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On this show nine people will be told they are set to visit the final frontier as space tourists and that in preparation they will undergo intensive training in Russia courtesy of the Space Tourism Agency of Russia, but in reality the groups will be "trained" for space in a disused airbase in a secret location in the UK.  However their space flight is actually a hoax. Their shuttle will be a Hollywood creation, made originally for the Clint Eastwood film Space Cowboys, with sounds created by a special effects specialist.


News Articles about Channel 4 Networks Space Cadets


Media Guardian 12/19/05 Revealed - the truth behind the Space Cadets lie

BBC 12/17/05 Space cadets taken in by TV hoax

Daily Mail 12/17/05 Space cadets back to earth with a bump

icSouthLondon 12/16/05 'Our Billy is no astro-nut'

Manchester Online 12/16/05 Space Cadets: The joke is revealed

Ireland Online 12/16/05 Soft landing for the conned space cadets

Digital Spy 12/16/05 'Space Cadets' suspect show is fake

Telegraph 12/15/05 Is Space Cadets on a different planet?

BBC 12/15/05 Spoof space series loses viewers

Manchester Online 12/15/05 Space Cadets: Viewing figures nosedive

Media Guardian 12/14/05 Space Cadets falls back to earth

Digital Spy 12/13/05 The conned cosmonauts get scientific

Manchester Online 12/13/05 Space Cadets: Contestants get a 'glimpse of space'

Daily Mail 12/13/05 Space Cadets over the moon

This is London 12/13/05 Space Cadets 'lift off'

Manchester Online 12/13/05 Space cadets lift off

Daily Record 12/13/05 "My 38DD Space Cadet Sister Will Do Anything For Fame"

Digital Spy 12/12/05 Space cadets prepare for take off

Daily Record 12/12/05 Cadets to Miss Out on "Space Mission"

Manchester Online 12/12/05 Space Cadets: 'Lucky' four chosen for mission

Digital Bulletin 12/12/05 Space Cadets fools viewers as 'contestant' revealed as actor

Digital Spy 12/12/05 'Space Cadets' "astronauts" revealed

Telegraph 12/12/05 Mocking idiots is no job for a grown-up

Sunday Mirror 12/11/05 Lost In Space

Sydney Morning Herald 12/11/05 In television's space hoax, viewers can hear you scream


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