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This page will direct you to the latest news and best sites about FOX Network's Hell's Kitchen show.  Click here for the UK version


About Hell's Kitchen


On this show, hosted by Gordon Ramsay, a group of aspiring chefs and restaurateurs will be put to work at a new high class restaurant in Los Angeles. Cameras will follow them on and off the job as they compete for the right to run the restaurant on their own. The show is based on a UK show by the same name also hosted by Gordon. 


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News Articles about FOX Networks Hell's Kitchen


Zap2It 5/30/15 'Hell's Kitchen' celebrates 10 years of Gordon Ramsay throwing food, fits and insults

BuddyTV 4/7/15 'Hell's Kitchen' Prediction: Who Will Be Sent Home in Week 6?

BuddyTV 3/24/15 'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: How Does Gordon Ramsay React to the Red Team's Elimination Plan?

BuddyTV 3/24/15 'Hell's Kitchen' Prediction: Who Will Go Home in Week 4?

BuddyTV 3/3/15 Meet the Contestants of 'Hell's Kitchen' Season 14

BuddyTV 12/17/14 'Hell's Kitchen' Season Finale Recap: Which Chef Has What it Takes to Win?

Zap2It 12/17/14 Zap2it First: 'Hell's Kitchen's' Gordon Ramsay thanks the fans for 200 episodes

Reality TV Fans 10/29/14 Itís a Dog Eat Dog Challenge Tonight on Hellís Kitchen

Variety 10/29/14 ĎHellís Kitchení Thrives on Gordon Ramsayís Passion, Skill of Production Team

Variety 10/29/14 ĎHellís Kitchení Executive Producers Remember the Craziest Moments

Allentown Morning Call 10/28/14 Life in 'Hell's Kitchen': ArtsQuest chef Ashley Sherman 'learned so much'

Express-Times 10/21/14 Ashley Sherman speaks out on 'Hell's Kitchen' elimination, her regrets and who she's rooting for

Express-Times 10/15/14 'Hell's Kitchen' Season 13, Episode 7: Raw calamari sinks Ashley Sherman

Reality TV Fans 10/15/14 Itís Italian Night Tonight on Hellís Kitchen

Reality TV Fans 10/8/14 Itís a Pick Your Protein Challenge Tonight on Hellís Kitchen

Allentown Morning Call 10/2/14 Palmer chef continues to hang tough on "Hell's Kitchen"

BuddyTV 10/1/14 'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Family Night for 14

Express-Times 10/1/14 'Hell's Kitchen' Season 13, Episode 5: The red team is crumbling

Reality TV Fans 10/1/14 Itís Family Night Tonight on Hellís Kitchen

Lehigh Valley Times 9/25/14 'Hell's Kitchen' Season 13, Episode 4: Guys' plan blows up in their faces, plus a local viewing party

Lehigh Valley Times 9/25/14 Contestant Ashley Sherman dishes on the 'super awkward' moments of Gordon Ramsay show

BuddyTV 9/24/14 'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: 15 Chefs and Trouble Keeps Brewing

Reality TV Fans 9/24/14 Itís a Graduation Celebration Tonight on Hellís Kitchen

Dallas Morning News 9/24/14 Chef-testant from ĎHellís Kitchení confirms Henryís Majestic in Uptown will open Oct. 21

ErieTVNews 9/23/14 Man killed by falling concrete at Hell's Kitchen construction site

Express-Times 9/17/14 Gordon Ramsay rips Palmer Township chef's 'dry and dreadful' dish on 'Hell's Kitchen' Episode Three

BuddyTV 9/17/14 'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: The Blue Team Shines While the Red Team Whines


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