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News Articles 4/1/03 to 4/30/03


Manly Thoughts 4/30/02 Episode 11: Curious Editing Shift and Complete Predictions

Television Without Pity 4/30/03 Q & A

Fans of Reality TV 4/30/03 Paulie's Precap, Week 11: Tower Gates

Reality TV Hall of Shame 4/30/03 Hall of Shame Moment: Alex Spills His Guts, Ends Up on Jury

Buffalo Reflex 4/30/03 Heidi Strobel takes the cake on 'Survivor'

Reality News Online 4/30/03 Episode 10 MVP: So You’re Learning How to Play

Survivor Review 4/29/03 Sour Grapes

Reality News Online 4/29/03 Survivor: The Amazon – Questions About the Final Six

Fans of Reality TV 4/28/03 Survivor Profiles: They Coulda Been Contendas

Zap2It 4/28/03 Alliance Is Just an 8 Letter Word on "Survivor: The Amazon" (05/01/03)

Reality News Online 4/28/03 Survivor: The Amazon – Advice for the Remaining Six

Reality News Online 4/28/03 Being Jeff Probstovich – Episode 10: Silence Is Golden

Fans of Reality TV 4/28/03 Piranha Report-Wk 10-Chicks Dig Jury Members With Scars

The Trades 4/28/03 The S-Ratings Survivor: Amazon - Episode 11

Fans of Reality TV 4/27/03 Standing In The Shadows: A collaboration - Week 10

Reality TV Talk 4/27/03 Survivor Amazon "Ep 10 - Revenge of the Nerds"

Survivor Review 4/27/03 "Damsels In Distress"

Reality TV Talk 4/26/03 S6, Ep 10 "MattWatch: All Matt, All Article Long" 

Reality TV Talk 4/26/03 Miss Marcy Has Spoken: Eps 9 & 10 

Olney Daily Mail 4/26/03 Heidi's nudity causes trouble at home

National Enquirer 4/26/03 Survivor Insider

Extra 4/25/03 Sexy Survivors

Survivor Skills 4/25/03 The General's Thoughts Episode 10 4/25/03 Alex on ‘The Early Show’

Reality News Online 4/25/03 Survivor: The Amazon – WOE Is Rob

Survivor Fever 4/25/03 Survivor Barbs: We are Matt! 4/25/03 - 4.24.03 Survivor Insider Clips

Fans of Reality TV 4/25/2003 Survivor Perspectives - Fatal Flaws

Reality News Online 4/25/03 Survivor: The Amazon – Why Alex Lost 4/25/03 Survivor 6 - Episode 10

Survivor Review 4/25/03 "Betrayed!"

The Trades 4/25/03 Lost and Delirious: Episode 10 - Q and A

Olney Daily Mail 4/25/03 Lockley fans proud, optimistic as Butch enters home stretch

Dallas Morning News 4/25/03 'Survivor' ties cut for Alex

Zap2It 4/25/03 'Survivor: The Amazon' Joins 'The Breakfast Club'

Reality News Online 4/25/03 Surviving the Amazon, Episode 10: Pride Comes Before the Fall

Extra 4/24/03 Sexy Survivors

CBS 4/24/03 Blind Sided at Tribal Council Alex Bell Voted Out

Dallas Morning News 4/24/03 Don't let 'Survivor' contestant's smile fool you: He's got a plan

CBS 4/24/03 Alex Takes The Fall

Fans of Reality TV 4/24/03 Survivor Perspectives: Missed Opportunities

Fans of Reality TV 4/23/03 Paulie's Precap, Week 10: Queuin' Day

Manly Thoughts 4/23/03 Episode 10: Update and A Surprising Final Four?

Cincinnati Enquirer 4/23/03 Celebrity ending for 'Survivor' Bingham

Television Without Pity 4/23/03 Amazon Redux

Reality News Online 4/22/03 More Thoughts on Why Rob Voted Out Deena

Reality TV Talk 4/21/03 “Recapping the Recap Show – Enjoying 60 Minutes in Only 10.”

Reality News Online 4/21/03 Taking a Look at Rob, and Why I Want Him to Win

The Trades 4/21/03 The S-Ratings Survivor: Amazon - Episode 10

Reality TV Talk 4/20/03 "Leaders & Followers - Strategies & The John Nash Angle" 

National Enquirer 4/18/03 Survivor Insider

Zap2It 4/18/03 Certain Castaways Receive News from Home.. (4/24/03) 4/18/03 - Deena on "The Early Show"

Survivor Skills 4/18/03 The General's Thoughts Recap Show 4/18/03 Shawna on "The Early Show"

Reality News Online 4/18/03  An Interview with Survivor’s Shawna Mitchell

Reality News Online 4/18/03 Surviving the Amazon: The Recap Episode

Media Fiends 4/17/03 - Survivor: Amazon Half Time Recap

CBS 4/17/03 Survivors Dish The Dirt

Television Without Pity 4/17/03 The Chain

Reality News Online 4/17/03 Survivor: The Amazon – Advice for the Remaining Seven

Standard Times 4/17/03 'Survivor' contestant isn't crazy ... he's their son

Marines Online 4/17/03 Marines and Navy help Survivor contestant reach final four

SB County Sun 4/16/03 See more of Dave Johnson

Buffalo Reflex 4/16/03 Strobel moves closer to prize on television show

Fans Of Reality TV 4/15/03 Role Call Part 2 - "Look What We've Become".

Reality News Online 4/15/03 Being Jeff Probstovich – Episode 9: Out of Control

Survivor Review 4/14/03 "Q & A"

Fans of Reality TV 4/14/2003 Seize the D.A.: Episode 9 Recap

Reality News Online 4/14/03 Survivor Psyche, Episode 9: Disbarred

Fans of Reality TV 4/13/03 Survivor: Piranha Report - Week Nine

Reality TV Talk 4/14/03 Ep 9 - Bugs-Au-Lait at the Amazon Cafe

Reality Stars 4/13/03 Survivor Amazon Episode 9

Santa Cruz Sentinel 4/13/03 Lex: ‘The Skinny’

Reality News Online 4/13/03 Episode 9 MVP: Strategy & Tactics

Survivor Review 4/13/03 "And So It Begins"

Reality News Online 4/12/03 The Game Is On, But What Was Deena On? 

Fans of Reality TV 4/12/03 Standing in the Shadows : A collaboration - Week 9

Winchester Star 4/12/03 Boesch, Miss Va. to Be Apple Blossom Guests

Olney Daily Mail 4/11/03 Lockley makes it to final seven

Standard Times 4/11/03 'Survivor' contestant gulps bugs for glory

Survivor Skills 4/11/03 SurvivorSkills: The General's Thoughts Episode 9 4/11/03 Survivor Insider Clips – Episode 9 4/11/03 Survivor/Amazon - Epi. 9 - Just My Opinion

Reality TV Planet 4/11/03 No Deena Don't Go!

Reality News Online 4/11/03 Survivor: The Amazon – Why Did Rob Vote Out Deena?

Reality News Online 4/11/03 Deena’s Implosion and Rob’s Chances

Jam! 4/11/03 'Survivor' solicitor held in contempt 4/11/03 Survivor 6 - Episode 9

Reality News Online 4/11/03 Survivor: The Amazon – Why Deena Lost

Reality News Online 4/11/03 Surviving the Amazon, Episode 9: Completely In Control

Survivor Review 4/11/03 "Tried & Convicted"

Survivor Fever 4/11/03 Survivor Barbs: Hubris, Meet Deena. Deena, Meet Jury

The Trades 4/11/03 Lost and Delirious- Chain of Fools

CBS 4/11/03 Deena Gets Dismissed

Jam! 4/11/03 Verdict rendered

CBS 4/11/03 The Verdict Is In: Deena Bennett Voted Out

Zap2It 4/10/03 When Animals Attack on 'Survivor: The Amazon'

Reality News Online 4/10/03 Survivor: The Amazon – Interview with Dave Johnson

Fans of Reality TV 4/10/2003 Survivor Safety Zone, Episode 9

Reality News Online 4/10/03 Transferring Immunity: Final Immunity, Reward, or Just Plain Blackmail

Television Without Pity 4/9/03 Sleeping With the Enemy

Fans of Reality TV 4/9/03 Paulie's Precap, Wk 9: The Brain

Buffalo Reflex 4/9/03 Strobel past halfway point

Fans of Reality TV 4/9/2003 Johnson, We Have a Problem, Episode 8

Reality TV Talk 4/9/03 Miss Marcy Has Spoken: Ep. 8 - "The Cluelessness Continues..."

Reality News Online 4/9/03 Survivor Psyche, Episode 8: Mission Aborted

Reality News Online 4/9/03 Getting to the Final Two Predicted in the Gambling Scandal

Survivor Review 4/8/03 "The Chain"

Reality News Online 4/8/03 Survivor: The Amazon – Overcoming “The Spiral of Silence”

OC Register 4/8/03 The Watcher

Reality News Online 4/8/03 Survivor: The Amazon, Episode 8 MVP: Try, Try Again 4/8/03 The View from the Canopy - Our Panel Predicts -Episode 9

Reality News Online 4/7/03 Betting Scandal Reveals Possible Final Two

Reality News Online 4/7/03 Survivor: The Amazon – Advice for the Remaining Eight

Reality News Online 4/7/03 Being Jeff Probstovich –Ep 8: Strategy, Not Rocket Science

Manly Thoughts 4/7/03 Ep 8: Cluelessness, Jealousy, and More Hottie-body Moments

Fans Of Reality TV 4/7/03 Survivor: Piranha Report-Week 8

The Trades 4/7/03 The S-Ratings- Survivor: Amazon - Episode 9

Reality Stars 4/6/03 Survivor Amazon Episode 8

Fans of Reality TV 4/6/03 Standing in the Shadows: A collaboration - Week 8

Survivor Review 4/6/03 "Conspiracy Theory"

Washington Post 4/5/03 Online Bets Are Off For 'Survivor' 4/5/03 Desperate Dave Caves

Survivor Skills 4/5/03 SurvivorSkills: The General's Thoughts Episode 8

Reality TV Talk 4/5/03 Survivor Amazon Recap Ep 8 "Genu- whine Relationships."

Standard Times 4/5/03 Dartmouth contestant survives yet again

National Enquirer 4/5/03 Survivor Insider 4/4/03 Episode 8 - Tribal Voice

Reality News Online 4/4/03 Questions, Observations, Showers, and Power

Zap2It 4/4/03 Internet Bookie Says Insiders Bet on 'Survivor' 4/4/03 - Dave on "The Early Show" 4/4/03 - Survivor 6 - Episode 8 4/4/03 - Survivor Insider Clips – Episode 8

The Trades 4/4/03 Episode 8 - Sleeping With The Enemy!

Survivor Review 4/4/03 "Rocket Science"

Survivor Fever 4/4/03 Survivor Barbs Episode 8: To the Moon, Dave!

CBS 4/4/03 Dave's Days Over On 'Survivor'

Zap2It 4/4/03 'Survivor: Amazon' Keeps Its Friends Close, Enemies Closer

CBS 4/4/03 Jacare, We Have A Problem: Dave Johnson Voted Out

Reality News Online 4/4/03 Survivor: The Amazon – Why Dave Lost

Reality News Online 4/4/03 Episode 8: It Doesn’t Take a Rocket Scientist…

Providence Journal 4/3/03 People: A full schedule for Survivor Glover

The Argus 4/3/03 War in Iraq and battle of the sexes

Reality TV Planet 4/3/03 "Men Are Thinking With The Wrong 'Head'"

CBS 4/3/03 Does 'Survivor' Have Jungle Fever?

National Post 4/3/03 For the love of the kids: Get your freak off

Online Casino News 4/3/03 BoDog drops Survivor betting after CBS employees join in

Fans of Reality TV 4/2/03 Paulie's Precap, Wk 8: Creeping With the Ten of Me

Reality News Online 4/2/03 Reality High Test Results, Ep 7: Hate to Say I Told You So

Television Without Pity 4/2/03 Girls Gone Wilder

Reality News Online 4/2/03 Survivor Psyche, Episode 7: Evicted

Zap2It 4/1/03 'Survivor' Guru Burnett Branches Out

Survivor Review 4/1/03 "Sleeping With The Enemy"

Reality News Online 4/1/03 Outplayed and Outwitted, an Interview with Roger Sexton

Fans of Reality TV 4/1/2003 Episode 7: Thoroughly Rogered

Reality News Online 4/1/03 Transferring Immunity: A Game Advantage… or a Curse? 4/1/03 The View from the Canopy-Our Panel Predicts-Ep 8


News Articles 3/1/03 to 3/31/03


Reality News Online 3/31/03 Survivor: The Amazon – Strategy and Sex

Reality News Online 3/31/03 Episode 7 MVP: I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar!

Reality News Online 3/31/03 Being Jeff Probstovich – Ep 7: Roger, Over and Out! 3/31/03 - No Junk in the Trunk

Manly Thoughts 3/31/03 Episode 7: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

The Trades 3/31/03 The S-Ratings- Survivor: Amazon - Episode 8

News Tribune 3/30/03 Was reality overexposed?

Fans of Reality TV 3/30/03 Survivor: Piranha Report, Week Seven

Survivor Review 3/30/03 "The Ambushers"

Survivor Skills 3/29/03 The General's Adventure

National Enquirer 3/28/03 Survivor Insider

Reality TV Talk 3/28/03 Survivor Amazon: Miss Marcy Has Spoken-Ep.7-"Clueless"

News Tribune 3/28/03 Heidi's future blurred at Eldon school after bare-all performance

Reality TV Talk 3/28/03 Miss Marcy Has Spoken - Ep 6 - A Bite To The Finish

Fans of Reality TV 3/28/2003 Standing in the Shadows, Week 7

Reality News Online 3/28/03 Survivor: The Amazon – Advice for the Remaining Nine

Survivor Review 3/28/03 "What? Me Worry?"

Reality TV Talk 3/28/03 Recap-ep. 7-“I Was Not Outwitted or Outplayed" - Huh?

KOMU News 3/28/03 Eldon Teacher Defends Her Survivor Stripping

Elites TV 3/28/03 Chairman Mao move over!

Survivor Skills 3/27/03 The General's Thoughts 3/27/03 - Episode 7 Survivor Insider Clips

Middletown Transcript 3/27/03 ‘Survivor’ star visits Middletown

Standard Times 3/27/03 Von Ertfelda makes final nine

NY Times 3/27/03 The Finale as Rerun When Trumping ‘Survivor’ 3/27/03 Roger on ‘The Early Show’

KOLR 3/27/03 Heidi World: Episode 7

The Trades 3/27/03 Episode 7 - And Survivor Scrapes Bottom

Reality News Online 3/27/03 Survivor: The Amazon – An Ax (or Machete) to Grind 3/27/03 - Survivor 6 - Episode 7

Jam! 3/27/03 'Jolly' Roger off 'Survivor'

Reality TV Planet 3/27/03 Heidi Hoe and Jenna Jiggles Bare All For Sustenance

Survivor Fever 3/27/03 Survivor Barbs Episode 7: Merging, Binging, Purging

Dallas Morning News 3/27/03 'Survivor' dictator toppled

CBS 3/27/03 Game Over For Roger

Reality News Online 3/27/03 Survivor: The Amazon – Why Roger Lost

Reality News Online 3/27/03 Surviving the Amazon, Episode 7: Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye!

Zap2It 3/26/03 'Survivor: Amazon' Gets Naked for Peanut Butter

CBS 3/26/03 Tribes Merge: Roger Sexton Voted Out

Reality TV Talk 3/26/03 Survivor Amazon - Predictions on Episode 7: Merge?

Fans of Reality TV 3/26/03 Paulie's Precap, Week 7: Pearls on Piled Dirt

Pop Politics 3/26/03 Spoiled Rotten?

Fans of Reality TV 3/26/03 Safety Zone - Episode 7 **Spoilers**

Television Without Pity 3/26/03 More Than Meats the Eye

Reality News Online 3/26/03 There Is Something About Christy…

Reality News Online 3/25/03 Episode 6 MVPs: How to Strategize and Persevere

Reality News Online 3/25/03 Survivor Psyche, Episode 6: Banished

San Mateo County Times 3/24/03 Shawna not as bad as believed

Survivor Review 3/24/03 "Girls Gone Wilder"

Reality News Online 3/24/03 Being Jeff Probstovich – Ep 6: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Fans of Reality TV 3/24/2003 Pleased to Meat Chew, Episode 6 Recap

The Trades 3/24/03 The S-Ratings- Survivor: Amazon - Episode 7

Fans of Reality TV 3/24/03 Survivor: Piranha Report Week Six

Manly Thoughts 3/23/03 Interview with Survivor's Magic 8-Ball

Media Fiends 3/22/03 - Burning Down The Love Shack!

Reality News Online 3/22/03 Survivor: The Amazon – Questions, Answers, and Snow Jobs

Post Gazette 3/22/03 Survivor: The Amazon Update

Survivor Review 3/22/03 Shuck and Jive 3/22/03 Survivor Amazon Episode 6 Stripped of the Ball

National Enquirer 3/21/03 Survivor Insider

Reality News Online 3/21/03 Survivor: The Amazon – An Interview with Jeanne

Survivor Skills 3/20/03 The General's Thoughts

Fans of Reality TV 3/20/03 Standing in the Shadows: A Collaboration - Week 6

Survivor Review 3/20/03 "Where's The Beef?"

KOLR 3/20/03 Heidi World - Episode 5

Survivor Fever 3/20/03 Survivor Barbs Episode 6: A meat party in their mouths

Elites TV 3/20/03 Love Doesn't Conquer All

The Trades 3/20/03 Episode 6 - Where's The Beef?

Reality TV Planet 3/20/03 She Said/Episode 6 "Food Glorious Food" 3/20/03 Survivor Insider - Episode 6

Reality TV Talk 03/20/03 Survivor Amazon Ep 6 Recap "Tonight on Elimidate..." 3/20/03 Survivor 6 - Episode 6

Reality News Online 3/20/03 Survivor: The Amazon – Advice for the Remaining 10

Dallas Morning News 3/20/03 'Survivor' breaks it off with Shawna

CBS 3/20/03 Shawna Signs Off

Reality News Online 3/19/03 Survivor: The Amazon – Why Shawna Lost

Zap2It 3/19/03 It's Not Rocket Science on 'Survivor: The Amazon'

Reality News Online 3/19/03 Episode 6: Revenge, Irony, Joy & Happiness

CBS 3/19/03 Too Little Too Late Shawna Mitchell Voted Out 3/19/03 Survivor Insider – Episode 5 3/19/03 Survivor Insider – Episode 4 3/19/03 Survivor Insider – Episode 3

Fans of Reality TV 3/19/03 Paulie's Precap, Week 6: Mortar Seats That Fly 3/19/03 Survivor Insider – Episode 2 3/19/03 Survivor Insider - Episode 1

Fans of Reality TV 3/19/03 Survivor Safety Zone Week 6 *Spoilers*

Reality News Online 3/19/03 Survivor: The Amazon – An Interview with JoAnna

Buffalo Reflex 3/19/03 Strobel moved to Tambaqui tribe on 'Survivor: The Amazon'

Reality News Online 3/19/03 The Heated Debate About Christy

Television Without Pity 3/19/03 Pick-Up Sticks

Survivor Review 3/18/03 "More than 'Meats' the Eye"

Flint Journal 3/18/03 Survivor 2' contestant to play ball at middle school

Reality News Online 3/18/03 Survivor Psyche, Episode 5: I’m Melting… Melting

Reality News Online 3/18/03 Episode 5: Be-Switched, Bothered, and Bewildered

Reality News Online 3/18/03 Episode 5 MVPs: On a Roll, and Just Plain Boring

Reality TV Talk 3/17/03 Miss Marcy Has Spoken: Ep 5 - Dumb and Dumber

Zap2It 3/17/03 One Castaway Makes a False Alliance with a Clueless Castaway 

Reality TV Talk 3/17/03 Ep 5: I'll Show You My Tribe If You Show Me Yours

Manly Thoughts 3/17/03 Episode 5: Will Wonders Never Cease

Elites TV 3/17/03 Draft day spells doom for Jeanne

Fans Of Reality TV 3/17/03 Survivor Episode 5 Recap, Sweat Pants

Reality News Online 3/17/03 Dave’s Strategic Success… and Failure

Reality News Online 3/17/03 Being Jeff Probstovitch – Episode 5: Jeanne Splicing

Fans of Reality TV 3/17/03 Survivor: Piranha Report - Week 5

The Trades 3/17/03 The S-Ratings - Survivor Amazon Ep 6 3/16/03 Episode 5 Bottom Dogs and Sweaty Panties

Survivor Review 3/16/03 "Switching Channels"

Reality News Online 3/16/03 How the Purple Rock Has Changed Players’ Strategy 3/15/03 Ep 5 -Oh no--Heidi's between a rock and a hard stone!

Fans of Reality TV 3/15/03 Standing In The Shadows : A Collaboration-Week 5

Reality News Online 3/15/03 Heidi the Grinch and Other Assorted Opinions

Providence Journal 3/15/03 Helen Glover: A parting gift for Jeanne: Integrity

Survivor Fever 3/14/03 Survivor Barbs: The More Things Change...

Reality TV Planet 3/14/03 "Love The One You're With" As Amazon Goes Co-Ed"

Standard Times 3/14/03 Tribe spells success for 'Survivor' contestant

KOLR 3/14/03 Heidi World - Episode 5

Reality News Online 3/14/03 Survivor: The Amazon – Advice for the Remaining 11 3/14/03 Jeanne on 'The Early Show'

The Trades 3/14/03 Episode 5 - Alliances? What Alliances?

CBS 3/14/03 Jeanne Out In Switcheroo 3/14/03 Survivor 6 - Episode 5

Reality News Online 3/14/03 Survivor: The Amazon – Why Jeanne Lost

Reality News Online 3/14/03 Surviving the Amazon, Episode 5: All Shook Up!

Survivor Review 3/14/03 "Twist-A-Roo"

Zap2It 3/14/03 Chicks Dig Men with Scars on 'Survivor: The Amazon'

Dallas Morning News 3/14/03 'Survivor' discontinues marketing director

Ham Nation 3/13/03 Episode 5 - Whine and the Disaster

CBS 3/13/03 Tribal Switch: Jeanne Hebert Voted Out

National Post 3/13/03 Memo to cute girls: You're not that cute

Philadelphia Inquirer 3/13/03 'Survivor' contestant splits deaf community

Reality News Online 3/13/03 Whining Women and Manly Men

CBS 3/13/03 Spend The Night Together

Television Without Pity 3/13/03 Trapped

Buffalo News 3/12/03 A relief for Falls 'Survivor'

Fans of Reality TV 3/12/03 Paulie's Precap, Week 5: Mix-up Tricks

Reality News Online 3/12/03 Episode 4: You’re Standing on My Neck

Manly Thoughts 3/11/03 Episode 4: She's Gone - Glory!

Survivor Review 3/11/03 "Predictions - Week 5 "Pick Up Sticks""

Reality News Online 3/11/03 Survivor Psyche, Episode 4: Called Home 3/10/03 The View from the Canopy-Our Panel Predicts-Ep 5

Reality News Online 3/10/03 Daniel Lue Discusses His Amazon Time… and Roger

Reality News Online 3/10/03 Hallelujah, Oh Glory, Hallelujah, Amen!

Fans of Reality TV 3/10/03 My Left Toe, Episode 4

Reality News Online 3/10/03 Why Deena Is in the Perfect Position

Survivor Review 3/9/03 Don't Cry For Me Amazona

Reality News Online 3/9/03 Episode 4 MVPs: A Motivation Proclamation

Media Fiends 3/9/03 - Lordy! Lordy! Lordy!-Survivor The Amazon-3/6/03

Reality TV Talk 3/9/03 Miss Marcy Has Spoken: It's A Perfect Day In The Amazon!

Fans of Reality TV 3/9/03 The Piranha Report, Day 12

Reality TV Talk 3/8/03 I’m Burnt And The Fish Do Bite – Episode 4

Elites TV 3/8/03 Survivor Amazon - Episode 4

Reality News Online 3/8/03 Advice for the Remaining 12

Fans of Reality TV 3/8/03 Standing in the Shadows, Week 4

Times and Democrat 3/8/03 Orangeburg's JoAnna Ward wins fans if not the million dollars 3/8/03 Deena's Deputies Crucify Joanna

Post Gazette 3/8/03 Survivor: The Amazon Update

Globe and Mail 3/8/03 Struggling to survive

Providence Journal 3/7/03 Helen Glover: Jeanne loses an ally, JoAnna

KOLR 3/7/03 Heidi World: Episode 4 3/7/03 Survivor 6- Episode 4 - Just My Opinion

Reality News Online 3/7/03 Putting the “Cute” Alliance Under a Microscope

Media Fiends 3/7/03 JoAnna on 'The Early Show'

Jam! 3/7/03 Survivor's JoAnna meets her maker

Media Fiends 3/7/03 Survivor Amazon - March 6

Survivor Fever 3/7/03 Survivor Barbs: Swearin' to God

Media Fiends 3/7/03 Survivor 6 - Episode 4

Reality News Online 3/7/03 Survivor: The Amazon – Playas, or Playa Hatahs?

Media Fiends 3/7/03 Survivor Amazon: The Immunity Challenge

Survivor Review 3/7/03 "Fishin' Time"

The Trades 3/7/03 Revenge of the Cute girls

Jam! 3/7/03 Bossy gets the boot

Reality News Online 3/7/03 Episode 4: Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!

Zap2It 3/7/03 It's Not Just the Fish Biting on 'Survivor: The Amazon'

Reality News Online 3/7/03 Survivor: The Amazon – Why JoAnna Lost

Dallas Morning News 3/7/03 Counselor banished from 'Survivor' congregation

Times and Democrat 3/7/03 Ama Gone! Ward voted off "Survivor"

CBS 3/6/03 'Survivor' Medicine

National Post 3/6/03 The sexes are equal in their wretchedness

CBS 3/6/03 JoAnna Hits The Road

CBS 3/6/03 Say it Ain't So - JoAnna Ward Voted Out

Reality News Online 3/6/03 Role Reversal & Player Traits

Fans of Reality TV 3/6/03 The Safety Zone, Episode 4

The Age 3/5/03 Surviving the formula

Fans of Reality TV 3/5/03 Paulie's Precap, Week 4: Wrapped

Buffalo Reflex 3/5/03 Strobel continues quest for $1 million 'Survivor 'prize

Reality News Online 3/5/03 Episode 3 – Happiness is a Warm Magic 8-Ball

Survivor Review 3/4/03 "Predictions - Week 4 "Trapped""

Manly Thoughts 3/4/03 Episode 3: Forgettable Names Forgettable Moments

Reality News Online 3/4/03 Survivor Psyche, Episode 3: Chinese Take-Out

Cornell Daily Sun 3/3/03 Cornell Student Tackles Survivor

Fans of Reality TV 3/3/03 Episode 3, Don't Get Cute With Me

Elites TV 3/3/03 In Defense Of Dan

Reality News Online 3/3/03 Daniel My Brother, You Have More Votes Than Me

The Trades 3/3/03 The S-Ratings Survivor: Amazon - Episode 4

Reality News Online 3/2/03 Episode 3 MVPs: You’re Either a Leader or a Snake

Fans of Reality TV 3/2/03 The Piranha Report, Day 9

Television Without Pity 3/2/03 Girl Power

Survivor Skills 3/1/03 General Thoughts

Media Fiends 3/1/03 Survivor: The Amazon - 2/27/03

Survivor Review 3/1/03 "Closing The Loopholes"

Reality TV Talk 3/01/03 Ep 3 "Do You Have An Eyelash Curler?"

Times and Democrat 3/1/03 Orangeburg's JoAnna Ward hanging tough

Reality TV Talk 3/1/03 Miss Marcy Has Spoken: The Amazon Women Have Arrived!

Houston Chronicle 3/1/03 Local `Survivor' remains upbeat despite early exit

Providence Journal 3/1/03 Helen Glover: Women -- Outwit and outlast

Post Gazette 3/1/03 Survivor: The Amazon Update


News Articles 2/1/03 to 2/28/03 2/28/03 Episode 3 - Dazed Dan Chopped

Fans of Reality TV 2/28/03 Standing in the Shadows, Week 3

Elites TV 2/28/03 Episode 3: Dan is a moron.

Dallas Morning News 2/28/03 Survivor focuses attention on Amazon adventures

Reality News Online 2/28/03 Survivor: The Amazon – Advice for the Remaining 13

CBS 2/28/03 Daniel Gets Dumped

Standard Times 2/28/03 'Survivor' hopeful still in

KOLR 2/28/03 Heidi World Episode 3

Jam! 2/28/03 Accountant audited on 'Survivor'

Media Fiends 2/28/03 Daniel on 'The Early Show'

Media Fiends 2/28/03 Survivor 6 - Episode 3 2/28/03 Episode 3 - Just My Opinion

Survivor Review 2/28/03 "Attack of the Amazons"

Dallas Morning News 2/28/03 'Survivor' guys bounce Houston accountant

St Petersburg Times 2/28/03 'Survivor' player hosts New Tampa gala event

The Trades 2/28/03 "Why Are We Here Again?" - The Men of Tambaqui

CBS 2/28/03 Unanimous Vote-Off For Daniel

Jam! 2/28/03 Survivor bares all

Zap2It 2/28/03 Daniel Gets Dissed At the 'Survivor: Amazon' Mixer

Reality News Online 2/28/03 Survivor: The Amazon – It’s a Beautiful Day in Survivorhood

Press Release 2/27/03 “Survivor” Talks Restaurants at Montgomery College

Reality News Online 2/27/03 Survivor: The Amazon – Why Daniel Lost

Survivor Fever 2/27/03 Softcore pornography and hardcore stupidity

Reality News Online 2/27/03 Surviving the Amazon, Episode 3: Kung Fu Roger

CBS 2/27/03 Flirting With Disaster: Daniel Lue Voted Out

St Louis Today 2/27/03 A sneak snack blindsides "Survivor" exile

Extra 2/27/03 'Survivor'

CBS 2/27/03 Surviving The Battle Of The Sexes

National Post 2/27/03 Look forward to plenty of nudity tonight

Reality News Online 2/27/03 Who Is the Underdog and Should Janet Have Been Voted Out?

Daily Review 2/27/03 'Survivor' host Jeff Probst speaking out more 2/26/03 Guys Get Even

Fans of Reality TV 2/26/03 Paulie's Precap Week 3: Squirrel Powder

Reality News Online 2/26/03 Reality High Test Results, 2/26: The New Survivor Class

Reality News Online 2/26/03 Survivor: The Amazon – An Interview with Ryan

Zap2It 2/25/03 Star-Studded 'Survivor' Would Differ from 'I'm a Celeb'

Survivor Review 2/25/03 Predictions: Week 3 - "Girl Power"

Media Fiends 2/25/03 Janet on 'Letterman' 2/25/03 Week 2 - Granola Gate 2003

Television Without Pity 2/25/03 Storms

Reality News Online 2/25/03 Survivor Psyche, Episode 2: Granola Barred

Fans of Reality TV 2/24/03 Episode 2, Granola Gay

Reality News Online 2/24/03 Being Jeff Probstovich – Episode 2: Cereal Killed Her

Reality News Online 2/24/03 Survivor: The Amazon – Advice for the Remaining 14

Reality TV Hall of Shame 2/24/03 JoAnna Ward’s Idol Thoughts and Vicious Attack

The Trades 2/24/03 The S-Ratings: Survivor: Amazon - Episode 3

Reality News Online 2/23/03 Take a Survivor Adventure Vacation!

Reality News Online 2/23/03 Survivor: The Amazon – Strategies Begin to Form

Fans of Reality TV 2/23/03 The Piranha Report, Day 6

News Tribune 2/23/03 School gets reality education

NY Times 2/23/03 Making 'Survivor' a Real Survival Test 2/22/03 Episode 2 No Payola for Granola

Survivor Review 2/22/03 Commentary: Week 2 - "The Granola Chronicles"

Reality TV Planet 2/22/03 Amazon Adams Doing Better Than Equatorial Eves in Paradise

Fans of Reality TV 2/22/03 Standing in the Shadows, Week 2

Santa Cruz Sentinel 2/22/03 Lex: The Skinny

Fans of Reality TV 2/22/03 What Now for Janet Koth?

Reality News Online 2/22/03 Ghosts of Survivors Past, and Other Observations

Reality TV Talk 2/22/03 2/20 Episode "The Great Granola Caper"

Providence Journal 2/22/03 Helen Glover: The women show signs of strain

Post Gazette 2/22/03 Survivor: The Amazon Update

Reality TV Talk 2/21/03 Miss Marcy Has Spoken: It's A Wrap for Janet

Media Fiends 2/21/03 Janet on 'The Early Show'

Standard Times 2/21/03 'Survivor' still in the game

WREG 2/21/03 Still a SURVIVOR

Reality News Online 2/21/03 Episode 2 MVPs: Hello, I’m a Hypocrite

Media Fiends 2/21/03 Survivor 6 - Episode 2

Elites TV 2/21/03 Granola Means Gone-ola For Janet

The Trades 2/21/03 Episode 2-Granola Bars, Fishbait and Idols, Oh My!

Survivor Fever 2/21/03 Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

CBS 2/21/03 Homemaker Heads Home

Zap2It 2/21/03 Sister Power Breaks Down on 'Survivor: The Amazon'

Reality News Online 2/21/03 Survivor: The Amazon – Why Janet Lost

KOLR 2/21/03 Heidi "Survives" Week Two; High School Coaches/Teachers React

Reality News Online 2/21/03 Surviving the Amazon, Episode 2: (Un)Holy Granoley!

Daily Review 2/20/03 Phew! That was close for Roger

Survivor Review 2/20/03 Week 2: "I Got Kelled!"

Times and Democrat 2/20/03 Women oust 1st member; Orangeburg woman still in

CBS 2/20/03 Guys Get Even - Janet Koth Voted Out

National Post 2/20/03 These women are doomed I tell you!

Fans of Reality TV 2/20/03 Episode 1 Recap, Gimme Shelter

News-Leader 2/20/03 Reality battle: ‘Bachelor’ vs. ‘Survivor’

Reality News Online 2/20/03 Survivor Psyche, Episode 1: Discontinued Model

Zap2It 2/19/03 'Survivor' Daniel Has Malaria

Television Without Pity 2/19/03 Boys vs. Girls

Fans of Reality TV 2/19/03 Paulie's Precap, Week 2: Charms

Reality News Online 2/19/03 The Mystery of the Survivor Lockbox

Reality News Online 2/19/03 Advice for the Remaining 15

Reality TV Planet 2/18/03 "He Said" Impressions On Episode One 

Survivor Review 2/18/03 "Survivor Meets Bewitched"

Tri-Valley Herald 2/18/03 'Survivor' winner faces motherhood

Reality News Online 2/18/03 Survivor: The Amazon – First Impressions

The Trades 2/17/03 The S-Ratings Episode 2

Manly Thoughts 2/17/03 Survivor Amazon Ep 1: Creatures and Crotch-Swarmers

Elite TV 2/17/03 No Stability In Tambaqui

Reality News Online 2/17/03 Being Jeff Probstovich –Ep.1: For Ryan, Out Loud

Modesto Bee 2/17/03 Survivor from the start 2/16/03 Survivor Amazon Episode 1 Model Behavior

Survivor Fever 2/16/03 Survivor Barbs: A Fresh Start

Fans of Reality TV 2/16/03 The Piranha Report

Reality News Online 2/16/03 Who Is the Underdog and Should Ryan Have Been Voted Out?

Reality TV Talk 2/15/03 Ep 1 "(Un)Lucky Charms & Sugar Shmucks"

Courier-Journal 2/15/03 Surviving the reality shows

Providence Journal 2/15/03 Survivor on Survivor

Entertainment Central 2/15/03 Survivor 6: Miss Marcy Has Spoken Episode 1

Reality News Online 2/15/03 Episode 1 MVPs: The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth

Fans of Reality TV 2/15/03 Standing in the Shadows, Week 1

Survivor Review 2/15/03 "And So It Begins"

Reality TV Talk 2/15/03 Miss Marcy Has Spoken: Episode 1 Commentary

News-Leader 2/14/03 Strobel begins her battle to survive 'Survivor' 2/14/03 Ryan's Weenie Roasted

Zap2It 2/14/03 'Survivor' Finds A Way To Beat the Heat in Thursday Premieres

Fans of Reality TV 2/14/03 What Now for Ryan Aiken? 2/14/03 Survivor 6 - Amazon -- Epi. 1 - Just My Opinion

Dallas Morning News 2/14/03 Model Ryan first to be booted off 'Survivor'

Media Fiends 2/14/03 - Ryan on 'The Early Show'

Standard-Times 2/14/03 Latest 'Survivor' has local link

Media Fiends 2/14/03 - Survivor 6 - Episode 1

Elite TV 2/14/03 Cockiness Loses Again!

KOLR 2/14/03 Heidi "Survives" the First Episode`

The Trades 2/14/03 Guess Who's Back, Back Again?!

Survivor Review 2/14/03 Week 1: They Might Be Bozos

Reality News Online 2/14/03 Survivor: The Amazon – Why Ryan Lost

Zap2It 2/14/03 'Survivor: The Amazon' Makes Both Genders Look Bad

CBS 2/14/03 Ryan Booted Off The Amazon

My Inky 2/14/03 Tri-state educator now competing on 'Survivor'

Reality News Online 2/14/03 Surviving the Amazon, Episode 1: Behind the 8-Ball

News Leader 2/13/03 Strobel begins fight for supremacy

CBS 2/13/03 Battle of the Sexes - Ryan Aiken Voted Out

Times and Democrat 2/13/03 Orangeburg woman a 'Survivor' on 1st night

Times and Democrat 2/13/03 Orangeburg woman can be winner in Amazon, sister and brother say

Contra Costa Times 2/13/03 Welcome to the jungle

Rocky Mountain News 2/13/03 Deaf 'Survivor' already wins

Beacon Journal 2/13/03 Reality TV challenge

Daily News 2/13/03 A 'Survivor' battle of the sexes

Grand Junction Sentinel 2/13/03 'Survivor': New cast, same old casting

Fans of Reality TV 2/13/03 Who's Who? "Role" Call 2/13/03 Get the skinny on the Amazonian castaways, and other 'Survivor' facts 2/13/03 Womanly wiles vs. male egos 2/13/03 'Survivor' parents practice deception

Seattle PI 2/13/03 Men vs. women: Now that's reality

Detroit News 2/13/03 ABC gives CBS' 'Survivor' some 'Hot' competition

Washington Post 2/13/03 'Survivor: Amazon' Goes South

St Petersburg Times 2/13/03 Eye of the 'Survivor'

NY Daily News 2/13/03 Survival is a ball for Rob

USA Today 2/13/03 'Survivor' now the fittest reality series

SF Gate 2/13/03 Fun battle of the sexes in 'Survivor'

Rocky Mountain News 2/13/03 Saunders: Deaf 'Survivor' already wins

Post Gazette 2/13/03 Local 'Survivor' competes in Amazon edition

Reality News Online 2/13/03 Being Jeff Probstovich – The Amazon; The Pre-Season

CBS 2/12/03 Battle Of Sexes On 'Survivor'

The State 2/12/03 One 'Survivor' to another: 'Just have fun'

Buffalo Reflex 2/12/03 Buffalo graduate travels to Amazon to compete for $1 million

Milwaukee Journal 2/12/03 'Survivor' using gender war to stay afloat for 6th season

Deseret News 2/12/03 'Survivor' tries guys-gals gimmick

Sarasota Herald-Tribune 2/12/03 Ex-'Survivor' Susan to Report on Show

Herald-Free Press 2/12/03 Buffalo High School grad appearing on 'Survivor'

Reality News Online 2/12/03 Predicting S6: Predictions from an Empirical Model

Reality News Online 2/12/03 RNO Roundtable–Predictions, Part 3: Win, Place, or Lose

Chicago Sun-Times 2/12/03 I'd like to get to know you

NY Daily News 2/12/03 A real survivor in the TV jungle 2/11/03 A 'Survivor' already

Survivor Review 2/11/03 Predictions - Who Will Be First?

North County Times 2/11/03 Local prosecutor aims to be 'Survivor'

Zap2It 2/11/03 'Big Brother' Contestant Bares All for Playgirl

Reality News Online 2/11/03 A Look at the ‘Survivor: Inside the Tribe’ DVD

Philadelphia Inquirer 2/11/03 Is there an advantage for Christy?

Herald Tribune 2/11/03 New 'Survivor' Splits Up Sexes

Fans of Reality TV 2/11/03 Paulie's Precap #1: Noise, Purses, Curls

Reality News Online 2/11/03 What Amazonian Survivors Should Have Learned

Reality News Online 2/11/03 RNO Roundtable – Predictions, Part 2: The Men

KOIN 2/10/03 Do You Have What It Takes For 'Survivor 7'?

Fans of Reality TV 2/10/03 Survivor 6 Pre-Season "Points"

The Straits Times 2/10/03 He's the man in the middle

Abilene Reporter 2/10/03 Still Survivin' 2/10/03 Viacom And Saturn Ink 'Survivor' Deal

Reality News Online 2/10/03 RNO Roundtable–Predictions, Part 1: The Women

Toronto Star 2/10/03 Survivor tackles twist of sexual segregation

Reality News Online 2/10/03 Predicting S6: To What Factors Does Survivor Success Relate

The Olympian 2/9/03 'Survivor: the Amazon' Heads Into Uncharted Territory

Reality TV Talk 2/9/03 Survivor Amazon: A Quick Look at the new S16

Ventura County Star 2/9/03 Flirtation grows on 'Survivor'

The News Tribune 2/9/03 Hundreds try to impress in tryouts for 'Survivor'

Jefferson City News Tribune 2/8/03 Eldon teacher tries her luck at reality show 'Survivor'

Washington Post 2/8/03 Two Area Men Join The Anguish In the Amazon

Dallas Morning News 2/8/03 I survived 'Survivor'

Reality News Online 2/7/03 Predicting Survivor 6: A Theory of Success of Survivor

Knox News 2/6/03 'Survivor Amazon' -- Boys vs. girls, with lots of flirting

Springfield News-Leader 2/6/03 Is Heidi Strobel tough enough to be the next Survivor?

Clear Lake Citizen 2/5/03 Area man gives "Survivor" a try

News Star 2/4/03 Jordan's fans carry his torch

Fans of Reality TV 2/4/03 The FORT Writers' S6 Preview - Jaburu Tribe

Press Gazette 2/3/03 Survivor’ veteran offers this secret on joining the show: ‘Be yourself’


News Articles 1/1/03 to 1/31/03


Fans of Reality TV 1/31/03 The FORT Writers' S6 Preview - Tambaqui Tribe 1/31/03 BoDog the first to go to the Amazon with Survivor 6 Odds

Miami Herald 1/29/03 CBS holding auditions for 'Survivor' at Swap Shop

Lake Sun Leader 1/29/03 Eldon teacher fighting to survive

Jefferson City News-Tribune 1/26/03 Eldon school teacher joins 'Survivor'

The Dolphin 1/23/03 Ousted 'Survivor' feels life enriched

Main Line Life 1/23/03 SF native part of 'Survivor' cast

Providence Journal 1/23/03  It was no bed of roses, says Survivor survivor

The Trades 1/21/03 Survivor: Is Age a Factor?

Reality News Online 1/20/03 Paschal Relates Experiences to Chamber of Commerce

LA Daily News 1/19/03 Valencia veteran in the mix for latest 'Survivor' edition

Survivor Review 1/18/03 A Preview of "Survivor: the Amazon"

K.City Star 1/18/03 UPN banking on Tyra, and why `Survivor' went boy/girl

San Mateo Daily Journal 1/16/03 Local girl survives the Amazon quest

Rocky Mountain News 1/16/03 'Survivor' tests deaf Coloradan

The Aspen Times 1/15/03 Deaf Aspen native picked for 'Survivor'

Beacon Journal 1/15/03 Ready for some more `Survivor'?

The Daily Review 1/15/03  Three locals among gender-war 'Survivor'

Globe and Mail 1/15/03 New Survivor separates the women from the boys

Reality News Online 1/15/03 Survivor: The Facts by the Numbers

Springfield News-Leader 1/14/03 Drury grad aims to be ‘Survivor’

Providence Journal 1/14/03 N. Attleboro woman one of next month's Survivors

KOLR 1/14/03 Ozarks Native on Latest Survivor!

The Times and Democrat 1/14/03 Orangeburg 'Survivor' tries for $1 million

USA Today 1/14/03 Men vs. women on CBS' 'Survivor'

Post-Gazette 1/14/03 Pitt student competes in 'Survivor'

NY Daily News 1/14/03 'Survivor' river rumble will be guys vs. gals

Reality News Online 1/14/03 ‘Survivor: The Amazon’ Cast Introduced on ‘The Early Show’

Dallas Morning News 1/14/03 'Survivor: The Amazon' has its cast

Zap2It 1/14/03 'Amazon' Has First Deaf Survivor

Dallas Morning News 1/13/03 Meet the cast of 'Survivor: The Amazon'

Olney Daily Mail 1/13/03 Lockley competes on 'Survivor'

The Trades 1/13/02 Survivor: The Amazon - Season preview

Zap2It 1/13/03 'Survivor: The Amazon' Sets Up Battle of the Sexes

Media Fiends 1/13/03 - Survivor: Amazon Contestants Revealed

The Miami Herald 1/13/03 Piranhas? Grove group sells jungle to `Survivor'

Gainesville Sun 1/13/03 Next 'Survivor' To Have a Deaf Player

Dallas Morning News 1/13/03 Survivor: The Amazon

Survivor Review 1/12/02 The First Survivor of the Amazon

CBS 1/12/03 Meet Amazon 'Survivors'

Reality News Online 1/11/03 ‘Survivor: The Amazon’ Contestant Jenna Morasca: Swimsuit Model

Reality News Online 1/11/03 'Survivor: The Amazon' Contestant Daniel Lue 

Reality News Online 1/10/03 Survivor Strikes Gold in the Amazon

Eastern Poconos Community News 1/10/03 Lastra's back; so is sis – from Amazon!

Zap2It 1/8/03 Judge to Decide Whether ABC's 'Get Me Out' Can Air

Reality News Online 1/8/03 Survivor: “Old” Perceptions Die Hard

Zap2It 1/7/03 Jerri Manthey Survives 'The Surreal Life'

Reality News Online 1/6/03 Survivor: Thailand – Interview with Jed Hildebrand

Television Without Pity 1/3/03 Survivor: Thailand - The Reunion

Reality News Online 1/3/03 Survivor: Thailand – Interview with Brian Heidik

Reality News Online 1/2/03 Survivor: Thailand – Interview with Clay Jordan


News Articles 12/1/02 to 12/31/02


Reality News Online 12/31/02 Survivor: Thailand – The Trip to See the Live Finale

Survivor Fever 12/30/02 What Went Wrong in Season 5

Reality News Online 12/30/02 Survivor: Thailand – Interview with Jan Gentry

Reality News Online 12/29/02 Saying Goodbye to the 'Survivor: Thailand' 16

Reality News Online 12/28/02 A Bravo Finale for Survivor

Santa Cruz Sentinel 12/28/02 Big Tom takes the SCruz tour; Lex survives another day of ‘Hell-A’

Reality News Online 12/28/02 Survivor: Thailand – A Few High Points, But Otherwise…

Amarillo Globe-News 12/27/02 Jordan discusses 'Survivor' experience

Television Without Pity 12/27/02 Slip Through Your Fingers

Reality News Online 12/27/02 Survivor: Thailand – MVP Moments for Everybody

Antelope Valley Press 12/27/02 AV's survivor reviews game

Reality News Online 12/27/02 Reality High Test Results, December 15-21: The Finals

Providence Journal 12/27/02 On the day after, free choice

News-Star 12/27/02 'Survivor' Jordan gets warm reception

Reality News Online 12/27/02 Survivor: Thailand – Interview with Ted Rogers

Reality News Online 12/26/02 Survivor: Thailand – Interview with Helen Glover

The Trades 12/26/02 Survivor: Thailand - Final Comments

Reality News Online 12/25/02 Surviving Thailand, the Reunion: Best Ever

Reality News Online 12/25/02 Surviving Thailand, the Finale: It’s All Brian

Zap2It 12/24/02 CBS Dominates Ratings with 'Survivor' Finale

Reality News Online 12/24/02 Survivor, Game Theory, and John Nash

Manly Thoughts 12/24/02 Survivor Thailand Jury Session: Exact Transcript and Commentary

Reality News Online 12/24/02 Is the Key to Survivor in ‘Non-Cooperative Games’?

The Trades 12/24/02 Episode 13 - Finally, A Winner

The Times-Picayune 12/23/02 No. 2 'Survivor'

Reality News Online 12/23/02 The Top 10 Strategic Survivor Performances of All Time

Fans of Reality TV 12/23/02 Standing in the Shadows, the Finale

Manly Thoughts 12/21/02 Final Episode First Half: Helen Betrayed

Amarillo Globe-News 12/21/02 Racist charge on 'Survivor' still bristles Canyon native

Reality Stars 12/21/2002 Survivor Thailand Final Episode

Survivor Review 12/21/02 "Wrapping Up Thailand"

News-Star 12/21/02 Jordan's fans plan final 'Survivor' party

NY Daily News 12/21/02 It's still in the game

Providence Journal 12/21/02 Glover and out! Helen reflects on the Survivor

St. Petersburg Times 12/21/02 Jan took unlikely path to 'Survivor's' $85,000

Zap2It 12/21/02 'Survivor' Finale Draws 24 Million Viewers

Extra TV 12/20/02 'Survivor' Finale

Fans of Reality TV 12/20/02 What now for the Final Four?

St. Petersburg Times 12/20/02 Jan wins respect, but not a million

Survivor Review 12/20/02 "It's Good To Be The King"

Survivor Fever 12/20/2002 Survivor Barbs: Free at Last

Antelope Valley Press 12/20/02 Brian survives Thailand

Star-Telegram 12/20/02 'Survivor' finale provides sparks

Reality News Online 12/20/02 Survivor: Thailand – Why Clay Lost

Media Fiends 12/20/02 - Brian on 'The Early Show'

CBS 12/20/02 Porn-Star Winner Talks Of Acting

Reality News Online 12/20/02 Survivor: Thailand – Why Jan Lost

Media Fiends 12/20/02 - Survivor 5 - Episode 14

Milwaukee Journal 12/20/02 Brian survives, but fewer really care

CBS News 12/20/02 Brian's Secret For Success

Providence Journal 12/20/02 Local Survivor contestant loses in front of partisan crowd

News-Star 12/20/02 So close, but off he goes

Bradenton Herald 12/20/02 Tampa teacher falls during Survivor finale

Elite TV 12/20/02 Back To Its Roots - A Player Wins!

Reality News Online 12/20/02 Survivor: Thailand – Why Helen Lost

NY Daily News 12/20/02 Porn actor survives tribal wrath for 1M

USA Today 12/20/02 Brian Heidik wins 'Survivor: Thailand'

Reality News Online 12/20/02 Survivor: Thailand – Why Brian Won

Amarillo Globe-News 12/19/02 Jordan Journal

Media Fiends 12/19/02 - Survivor 5 Finale & Reunion

Zap2It 12/19/02 Porn Boy Makes Bank on 'Survivor: Thailand'

Media Fiends 12/19/02 - Letterman's Top 10 Survivor List

San Francisco Chronicle 12/19/02 Salesman-actor Brian Heidik wins `Survivor: Thailand'' (and $1 million)

Star Telegram 12/19/02 After 5 seasons, 'Survivor' still defying the odds

Fans of Reality TV 12/19/02 Finale Precap, "Skipping to Your Bingos"

Media Fiends 12/19/02 Ethan & Vecepia on 'The Early Show'

Reality News Online 12/19/02 Survivor: Thailand – Advice to the Remaining Four

News-Star 12/19/02 Wife: Surviving with Clay Jordan not difficult ride

Globe and Mail 12/19/02 Survivor survives on fascination with survival

St. Petersburg Times 12/19/02 Odds for sole 'Survivor' favor the men

The Star Ledger 12/19/02 Survival in doubt

Television Without Pity 12/19/02 The Tides Are Turning

Dallas Morning News 12/18/02 Two Texans among Final Four in 'Survivor'

Antelope Valley Press 12/18/02 `Survivor' spouse takes counseling deal

The Times-Picayune 12/18/02 'Survivor' foresight

Valley Press 12/18/02 `Survivor' spouse takes counseling deal

Deseret News 12/18/02 'Amazing' tops 'Survivor'

Fans of Reality TV 12/18/02 Episode 12, The Long and Winding Raod

LA Daily News 12/18/02 'Survivor' wife makes deal

The News-Star 12/18/02 Monroe hotel to throw a party fit for a 'Survivor'

USA Today 12/18/02 'Race' battles 'Survivor' to the finish

Manly Thoughts 12/18/02 The Manly Man Predicts Survivor Thailand Results

Reality News Online 12/18/02 RNO Roundtable: Predictions for the ‘Survivor: Thailand’ Finale

Survivor Review, 12/17/02, "Predictions: The Grand Finale"

Extra TV 12/17/02 'Survivor' Castaway Attacked by Wife

Reality News Online 12/17/02 The Unbelievable Bloombergini Returns to Predict the Results

The News-Star 12/17/02 'Survivor' tweaks audience

Reality News Online 12/17/02 Screeching Into the Home Stretch

CBS 12/17/02 Search For A 'Survivor'

The Toronto Star 12/17/02 Survivor producers keep it clean and tidy 

Chicago Sun-Times 12/17/02 'Survivor' voted off the water cooler

Reality News Online 12/16/02 Survivor: Brian Heidik vs. Rich Hatch

Milwaukee Journal 12/16/02 Surviving 'Survivor,' and thriving

Reality News Online 12/16/02 More Questions about the Final Five

Reality News Online 12/16/02 Old King Brian and His Allies Three Toss Big Ted Out to Sea

The Trades 12/16/02 Survivor: Thailand - The Final Four

Survivor Review 12/15/02 The Final Four

Zap2It 12/15/02 'Survivor' Castaway's Wife Accused of Hitting Him

Fans of Reality TV 12/15/02 Standing in the Shadows, Week 12

Reality News Online 12/15/02 Episode 12 MVP: Strategy, Strategy, and More Strategy

The Providence Journal 12/14/02 Survivor finale: the final four

Santa Cruz Sentinel 12/14/02 Lez Sez: Who is your favorite ‘Survivor’ castaway?

Survivor Fever 12/13/2002 Jury bloc voting: Fact and Fiction

Reality Stars 12/13/02 Survivor Thailand Episode 12

Sarasota Herald 12/13/02 Wife of 'Survivor' contestant charged with spousal battery

CBS News 12/13/02 Alliance Comes To An End

Fans of Reality TV 12/13/02 What now for Ted Rogers?

CBS 12/13/02 Toodles, Ted!

MediaFiends 12/13/02 Ted on 'The Early Show'

The Trades 12/13/02 Episode 12 - Ted Chose Poorly

Survivor Review, 12/13/02, "Driving Into The Sunset"

Survivor Fever 12/13/02 Survivor Barbs: Teddy's Dead (Episode 12)

St. Petersburg Times 12/13/02 Jan Watch - Episode 12

News Star 12/13/02 Jordan keeps his place on beach for series finale

St. Petersburg Times 12/13/02 Week-by-week with Jan Gentry

Amarillo Globe-News 12/12/02 Jordan Journal

CBS 12/12/02 The End Of An Alliance

Zap2It 12/12/02 'Survivor': Ted, We Have Some Lovely Parting Gifts

Reality News Online 12/12/02 Surviving Thailand, Episode 12: The Alliance Shell Game

Reality News Online 12/12/02 Survivor: Thailand – Why Ted Lost

Media Fiends 12/12/02 MediaFiends 12/12/02 - Survivor 5 - Episode 13

CBS 12/12/02 Big Ted's Excellent Adventure: Ted Rogers Voted Out

Kingsport Times-News 12/12/02 Local castaway prepares for reality show’s final act

Smoking Gun 12/12/02 Brian Hiedik Beaten by Wife

Reality News Online 12/12/02 Survivor: Thailand - Advice to the Remaining Five

San Francisco Chronicle 12/12/02  Put out the torch -- 'Survivor' has lost its spark

Reality News Online 12/12/02 Letters from Camp Koh Tarutao - Family Visitation Day

Television Without Pity 12/11/02 A Big Surprise...and Another

Fans of Reality TV 12/11/02 "You're not going to put that in your mouth, are you?"

Fans of Reality TV 12/11/02 Episode 12 Precap, "The Sides are Burning"

Reality News Online 12/11/02 Survivor: Thailand – WWJD? (What Will Jan Do?)

Hall of Shame 12/11/02 Jerri Manthey, Wicked Witch of “Survivor 2”

Survivor Review, 12/10/02, "The Tide Is Turning"

Reality News Online 12/10/02 Reality High Test Results, Dec 1-7, Go With the Flo

Reality News Online 12/10/02 Survivor: Thailand - It's Brian's Game to Lose

Survivor Review, 12/10/02, "The Tide Is Turning"

Manly Thoughts 12/9/02 Episode 12: Loved Ones Eat Crap

Reality News Online 12/9/02 Survivor Thailand Breakdown - Episode 11

Reality News Online 12/9/02 MVP: Home Is Where the Heart Is

Survivor Review 12/8/02 Week 11: Cannibalism 101

Survivor Fever 12/8/02 And Then There Was Chuay Ghan

Reality News Online 12/8/02 Jake Creates His Own Fate, or Should Jake Have Been Voted Out?

Fans of Reality TV 12/7/02 Standing in the Shadows, Week 11

Santa Cruz Sentinel 12/7/02 Lex Sez: Finding answers in a bowl of boiled scorpions

Fans of Reality TV 12/6/02 What Now for Jake Billingsley?

CBS News 12/6/02 Last Sook Jai Ousted

Media Fiends 12/6/02 Jake on 'The Early Show

The Trades 12/6/02 Episode 11 - So Long Sook Jai, It Was Fun

Reality News Online 12/6/02 Survivor: Thailand – I’ve Got Questions, Who’s Got Answers?

Survivor Review, 12/6/02, "The Last of the Sook Jai Goes Buh-Bye"

Media Fiends - 12/6/02 - Survivor 5 - Episode 12

Survivor Fever 12/6/02 Survivor Barbs: Puzzle of a Downfall Tribe (Episode 11)

News Star 12/6/02 'Survivor' party prompts reunion

St. Petersburg Times 12/6/02 Jan Watch - Episode 11

Amarillo Globe News 12/6/02 Jordan Journal

Zap2It 12/5/02 Family Abounds on 'Survivor: Thailand'

Reality News Online 12/5/02 Survivor: Thailand – Why Jake Lost

Reality News Online 12/5/02 Surviving Thailand, Episode 11: It’s All Relative

CBS 12/5/02 Last Sook Jai Ousted

Media Fiends 12/5/02 - 12/5 Survivor Recap

CBS 12/5/02 All in the Family: Jake Billingsley Voted Out

Auburn Plainsman 12/5/02 'Survivor: Thailand': Who will win?

Survivor Review 12/4/02, "Jake Be Nimble, Jake Be Quick"

Fans of Reality TV 12/4/02 Episode 11 Precap, "A Pig Surmise...And Its Brother"

Reality News Online 12/4/02 Letters from Camp Koh Tarutao: Back to Normal

Reality News Online 12/3/02 Tossing Penny’s Wish into the Fountain of Losers

Reality News Online 12/3/02 Survivor: Thailand – Advice to the Remaining Six

Reality News Online 12/3/02 Survivor: Thailand – Penny’s Very Un-Sweetheartlike Behavior

The Trades 12/2/02 The S-Ratings Survivor: Thailand - Episode 11

Ad Age 12/2/02 Saturn Becomes a Survivor Sponsor


News Articles 11/1/02 to 11/30/02


Reality News Online 11/30/02 The Survivor Final Immunity Challenge: A Death Wish?

Santa Cruz Sentinel 11/30/02 Lex Sez: ‘Survivor: Thailand’ recap reveals a razor and a roving eye

Chicago Tribune 11/30/02 A test of survival for virtual players

Survivor Review 11/28/02 What Have We Learned?

Reality News Online 11/28/02 Surviving Thailand, The Review Episode: The Usual Excitement

Fans of Reality TV 11/28/02 What Now for the Occupants of Loser Lodge?

Zap2It 11/27/02 CBS Searches for Stars Between 'Survivors'

Television Without Pity 11/27/02 While the Cats Are Away

Fans of Reality TV 11/26/02 Episode 10, "Snakes in the Grass, and Lots of Nice...Butt"

Reality News Online 11/26/02 Survivor: Thailand – Unseen Footage on the CBS Website

Reality News Online 11/26/02 Survivor: Thailand - I Think I JAN, I Think I JAN!

Manly Thoughts 11/25/02 Survivor Ep10: A Fantasy Episode (and recap)

Reality News Online 11/24/02 Survivor: Thailand, Episode 10 MVP - The Time to Act Is Now

Santa Cruz Sentinel 11/23/02 Lex sez "Survivor: Thailand" broke its drama slump this week

Fans of Reality TV 11/23/02 Standing in the Shadows, Week 10

Media Fiends 11/22/02 Survivor 5 - Episode 10

Survivor Review 11/22/02 A Penny's VISA ® Card is Maxed-Out.

The Trades 11/22/02 Episode 10-Jake, Please Shut Up Already

Fans of Reality TV 11/22/02 What now for Penny Ramsey?

Reality News Online 11/22/02 Survivor: Thailand – Do You Hear What I Hear?

CBS 11/22/02 A Penny For Her Thoughts?

Media Fiends 11/22/02 Penny on 'Early Show'

St. Petersburg Times 11/22/22 Jan Watch - Episode 10

Reality News Online 11/22/02 Survivor: Thailand - Why Penny Lost

Reality News Online 11/22/02 Episode 10: A Penny Saved Would Be Far Too Dangerous

Zap2It 11/21/02 Slouching Toward a Million on 'Survivor: Thailand'

Amarillo Globe News 11/21/02 Jordan Journal

CBS 11/21/02 Chuay Jai on the Money: Penny Ramsey Voted Out

CBS 11/21/02 Penny Played Out

Reality News Online 11/21/02 When Martha Stewart Meets Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom

Reality News Online 11/21/02 Mom's Perspective on Survivor: Thailand, Week 9

Reality News Online 11/21/02 Survivor: Thailand - Advice to the Remaining Seven

Television Without Pity 11/20/02 Desperate Measures

Survivor Review 11/20/02 The New Tribe Has Spoken

Reality News Online 11/20/02 Survivor: Thailand - What If.?

Fans of Reality TV 11/20/02 Episode 10 Precap, "Pile the Bats on a Tray"

Hall of Shame 11/20/02 Hall of Shame Moment: Colby’s Final Decision in “Survivor 2”

Reality News Online 11/20/02 Survivor: Thailand – Jan, Helen, and the Human Factor

Reality News Online 11/19/02 Yo Yo Yo, Ken Got Dissed Off, or Should Ken Have Been Voted Out?

Columbia Daily Spectator 11/19/02 Survivor Africa Star Backs CU Dance Marathon

Electronic Media 11/18/02 'Survivor' perks: making it in local news

The Trades 11/18/02 The S-Ratings Survivor: Thailand - Episode 10

Reality News Online 11/18/02 Helen Continues to Have the Best Position on Survivor: Thailand

Manly Thoughts 11/18/02 Episode 9: Secret conversations of a Survivor Challenge Planner

San Francisco Chronicle 11/17/02 Lots of survival skills to be learned from 'Survivor'

Reality News Online 11/16/02 Survivor: Thailand, Episode 9 MVP: Working that Magic

Santa Cruz Sentinel 11/16/02 Lex sez: Something ain’t right in ‘Survivor’ land 11/16/02 Q&A with The General

Fans of Reality TV 11/15/02 Standing in the Shadows, Week 9

The Trades 11/15/02 Episode 9 - Merge? Check Surprises? No

Media Fiends 11/15/02 Ken on 'The Early Show'

Fans of Reality TV 11/15/02 What Next for Ken Stafford?

St. Petersburg Times 11/15/02 Jan Watch - Episode 9

Media Fiends 11/15/02 Survivor 5 - Episode 9

Reality News Online 11/15/02 Survivor: Thailand - Looking for Mr./Mrs. Badguy

News Star 11/15/02 Jordan wins immunity on his own

Zap2It 11/14/02 'Survivor: Thailand' Finally Merges

Amarillo Globe News 11/14/02 Jordan Journal

Survivor Fever 11/14/02 The Merge, The Blunder, The Baby Grand (Episode 9)

Reality News Online 11/14/02 Survivor: Thailand - Why Ken Lost

Reality News Online 11/14/02 Surviving Thailand, Episode 9: NYC-Ya

CBS 11/14/02 Tribe Rivalry Remains

CBS 11/4/02 NYPD Blues: Ken Safford Voted Out

Reality News Online 11/14/02 Letters from Camp Koh Tarutao: Huh?

Reality News Online 11/14/02 Erin Go Bye-Bye, or Should Erin Have Been Voted Off?

Reality TV Talk 11/14/02 Survivor Episode 8 Commentary

Reality News Online 11/14/02 Survivor: Thailand - Advice to the Remaining 8

Reality News Online 11/13/02 Survivor: Thailand – A Tale of Two Thailands, Revisited

Fans of Reality TV 11/13/02 Week 9 Precap, "Disparate Treasures"

Reality News Online 11/13/02 Interview with Shii Ann Huang

Manly Thoughts 11/12/02 Survivor Ep 8: Group Hugs, Recipes, and Drama

Reality News Online 11/12/02 Survivor: Thailand, Episode 8 MVPs: We Need a Merge

Fans of Reality TV 11/12/02 Episode 8 Recap, "Choking the Chicken"

Reality News Online 11/12/02 Reality High Test Results, Nov 3-9, 2002: Recipes, the Park, & Other Things

Fans of Reality TV 11/11/02 Standing in the Shadows, Week 8

Reality News Online 11/11/02 Mom’s Perspective on Survivor: Thailand, Week 8

The Trades 11/11/02 The S-Ratings Survivor: Thailand - Episode 9

RealityTVTalk 11/10/02 Episode 8 Recap

Reality News Online 11/9/02 Solving the Mystery of Erin's Departure, and Other Questions

Press Journal 11/9/02 Rudy Boesch to join Navy SEALs at museum reunion 11/9/02 Q&A with Boston Rob

Santa Cruz Sentinel 11/9/02 Lez sez: When ‘Survivors’ get psyched out

Media Life 11/8/02 'Survivor,' an off year in Thailand

The Trades 11/8/02 Episode 8 - Can This Show Get Any More Goofy?

Media Fiends 11/8/02 Erin on "The Early Show"

News Star 11/8/02 Jordan 'breathes' easy as he survives again

Dallas Morning News 11/8/02 'Survivor' ousts UT student

Media Fiends 11/8/02 Survivor 5 - Episode 8

Jam! 11/8/02 Babe gets the boot

St. Petersburg Times 11/8/02 Jan watch - Episode 8

Survivor Fever 11/7/02 Hash and Rehash (Episode 8)

Zap2it 11/7/02 'Survivor' Suffers from No-Merge Hangover

Reality News Online 11/7/02 Survivor: Thailand - Why Erin Lost

CBS 11/7/02 Adieu, Erin

Reality News Online 11/7/02 Surviving Thailand, Episode 8: Sinking Fast

CBS 11/7/02 First Jury Member Selected: Erin Collins Voted Out

BBC 11/7/02 US battle over survival shows

Zap2It 11/7/02 'Survivor' Maestro Burnett Teams with WB for Comedy

Reality TV Talk 11/7/02 Episode 7 Recap

Reality News Online 11/7/02 Survivor: Thailand – Advice to the Remaining 9

Amarillo Globe News 11/7/02 Jordan Journal

Reality News Online 11/7/02 Letters from Camp Koh Tarutao: Making an Ass Out of U and Me

Fans of Reality TV 11/6/02 Episode 8 Precap, "Leaping With the Remedy"

Hall of Shame 11/6/02 The Hypocritical Winner: Vecepia Towery

Smoking Gun 11/6/02 Clay Jordan Bankruptcy Filing

Television Without Pity 11/6/02 Assumptions

Fans of Reality TV 11/5/02 Episode 7 recap, "The Shii Hits the Fan"

Reality News Online 11/5/02 Survivor: Thailand – Helen’s Future Looks Good, If She Plays It Right

The Trades 11/4/02 The S-Ratings Survivor: Thailand - Episode 8

Jokers Updates 11/4/02 Survivor Fest Best of the Fest and Overview: Day 1

Reality News Online 11/4/02 Survivor: Thailand, An Exclusive Interview with Magilla the Monkey 11/3/02 Q&A with Tammy Leitner

Manly Thoughts 11/3/02 Episode 7: Woe is Me - Shii Ann is Gone

Reality News Online 11/3/02 Survivor: Thailand, Episode 7 MVPs: One Big Happy Family

RealityTVTalk 11/3/02 Episode 7 Commentary

Santa Cruz Sentinel 11/2/02 Lex sez: One less chucklehead, and one wonderful trap

Fans of Reality TV 11/2/02 Standing in the Shadows, Week 7

Reality News Online 11/2/02 Survivor on Halloween: Spooky Things Happening in Thailand

Immunity Idol 11/1/02 Advice from the Sook Jedi: Episode VII

Reality News Online 11/1/02 Shii Ann, International Politics, and the Nature of Alliances

The Trades 11/1/02 Episode 7 - Toss Out the Rulebook

Media Fiends 11/1/02 Shii Ann on “The Early Show”

Dallas Morning News 11/1/02 Shii Ann gets canned from 'Survivor'

Elites TV 11/1/02 Shii Ann Merges - No One Else Does

News Star 11/1/02 Jordan 'survives' again

St. Petersburg Times 11/1/02 Jan watch- Episode 7

Reality News Online 11/1/02 Surviving Thailand, Episode 7: The Merge That Wasn't

Reality News Online 11/1/02 Survivor: Thailand - Why Shii Ann Lost


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