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On this show celebrities move to a Wiltshire farm to participate in a reality show.  The celebrities face the harsh realities of life on a working farm.

News Articles about Channel Five Networks The Farm


Daily Mail 10/13/05 End of the line for The Farm

Digital Spy 10/12/05 No third series for 'The Farm'

Manchester Online 5/26/05 The Farm: Ron and Emma get the farmer's boot

Daily Record 5/21/05 A Big Bra-vo For Mikey

Daily Record 5/21/05 Charlene Out For A Duck

Bexley Times 5/18/05 Animal rights groups slam Farm star's turkey antics

Sky News 5/18/05 Mikey Gets His Hands Dirty

Ananova 5/16/05 Turkeys pleasured on The Farm

Digital Spy 5/11/05 Quiet ratings start for 'The Farm'

The Mirror 5/11/05 Deluded Dave: I Could Patch It Up With Jessie

The Mirror 5/11/05 The Jessie Wallace Story Day 2

Reuters 5/10/05 RSPCA says farm reality show is irresponsible

Sky News 5/10/05 The Farm: Pitchforks At Dawn

This Is London 5/10/05 Duck flies in to join The Farm

Daily Record 5/10/05 Rapper's Delight At Little Furry Friend

Daily Record 5/10/05 Ouackers

Media Guardian 5/10/05 Five reality show 'irresponsible', says RSPCA

BBC 5/10/05 The Farm - meet the farm-hands

Ananova 5/10/05 Mikey favourite to win The Farm

BBC 5/10/05 RSPCA attacks Farm reality show

This Is London 5/9/05 Jessie's ex to star in TV show

Daily Record 5/9/05 Jessie Rages At Ex As He Heads For The Farm

Sky News 5/9/05 Who's On The Farm?

Ananova 5/3/05 More celebs agree to The Farm

BBC 4/29/05 The Farm support turkey twizzling


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