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About the Dr. Phil show


This show features Dr. Phil McGraw, a tough talking life strategist with a clinical background and professional expertise dealing with psychology and courtroom strategy.  His shows subjects range from human functioning, human dynamics and behavioral medicine to legal and moral issues.


News Articles about Dr. Phil


Zap2It 11/17/14 Mama June's 'Dr. Phil' interview just made everything worse

NY Daily News 9/14/14 'Dr. Phil' learns how to get plenty of social media interaction even though the show is taped

Variety 4/8/14 Dr. Phil’s Top Five Guests

Variety 4/8/14 ‘Dr. Phil’ Celebrates 2,000 Episodes: ‘I Don’t Believe in Doing Voyeuristic Television’

Hollywood Reporter 3/24/14 Dr. Phil's Wife Launches Lifestyle-Driven Brand

Reality TV Magazine 12/19/13 Amber Portwood Tells Dr Phil She Was High As A Kite While Filming Teen Mom

Hollywood Reporter 12/19/13 Dr. Phil, CBS Won't Pay Punitive Damages in Lawsuit Over Natalee Holloway Show

Reality TV Fans 11/18/13 Parents of Survivor: China Winner Todd Herzog Turn to Dr. Phil to Help Save Him From Addiction

Hollywood Reporter 11/6/13 Cleveland Kidnapping Victim on 'Dr. Phil': Michelle Knight Talks More Abuse, Life With Other Girls

Entertainment Weekly 11/3/13 Cleveland kidnap survivor sits down with Dr. Phil

People 9/25/13 Nick Carter to Dr. Phil: My Family Blamed Me for My Sister's Death

E!Online 5/22/13 Gay Scout Ban: Dr. Phil Joins GLAAD in Calling for End to "Discriminating" Policy

E!Online 5/7/13 Dr. Phil Sues Gawker Media for Posting Show Segment About Manti Te'o Hoax Mastermind

Hollywood Reporter 5/6/13 Dr. Phil Sues Gawker for Copyright Infringement

NY Daily News 4/20/13 Dr. Phil blasts ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham for being ‘entitled’

People 4/7/13 Dr. Phil: I'm Not Paying for Jodi Arias's Family During Her Trial

Entertainment Weekly 1/24/13 'Dr. Phil' renewed for three more years

Entertainment Weekly 1/16/13 Talk show ratings: 'Dr. Phil' is the most watched

NY Post 12/10/12 Dr. Phil is top talker

E!Online 12/4/12 Dr. Phil Car-Theft Crisis Averted: Cops Recover Stolen Classic Chevy

TV Guide 12/3/12 The Scoop Behind Michael Weatherly's Dr. Phil/NCIS Webisodes

Reality TV Magazine 11/29/12 Jeff Lewis, Patti Stanger, And Kalon McMahon Take Dr. Phil’s Babysitter Challenge

Reality TV Magazine 10/1/12 Lindsay Lohan Thinks Dr. Phil Is A Fraud

NY Post 9/24/12 Dina wants ‘Phil’ rematch

Reality TV Magazine 9/16/12 Dina Lohan Claims She’s Not Drunk During Dr. Phil Taping


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