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This page will direct you to the latest news and best sites about ABC Network's Lost show.  Lost is also on Channel 4 in the UK.


About the Lost Show on ABC


On this drama series 48 survivors from a plane crash are stranded on an island in the south Pacific after crashing on Flight 815 of Oceanic Air. The group of friends, family and strangers must work together against the elements to survive. These numbers have something to so with the islands mystery - 4 8 15 16 23 42.


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News Articles about ABC Networks Lost


TV Guide 7/28/15 Lost's Terry O'Quinn Will Bring Daddy Issues to Secrets & Lies

Zap2It 5/23/15 'Lost' ended 5 years ago: Are you still mad about that finale?

Hollywood Reporter 4/22/15 'Lost' Alum Maggie Grace Checks Into 'Masters of Sex' (Exclusive)

Zap2It 1/19/15 'Lost's' William Mapother says Ethan isn't a villain, Sayid is the best character

Hollywood Reporter 9/26/14 'Lost's' Josh Holloway Reunites With Carlton Cuse to Star in USA's 'Colony'

Entertainment Weekly 9/22/14 For the 10th anniversary of 'Lost,' Doc Jensen looks back... and forward

TV Guide 9/19/14 Quiz: How Well Do You Know Lost?

Zap2It 8/19/14 'Lost' anniversary: Fans need to find the fine line between fandom and fanaticism

Entertainment Weekly 7/22/14 Another 'Lost' alum to guest on 'Hawaii Five-0'

Entertainment Weekly 5/20/14 InsideTV Podcast: Terry O'Quinn reflects on Locke, 'Lost', and That ending

Zap2It 4/28/14 Happy birthday, Jorge Garcia: Celebrate with his best 'Lost' moments supercut

TV Guide 4/22/14 The Good Wife: Will Lost's Nestor Carbonell Romance Alicia?

TV Guide 4/15/14 Lost's Titus Welliver Marries Model Jose Stemkens

E!Online 3/19/14 Damon Lindelof: "I Think There Will Be More Lost"

Life & Style 3/18/14 Is This Walt?!: 'Lost' Reunites for 10-Year Anniversary -- See What Some of the Actors Look Like Now

TV Guide 3/17/14 14 Fun and Little-Known Lost Facts

Zap2It 3/17/14 'Lost' secrets revealed at PaleyFest: Who shot at the outrigger and more

Yahoo 3/17/14 Getting 'Lost' Answers 10 Years Later: Were They All Dead the Whole Time?

Entertainment Weekly 3/17/14 'Lost' 10th anniversary reunion at PaleyFest: Five things we learned from the panel

Hollywood Reporter 3/16/14 'Lost' Showrunners on Killing Off Characters, the Polarizing Finale and More Unanswered Questions

Zap2It 2/5/14 'Once Upon a Time' adds Eric Lange: 5 more 'Lost' alums the show should consider

Zap2It 1/15/14 Carlton Cuse reveals 'Lost' reunion plans, 'Bates Motel' Season 2 twists

TV Guide 1/8/14 Lost Cast to Reunite at PaleyFest

Zap2It 1/8/14 'Lost' reunion, 'How I Met Your Mother' farewell highlight Paleyfest 2014

Entertainment Weekly 10/28/13 'Lost' actress joins 'Young and the Restless' -- First Look


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