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News Articles 12/1/04 to 12/31/04


Reality TV Calendar 12/31/04 Spoiler Report #6: Buff Photo, Sharks, Tribal Council Area & More

South Bend Tribune 12/30/04 South Bend to host 'Survivor' casting call

Seattle PI 12/28/04 Kitsap Mall to host tryouts for 'Survivor'

McKinney Courier Gazette 12/28/04 'Survivor' shares wisdom, battles evil

Reality TV Calendar 12/27/04 Spoiler Report #5: Photos of the Official Hat and Logo

Reality TV Calendar 12/27/04 Spoiler Report #4: More Cast Photos and Bios

News Dispatch 12/27/04 Area woman in audience for season's final "Survivor"

Santa Cruz Sentinel 12/26/04 Lex trips on the primitive, yet luxurious, Vanuatu islands

Television Without Pity 12/25/04 Reunion

Post Gazette 12/25/04 'Survivor' might feature Beaver County player

Reality Reel 12/24/04 Survivor: Vanuatu Finale, Chris Is The Sole Survivor

Washington Jewish Week 12/23/04 'Survivor' finalist didn't mind 'annoying' portrayal

Flint Journal 12/23/04 'Survivor' tryouts planned locally

Suburban Chicago News 12/23/04 Chicago casting calls issued for 3 TV reality shows

Pacific Daily News 12/23/04 'Survivor' wraps up shoot

KIRO 12/22/04 "Survivor" Casting Call Auditions

CBS2 12/22/04 A Look Back At Survivor: Vanuatu

Reality News Online 12/21/04 Survivor: Vanuatu's Finale and Reunion - Redemption All the Way Around 12/21/04 'Survivor' contestant Freeman to speak

Marshall Democrat-News 12/20/04 'Survivor' star Twila gets warm welcome

USA Today 12/20/04 'Apprentice,' 'Survivor' gear goes to eBay

Reality News Online 12/19/04 An "Insider" Look at Survivor: Vanuatu, Episode 14: The End

Television Without Pity 12/19/04 Spirits And The Final Four

Mobile Register 12/19/04 'Housewives' beats reality, but more 'Survivor' coming

Stillwater News 12/18/04 More than just a Survivor

Milwaukee Journal 12/18/04 'Survivor': The pests, players and places

Red Herrings & Sticky Wickets 12/18/04 S9 Finale Recap "What A Long Snoozefest It's Been"

Reality TV World 12/17/04 Survivor: Vanuatu - Finale Episode summary

Reality TV World 12/17/04 Survivor: Vanuatu - Reunion Show summary

The Trades 12/17/04 Survivor: Vanuatu - Episode 14 - The Sole Survivor 12/17/04 Call goes out for 'Survivor' hopefuls

Fans of Reality TV 12/17/04 Standing in the Shadows: The Finale

Reality TV World 12/17/04 'Survivor' host Jeff Probst dating 'Vanuatu' castaway Julie Berry

Portland Press Herald 12/17/04 Vanuatu's treasure: It may be love

NY Blade 12/17/04 Battle of the sexes

Zap2It 12/17/04 'Survivor' Host, 'Vanuatu' Contestant Form Own Tribe

Reality TV Calendar 12/17/04 Spoiler Report #3 - More Contestants Revealed

Reality TV World 12/17/04 Report: 'Survivor' Jenna Lewis leaked her own sex tape

Marshall Democrat-News 12/16/04 Reception set for Survivor star 12/16/04 - Survivor Withdrawal; A Look Back

MSNBC 12/16/04 Jeff Probst dating ‘Survivor’ contestant

WISC 12/16/04 Guess Who Found Love On Survivor?

SheKnows 12/16/04 Vecepia Towery-Robinson Finale: Chris Daugherty - Last man standing

Survivor Fever 12/15/04 Jeff Probst Admits to Survivor Romance

The Advocate 12/15/04 “Bronze isn’t bad”

Winchester Sun 12/15/04 'Kentucky Joe' speaks at Clark Kiwanis meeting

Reality TV World 12/15/04 CBS announces 'Survivor 11' and 'Survivor 12' to air in 2005-2006 season

Zap2It 12/15/04 'Survivor' Keeps on Surviving

Reality TV Talk 12/15/04 "Reunion Recap starring Action Man Jif Probester (Motorcycle Sold Separately)"

Reality TV Calendar 12/15/04 Jenna's Porn Career - Part 3

Digital Spy 12/15/04 'Survivor' renewed through 2006

Reality Shack 12/14/04 "God Bless Twila" - Survivor: Vanuatu Reunion

SurvivorUpdates 12/14/04 Tribal Voice Finale-Men aren’t as stupid as I thought and…

Reality TV World 12/14/04 'Survivor: Vanuatu' finale averages nearly 20 million viewers, but 'Housewives' still wins its hour

Rocky Mountain News 12/14/04 'Survivor' lessons for hearing-impaired

Zap2It 12/14/04 'Survivor' Jenna Profits from Sex Tape

Zap2It 12/14/04 CBS Crowned Weekly Ratings 'Survivor'

Post Standard 12/14/04 Eliza regains weight, composure

News Press 12/14/04 Skills used after Donna aid local 'Survivor'

Dayton Daily News 12/14/04 'Survivor' winner itching for Ohio

Plain Dealer 12/14/04 Ohio man revels in 'Survivor' victory

Reality TV Calendar 12/14/04 Don't Take It Personal: Hardwired Commentary

Reality News Online 12/14/04 Survivor: Vanuatu - Why Twila Lost

Reality News Online 12/14/04 Survivor: Vanuatu - Why Scout Lost

Calgary Sun 12/13/04 Chris-tmas comes early

PlanetOut 12/13/04 Gaywatch: Scout's honor

Reality TV Talk 12/13/04 Ep. 14 - Survivor Finale – Part 1: Eliza Do-Little Be Gone

Reality TV Talk 12/13/04 Survivor Finale - Episode 14 - Pt 2 "Twila's Son is Doomed to An Eternity in Hell"

Survivor Review 12/13/04 The Last Man Standing

Reality TV World 12/13/04 Survivor: Vanuatu - Episode 13 summary

SurvivorUpdates 12/13/04 BS Reigns Supreme

Reality News Online 12/13/04 Strategic Overview of Survivor, Episode 15: A Winning Run

Reality Shack 12/13/04 "The Game Ended Up Playing Me" - Survivor: Vanuatu Finale

Reality TV Calendar 12/13/04 No Cheers for Chris, No Tears for Twila: Commentary by Alisa

Springfield News Sun 12/13/04 Survivor's parents go Hollywood

Reality News Online 12/13/04 Survivor: Vanuatu - Why Chris Won

WCNC 12/13/04 Commentary: Women's alliance cracked by million dollar man on 'Survivor'

Marshall Democrat-News 12/13/04 Survivor Tanner ends run in second place

Post Standard 12/13/04 SU's Eliza first to go: highway worker wins

Kansas City Star 12/13/04 Second place for Missouri's ‘Survivor'

Post Standard 12/13/04 Friends gather at sorority in hopes of Eliza's victory 12/13/04 - Chris on 'The Early Show'

Reality News Online 12/13/04 Survivor: Vanuatu - Why Eliza Lost

CBS 12/13/04 'Survivor' Winner Chris: I Lied

CBS2 12/13/04 From The Red Carpet: The Survivor Finale Analysis

Daily Orange 12/13/04 Orlins voted off CBS's "Survivor"

Reality TV Calendar 12/13/04 Chris Daugherty Wins Survivor Vanuatu: Finale and Reunion Recap

Reality TV World 12/13/04 Chris Daugherty defeats Twila Tanner to win 'Survivor: Vanuatu'

USA Today 12/13/04 Road Worker Chris Conquers 'Vanuatu'

Reality News Online 12/13/04 Surviving the Vanuatu Reunion: "Chris Can Lie to Anyone"

Springfield News Sun 12/13/04 Hundreds come to watch Chris

Springfield News Sun 12/13/04 Chris Wins Million

Reality News Online 12/13/04 Surviving Vanuatu, the Finale: Apologies 'R' Us

MSNBC 12/13/04 Final Survivor was the best liar

Box Office Prophets 12/13/04 Survivor Vanuatu: Episode Fifteen

Zap2It 12/12/04 Life Is a Highway for 'Survivor: Vanuatu' Winner

10TV 12/12/04 Local Man Wins "Survivor: Vanuatu"

Unofficial Survivor Guide 12/12/04 Chris Paves His Way To A Million Dollars, Voted Sole Survivor

Reality TV World 12/12/04 CBS begins accepting 'Survivor 11' applications 12/12/04 - Survivor Vanuatu Finale & Reunion

Vanuatu Online 12/12/04 Survivor Winner - Chris Daugherty

CBS 12/12/04 Chris is Sole Survivor

Television Without Pity 12/12/04 Eruption Of Volcanic Magnitude

Reality TV Calendar 12/12/04 The Spoiler Queen Makes Her Final Prediction: How Will The Top 4 Finish?

Reality News Online 12/12/04 An "Insider" Look at Survivor: Vanuatu, Episode 13: Mature Adults

Survivor Review 12/12/04 The Final Four

Red Herrings & Sticky Wickets 12/12/04 "AMAI's Look at The Final Four"

Reality News Online 12/12/04 Survivor: Vanuatu - Could We See the First 7-0 Vote?

Reality TV Talk 12/12/04 Recap - Survivor 9 Ep. 13 - "I’m So Sick of Twila!"

Calgary Sun 12/12/04 Who Will Survive?

NY Daily News 12/12/04 Survive this

Winnipeg Sun 12/12/04 The Final Four

Springfield News Sun 12/12/04 'Survivor': and the winner is...

Santa Cruz Sentinel 12/12/04 Lackluster ‘Survivor’ poised for big finish

Beacon Journal 12/12/04 Latest survivors a nasty bunch. Let them all lose

Portland Press Herald 12/12/04 Vanuatu Vice: A 'Survivor' addict comes clean

Mobile Register 12/12/04 'Durable' reality show reaches season climax

Fans Of Reality TV 12/11/04 Survivor: Episode 13 Recap – Eliza Swears that Twila’s Bananas. . . .

KOTV 12/11/04 Oklahoma's ' Survivor' Makes It To The Final Show

Reality Shack 12/11/04 captainD's Survivor Vanuatu Finale Predictions

SurvivorUpdates 12/11/04 Tribal Voice - Episode 13

Survivor Review 12/11/04 The 5th Element

Reality TV Talk 12/11/04 Survivor Vanuatu - Miss Marcy Has Spoken: My Finale Predictions

Fans of Reality TV 12/11/04 Survivor Polynesian Pete Report: The Final Four

Fans Of Reality TV 12/11/04 Standing in the Shadows of Survivors, Week 13

Reality News Online 12/11/04 "I Felt As If I Had Too Much Input": An Interview with Survivor's Ami

Reality News Online 12/11/04 Survivor: Vanuatu Episode 13 MVP: Last Man Standing

Red Herrings & Sticky Wickets 12/11/04 S9 ep 13 Recap "Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Vote Urn"

Reality News Online 12/11/04 Survivor: Vanuatu - Advice for the Final Four

Reality News Online 12/11/04 Surviving the Jury on Survivor

SurvivorUpdates 12/11/04 The View from the Blimp - Our Panel Predicts - The Finale


News Articles 12/1/04 to 12/10/04


SurvivorUpdates 12/10/04 Episode 13 - Julie Jilted

Reality TV World 12/10/04 'Survivor: Vanuatu' Finale Episode 'State of the Spoiling'

TV is King 12/10/04 Survival of the Weakest Final Four

St Petersburg Times 12/10/04 'Survivor' contestant Julie voted off

The Trades 12/10/04 Survivor: Vanuatu - Episode 13 - Paranoia

Reality TV Calendar 12/10/04 Why I Want Eliza to Win: Commentary by Alisa

Reality TV World 12/10/04 Julie Berry becomes the fourteenth castaway to be booted from 'Survivor: Vanuatu'

CBS2 12/10/04 Survivor Analysis of Episode 13: "Stuck In The Middle."

Reality News Online 12/10/04 Survivor: Vanuatu - Eruptions, Volcanic and Otherwise

Reality News Online 12/10/04 Survivor: Vanuatu - Why Julie Lost

Reality TV Calendar 12/10/04 Professor Dan's End Game Predictions

Reality TV Calendar 12/10/04 The Final Four: Episode 13 Recap by Professor Dan

Reality News Online 12/10/04 I Love Her, I Love Her, I Love Her - Yes, I Mean Eliza!

Reality Shack 12/10/04 Oh, The Irony! – Survivor: Vanuatu, Episode 13

Unofficial Survivor Guide 12/10/04 Jules Appraised for Jury Duty

Press Herald 12/10/04 Mainer is a 'Survivor' no more

Post Standard 12/10/04 SU senior stays alive on Survivor'

Daily Orange 12/10/04 Survivor update

MSNBC 12/10/04 Who will win ‘Survivor Vanuatu’?

CBS 12/10/04 Julie Gets Jilted

Reality News Online 12/10/04 Strategic Overview of Survivor, Episode 13: Bad Chris

Reality News Online 12/10/04 Surviving Vanuatu, Episode 13: Chill Out

Box Office Prophets 12/10/04 Survivor Vanuatu: Episode Fourteen

Zap2It 12/9/04 'Survivor' Castaways Bury Jules

CBS 12/9/04 Final Four Set: Julie Out

Reality TV Calendar 12/9/04 Spoiler: Who Wins Reward? Immunity? Who's Going Home?

Post Standard 12/9/04 Time Growing Short for 'Survivor' Competitor

Springfield News Sun 12/9/04 Survivor Chris Daugherty is the One to Beat 

Reality News Online 12/9/04 RNO Roundtable: Survivor: Vanuatu – How Will It All Shake Out?

Reality Shack 12/9/04 captainD's Boot Prediction - Survivor Vanuatu, Episode 13
Deseret News 12/9/04 Boring 'Survivor' revives

Survivor Review 12/8/04 Eruptions of Volcanic Magnitude

Reality News Online 12/8/04 Survivor: Vanuatu – I’m in the Mood to Sing, Simply Because You’re Ousted

USA Today 12/8/04 For Whom Do You Tote a Survivor Torch

Reality News Online 12/8/04 Survivor: Vanuatu, Episode 12 MVP: Listen to Convincing John 12/8/04 Survivor secrets revealed

SurvivorUpdates 12/7/04 The View from the Blimp - Our Panel Predicts - Episode 13

Reality TV World 12/7/04 'Survivor: Vanuatu' Episode 13 'State of the Spoiling'

Television Without Pity 12/7/04 Now Who's In Charge Here?

The Advocate 12/7/04 Survivor’s first axed lesbian tells all

Reality News Online 12/7/04 An "Insider" Look at Survivor: Vanuatu, Episode 12: A Long Time Coming

Reality TV World 12/6/04 Survivor: Vanuatu - Episode 12 summary

Reality News Online 12/6/04 Survivor: Vanuatu – Advice for the Remaining Five

Media Life 12/6/04 'Survivor's' big tussle: Wisteria Lane

SheKnows 12/5/04 Episode 12: Queen Ami is knocked off her thrown

Fans Of Reality TV 12/5/04 Survivor: Polynesian Pete Report (Episode 12) - Just how much is a bazillion?

Survivor Review 12/5/04 Ami's Demise

Reality TV Talk 12/5/04 Survivor 9 Episode 12 Recap "Bitches Used All The Hot Water!"

Reality Shack 12/5/04 I Screwed You, Didn't I? - Survivor: Vanuatu, Episode 12

The Trades 12/4/04 Survivor: Vanuatu - Episode 12 - Ami Fingers the Competition

Fans Of Reality TV 12/4/04 Survivor:Vanuatu-Standing in the Shadows - Week 12

Survivor Review 12/4/04 Ami's Big Road Trip

SurvivorUpdates 12/4/04 Tribal Voice: Episode 12 - Ami a.k.a. Queen Midol

Survivor Fever 12/4/04 Survivor: Vanuatu Episode XII Recap Girl Commentary

SurvivorUpdates 12/3/04 Episode 12 - Ami Walks--Finger Talks

Reality TV World 12/3/04 Ami Cusack gets overthrown, becomes the thirteenth castaway to be booted from 'Survivor: Vanuatu'

Reality TV Calendar 12/3/04 Hardwired Commentary: Savvy Strategic Positioning 12/3/04 Ami from Survivor Vanuatu on 'The Early Show'

Reality News Online 12/3/0 "A Huge Mistake on My Part": An Interview with Survivor's Leann

Reality TV Calendar 12/3/04 Episode 13 Preview

Reality News Online 12/3/04 Survivor: Vanuatu - Why Ami Lost

Reality TV Calendar 12/3/04 High And Mighty - Or Just A Little Cocky? - Episode 12 Recap

CBS NY 12/3/04 Survivor Analysis of Episode 12: "How The (High And) Mighty Have Fallen."

MSNBC 12/3/04 How has ‘Survivor’ continued to survive?

Maine Today 12/3/04 Mainer stays on the island with two episodes to go

Unofficial Survivor Guide 12/3/04 Ami Keeps Her Integrity, But Not Her Throne

Box Office Prophets 12/3/04 Survivor Vanuatu: Episode Thirteen

Reality News Online 12/3/04 Strategic Overview of Survivor, Episode 12: Finding the Finals

Reality TV World 12/3/04 CBS's three-hour 'Survivor: Vanuatu' finale and reunion to air Sunday, December 12

Springfield News Sun 12/3/04 Daugherty Likely Headed to Final Episode

Reality News Online 12/3/04 Surviving Vanuatu, Episode 12: “Get Over It, Grow Up, Get On With It”

People 12/3/04 Ami's Arrogance Her Downfall on Survivor

Zap2It 12/2/04 Chasing Ami: New Order Rules on 'Survivor: Vanuatu'

CBS 12/2/04 Queen Overthrown: Ami Voted Out 12/2/04 - 12/2/04 Survivor

CBS 12/2/04 Adios, Ami

Television Without Pity 12/2/04 Surprise And...Surprise Again!

CBS 12/2/04 Survivor: Women's Claws Come Out

Reality TV Calendar 12/2/04 Boot Prediction Number 12: Who's Going Home?

Reality TV Hall of Shame 12/2/04 Hall of Shame Moment: Leann Knocks Herself out of ‘Survivor: Vanuatu’

Reality News Online 12/2/04 An "Insider" Look at Survivor: Vanuatu, Episode 11: You Just Never Know...

News-Press 12/2/04 'Survivor' contestant rolls on

Washington Post 12/2/04 Will the Chatterbox Survive on 'Survivor'?

Reality Shack 12/1/04 captainD's Boot Prediction - Survivor Vanuatu, Episode 12

JTA News 12/1/04 Jewish ‘Survivor’ returns to Africa in effort to help destitute kids survive

Reality News Online 12/1/04 Survivor: Vanuatu Episode 11 MVP: Game Changing Moment


News Articles 11/1/04 to 11/30/04


Reality TV World 11/30/04 'Survivor: Vanuatu' Episode 12 'State of the Spoiling'

Survivor Review 11/30/04 Now Who's In Charge Here?

SurvivorUpdates 11/30/04 The View from the Blimp - Our Panel Predicts - Episode 12 

Fans Of Reality TV 11/30/04 Week 11 Recap - "Secrets and Eliza"

Reality TV Calendar 11/30/04 1st Look At Survivor Palau Contestants

Reality TV Calendar 11/30/04 Why Leann Got The Boot

Reality News Online 11/30/04 Survivor: Vanuatu – Or Is That C.S.I.: Vanuatu?

Reality Reel 11/29/04 One Man Down And One More To Go

Reality TV World 11/29/04 Survivor: Vanuatu - Episode 11 summary

Reality News Online 11/29/04 Survivor: Vanuatu – Advice for the Remaining Six

NoPointNecessary 11/28/04 Survivor 9 ep 11 "I Was Saying lt Wasn't Life or Death"

Survivor Review 11/28/04 Amy Dethroned!!!

Fans Of Reality TV 11/28/04 Polynesian Pete Report: Wipe That Smug Look Off Your Face

Santa Cruz Sentinel 11/28/04 Lex van den Berghe: The Skinny

The Trades 11/27/04 Lost and Delirious - Survivor Vanuatu - Episode 11 - The Tide Turns

Fans Of Reality TV 11/27/04 Standing in the Shadows: Week 11 11/27/04 Anyone's Game Now. 11/27/04 Leann Voted Off 'Survivor: Vanuatu'

Reality Reel 11/26/04 Sarge Finds A New Friend A Little To Late

SurvivorUpdates 11/26/04 Episode 11 - Holy Shizznit!

SurvivorUpdates 11/26/04 Tribal Voice: Episode 11 - It will always bite you in the butt in the end

Survivor Review 11/26/04 The Revolt of the Women

Reality TV World 11/26/04 Leann Slaby becomes the twelfth castaway to be booted from 'Survivor: Vanuatu'

Reality TV Calendar 11/26/04 Episode 12 Preview

Reality TV Calendar 11/26/04 It's Raining Men: Hardwired Commentary

Reality TV Calendar 11/26/04 Cracks in the Alliance: Episode 11 Recap

Reality News Online 11/26/04 Survivor: Vanuatu – Why Leann Lost

Reality Shack 11/26/04 "Vengenace Is Mine" - Survivor: Vanuatu, Episode 11

Journal Times 11/26/04 Kansasville woman voted off `Survivor'

Unofficial Survivor Guide 11/26/04 Leann Blindsided; Chris, Eliza Get Second Chances

Reality News Online 11/26/04 Strategic Overview of Survivor, Episode 11: Flexible Knives Don't Cut It 

Springfield News Sun 11/26/04 Chris Keeps Island Coed

Reality News Online 11/26/04 Surviving Vanuatu, Episode 11: Panic Player?

Zap2It 11/25/04 Thanksgiving 'Survivor' Delivers a Heaping Helping of Betrayal

CBS 11/25/04 Stunned: LeAnn Ousted

CBS 11/25/04 Survivors Thankful - Briefly

Reality TV Calendar 11/25/04 Boot Prediction 11 - Who Goes Home Tonight?

Reality Shack 11/25/04 captainD's Boot Prediction - Survivor Vanuatu, Episode 11

Reality News Online 11/25/04 “There Was This Eternal Hope that the Nice Girl Could Finish First”: An Interview with Dolly

Reality TV World 11/24/04 'Survivor: Vanuatu' Episode 11 'State of the Spoiling'

Survivor Review 11/24/04 Surprise and Surprise Again

Reality News Online 11/24/04 “It Is Uncomfortable Knowing You Are Being Judged on Your Gender”: An Interview with Chad

Reality News Online 11/24/04 Survivor: Vanuatu - The Pork and the Dorks

Television Without Pity 11/24/04 Culture Shock And Violent Storms

Reality News Online 11/23/04 Survivor: Vanuatu, Episode 10 MVP: Hanging Chad 

Reality Tv Talk 11/23/04 Survivor: Vanuatu Episode 10 Recap. "Leann Really, Really, Really Does Not Like Rain"

SurvivorUpdates 11/23/04 The View from the Blimp - Our Panel Predicts - Episode 11

CBS 11/23/04 Survivor Ami Headed For A Fall

Reality TV Calendar 11/23/04 Chad Blames Ami

Reality News Online 11/23/04 “I Feel Good About How I Played”: An Interview with Survivor’s Sarge

Reality News Online 11/23/04 An "Insider" Look at Survivor: Vanuatu, Episode 10: Kava Hangovers

Reality News Online 11/22/04 “The Men Couldn’t Think Clearly Enough”: An Interview with Survivor’s Rory

Maine Today 11/22/04 'Survivor' Watch

Red Herrings & Sticky Wickets 11/22/04 Survivor 9 ep 10 Recap "Piss and Moan Is All We Can Do!"

Reality News Online 11/22/04 Survivor: Vanuatu – Advice for the Remaining Seven

Survivor Review 11/21/04 Revolt Against Amy? In A Pig's Eye...

Fans Of Reality TV 11/21/04 Polynesian Pete Report: Scout's Big Plan.

SurvivorUpdates 11/21/04 Tribal Voice: Episode 10: Gender Wars Part II

SurvivorUpdates 11/21/04 Episode 10 - Blokes, Sheilas and a Pig

Reality TV Calendar 11/21/04 Why Chad Got The Boot

The Trades 11/20/04 Survivor: Vanuatu - Episode 10 - Chad is Scouted Out

Contra Costa Times 11/20/04 Booted competitor Chad: Real 'Survivors' stay home with kids

Survivor Review 11/20/04 The Dissidents

Fans Of Reality TV 11/20/04 Survivor:Vanuatu Standing in the Shadows - Week 10

SheKnows 11/20/04 Vecepia Towery-Robinson Episode 10: Another man bites the dust...Chad sent home

Fans Of Reality TV 11/20/04 Survivor: Vanuatu 11/18/04 Recap: Of the Pig, the Lamb, and the Pecking Order

Daily Orange 11/19/04 Survivor update

Miami Herald 11/19/04 Survivor Chad Victim to Women's Alliance

SurvivorUpdates 11/19/04 Episode 10 - Smug Ami Hangs Chad

Reality TV Calendar 11/19/04 They Left Chad Hanging: Why Are The Women So Powerful?

Reality Shack 11/19/04 25-30 Plans....That All Suck - Survivor: Vanuatu, Episode 10

Reality TV Calendar 11/19/04 Survivor 10 Being Filmed Now! We Tell You Where

Reality News Online 11/19/04 Survivor: Vanuatu – Why Chad Lost

CBS2 11/19/04 Survivor Analysis of Episode 10: "Remember That Door? Yeah, It’s Closed."

Reality TV Calendar 11/19/04 Episode 11 Preview: Lots of Surprises

Reality TV World 11/19/04 Chad Crittenden becomes the eleventh castaway to be booted from 'Survivor: Vanuatu'

Reality TV Calendar 11/19/04 One More Week Of Pagonging: Episode 10 Recap

CBS2 11/19/04 Survivor Women Chuck Chad

Reality News Online 11/19/04 Strategic Overview of Survivor, Episode 10: Scout's Honor

Unofficial Survivor Guide 11/19/04 Girl Power: Chad Pulls Jury Duty

Reality News Online 11/19/04 Surviving Vanuatu, Episode 10: “I Just Don’t Like the Bitch”

Zap2It 11/18/04 'Survivor' Women Punch Out Hanging Chad

CBS 11/18/04 Another Man Falls, Chad Voted Out

Box Office Prophets 11/18/04 Survivor Vanuatu: Episode Eleven

WDJT 11/18/04 Local Survivor Contestant

Reality TV Calendar 11/18/04 Boot Prediction: Who Will Be The 2nd Jury Member?

Springfield News Sun 11/18/04 Can Chris Win Over the Women?

Calgary Sun 11/18/04 Survivor’s tour guide

Reality News Online 11/17/04 An "Insider" Look at Survivor: Vanuatu, Episode 10: But He's Not Bitter...

Reality Shack 11/17/04 Captain D's Boot Prediction - Survivor Vanuatu, Episode 10

Survivor Review 11/17/04 A Violent Storm

Reality TV World 11/17/04 'Survivor: Vanuatu' Episode 10 'State of the Spoiling'

Reality News Online 11/17/04 Survivor: Vanuatu, Episode 9 MVP: Winging It

Television Without Pity 11/17/04 Gender Wars...And It's Getting Ugly

Reality TV World 11/16/04 Survivor: Vanuatu - Episode 9 summary

SurvivorUpdates 11/16/04 The View from the Blimp - Our Panel Predicts - Episode 10

Reality News Online 11/16/04 Survivor: Vanuatu - Advice for the Remaining 8

Reality TV Calendar 11/15/04 Sarge, We Salute You

Reality News Online 11/15/04 Survivor: Vanuatu - Looking for a Few Good Characters

News Review 11/14/04 'Survivor sightings'

Survivor Review 11/14/04 Say It Ain't So, Sarge

Fans of Reality TV 11/14/04 Survivor Polynesian Pete Report: Sarge is Dismissed

SheKnows 11/14/04 Vecepia Towery-Robinson Episode 9: Chicken wings and bones...Sarge is gone!

Reality TV Talk 11/14/04 S9 Episode 9 Recap "Escape From Estrogen City"

Deseret News 11/14/04 Females proving fittest during latest 'Survivor'

The Trades 11/13/04 Survivor: Vanuatu - Episode 9 - Plenty of Bones About It

Register Guard 11/13/04 Former 'Survivor' stars to dig in for skate park

Fans Of Reality TV 11/13/04 Survivor:Vanuatu Standing in the Shadows - Week 9

Survivor Review 11/13/04 Pecking Order

Reality TV Calendar 11/13/04 Shifting Alliances: Episode 10 Preview 11/13/04 Poetic Recap Episode 9

Reality TV Calendar 11/13/04 Why Sarge Got The Boot

SurvivorUpdates 11/13/04 Episode 9 - Skulls, Bones & Little Piggies

CBS NY 11/13/04 Survivor Analysis of Episode 9: "Just Open the Door..."

Phoenixville News 11/13/04 Hundreds flock to try out for popular show

Miami Herald 11/12/04 Sarge Dismissed From 'Survivor'

Xtvworld 11/12/04 Survivor Winner Tackles New Challenge

Reality Shack 11/12/04 No Bones About It - Survivor: Vanuatu, Episode 9

Reality TV World 11/11/04 Lea "Sarge" Masters becomes the tenth castaway to be booted from 'Survivor: Vanuatu'

Reality TV Calendar 11/12/04 Girl Power Rules: Episode 9 Recap 11/12/04 - Survivor 11/12: Estro-Fest and Chicken Bones!

KVAL 11/12/04 Survivor Visit

Reality News Online 11/12/04 Strategic Overview of Survivor, Episode 9: Strategic Genius?

Journal Times Online 11/12/04 Local contestant still in contention on TV's `Survivor'

Daily Orange 11/12/04 Survivor watch

Phoenixville Phoenix 11/12/04 Tryouts today for 'Survivor'

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News Articles 10/1/04 to 10/31/04


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National Post 10/22/04 Still a survivor

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News Review 10/18/04 'Boston Rob' backs out of 'Survivor' show

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Survivor Review 10/17/04 I'm All Shook Up

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Reality TV Calendar 10/15/04 Drop Your Buffs - Episode 5 Recap

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Reality News Online 10/15/04 Strategic Overview of Survivor, Episode 5: Pickers Can't Be Choosers

Unofficial Survivor Guide 10/15/04 Surprise! New Yasur says "buh-bye" to Bubba

Reality News Online 10/15/04 Surviving Vanuatu, Episode 5: Just Give Me a Signal!

CBS 10/15/04 Tribal Shuffle: Bubba Booted

Box Office Prophets 10/15/04 Survivor Vanuatu: Episode Five

Springfield News Sun 10/15/04 Chris Sticks Around for Another Episode

Zap2It 10/14/04 Island Rumble Jumbles 'Survivor' Tribes

CBS 10/14/04 Bubba Booted Out

Fans of Reality TV 10/14/04 Paulie's Precaps, Episode 5: Nerf Cakes In Shaped Cups

WSAW 10/14/04 Leann Survives Again!

CBS 10/14/04 Buh-Bye To The FBI Guy

Reality TV Calendar 10/14/04 Boot Prediction Number 5

Reality TV World 10/14/04 Survivor: Vanuatu - Episode 4 summary

Reality News Online 10/14/04 An "Insider" Look at Survivor: Vanuatu, Episode 4: Feudin' and Fussin'

Reality Shack 10/14/04 captainD's Boot Prediction - Survivor Vanuatu, Episode 5

Springfield News Sun 10/14/04 Chris or Rory may be on way out tonight

Des Moines Register 10/14/04 Iowan makes a friend on island

The Star Phoenix 10/13/04 Casino event features Survivor's Boneham

Survivor Review 10/13/04 Switch-A-Roo

Reality News Online 10/13/04 “What a Helpless Feeling!”: An Interview with Survivor’s J.P.

Reality TV World 10/13/04 'Survivor: Vanuatu' Episode 5 'State of the Spoiling'

Reality News Online 10/13/04 Survivor: Vanuatu – Advice for the Remaining 13

Reality TV Calendar 10/12/04 Episode 5 Preview 10/12/04 Lesbians, Femininity, and Survivor

Reality News Online 10/12/04 Survivor: Vanuatu, Episode 4 MVPs: Native Talent

SurvivorUpdates 10/11/04 The View from the Blimp - Our Panel Predicts -Episode 5

Television Without Pity 10/11/04 Now That's A Reward 10/11/04 Poetic Recap

Reality News Online 10/11/2004 Survivor: Vanuatu - Who Gets No Respect? 10/11/04 The More Things Stay the Same

Reality TV Talk 10/10/04 Survivor 9 Epsiode 4 Recap "Sugar Cane Fairy Danced in Their Beds"

Fans Of Reality TV 10/10/04 Standing In The Shadows - Week 4

Survivor Review 10/10/04 Momentum Shift

Fans Of Reality TV 10/9/04 Survivor: Polynesian Pete Report (Day 9) - Lopevi knows how to Pagong

Des Moines Register 10/8/04 Rory survives another tribal council

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Survivor Review 10/8/04 The Ladies Get A Real Man

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Reality Shack 10/8/04 Da Da Da - Survivor: Vanuatu, Episode 4

Reality TV Calendar 10/8/04 Dah Pays A Visit: Episode 4 Recap

Reality TV World 10/8/04 Brady Finta becomes fifth contestant to be booted from 'Survivor: Vanuatu'

Reality News Online 10/8/04 Survivor: Vanuatu – Why Brady Lost

Reality TV Calendar 10/8/04 Spoiler Report #4 - The Final 9 Revealed? by The Spoiler Queen

Reality TV Calendar 10/8/04 Why Brady Lost by The Spoiler Queen

CBS 2 10/8/04 Bon Voyage, Brady!

Reality News Online 10/8/04 Strategic Overview of Survivor, Episode 4: Brother, Can You Spare a Clue?

Reality News Online 10/8/04 Surviving Vanuatu, Episode 4: Momentum Is a Funny Thing

Box Office Prophets 10/8/04 Survivor Vanuatu: Episode Four

Daily Orange 10/8/04 Despite rift with Lisa, Orlins hangs on

Springfield News Sun 10/8/04 Daugherty Survives on TV Game

Zap2It 10/7/04 Brady-less Bunch: 'Survivor' Men Eliminate Another Threat

Unofficial Survivor Guide 10/7/04 Agent Compromised: Brady Voted Out

Press-Gazette 10/7/04 Rupert’s looking for a game-day date

CBS 10/7/04 Disarray On Survivor Island

Reality TV Calendar 10/7/04 Boot Prediction #4 Immunity? Reward? Who's Going Home?

Reality Reel 10/7/04 Survivor Vanuatu: A Double Tribal Council and Another Cutie Gone

Fans of Reality TV 10/7/04 Paulie's Precaps, Ep 4: Prowl Back To Sea Guard

Reality News Online 10/7/04 Survivor: Vanuatu, Episode 3 MVPs: All About Immunity

Emediawire 10/7/04 Survivor Christa's Fashion Success and Holiday Gifts That Give Back 10/7/04 Unpopular Rory needs reality check

Register Guard 10/7/04 Fund-raiser gets real with stars from `Survivor'

Beatrice Daily Sun 10/7/04 'Survivor' fundraiser set for Pawnee athletics

News Review 10/7/04 Third 'Survivor' to attend skate park fund-raiser

Reality News Online 10/7/04 An "Insider" Look at Survivor: Vanuatu, Episode 3: The Inside of My Eyelids

Press-Gazette 10/6/04 ‘Survivor’s’ Rupert coming to Green Bay

KLTV 10/6/04 Women's Night Out Attracts "Survivor" Hunk, Women

Survivor Review 10/6/04 Now That's A Reward 10/6/04 Battle of the Burnett’s

Reality Shack 10/6/04 captainD's Boot Prediction - Survivor Vanuatu, Episode 4

Reality TV World 10/6/04 'Survivor: Vanuatu' Episode 4 'State of the Spoiling'

Reality TV Talk 10/6/04 Survivor Episode 3 Recap “Tell Me Again Why Dolly Was Voted Out”

Reality News Online 10/6/04 Survivor: Vanuatu – Advice for the Remaining 14

Television Without Pity 10/6/04 Double Tribal, Double Trouble

Reality News Online 10/5/04 “I Was Not Afraid to Speak My Mind”: An Interview with Survivor: Vanuatu’s Mia

Reality TV Calendar 10/5/04 Why Mia and JP Lost by RTVC's Spoiler Queen

Reality News Online 10/5/04 Survivor: Vanuatu – Mama Mia, Loud Enough for Ya?

SurvivorUpdates 10/4/04 The View from the Blimp - Our Panel Predicts -Episode 4

Fans of Reality TV 10/4/04 Hey, You Talkin' To Mia? (Episode 3 recap)

Fans of Reality TV 10/4/04 Standing in the Shadows, Week 3 10/4/04 - Survivor Contest - Week 4

Reality News Online 10/4/04 Strategic Overview of Survivor, Episode 3: Switches and Turns

Survivor Review 10/3/04 One Good Turn Deserves Another

SheKnows 10/2/04 Vecepia Towery-Robinson Episode 3 – The Power of Two

Red Herrings & Sticky Wickets 10/2/04 Survivor 9 Episode 3 AMAI-Recap "Dead Man Walking, Dead Girl Squawking"

Survivor Review 10/2/04 Double Trouble

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Miami Herald 10/2/04 Two Bounced From 'Survivor: Vanuatu'

Reality Reel 10/1/04 Survivor: Vanuatu: Dolly or clone?

SurvivorUpdates 10/1/04 Survivor 9—Episode 3 -Casualties of War

SurvivorWeb 10/1/04 CJ Blake Presents: Bitches and Brawn

SurvivorWeb 10/1/04 Honest Achmed: Men Are From Mars, Women Talk Too Much

Northwest Indiana Times 10/1/04 Hobart man's fame snuffed out

Marion Star 10/1/04 A Survivor's Ministry

Reality News Online 10/1/04 Survivor: Vanuatu – Why Mia Lost

Reality TV World 10/1/04 John Palyok and Mia Galeotalanza get booted from 'Survivor: Vanuatu'

The Trades 10/1/04 Survivor: Vanuatu - Episode 3

California Aggie Online 10/1/04 The ultimate survivor

Reality Shack 10/1/04 Dead Man Walking - Survivor: Vanuatu, Episode 3

Unofficial Survivor Guide 10/1/04 Episode 3 discussion - Seeya, Mia...So Long, John

Reality News Online 10/1/04 Survivor: Vanuatu – Why John P. Lost

Gary Post Tribune 10/1/04 The tribe speaks: Hobart native off the island

Springfield News Sun 10/1/04 Survivor Update

Zap2It 10/1/04 'Survivor: Vanuatu:' John's Gone and See Ya Mia

Box Office Prophets 10/1/04 Survivor Vanuatu: Episode Three

CBS 10/1/04 Lopevi Sacrifices John P; Mia Voted Out Of Yasur

Reality News Online 10/1/04 Surviving Vanuatu, Episode 3: The Generation Gap – Times Two


News Articles 9/16/04 to 9/30/04


CBS 9/30/04 Survivor: This Time, It's Two

Fans of Reality TV 9/30/04 Paulie's Precaps, Ep 3: Bubble Sky Doll Rubble Tumble

Deseret News 9/30/04 It's tough when 'reality' is over

Reality TV Calendar 9/30/04 Boot Prediction #3 from the Spoiler Queen

Reality News Online 9/30/04 An "Insider" Look at Survivor: Vanuatu, Episode 2: It's a Cold, Cold World

Des Moines Register 9/30/04 Iowan remains . . . but for how long?

Springfield News Sun 9/30/04 Survivor update: Chris hanks on, sheep farmer out

Survivor Review 9/29/04 Episode 3 Boot Picks

Reality Shack 9/29/04 captainD's Boot Prediction - Survivor Vanuatu, Episode 3

CBS 9/29/04 Dolly Had A Big Mouth

Television Without Pity 9/29/04 Burly Girls, Bowheads, Young Studs and the Old Bunch

Reality TV World 9/29/04 'Survivor: Vanuatu' Episode 3 'State of the Spoiling'

Reality News Online 9/29/04 Survivor: Vanuatu, Episode 2 MVPs: Respect Your Elders

The Daily Orange 9/28/04 Zohn assists AIDS victims

WHIO 9/28/04 The Great Pumpkin Fest: Featuring Rupert From Survivor

Reality News Online 9/28/04 “The Strong Members of a Male Tribe Seem to Have a Disadvantage”: An Interview with Brook

Reality News Online 9/28/04 Survivor Vanuatu - Advice for the Remaining 16

Fans of Reality TV 9/27/04 Survivor Recap Week 2: Shear Factor

SurvivorUpdates 9/27/04 The View from the Blimp - Our Panel Predicts -Episode 3

Reality TV World 9/27/04 Second 'Survivor: Vanuatu' episode once again defeats 'Joey', draws 19.1 million viewers

Reality TV Calendar 9/27/04 Double Boot - Episode 3 Preview

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Reality TV World 9/26/04 Survivor: Vanuatu - Episode 2 summary

Survivor Review 9/26/04 Smooth Move

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NoPointNecessary 9/25/04 S9 Recap Ep 2 "Hatch & Hawk? The Checks Are In The Mail"

Chicago Sun-Times 9/25/04 Band loses 'Survivor' trademark fight

SheKnows 9/25/04 Vecepia Towery-Robinson Episode 2 - Nice girls finish last

Survivor Review 9/25/04 Honoring the Spirits

Reality News Online 9/25/04 Survivor: Vanuatu – Goodbye, Dolly, Was Your Ouster Folly?

SurvivorUpdates 9/25/04 Tribal Voice: Episode 2 - Lea leads, Rory rages, Dolly dithers

Post Gazette 9/25/04 Dolly booted for not being a schemer

TV is King 9/24/04 Survivor is Back in Vanuatu

Gary Post Tribune 9/24/04 Hobart native survives new round of reality TV show

Fans Of Reality T.V. 9/24/04 Polynesian Pete Report (Day 6) - Good Bye Dolly!

SurvivorUpdates 9/24/04 S9-Episode 2 -Dolly Fleeced 9/24/04 Poetic Recaps

Reality Reel 9/24/04 Double Tribal Council This Thursday On Survivor!

Unofficial Survivor Guide 9/24/04 Episode 2 discussion - Dolly Gets Sheared

CBS2 9/24/04 Analysis of Episode 2: “Clowns To The Left Of Me, Jokers To The Right…”

Reality TV Calendar 9/24/04 Why Dolly Lost by the Spoiler Queen - Cari C.

WPVI 9/24/04 PA Farm Girl Booted from "Survivor"

Reality TV World 9/24/04 Dolly Neely becomes second contestant to be booted from 'Survivor: Vanuatu'

Reality News Online 9/24/04 Survivor: Vanuatu – Why Dolly Lost

CBS 9/24/04 Survivor: Goodbye, Dolly!

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