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About Canadian Idol


This show, similar to Pop Idol and American Idol is a national talent contest for Canadian singers competing for the title Canadian Idol.  The competition is open to individuals aged between 16 and 26. Ryan Malcolm won season 1.  Kalan Porter was the season 2 winner.  Melissa O'Neil was winner of Season 3.  Eva Avila was the winner of season 4.  Brian Melo won season 5.


News Articles about CTV Networks Canadian Idol

Gather 8/26/10 Suspected Terror Suspect Appeared on 'Canadian Idol' [Video]

Zap2It 8/26/10 'Canadian Idol' auditionee Khuram Sher detained in terrorism investigation

Reality TV Fans 5/30/09 Canadian Idol Finalist Sarah Loverock to Sing on America’s Hot Musician Winner’s Recording
Reality TV Magazine 12/21/08 American Idol: Canadian Idol Will Take A Hiatus in 2009
Reality News Online 12/19/08 Canadian Idol… Maybe Not 12/1/08 Eva Avila Beefs Up Resume With Give Me The Music 11/13/08 Eva Avila Pefroms For Fans In Toronto
Wasaga Sun 11/4/08 Drew Wright Lends Name To United Way
Medicine Hat News 11/2/08 Hot New Country Act Touring With Jaydee Bixby
TimesTranscript 11/1/08 Brandon Jones Promoting New Album
The 10/31/08 Mulroney Wedding A Small, Elegant Affair
The Gazette 10/31/08 Mr. and Mrs. Ben Mulroney
Abotsford Times 10/31/08 Carly Rae Jepsen Joins Usher Show
CBC News 10/31/08 Ben Mulroney Becomes A Married Man
Jam! 10/30/08 Ben Mulroney to wed designer fiancee
CTV.Ca 10/30/08 Ben Mulroney To Wed Fashion Designer Today
The Star Phoenix 10/30/08 Band Plans Halloween CD Launch
Metro 10/30/08 Eva Avila Record Review
BC Local News 10/29/08 Carly Rae Jepsen Added To Usher Show Bill
Ottawa Citizen 10/27/08 Soulful Sequel
Jam! 10/23/08 Ben Mulroney to wed next week
Winnipeg Free Press 10/23/08 Top 3 Tour Books Winnipeg
Ventura County Star 10/23/08 'Canadian Idol' Finalist Stars In 'Spring Awakening'
Metro 9/12/08 New Idol wears crown with pride
Reality News Online 9/11/08 Canadian Idol 6, Grand Finale: An Idol Is Crowned!
Jam! 9/11/08 Theo crowned new 'Canadian Idol'

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Websites - Canadian Idol


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Canadian Idol Online

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Ebay - Ryan Malcolm

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Unofficial Canadian Idol site

Zack Werner Site


Websites - Canadian Idol Contestants


The BillyClub Site

Gary Beals Online

Krystal Gibbon

Matt Humphrey's Yahoo Fan Site

Proudly Kalanadian

Ryan Malcolm Media


Clubs/Forums for Canadian Idol


Couch Potato Rehab: Canadian Idol Forum

Fans of Reality TV - Canadian Idol Forum

JokersUpdates Canadian Idol Forum

Kalanadian Forums

Yahoo Group - Canadian Idol


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