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News Articles 11/1/03 to 11/5/03


Reality TV World 11/5/03 Former 'Survivor' Elisabeth Hasselbeck a finalist for 'The View' position

Fans of Reality TV 11/5/03 Paulie's Precaps, Ep 7b: Watch The Parts, Too

Reality Reel 11/5/03 "Survivor: Pearl Islands" Finale to be Live From Panama City, Panama!

WVLT 11/5/03 Tina Wesson Back on Survivor

Reality News Online 11/5/03 RNO Roundtable: Which Outcasts Will Return to the Pearl Islands?

Reality News Online 11/5/03 Survivor: Pearl Islands – In Defense of Rupert

Survivor Review 11/4/03 "Predictions"

Zap2It 11/4/03 'Survivor,' 'Real World' Alums Angle for 'The View'

Reality TV World 11/4/03 'Survivor: Pearl Islands' Episode 7, Part 2 'State of the Spoiling'

The Trades 11/4/03 The S-Ratings- Survivor Pearl Islands - Episode 7, pt. 2

Reality TV World 11/4/03 Survivor: Pearl Islands - Episode 7 Part 1 summary

Survivor Fever 11/4/03 Elisabeth Filarski Chosen as Finalist for Co-Host Spot on ABC's "The View"

Reality News Online 11/4/03 “I Absolutely Think It Was the Right Move”: An Interview with Survivor’s Trish

Survivor Fever 11/4/03 Survivor: All-Stars Contestant Roster

Reality News Online 11/4/03 Survivor: Pearl Islands – Why Osten Lost

Survivor Phoenix 11/4/03 E7a Recap: Dropped Jaws and Lowered Expectations

The Star 11/4/03 The host who won’t stop 11/4/03 Will Cranston's Filarski Hasselbeck survive The View?

Reality TV World 11/3/03 'Survivor' quitter Osten Taylor says he will "make a million somewhere else"

Fans of Reality TV 11/3/03 Standing in the Shadows, Week 7 11/3/03 - Interview with Trish

SurvivorUpdates 11/3/03 The View: from the Crow’s Nest - Our Panel Predicts -Episode 8

Reality TV World 11/3/03 Mark Burnett reveals tidbits about upcoming "All-Star Survivor"

Fans Of Reality TV 11/3/03 Survivor Episode 7: I See Dead People

Reality News Online 11/3/03 Spoiling, Not Ruining: An Interview with ChillOne

Reality News Online 11/3/03 Survivor: Pearl Islands – Advice for the Remaining 8 (and the 6 Outcasts)

CNN 11/3/03 Booted 'Survivors' return from dead 11/3/03 Changed Rules, Changed Fortunes.

SurvivorUpdates 11/3/03 Episode 7 -Ah!! Gimmie a Break!!

NoPointNecessary 11/3/03 Survivor7 Ep7 Recap- All My Outcasts

SurvivorUpdates 11/2/03 Tribal Voice - Episode 7: What the...

Fans Of Reality TV 11/2/03 Pirate Report (Day 19) - The Tribe Has Not Really Spoken At All

Reality TV Talk 11/2/03 S7, Ep 7 Part 1: "Ghosts of the Past"

Survivor Review 11/2/03 "Commentary"
Reality Reel 11/2/03 Revenge Baby

Reality Reel 11/2/03 Expect The Unexpected

Cincinnati Post 11/1/03 Survivor Lil back

Reality News Online 11/1/03 Survivor: Pearl Islands – They’re Baaaaaaaaack… Well, Sort Of

Survivor Phoenix 11/1/03 E7b Previews: What the ...? Part Two

Survivor Phoenix 11/1/03 Spoiler: Outcasts Back and Merge Information

Reality TV World 11/1/03 'Survivor: Pearl Islands' finale to air live from Panama on Sunday, 12/14

Billings Gazette 11/1/03 'Survivor' is still the reality king

Toledo Blade 11/1/03 ‘Survivor’ gives credit to Saviour


News Articles 10/1/03 to 10/31/03


Survivor Phoenix 10/31/03 Deena's Docket: E7 - Anger Management

GJ Sentinel 10/31/03 'Survivor' Creator Defends Plot Twist

SurvivorUpdates 10/31/03 Osten and Shawn's CBS Early Show Screen Caps and Transcript

Zap2It 10/31/03 Burnett Explains Latest 'Survivor' Twist 10/31/03 "Survivor Pearl Islands" Q&A with Mark Burnett

Jam! 10/31/03 Burnett reveals 'Survivor' secrets

Reality Reel 10/31/03 The Shocking Outcast Twist 10/31/03 Survivor: Pearl Islands Finale December 14th LIVE from Panama City

Reality Reel 10/31/03 Odds Are... Week 7

Reality Reel 10/31/03 Big Twists, Bigger Regrets

Survivor Phoenix 10/31/03 CBS Chat: Shawn and Osten

Survivor Review 10/31/03 "The Longest Day" 10/31/03 Gabriel Cade's Episode 7 Commentary

Reality News Online 10/31/03 Survivor: Pearl Islands – Why Shawn Lost

Reality TV World 10/31/03 'Survivor: Pearl Islands' Episode 7 draws best ratings since premiere

CBS2 10/31/03 Analysis of Episode 7: “Didn’t The Tribe Speak Already?”

CBS2 10/31/03 Recap of Episode 7: "Didn’t The Tribe Speak Already?" 10/31/03 - Shawn & Osten on ‘The Early Show’

Reality News Online 10/31/03 Strategic Overview of Survivor: Hobson’s Choice 10/31/03 - S7 - Ep7 - The Twist

Reality TV World 10/31/03 It's "Revenge of the Outcasts" as the rejects strike back

Jam! 10/31/03 Outcasts haunt 'Survivor'

The Trades 10/31/03 Lost and Delirious Survivor: Pearl Islands - Episode 7.1

Survivor Phoenix 10/31/03 E7a: Tribal Council Votes

Survivor Fever 10/31/03 Survivor Barbs: Osten Powerless, Man of Misery

CBS 10/31/03 Another Two Bite The Dust

Dayton Daily News 10/31/03 Osten quits, Shawn voted out

Reality News Online 10/31/03 Surviving the Pearl Islands, Episode 7: Return of the Outcasts

Zap2It 10/30/03 Six Ghosts Return to Haunt 'Survivor'

CBS 10/30/03 A Survivor Like No Other: Two Castaways Out

Reality TV World 10/30/03 Survivor: Pearl Islands - Episode 6 summary

Reality TV Hall of Shame 10/30/03 Hall of Shame Moment: Drake Throws It All Away

Florida Today 10/30/03 Fans pick Rupert the rapscallion to rule 'Survivor'

Reality News Online 10/30/03 Survivor Psyche: Special Report – Why Rupert Is a God

Fans of Reality TV 10/29/03 Paulie's Precaps, Ep 7: Swap Apart Run

Reality News Online 10/29/03 Survivor: Pearl Islands – Who Will Go in Episode 7?

Survivor Review 10/28/03 "Predictions for Week 7"

Reality TV World 10/28/03 'Survivor: Pearl Islands' Episode 7, Part 1 'State of the Spoiling'

Survivor Fever 10/28/03 Jeff Probst - Guest Appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Elites TV 10/28/03 Drake Goes The Way Of The World

The Trades 10/28/03 The S-Ratings- Survivor Pearl Islands - Episode 7

Elites TV 10/28/03 Rupert Must Go!

SurvivorWeb 10/28/03 Throwing It All Up

Fans of Reality TV 10/28/03 Standing in the Shadows, Week 6

Reality News Online 10/28/03 Survivor: Pearl Islands – Advice for the Remaining 10

Survivor Fever 10/27/03 Jeff Probst - Guest Appearance on The Sharon Osborne Show

Survivor Phoenix 10/27/03 E6 Recap: Me and My Stand-In 10/27/03 The General's Thoughts: Episode 6 10/27/03 Getting Mad, Getting Even

Survivor Phoenix 10/27/03 One Chance to Get Back into the Game

SurvivorUpdates 10/27/03 The View: from the Crow’s Nest - Our Panel Predicts -Episode 7

Fans Of Reality TV 10/27/03 Turn Your Trish To Trash

SurvivorUpdates 10/27/03 Episode 6 -Trash Talking Trish Turfed

Fans Of Reality TV 10/27/03 Survivor: Pear Islands-Ep 6 - How to Turn Your Trish into Trash

Reality News Online 10/27/03 Survivor: Pearl Islands, Episode 6 MVPs – Follow the Leaders

Fans Of Reality TV 10/26/03 Survivor: Pirate Report-If You Are Going to Shoot at the King, Don't Miss

Santa Cruz Sentinel 10/26/03 Competition reaches the boiling point on ‘Survivor’

Reality TV Talk 10/25/03 S7 Ep 6 Recap The Plans of Men and Pissants

Survivor Review 10/25/03 "Commentary"

SurvivorUpdates 10/25/03 Tribal Voice: Episode 6: Me And My Snake

Reality Reel 10/25/03 Rupert Survives But The Snakes Do Not

Reality Reel 10/25/03 Who's The Real Snake?

Reality News Online 10/25/03 Episode 6 – An Open Letter to Trish Done, er, Dunn

The Capital 10/24/03 City woman doesn't 'survive'

Survivor Phoenix 10/24/03 Deena's Docket: It's a Mental Game

Survivor Review 10/24/03 "The Triumph Of Will"

Reality TV World 10/24/03 Sixth episode of 'Survivor: Pearl Islands' draws over 20 million viewers

CBS2 10/24/03 Recap of Episode 6: “Who Does She Think She Is?”

CBS2 10/24/03 Analysis of Episode 6: “Who Does She Think She Is?”

CBS2 10/24/03 Exclusive Q&A with Week 5’s Booted Survivor Michelle Tesauro

Survivor Phoenix 10/24/03 CBS Chat: Trish 10/24/03 Interview with Michelle

Reality Reel 10/24/03 Drake and Morgan Even Once Again

Survivor Phoenix 10/24/03 E7 Previews: What the ...?

SurvivorUpdates 10/24/03 Trish Dunn's CBS Early Show Screen Caps and Transcript

Reality News Online 10/24/03 Strategic Overview of Survivor: Dynamiting the Peloton

Reality TV World 10/24/03 Rupert puts down Trish's mutiny and the snake pays the ultimate price 10/24/03 - Trish on ‘The Early Show’

Reality News Online 10/24/03 Survivor: Pearl Islands – Why Trish Lost

Reality News Online 10/24/03 Being a Threat Is the Best Reason to Go: An Interview with Burton

The Trades 10/24/03 Lost and Delirious- Survivor: Pearl Islands - Episode 6

Survivor Phoenix 10/24/03 E6: Tribal Council Votes

Survivor Fever 10/24/03 Survivor Barbs: Macho Man Andrew Savage

CBS 10/24/03 Trish Disposal

Reality News Online 10/24/03 Surviving the Pearl Islands, Episode 6: Backstabbed!

Zap2It 10/23/03 Death of Two Snakes on 'Survivor'

CBS 10/23/03 Secret Alliance Backfires: Trish Eliminated

Reality Reel 10/23/03 Odds Are... Week 6

Reality News Online 10/23/03 The Challenge Was Clear: An Interview with Survivor’s Michelle

Reality News Online 10/23/03 Survivor: Pearl Islands – Advice for the Remaining 11

Fans of Reality TV 10/22/03 Paulie's Precaps, Episode 6: The Anti-Fake

Survivor Phoenix 10/22/03 All Booted Players on Ghost Tribe

Salt Lake Tribune 10/22/03 Weak casting sinks 'Survivor'

Reality TV World 10/22/03 'Survivor: Pearl Islands' Episode 6 'State of the Spoiling'

Reality News Online 10/22/03 Survivor: Pearl Islands, Episode 5 MVPs – Chug! Chug! Chug!

Fans Of Reality TV 10/22/03 Survivor: Pearl Islands Episode 5 recap - "Spit, Don't Swallow"
Reality TV World 10/22/03 Survivor: Pearl Islands - Episode 5 summary

Television Without Pity 10/22/03 Everyone's A Hero

Survivor Review 10/21/03 "Predictions: Week 6"

Reality Reel 10/21/03 "Down In Yawnville"

Zap2It 10/21/03 'Survivor' Guru Burnett Sells Sitcom to The WB

Reality News Online 10/21/03 Survivor: Pearl Islands – Who Will Go In Episode 6? 10/21/03 In The Land of The Blind

NoPointNecessary 10/20/03 S7 Ep5 Recap The Ones That Got Away

Survivor Phoenix 10/20/03 Deena's Docket: E5 - Surviving Others

SurvivorUpdates 10/20/03 The View: from the Crow’s Nest - Our Panel Predicts -Episode 6

The Trades 10/20/03 The S-Ratings Survivor: Pearl Islands - Episode 6

Reality News Online 10/20/03 Survivor: Pearl Islands – Questions Regarding Episode 5 10/20/03 Pride Before the Fall

SurvivorUpdates 10/20/03 Survivor 7 - Pearl Islands- Episode 5 -Michelle Belched Out

Survivor Review 10/20/03 "Commentary: Week 5"

SurvivorUpdates 10/19/03 Tribal Voice: Episode 5: Everyone's Hero: Including Mine

Fans of Reality TV 10/19/03 Standing in the Shadows, Week 5

Fans Of Reality TV 10/19/03 Pirate Report (Day 15) - Jonnie Fairplay, Master of His Own Puppet

Survivor Review 10/19/03 "Week 5: Prometheus Cometh"

Santa Cruz Sentinel 10/19/03 Lex: So far, ‘Survivor’ is all about Rupert

CBS 2 10/18/03 Recap of Survivor Episode 5: "What Goes Up…”

CBS 2 10/18/03 Analysis of Survivor Episode 5: "What Goes Up…”

Survivor Phoenix 10/18/03 E6 Previews: Me and My Snake

Survivor Phoenix 10/18/03 E5 Recap: Heroes make boring TV

Express Times 10/18/03 Booted N.J. 'Survivor' star has few regrets

Olney Daily Mail 10/17/03 Survivor star tells tale of depravity, victory

Dayton Daily News 10/17/03 Rupert becoming Survivor to beat

Survivor Fever 10/17/03 Survivor Barbs: Michelle, Morgans Gel, These Are Things That Go Together Well...

Reality Reel 10/17/03 "Drake is completely out of the course"

SurvivorUpdates 10/17/03 Michelle Tesauro's Early Show ScreenCaps and Transcript

Survivor Phoenix 10/17/03 CBS Chat: Michelle

Reality TV Talk 10/17/03 S7 Episode 5: "Every Tribe's Saviour"

Reality TV World 10/17/03 Airing versus ALCS Game 7, 'Survivor' still draws 19.35 million viewers

Reality Reel 10/17/03 Everyone's A Hero

Reality TV World 10/17/03 Drake loses again and Michelle gets sent packing

Survivor Phoenix 10/17/03 E5 Tribal Council Votes

Reality News Online 10/17/03 Survivor: Pearl Islands – Why Michelle Lost

Reality Reel 10/17/03 Odds Are... Week 5

KYW-TV 10/17/03 Jersey Girl Voted Off Survivor 10/17/03 S7 - Episode 5

Reality News Online 10/17/03 Strategic Overview of Survivor: Better the Devil You Know…

The Trades 10/17/03 Lost and Delirious -Survivor: Pearl Islands - Episode 5

Zap2It 10/17/03 Morgan Suddenly 'Survivor's' Fair Child

CBS 10/17/03 Au Revoir, Michelle

Reality News Online 10/17/03 Surviving the Pearl Islands, Episode 5: Not Gross Enough

CBS 10/16/03 Failing to Fail: Michelle Voted Out

Reality TV Planet 10/16/03 She Said Episode 5 : Tribe Switching and Surprise Votes

Fans of Reality TV 10/16/03 Our Interview with Burton Roberts 10/16/03 Interview with Burton

Survivor Phoenix 10/16/03 E4 Recap: The Art of War - Drake Style

Reality News Online 10/16/03 Survivor: Pearl Islands – Who Will Go in Episode 5?

Television Without Pity 10/15/03 Pick A Castaway, Any Castaway

Fans of Reality TV 10/15/03 Paulie's Precaps, Ep. 5: Ever Won A Gyro?

Survivor Phoenix 10/15/03 Third Tribe Competes

Let Us Ponder 10/15/03 Survivor Episode 4: Annoyance Man in Charge?

Survivor Fire 10/15/03 The Tide Is High

Elites TV 10/15/03 Are You Loaded?

Reality News Online 10/15/03 Survivor: Pearl Islands – Questions Regarding Episode 4

Survivor Review 10/14/03 "Predictions"

Reality TV Talk 10/14/03 Miss Marcy Has Spoken: Episode 4 Commentary

Reality TV World 10/14/03 'Survivor: Pearl Islands' Episode 5 'State of the Spoiling'

Survivor Fever 10/14/03 Burton Roberts' Late Show Interview

The Trades 10/14/03 The S-Ratings- Survivor: Pearl Islands - Episode 5

Fans Of Reality TV 10/14/03 Survivor: Pearl Islands-Recap. Ep 4 "The Legend of Clueless Schmo"

Reality News Online 10/14/03 Survivor: Pearl Islands – Advice for the Remaining 12

CBS 10/13/03 Episode 4: 'Well, That Was Stupid'

SurvivorUpdates 10/13/03 The View from the Crow’s Nest - Our Panel Predicts -Episode 5

Reality News Online 10/13/03 Wearing the Uniform Proudly: An Interview with Survivor’s Lill 10/13/03 - Interview with Lillian

Reality TV World 10/13/03 Survivor: Pearl Islands - Episode 4 summary

Fans of Reality TV 10/13/03 Standing in the Shadows, Week 4

Fans of Reality TV 10/13/03 Our Interview with Lillian Morris

SurvivorUpdates 10/13/03 Episode 4 -BMOC Burton Bounced

Reality News Online 10/13/03 Survivor: Pearl Islands, Episode 4 MVPs: Something to Talk About

Fans Of Reality TV 10/12/03 Pirate Report: The Drake, Morgan, and Rupert Tribes

Reality TV World 10/12/03 Survivor: Pearl Islands - 'Gay Survivor Journal, Episode 4' 10/12/03 Its All About the Big Guy

Reality TV Talk 10/12/03 S7 Ep4 Recap "Treasures, Traitors & Tricks"

Reality Reel 10/11/03 A Different View of Episode 4

Survivor Review 10/11/03 "Betraying the Traitor"

SurvivorUpdates 10/11/03 Tribal Voice - The Morning After -Episode 4

Survivor Phoenix 10/11/03 The Hawaiian Eye: Yogi-isms

CBS 2 10/10/03 Exclusive Q&A With Week 4's Booted Survivor Burton Roberts

Reality Reel 10/10/03 Episode 4: Morgan's First Win is Rupert?

Survivor Phoenix 10/10/03 Deena's Docket: E4 - Respect for the Game

SurvivorUpdates 10/10/03 Burton Roberts - Early Show Vidcaps and Transcript

Survivor Phoenix 10/10/03 E4 Web Chat: Burton

Survivor Phoenix 10/10/03 E4 Previews, Promos & Teasers: Everyone's Hero 10/10/03 The General's Thoughts: Episode 4

Reality News Online 10/10/03 Survivor: Pearl Islands – Why Burton Lost

Survivor Fever 10/10/03 Survivor Barbs: The Hype Machine

Reality TV World 10/10/03 Burton's challenge strategy backfires as he ends up engineering his own booting

Reality News Online 10/10/03 Strategic Overview of Survivor: Big Mistakes, Big Opportunities 10/10/03 - S7 - Episode 4

Survivor Phoenix 10/10/03 E4 Tribal Council Votes

Zap2It 10/10/03 Morgan Wins Immunity and Rupert on 'Survivor'

TribNet 10/10/03 'Survivor' veteran Nick Brown reflects on series, fleeting fame

The Trades 10/10/03 Survivor: Pearl Islands - Episode 4

Reality News Online 10/10/03 Surviving the Pearl Islands, Episode 4: Traitor!

Olney Daily Mail 10/9/03 Alex Bell will visit Olney, Noble

CBS 10/9/03 Burton Bites The Dust

Reality TV Planet 10/9/03 Butrons Band Betrays: Gives Burton the Boot

CBS 10/9/03 Blindsided: Burton Roberts Voted Out

Reality Reel 10/9/03 Odds Are... Week 4

Reality TV Hall of Shame 10/9/03 Hall of Shame Moment: The Very First Pagonging

Reality TV World 10/9/03 Survivor: Pearl Islands - 'Gay Survivor Journal, Episode 3'

NoPointNecessary 10/9/03 Survivor 7 Episode 3 Recap "Less Is More"

National Post 10/9/03 The Morgan tribe surely can't last

SurvivorWeb 10/8/03 - Most Valuable Possession - Episode 4

Fans of Reality TV 10/8/03 Paulie's Precaps, Episode 4: Kick The Hats This Way...And Be Fast, OK?

Reality TV World 10/8/03 'Survivor: Pearl Islands' Episode 4 'State of the Spoiling'

SurvivorWeb 10/8/03 First Rule of Survivor: Be Prepared For Survivor

Reality News Online 10/8/03 Survivor: Pearl Islands – Advice for the Remaining 13

Survivor Review 10/7/03 "Predictions"

Reality TV World 10/7/03 Survivor: Pearl Islands - Episode 3 summary

The Trades 10/7/03 The S-Ratings

Reality News Online 10/7/03 Survivor: Pearl Islands – Who Will Go in Episode 4?

Television Without Pity 10/7/03 United We Stand, Divided We...?

Reality News Online 10/7/03 Survivor: Pearl Islands, Episode 3 MVPs: Hat Tricks and Goose Eggs 10/6/03 Interview With Ryan S.

Fans of Reality TV 10/6/03 Our Interview with Ryan Shoulders

Reality News Online 10/6/03 Dealt a Bad Hand – An Interview with Survivor’s Ryan S.

Survivor Phoenix 10/6/03 Deena's Docket: E3 - It Sucks to be Morgan

Fans of Reality TV 10/6/03 Standing in the Shadows, Week 3

Reality News Online 10/6/03 Survivor: Pearl Islands, Third Episode: How Obvious

SurvivorUpdates 10/6/03 The View: from the Crow’s Nest - Our Panel Predicts - Episode 4

Reality News Online 10/6/03 The Doctor Is Still In: An Interview with Sean Kenniff of the Original Survivor 10/6/03 Gabriel Cade's Comments on Episode 3

Reality TV Talk 10/5/03 Episode 3 Recap “Super Duper Trooper Means No Pouting in Scouting”

Fans Of Reality TV 10/5/03 Pirate Report: Morgan Teamwork, Bigfoot, and Other Myths.

Santa Cruz Sentinel 10/5/03 Lex: ‘Survivor’s’ Morgan tribe maintains perfect losing streak

Survivor Review 10/5/03 "Commentary" 10/5/03 That Sinking Feeling -Again

Reality Reel 10/5/03 Scout Troop Leader Lil Booted Off Island

Cincinnati Post 10/4/03 Alas, Big Lill was no Rodger

Fans of Reality TV 10/4/03 Episode 3: Be Prepared...To Leave

Survivor Review 10/4/03 United We Fall

Reality Reel 10/4/03 Survivor Week 3: Can it get any worse?

Cincinnati Enquirer 10/4/03 Local 'Survivor' veteran faces financial reality

Reality Reel 10/4/03 Survivor Pearl Islands - Episode 3 Summary

Dayton Daily News 10/3/03 Did Lillian really get the boot?

Elites TV 10/3/03 Stop the Bleeding

CBS Chicago 10/3/03 Analysis of Episode 3: That Sinking Feeling

Survivor Phoenix 10/3/03 E3 Tribal Council Votes

SurvivorUpdates 10/3/03 Episode 3 - Lonesome Lil Liquidated

CBS 10/3/03 So Long, Lillian

Reality News Online 10/3/03 Strategic Overview of Survivor: Unfathomable Plans 10/3/03: Assets VS Liabilities

Survivor Phoenix 10/3/03 E3 Web Chat: Lillian

CBS Chicago 10/3/03 Review of Episode 3: That Sinking Feeling

SurvivorUpdates 10/3/03 Lillian Morris - Early Show Vidcaps and Transcript

The Trades 10/3/03 Survivor: Pearl Islands - Episode 3

Cincinnati Enquirer 10/3/03 'Big Lil' heads back to Deerfield Twp.

Reality TV Talk 10/3/03 Miss Marcy Has Spoken: Episode 3

Reality TV World 10/3/03 Without super-sized 'Friends' to watch, viewers flock to 2nd half of 'Survivor'

Survivor Fever 10/3/03 Lillian's Early Show Interview 10/3/03 The General's Thoughts: Episode 3

Survivor Phoenix 10/03/03 E4 Previews, Promos & Teasers: Pick a Castaway... Any Castaway

Reality News Online 10/3/03 Survivor: Pearl Islands – Why Lillian Lost

Reality News Online 10/3/03 Surviving the Pearl Islands, Episode 3: Be Prepared

Survivor Fever 10/2/03 Survivor Barbs: Waiting for the Underdog

Zap2It 10/2/03 Morgan Is Sunk -- Again -- on 'Survivor: Pearl Islands' 10/2/03 - Survivor 7 - Episode 3 10/2/03 - Survivor 7 - Episode 3

Reality TV Planet: 10/2/03 Misery Gets More Miserable As Morgan Loses Another

CBS 10/2/03 Troop Ousts Scout Leader: Lillian Sent Home

The Herald 10/2/03 'Survivor' contestant returns home to Ridgeland

SurvivorSkills 10/2/03 Gabriel Cade Comments on Episode 2

Reality News Online 10/2/03 The Survivor Spoiler Comes Forward – A Review of ChillOne’s New Book

Bikini Day 10/1/03 Survivor 7 Episode 2 Quick Summary with Video

Reality TV Talk 10/1/03 Miss Marcy Has Spoken - Episode 2

Reality TV World 10/1/03 Survivor: Pearl Islands - 'Gay Survivor Journal, Episode 2'

Television Without Pity 10/1/03 To Quit Or Not To Quit

Fans of Reality TV 10/1/03 Paulie's Precaps, Ep 3: You Hide In The Sand To Ride It, See?

SurvivorWeb 10/01/03 A Tale of Tarp and Carp

Reality News Online 10/1/03 Survivor: Pearl Islands – Advice for the Remaining 14

SurvivorWeb 10/1/03 Head and Shoulders, Over and Out

Let Us Ponder 10/1/03 Episode 2: Where's Darrah?


News Articles 9/1/03 to 9/30/03


Reality TV World 9/30/03 'Survivor: Pearl Islands' Episode 3 'State of the Spoiling'

Survivor Review 9/30/03 "Predictions for Week 3"

Reality News Online 9/30/03 Survivor: Pearl Islands – Who Will Go in Episode 3?

Reality News Online 9/30/03 Survivor: Pearl Islands, Episode 2 MVPs – Digging Deep 9/30/03 Survivor: Pearl Islands Episode 2: Clean-Up in Aisle Two

The Trades 9/29/03 The S-Ratings

Reality News Online 9/29/03 “I Have a Very Strong Personality…” – An Interview with Nicole

Fans Of Reality TV 9/29/03 Pirate Report (Day 6) - Morgan in Disarray

SurvivorUpdates 9/29/03 The View: from the Crow’s Nest - Our Panel Predicts - Episode 3

Survivor Skills 9/29/03 Episode 2: Sleepless in Panama

Reality News Online 9/29/03 TV’s Newest Reality Sitcom: The Morgans

Survivor Review 9/29/03 "Commentary"

Miami Herald 9/28/03 Reality check reveals gems

Reality Reel 9/28/03 Too Late Skinny Ryan

Fans of Reality TV 9/28/03 Standing in the Shadows, Week 2

Santa Cruz Sentinel 9/28/03 Lex van den Berghe: The Skinny

Survivor Review 9/28/03 "Week 2: "The Weakest Link?""

Oswego Daily News 9/28/03 "Survivor" Rob To Share Experiences On Show In Oct. 29 Talk

Survivor Phoenix 9/27/03 The Little Blue Dress Sold on eBay

Long Island Press 9/27/03 "Survivor" Rob Cesternino Weighs In On This Season's Pearl Islands Highlights

Survivor Phoenix 9/27/03 Episode 2 Recap: To Whine or Not to Whine

SurvivorUpdates 9/27/03 Episode Two - Skinny Shoulders Shunned

Survivor Phoenix 9/27/03 E3 Previews, Promos & Teasers: United We Stand, Divided We... ?

Leaf Chronicle 9/27/03 Clarksville Survivor says he got 'a raw deal'

Survivor Phoenix 9/26/03 Deena's Docket: E2 - Thou Shalt Not Quit

Reality TV World 9/26/03 2nd episode of 'Survivor: Pearl Islands' draws 19.3 million viewers

CBS2 Chicago 9/26/03 Analysis of Survivor Episode 2: "One Ryan Down, One More to Go."

CBS2 Chicago 9/26/03 Recap of Survivor Episode 2: "One Ryan Down, One More to Go."

CBS2 Chicago 9/26/03 Exclusive Q&A With Week 1's Booted Survivor Nicole Delma

Elites TV 9/26/03 A Tale of Two Cities

Reality Reel 9/26/03 Drake wins again; 9/27 Summary

Survivor Phoenix 9/26/03 E2: Tribal Council Votes

Reality Reel 9/26/03 Survivor Episode 2 Noted

Survivor Phoenix 9/26/03 Web Chat: Ryan S.

Reality Reel 9/26/03 Yo Ho Ho, It's a Pirate's Life For Me

SurvivorUpdates 9/26/03 Tribal Voice: Episode 2- What's up with Osten?

Reality TV World 9/26/03 Unable to shoulder his share of the load, Ryan gets the boot from Morgan

Reality News Online 9/26/03 Strategic Overview of Survivor: Does Andrew Have a Strategy?

Jam! 9/26/03 Morgan cuts head off Shoulders

Reality TV World 9/26/03 Survivor: Pearl Islands- 'Gay Survivor Journal, Episode 1'

The Trades 9/26/03 Lost and Delirious- Survivor: Pearl Islands - Episode 2

Reality News Online 9/26/03 Survivor: Pearl Islands – Why Ryan S. Lost

Bikini Day 9/26/03 Survivor 7 Episode 1 Recap with Video

CBS 9/26/03 Ryan Shoulders Shoves Off

Leaf Chronicle 9/26/03 Ryan on Survivor: Shoulders voted off show in 2nd round

News Tribune 9/26/03 Local resident integral in latest 'Survivor' episode

Reality News Online 9/26/03 Surviving the Pearl Islands, Episode 2: Weak Hearts, Weak Bodies

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Park Record 9/24/03 Survivor participant and family have Deer Valley roots

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Survivor Review 9/23/03 Episode 2 Predictions 9/23/03 Episode 1: Aye, There's the Rub.

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Fans of Reality TV 9/22/03 Episode 1 Recap - "We Saw More Crack Than Christa"

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The Trades 9/22/03 The S-Ratings -Survivor: Pearl Island - Episode 2

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Survivor Review 9/21/03 "Week One - "Walk The Plank""

Fans Of Reality TV 9/21/03 S7: Pirate Report - Day 3: Pillage and Plunder

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Television Without Pity 9/21/03 Beg, Barter, Steal

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Cincinnati Enquirer 9/20/03 "Big Lill" survives first episode

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SurvivorUpdates 9/20/03 Episode One - Mouthy Masseuse Mauled

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Survivor Phoenix 9/20/03 E2 Previews, Promos & Teasers: To Quit or Not to Quit

NY Daily News 9/20/03 'Survivor' sails to a ratings win

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Reality TV World 9/19/03 Despite hurricane, 'Survivor: Pearl Islands' premiere still draws 21 million viewers

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CBS2 Chicago 9/19/03 Analysis of Survivor Episode 1: "Nicole Delma: We Hardly Knew She" 9/19/03 Streaming Video - Surviving Survivor Week 1

CBS2 Chicago 9/19/03 Recap of Survivor Episode 1: "Nicole Delma: We Hardly Knew She"

Reality TV World 9/19/03 Ratings: 'Survivor: Pearl Islands' premiere pillages the competition

TribNet 9/19/03 'Survivor' from Fort Lewis MVP as new season starts 9/19/03 - Survivor 7 - Episode 1

Reality News Online 9/19/03 Surviving the Pearl Islands, Episode 1: Rubbed the Wrong Way

Reality News Online 9/19/03 Survivor: Pearl Islands – Why Nicole Lost

Reality TV World 9/19/03 'Survivor: Pearl Islands' premiere to be rebroadcast September 21

Reality TV World 9/19/03 15 Survivors left battling for the million dollar chest...

The Trades 9/19/03 Lost and Delirious- Survivor: Pearl Islands - Episode 1

Survivor Skills 9/19/03 SurvivorSkills: Episode One's Funniest Moment

CBS 9/19/03 Not Long For Nicole

Express Times 9/19/03 Local woman makes 'Survivor' debut

Leaf Chronicle 9/19/03 Ryan on Survivor: Clarksville native son survives Round 1

WDIV 9/19/03 Mole May Be Leaking 'Survivor' Outcome

NY Daily News 9/19/03 'Survivor' a real gem

WISC 9/19/03 Week 1: Survivor 7, Pearl Islands 9/18/03 Probst promises powerful season for Survivor

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PRNewswire 9/18/03 BetonSports.Com Places Best Odds on Burton Roberts to Win 'Survivor'

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Bikini Day 9/1/03 Survivor 7 Cast Preview Video and Pictures


News Articles 8/1/03 to 8/31/03


Zap2It 8/31/03 'Survivor' Castaway Was Jerry Springer's Lawyer

Cincinnati Enquirer 8/31/03 Warren County Scoutmaster pitches camp with 'Survivor' 8/31/03 Pieces, with "Survivor" Jenna Morasca, Returns to NYC at China Club, 9/8-10/4

Clarion Ledger 8/30/03 Mississippian chosen for 'Survivor' cast

News Tribune 8/30/03 'Survivor' has another from South Sound

SurvivorWeb 8/30/03 Survivor’s Latest Skeletons

Cincinnati Post 8/29/03 Scout leader ready to prove 'Survivor' skills

Zap2It 8/29/03 Betting Site Sets Early 'Survivor' Odds

CBS 8/29/03 A Wild New 'Survivor'

The Trentonian 8/29/03 Jersey girl is ‘Survivor’

WKRC 8/29/03 Local Scout Leader Is Picked To Be "Survivor" castaway

Natchez Democrat 8/29/03 Liberty native to appear on seventh 'Survivor'

Star Ledger 8/29/03 Delaware Valley graduate is a 'survivor' at last

SurvivorWeb 8/29/03 Andrew Savage - Internal Memo

Reality TV World 8/29/03 Will 'Survivor' finale format change in 'Survivor: Pearl Islands'?

SurvivorWeb 8/29/03 QueerEye for the Survivor Guys (and Girls)

Reality News Online 8/29/03 Background Information Found on Survivor Contestant Tijuana Bradley

Dayton Daily News 8/29/03 Warren County Scoutmaster to be ‘Survivor 7’ contestant

Leaf Chronicle 8/29/03 Clarksville has another 'Survivor'

Collegiate Times 8/29/03 Survivor challenges Tech grads

Chicago Sun-Times 8/29/03 After Springer, how hard can 'Survivor' be?

NY Daily News 8/29/03 16 strategies for survival

Danville Register 8/28/03 "Survivor" picks Danville native

The Olympian 8/28/03 Fort Lewis woman in new 'Survivor' cast 8/28/03 Shawn And Michelle Try To Outwit, Outplay And Outlast

Cincinnati Enquirer 8/28/03 Deerfield Twp. woman in 'Survivor 7'

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KTVU 8/28/03 Los Gatos Man Selected For Latest 'Survivor' Cast

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Jam! 8/28/03 New 'Survivor' castaways, twist revealed

The Gate 8/28/03 "Survivor: Pearl Island" Contestants Announced

Cincinnati Post 8/28/03 Tri-stater makes new 'Survivor'

WISH 8/28/03 Indianapolis Man Makes "Survivor: Pearl Islands" Cut

KOIN 8/28/03 Washington Woman Tries To Outwit, Outplay, Outlast

CBS 8/28/03 Swashbuckling 'Survivor'

TV Barn 8/28/03 CBS Unveils the Identities of the New Castaways for "Survivor: Pearl Islands"

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SurvivorWeb 8/28/2003 Meet the Drake Tribe

SurvivorWeb 8/28/2003 Meet the Morgan Tribe

Reality TV World 8/28/03 CBS reveals names and profiles of 'Survivor: Pearl Islands' castaways

SurvivorWeb 8/28/2003 Cast Photos - First Release

Reality News Online 8/27/03 ‘Survivor: Pearl Islands’ Contestants Revealed! Sort of…

SurvivorWeb 8/27/03 Official Cast Photo Released

Survivor Phoenix 8/26/03 Survivor Pearl Islands Cast Members Unveiled?

Reality TV World 8/21/03 CBS to introduce 'Survivor: Pearl Islands' cast on August 28 'The Early Show

SurvivorWeb 8/20/03 Official "Survivor: Pearl Islands" Logo

Reality TV World 8/19/03 'Survivor: Pearl Island' aqua buff photos posted

Dallas Morning News 8/19/03 Daniel offers a monthly reminder of 'Survivor' stint

Survivor Web 8/18/03 'Survivor: Panama' Finishes Shooting

Survivor Fever 8/18/03 Survivor: Pearl Islands Tribal Names and Buff Colors

Reality News Online 8/18/03 Survivor: The Amazon’s Daniel Releases 2004 Calendar

Washington Post 8/16/03 The 'Scary One' Was No. 2

Survivor Phoenix 8/14/03 Survivor heading back to Panama for All-Stars?

Reality TV World 8/13/03 Have the names of four 'Pearl Islands' contestants already been determined?

Reality TV World 8/12/03 'Survivor' Mark Burnett inks 2-year deal to develop scripted series for The WB

Reality TV World 8/11/03 'Survivor' juror Colleen Haskell moves into reality-show production

AJC 8/9/03 A principal or a 'Survivor'?

Survivor Fever 8/9/03 On Location Las Perlas - Pearls of the Pacific

Reality TV World 8/6/03 'All-Star Survivor' edition nixes Palau site; is Papua New Guinea the host? 8/4/03 Interview with S6/ The Amazon - Matthew 8/4/03 'Survivor' winner persisted in Erie contest

Reality TV World 8/2/03 Are 'Survivor' winners Ethan Zohn and Jenna Morasca dating?


News Articles 7/1/03 to 7/31/03


Reality Reel 7/30/03 The 7th season of Survivor!

Reality TV World 7/30/03 'Survivor: Amazon' juror Christy Smith develops new PBS children's nature series 7/29/03 Delays force 'Survivor' to pull out of Palau site 7/28/03 Survivor Hatch to play in Newport operetta

Dallas Morning News 7/28/03 The Amazon's Jenna, Rob and Heidi are still getting the star treatment

Post Gazette 7/26/03 Offers still swamp Morasca

Fox News 7/24/03 Send Your Kids to 'Survivor' Camp

Reality TV World 7/22/03 Jenna and Heidi from 'Survivor: Amazon' ignored by TV critics at CBS fall bash

The Oregonian 7/22/03 Off the island: 'Survivor' player arrested in bar

The Smoking Gun 7/22/03 Survivor: Africa's Lindsey Richter

Panama News 7/21/03 Wait a minute --- this isn’t tribal architecture, it’s the Spanish colonial military style...

Panama News 7/21/03 Survivors brave the elements, parley in old Spanish-style setting

Reality TV World 7/20/03 'Survivor: Pearl Islands' to premiere on Thursday, September 18

Zap2It 7/20/03 CBS Gets Jump on Fall with Next 'Survivor'

Washington Post 7/20/03 Question Reality

Reality TV World 7/18/03 Jenna Morasca ('Survivor: The Amazon') appearing in Off-Broadway show

Reality TV World 7/17/03 Emmy nominations honor 'Amazing Race,' 'American Idol,' & 'Survivor'

Media Guardian 7/17/03 American Idol and Survivor compete for Emmy

Reality TV World 7/16/03 Colby Donaldson tentatively joins cast of 'All-Star Survivor'

Reality TV World 7/16/03 'Survivor: Amazon' juror Heidi Strobel was hospitalized at end of shooting

Reality TV World 7/16/03 'Survivor: Marquesas' finalist Neleh Dennis gets married

Reality TV World 7/15/03 Past 'Survivor' champions balk at $2 million 'All-Star Survivor' prize

SurvivorWeb 7/13/03 Life After Survivor: Matthew Von Ertfelda

Tribune-Review 7/12/03 Did Simon strike a blow for PETA?

Panama News 7/8/03 Navigation restrictions around "Survivor" islands

Jam! 7/8/03 Sexy survivors bare all

News Tribune 7/6/03 Race fans rev up for peek at Playboy model, Survivor contestant Heidi Strobe

Natchez Democrat 7/6/03 Annual boat parade gets celebrity touch

Playbill 7/6/03 Jenna Morasca makes her Off-Broadway debut 7/4/03 Interview with Shawna Mitchell

Elites TV 7/2/03 Gossip, Get Your Gossip--Those Nasty Survivor/Big Brother Internet Rumors

Reality News Online 7/2/03 More Info on Jenna’s Playboy and PETA Pictures

SurvivorWeb 7/1/03 An All-Star Future for Survivor


News Articles 6/1/03 to 6/30/03


Survivor Fever 6/29/03 Jeff Varner: E! News Live Entertainment Correspondent

SurvivorWeb 6/26/03 SurvivorMaps Reports First Images of Tribal Council

SurvivorWeb 6/24/03 Survivor: Pre-Exposed

WCCO 6/23/03 Jenna And Heidi In Playboy

CBS 6/20/03 A Gastronomical World Tour

The Trades 6/18/03 Survivor Interview - Heidi Strobel

Newport Daily News 6/16/03 'Survivor' has advice for grads

Amarillo Globe-News 6/16/03 Ex-'Survivor' contestant to attend grand opening 6/15/03 Interview with Survivor Dave Johnson

Reality TV World 6/11/03 'Survivor 8' considers filming All Star Survivor edition in Palau

Reality News Online 6/9/03 Survivor’s Jenna and Heidi to Appear in ‘Playboy’

Reality TV World 6/9/03 CBS reverses decision, allows Jenna Morasca to appear in PETA ads

Reality TV World 6/9/03 Jenna Morasca & Heidi Strobel to appear nude in August 'Playboy' magazine

Zap2It 6/9/03 'Survivor' Gals Strip for Playboy

Utusan Online 6/8/03 Reality TV's gem ``Survivor'' shortlists the islands of Palau for next season 6/6/03 'Survivor' series may hit Palau

Reality News Online 6/4/03 The Amazon’s Runner Up: An Interview with Matthew Von Ertfelda

Buffalo Reflex 6/4/03 Heidi Strobel: Surviving 'Survivor'

Ozark Newsstand 6/2/03 Heidi Strobel: Adventure in the Amazon

Survivor Web 6/2/03 First Looks at Tribal Council

Texarkana Gazette 6/1/03 'Survivor' gives rousing advice to THS grads


News Articles 5/5/03 to 5/31/03


Texarkana Gazette 5/31/03 'Survivor' to speak at graduation

Reality News Online 5/30/03 An Interview with ‘Survivor: The Amazon’ Winner Jenna Morasca

Reality TV World 5/29/03 CBS alleged to have pulled the plug on Jenna Morasca PETA fur bikini campaign

Reality News Online 5/29/03 The Principal Survivor: An Interview with Butch Lockley

Reality News Online 5/27/03 Portrayal or Personality? An Interview with Heidi Strobel

Reality News Online 5/27/03 Survivor Ho! Spyglass on Panama

Survivor Web 5/27/03 Summer Break for Heidi Strobel

Reality TV Talk 5/26/03 Survivor Amazon Interview "Matthew von Ertfelda in the AMAI-Zone"

Providence Journal 5/25/03 Life after Survivor -- where are they now?

Providence Journal 5/25/03 Survivor secrets

Reality News Online 5/23/03 The Best Survivor Player Not to Win: An Interview with Rob Cesternino

Television Without Pity 5/22/03 The Amazon Reunion

Cincinnati Post 5/22/03 Rodger waiting for 'Survivor' call

Manly Thoughts 5/22/03 My Survivor Finale Day in the City

Reality News Online 5/22/03 Great Season, Horrible Ending, and Light at the End of the Tunnel

Providence Journal 5/21/03 Survivor contestant tells students work ethic will win out

Reality TV Talk - 5/21/03 Miss Marcy Has Spoken: The Finale

Bridgeville News Star 5/21/03 SF resident on whirlwind tour after "Survivor"

Elites TV 5/20/03 Book Deals Announced!

Reality TV Talk 5/20/03 Reunion Recap: The Explaining Begins

Reality TV World 5/19/03 Survivor: The Amazon - 'Gay Survivor Journal, The Finale'

Reality News Online 5/19/03 Being Jeff Probstovich – Episode 13: Year-End Awards

Reality News Online 5/19/03 Survivor: The Amazon, MVP Moments for Everyone

Reality TV World 5/18/03 Survivor: The Amazon - Reunion Show Episode summary

Reality TV Talk 5/17/03 Survivor Amazon Ep14 Recap "What the Hell Happened?"

Television Without Pity 5/17/03 ...And Then There Were Four

Survivor Review 5/16/03 "Final Thoughts on Survivor: the Amazon"

Reality TV World 5/16/03 Survivor: The Amazon - Finale Episode summary

Reality News Online 5/16/03 Survivor Psyche, Final Episode: Class Dismissed


News Articles 5/1/03 to 5/15/03


Survivor Fever 5/15/03 Amazon Finale: Understanding the Backlash

Reality News Online 5/15/03 Survivor: The Amazon – Strategy and the Final Vote

Elites TV 5/15/03 Survivor Hall Of Shame Nominations

Reality TV World 5/15/03 'Survivor 8' to be "all-star" edition, air in Spring 2004

Reality News Online 5/15/03 'Survivor 8' to Feature Past 'Survivor' All-Stars

Zap2It 5/14/03 After Pearl Islands, 'Survivor' Will Round Up All-Stars

Reality TV Talk 5/14/03 S6 Ep13 Recap "Butchered and Robbed"

Online Casino News 5/14/03 BoDog Survives the Amazon

Reality TV Planet 5/14/03 sends two to Survivor Finale

Reality News Online 5/14/03 Surviving the Amazon Reunion

Zap2It 5/14/03 'CSI,' 'Survivor' Fuel CBS Weekly Win

Pitt News 5/14/03 Pitt student is Ultimate Survivor

Reality News Online 5/14/03 Surviving the Amazon, the Finale: A Model Victory

Elites TV 5/14/03 Rob falls - and fails!

Buffalo Reflex 5/14/03 Strobel voted off on 'Survivor'

NY Daily News 5/14/03 Reality shows to showbiz reality 5/13/03 Local contestant says TV finale wasn't really survival of the fittest

Reality Reel 5/13/03 The Big Story: Survivor Finale, Jenna Wins

Reality News Online 5/13/03 Survivor: The Amazon – Why Jenna Won

Reality News Online 5/13/03 Survivor: The Amazon – Why Matthew Lost

MediaFiends.come 5/13/03 Jenna on ‘David Letterman’ 5/13/03 Jenna & Rob on ‘Howard Stern’

Fans of Reality TV 5/13/03 Standing In The Shadows: A Collaboration - The Finale 5/13/03 Bridgeville proud of native 'Survivor' 5/13/03 Matt's mistake: He should've chose Rob for F2

USA Today 5/13/03 'Survivor' Jenna says winning was complete shock

The Trades 5/13/03 Episode 13 - And Then There Were Four

National Enquirer 5/12/03 Survivor Insider Finale

Tee Vee 5/12/03 Outplay, Outwit, Outlast, and Lose Anyway

Survivor Review 5/12/03 "The Final Culling" 5/12/03 Swimsuit Model Jenna Wins Survivor Amazon

Survivor Review 5/12/03 "The Final Culling, Part 2"

Herald Tribune 5/12/03 'Survivor' finalists no surprise, betting site says

Extra TV 5/12/03 Jenna Wins 'Survivor'

Survivor Skills 5/12/03 SurvivorSkills: The General's Thoughts 'The Finale' 5/12/03 Survivor is Reality TV and Reality is Unfair, i.e. Jenna

National Post 5/12/03 Landslide win for bikini model 5/12/03 Tribal Voice - Episode 13 (Season Finale)

Standard Times 5/12/03 Von Ertfelda was close, but not final 'Survivor'

Reality TV World 5/12/03 CBS confirms 'Survivor 7' to be in Panama Pearl Islands

Reality TV World 5/12/03 Just under 22 million viewers watch Jenna Morasca be crowned winner

Reality News Online 5/12/03 Survivor: The Amazon – Why Rob Lost

Reality News Online 5/12/03 Survivor: The Amazon – Why Butch Lost

Survivor Skills 5/12/03 SurvivorSkills: Why We Wanted Rob to Win 5/12/03 WTF Happened on Survivor: Amazon? 5/12/03 - Survivor 6 - Episode 13 (Finale) 5/12/03 Survivor Amazon Finale Recap: “Model Behavior Redux”

Edmonton Journal 5/12/03 Jenna shows she's more than just a pretty face

KCRA Channel 5/12/03 Who Claimed The 'Survivor: Amazon' Prize?

St Petersburg Times 5/12/03 Jenna Morasca newest 'Survivor' 5/12/03 Survivor: Amazon on ‘The Early Show’ 5/12/03 Survivor: Amazon Reunion

Survivor Fever 5/12/03 Survivor Barbs: The Jury from Hell!!

Post-Gazette 5/12/03 Pitt student wins $1 million prize on 'Survivor' TV show

NY Daily News 5/12/03 On 'Survivor: Amazon,' the finale was amazin'

USA Today 5/12/03 Jenna is last 'Survivor' standing

Dallas Morning News 5/12/03 'Survivor: Amazon': Jenna rules the jungle

CBS 5/12/03 Jenna, Survivor's Amazon Queen

Milwaukee Journal 5/11/03 'Spoiled' model wins 'Survivor,' $1 million

Zap2It 5/11/03 Sexual Politics Play Out on 'Survivor: The Amazon's' Finale

Springfield News Sun 5/11/03 Swimsuit Model Jenna Wins `Survivor'

The Pittsburgh Channel 5/11/03 Who Claimed The 'Survivor: Amazon' Prize?

CBS 5/11/03 And the Winner is Jenna Morasca, Sole Survivor

Santa Cruz Sentinel 5/11/03 Lex van den Berghe: The Skinny

Reality TV Talk 5/11/03 Episode 12 - "The Roof! The Roof! The Roof Is On Fire!"

Times and Democrat 5/11/03 Orangeburg's JoAnna Ward speaks out about experience

St. Petersburg Times 5/11/03 Intrigue, intensified

The Trades 5/10/03 The S-Ratings

South Coast Today 5/10/03 Von Ertfelda has chance at million

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Providence Journal 5/10/03 Helen Glover: Matthew gets my vote

Salon 5/10/03 "Survivor": The wrath of Rob

Survivor Review 5/10/03 And Then There Were Four

News Leader 5/10/03 Castaway wouldn’t do it again

Post Gazette 5/10/03 Survivor: The Amazon Update

Television Without Pity 5/10/03 The Amazon Heats Up

Fans Of Reality TV 5/9/03 Survivor: Piranha Report - Day 36: The Demise of the Mastermind

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CBS 5/9/03 The Amazon's Final Four

Fans of Reality TV 5/9/03 Standing in the Shadows, Episode 12 5/9/03 Episode 12 - Half Wit Heidi’s Head Rolls

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Standard Times 5/9/03 Amazin' in the Amazon 5/9/03 - Heidi Ho on 'Howard Stern' 5/9/03 - 05.09.03 Survivor Insider Clips 5/9/03 Streaming Video - Surviving Survivor Week 12

Reality News Online 5/9/03 Handicapping the Final Four and More of Heidi’s ‘Brilliance’ 5/9/03 Un-Cute Heidi on ‘The Early Show’

Springfield News-Leader 5/9/03 Heidi ousted from Amazon 5/9/03 - Survivor 6 - Episode 12 5/9/03 Episode 12 - Tribal Voice

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Chicago Sun-Times 5/9/03 They flash and talk trash on a great 'Survivor'

NY Daily News 5/9/03 'Survivor' alumns set to get a grilling

Dallas Morning News 5/9/03 Heidi booted off 'Survivor'

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CBS 5/9/03 Burning Down The Hut

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Fans of Reality TV 5/8/03 Jeff Probst Interview, Part 2

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SF Chronicle 5/8/03 Deaf cast member survives 'Survivor'

PNN Online 5/8/03 "Survivor" Raises More Than $500,000 for Pediatric AIDS

Henderson Gleaner 5/8/03 Still surviving

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Star Ledger 5/8/03 As the latest edition of ' Survivor' winds down, it's stronger than ever

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Aspen Times 5/5/03 TV show ‘Survivor’ not just a game for Basalt’s Smith

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The Trades 5/2/03 Lost and Delirious -Episode 11 - Sour Grapes

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Zap2It 5/2/03 Wicked Stepsisters Fight Back on ‘Survivor’ 5/1/03 - 05.01.03 Survivor: Amazon - Christy’s Evil Step-Sisters

CBS 5/1/03 Cinderella's Ball Ends - Christy Smith Voted Out

Alameda Times-Star 5/1/03 Alex too honest for own good

National Post 5/1/03 Villainous Rob is wasted on this lot

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