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Join celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito at the table for a taste of his exclusive New York City parties on Bravo’s "Rocco’s Dinner Party." The self-contained competition series gives three highly skilled chefs a shot at crafting the perfect evening for DiSpirito and his handpicked celebrity guests.  The competing chefs hail from all walks of lives -- from restaurateurs to caterers to self-taught foodies -- and the winner of each episode will take home a prize of $20,000.  Each week, three new chefs have the chance to impress DiSpirito by cooking their signature dish. The two strongest will advance to the next round, where they are challenged to develop a full menu in competing dinner parties’ for DiSpirito’s high-profile guests. Yet food is only half the battle. Allowed one consultation with Jes Gordon, celebrity event producer, the chefs must also design a unique party concept, as décor and ambiance will be judged alongside their food. Each episode will have a theme upon which the chefs must base their meal and dining experience. Which party will be a scrumptious soiree -- and which a flavorless fiasco? DiSpirito will decide.


News Articles about Bravo Networks Rocco's Dinner Party

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