compete' and controversy enters the kitchen

Reality TV Fans 6/30/14 Canned Food Challenge Tonight on Masterchef

Entertainment Weekly 6/30/14 'MasterChef Junior' exclusive: Champion Alexander Weiss on his return to the kitchen

Reality TV Fans 6/26/14 Masterchef – Deleted Scenes

Parade Magazine 6/24/14 Joe Bastianich on this week's MasterChef: If this happened at my restaurant, "I’d Die of Embarrassment"

Zap2It 6/23/14 'MasterChef' Season 5, episode 5 recap: 'Top 17 Compete'

Reality TV Fans 6/23/14 Tensions Are High Tonight on Masterchef

Zap2It 6/23/14 'MasterChef' sneak peek: Watch the contestants serve up romance at a wedding on the beach

Zap2It 6/16/14 'MasterChef' Season 5, episode 4 recap: 'Top 18 Compete'

Reality TV Fans 6/16/14 The Competition Livens Up Tonight on Masterchef

Reality TV Fans 6/12/14 Masterchef Deleted Scene – Gordon and Jaimee’s Pow-Wow

Parade 6/10/14 Joe Bastianich on This Week's MasterChef: "A Bit of a Nightmare"

Zap2It 6/9/14 'MasterChef' Season 5, episode 3 recap: 'Top 20 Compete' but who crumbles under the pressure?

Reality TV Fans 6/9/14 It’s the Ultimate Culinary War Tonight on Masterchef

Parade Magazine 6/3/14 Joe Bastianich on This Week's MasterChef: "Leslie's Reaction Unveils a Pretty Thin Skin"

Zap2It 6/2/14 'MasterChef' Season 5, episode 2 recap: 'Top 22 Compete'; Who went home?

Reality TV Fans 6/2/14 Top Finalists Face Their First Mystery Box Challenge Tonight on “Masterchef”

Zap2It 6/2/14 'MasterChef' sneak peek: Watch the judges 'dish' on each other


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