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About the Ostrich


The ostrich is the world's largest living bird.  The ostrich is a flightless bird, but it can run up to speeds of 40 mph. It can sustained this speed up to 30 minutes.  The bird is indigenous to Africa and is not an endangered species.  The ostrich is the only bird that has two toes on each foot.  An ostrich reaches its breeding maturity at about three years of age. An ostrich can live to be about 70 years old. They can weigh from 250 to 400 pounds and stand 6 to 8 feet tall.  A hen can lay from 10 to 70 eggs each year. Each egg weighs about three to four pounds and is about 6 inches in diameter.  The gestation period is 42 days.  An ostrich will yield 70 to 100 pounds of meat, two to four pounds of feathers, and 12-15 square feet of leather.  Ostrich do not put their heads in the sand.


About the Emu


The emu is a flightless bird second in size only to the ostrich.  Emu eggs are very dark forest green in color, almost black. The texture of the egg is different for each bird.  Each egg can weigh up to 1 1/2 pounds. Newly hatched chicks stand about 10 inches tall and have stripes like zebras, only beige and brown. These stripes begin to fade at two to three months of age.  They reach their adult height of five to six feet around a 12 to 14 months of age. There are no visible differences between sexes.  In general Emus can weigh up to 150 pounds, live up to 35 years or more, produce for 25 years, and lay 30 to 50 eggs per season with some laying over 100 eggs. In the wild the male will hatch the eggs and look after the chicks.


Pictures of Ostriches and Emus


Ostrich    Ostrich    Western Ostrich Gallery   


Emu    Emu    Emu     Emu


News Articles about Ostriches and Emus


People 4/30/13 Photo: Ostrich Walks the Red Carpet at Arrested Development Premiere

Digital Spy 11/28/12 Escaped emu captured by police

E!Online 6/20/12 Lady Gaga Spotted With Taylor Kinney—and an Emu—Down Under

Digital Spy 5/6/12 Ostrich speeds down busy Saudi Arabian road - video
Lincoln News Messenger 6/24/08 Baby Emu Thrives in Loomis
Colusa County Sun-Herald 6/20/08 Reward offered after ostrich killed
Hastings Observer 6/10/08 Nice to Emu
Sun Star 6/7/08 Environmentalists seek for a male ostrich
NWITimes 6/10/08 Family business a cut above

Market Rasen Today 4/29/08 Emu birth springs a surprise

The West Australian 4/25/08 Emu rescued after weeks in pit

Meadville Tribune 4/23/08 Emu found in Conneaut Township

World Poultry 4/21/08 Ostrich production struggling in Botswana

Ottawa Citizen 4/19/08 Finch gets its emu problem under control

Business Edge 4/17/08 Ostrich farmers struggle to find niche

Ottawa Citizen 4/17/08 Emu on the loose

Republic of Botswana 4/15/08 Ostrich abattoir not doing well

KOMO 4/14/08 Lonesome emu a step closer to finding love

BBC 4/13/08 Boy emu tries to hatch ball-egg

New Kerala 4/10/08 Emu farming in Kerala

Newsnet 5 4/7/08 Mom Catches Ostrich Attack Of Son On Tape

Ashtabula Star-Beacon 4/5/08 Ostrich bites 9-year-old Ashtabula boy

Reno Gazette Journal 4/4/08 Runaway emu claimed by Bodie Flats owner

Nevada Appeal 4/3/08 Feral emu caught, possibly adopted

Reno Gazette Journal 4/3/08 Runaway emu caught near Minden school


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