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News Articles 9/1/01 to 9/30/01


Herald Sun 9/28/01 Friends, family: Duke grad’s a ‘Survivor’

Zap2It 9/27/01 Survivor Presents "Survivor, Countdown to Africa"

Santa Cruz Sentinel 9/27/01 Resident will prove himself on ‘Survivor’

Star Gazette 9/26/01 Schuyler man vies for $1 million on 'Survivor'

Washington Post 9/26/01 Plumper 'Survivor 3' Cast Goes Hungry in Africa

Zap2It 9/26/01 'Survivor's' Probst Talks About Africa Edition

Oakland Press 9/26/01 Newest Detroit-area castaway joins 'Survivor'

Go Memphis 9/26/01 G'town native in tribe on wild Survivor game No. 3

Lincoln Journal Star 9/26/01 It's confirmed: Lincolnite a 'Survivor'

Roanoke Times 9/26/01 Rich Valley farmer a contestant on popular TV show

Orlando Sentinel 9/26/01 2 Floridians in cast for third `Survivor' series

CBS Early Show 9/26/01 Michael Skupin: A True Survivor

Zap2It 9/25/01 CBS Introduces 'Survivor: Africa' Cast

Zap2It 9/25/01 Skupin Survives Crash Landing

Michigan Live 9/24/01 `Survivor II' star and family escape crash with minor injuries

Zap2It 9/24/01 'Survivor 4' Moves From Jordan to Tahiti

Sharon Herald 9/24/01 Freedom Fund banquet will feature a survivor

Zap2It 9/24/01 Hatch Found Guilty of Assaulting Ex

Reality News Online 9/24/01 Survivor 2 DVD: Was it Worth the Wait?

Technique 9/21/01 CBS prepares for "Survivor: Africa"

Zap2It 9/10/01 'Survivor' Emmys No Surprise to Poll Voters

Zap2It 9/9/01 'Survivor' Grabs Two Emmys

Zap2It 9/8/01 CBS and FOX Settle 'Boot Camp' Lawsuit

Oakland Press 9/6/01 Another 'Survivor' link to Oakland?

Reality News Online 9/6/01 Episode 26: Survivors Beat Houseguests at Their Own Game

Go Memphis 9/5/01 Local hunk looks good to be player on Survivor

Detroit Free Press 9/3/01 Chef Keith Famie bound for Sunday's Emmy show

Lincoln Journal Star 9/2/01 The tribe has asked: Is Lincolnite a 'Survivor'?


News Articles 8/1/01 to 8/31/01


Zap2It 8/30/01 CBS Adds 'Survivor' Special

Zap2It 8/30/01 CBS Plans 'Big Brother'/'Survivor' Challenge

Washington Post 8/30/01 Battle of the Reality Shows

USA Today 8/29/01 No immunity to ingenuity Fan enlists satellite to scope out African site

Reality News Online 8/29/01 Playboy Web Chat with Jerri Shows More of True Personality 8/28/01 They Made it Through the Survivor Cut - Maybe

USA Today 8/28/01 Scouting the new 'Survivor' location

Mac Central 8/27/01 MacSoft to publish Survivor game

Digital Spy 8/26/01 Survivor 3 cast revealed?

Detroit Free Press 8/25/01 Gang of 'Survivor' alums to gather at the Palace

Reality New Online 8/25/01 Reality Show Heroes

Zap2It 8/24/01 'Survivor 4' Headed to Jordan?

Zap2It 8/23/01 Website Reveals 'Survivor 3' Contestants

USA Today 8/23/01 Legal woes postpone Hatch's 'Date'

Zap2It 8/23/01 Hatch's 'Blind Date' Postponed

Milwaukee Journal 8/23/01 'Survivor' Chef to Air Cooking Show

The Oregonian 8/22/01 Ellipsiiis Brain Trust scores well

CBS 8/22/01 Survivor Winner Pleads Innocent

Zap2It 8/22/01 Hatch Explains (Away) Arrest

The Smoking Gun 8/22/01 Hatch Busted

Cincinnati Enquirer 8/21/01 Close call with Survivor

Zap2It 8/21/01 Hatch Arrest on Domestic Abuse Charges -- Again 8/17/01 Booted Survivor Contestant Aims to Depose CBS President Among Others

Zap2It 8/16/01 Part of 'Survivor' Winner's Lawsuit Thrown Out

BBC 8/16/01 Composer sues over Survivor theme

Zap2It 8/15/01 Richard Hatch Looks for Love on 'Blind Date'

Zap2It 8/15/01 'Survivor' Song Hits a Sour Note

Reality News Online 8/15/01 Jerri in Playboy: Outer Beauty, Inner B****

CNN 8/14/01 'Survivor' host Probst turns director

Zap2It 8/14/01 Wesson Enjoying 'Survivor' Prize

Reality News Online 8/14/01 Redefining Standards: Evil on Reality TV

Gamespot 8/13/01 First look: Survivor

USA Today 8/13/01 Survivor outplays arthritis

SF Chronicle 8/12/01 Are minorities treated unfairly on 'Survivor,' 'Big Brother' and other shows?

Zap2It 8/8/01 Lady Godiva Among 'Survivor 3' Contestants?

The Oregonian 8/8/01 Top secret: Guess who's on the next 'Survivor'?

Zap2It 8/7/01 Probst Feels the Sting of 'Survivor: Africa'

Detroit News 8/7/01 Skupin to skip a showdown with Levin

Oakland Press 8/6/01 Tigers game throws local chef, 'survivor' star curveball

Zap2It 8/3/01 Website Zeros In On 'Survivor' Camp

Digital Spy 8/3/01 Survivor 3: location revealed?

Zap2It 8/2/01 'West Wing,' 'Survivor' Take Family Television Honors


News Articles 7/1/01 to 7/31/01


CBS 7/30/01 Barely Out Of The Outback

Zap2It 7/30/01 Celebrity Survivor: Yes or No?

Digital Spy 7/28/01 Survivor 3 to premiere October; fourth to follow in March

Kansas City Star 7/27/01 Survivor' standout is ready to take his shot at Tinseltown

Zwire 7/26/01 CBS Scrap Celebrity Survivor

USA Today 7/26/01 'Survivor' Jerri forms alliance with 'Playboy'

Gist 7/26/01 Surprises for Survivor: Africa

Buffalo News 7/25/01 CBS exec reveals new wrinkle in 'Survivor: Africa'

Seattle PI 7/25/01 Next two 'Survivor' series already scheduled

Milwaukee Journal 7/24/01 New 'Survivor' isn't far away

Zap2It 7/24/01 'Survivor: Africa' Gets October Premiere; 'Survivor' Four in March

Wichita Eagle 7/22/01 Life after 'Survivor'

Press Telegram 7/22/01 Cattle called for 'Survivor'

Zap2It 7/19/01 'Survivor' Prompts New Australian Animal Rights Code 7/19/01 Reality TV triggers animal care code

Post Gazette 7/19/01 'Survivor IV' auditions tomorrow

Zap2It 7/17/01 'Survivor's' Tina is Local Dairy Queen

Las Vegas Review Journal 7/17/01 Susan Hawk seeks her next adventure in Las Vegas

Zap2It 7/14/01 'Survivor's' Tina Goes to Extremes for HGTV

KPHO 7/13/01 Survivor 4 Casting Call in Phoenix!

San Francisco Chronicle 7/12/01 'Survivor' Rudy has new role

Washington Post 7/11/01 Rudy Boesch Sticks to His Guns in Q&A

Zap2It 7/10/01 Australian Animal Rights Group Analyzes 'Survivor' Slaying

USA Today 7/9/01 'Survivor 3' sets off on African safari

The Oklahoman 7/6/01 Legislator survives TV show's rejection

Indian Express 7/3/01 AXN’s Survivor taken off air as animal rights groups cry foul

BBC 7/3/01 Didgeridoo players 'sue Survivor'


News Articles 6/1/01 to 6/30/01


Detroit News 6/30/01 CBS takes applications for Amazon 'Survivor'

Zap2It 6/28/01 CBS Casting 'Survivor 4'

Jam! 6/28/01 Casting call for 'Survivor 4'

Africa Online 6/28/01 "Survivor" heads into controversy in Kenya

Wired 6/28/01 Survivor Wrecking Kenyan Reserve?

Cincinnati Enquirer 6/28/01 'Survivor' Rodger to go on tour

Zap2It 6/28/01 'Survivor's' Colby Prefers Hot Rods to Aztek

BBC 6/27/01 Survivor heads to Africa

Washington Post 6/27/01 'Survivor' Going to Kenya

CBS 6/26/01 Countdown To 'Survivor III'

Zap2It 6/26/01 CBS Confirms New 'Survivor' Site

CBS 6/26/01 Surviving Lawsuits

Channel Cincinnati 6/26/01 'Kentucky Joe' Survives Radio Gig

Reality News Online 6/26/01 Monday's Court Decision a "Major Setback" for CBS

Detroit News 6/26/01 What does Skupin bring to the table?

Deseret News 6/26/01 Will 2002 Games face 'Survivor'?

Reality News Online 6/26/01 Survivor Amber in Stuff Magazine: Less Clothes, More Makeup

Zap2It 6/25/01 Judge Says Stacey Didn't Breach 'Survivor' Contract

PR Newswire 6/25/01 The Rice Man Cometh

Oklahoman 6/24/01 Edmond legislator hopes to show 'Survivor' skills 6/23/01 A Conversation With Mitchell Olson from Survivor 2

Detroit Free Press 6/23/01 "Survivor" Skupin seems serious about run for Senate

Zap2It 6/22/01 'Survivor's' Jenna Rocks Across America

BBC 6/22/01 Chinese reality TV attracts thousands

Oakland Press 6/22/01 Oakland 'Survivor II' contestant shows off his rice cooking skills

Milwaukee Journal 6/22/01 Chinese TV Readies 'Survivor' Clone

Daily Camera 6/22/01 'Survivor' champ to teach in Boulder
TV Insite 6/20/01 Moonves recruits for Celebrity Survivor

Zap2It 6/20/01 Manthey Takes It Off For Playboy

Reality News Online 6/20/01 Survivor Satire: All Strung Out on the Island

Reality News Online 6/18/01 Rich Hatch's Appearance with Son on Sally Clears Up Nothing

Zap2It 6/18/01 'Survivor' Host Jeff Probst's Film Named Seattle's Best

Sunday Times 6/17/01 Bunny-hugger attacks Survivor's pig-killer

Sports Hollywood 6/16/01 10 Questions with Kel Gleason

Seattle Times 6/16/01 'Survivor' host's home with a film of his own 

Zap2It 6/15/01 Reporter's Notes Subpoenaed in 'Survivor' Case

Zap2It 6/15/01 Amber Calls 'Survivor' Suit 'Upsetting'

USA Today 6/15/01 The 'Stuff' that Amber's dreams are made of

Zap2It 6/15/01 Judge Refuses To Dismiss 'Boot Camp' Suit

Gist 6/15/01 Survivor Skupin to Blaze Political Trail?

All Africa 6/14/01 Top US Show in Kenya

Oakland Press 6/14/01 Pundits say 'Survivor' star has shot at Senate seat

Channel Cincinnati 6/14/01 'Survivor' Amber Shows Her Stuff

Stingray Press Release 6/14/01 Investigative Reporter Fights CBS Deposition Subpoena

Net Music 6/14/01 Survivor Votes Britney Off First

Washington Post 6/14/01 The Pig Is Dead but the Squealing Hasn't Stopped

Zap2It 6/13/01 'Survivor's' Michael Attacked by Activist

Milwaukee Journal 6/13/01 Survivor Michael Attacked By Activist

Ananova 6/13/01 Animal rights group targets Survivor contestant

Detroit Free Press 6/13/01 'Survivor' castaway weighs a political challenge

Reality TV Online 6/12/01 Who Should Cover the Survivor Scandal?

Gist 6/12/01 Food Network Cooks Up Show for Keith

Click on Detroit 6/11/01 Chef Famie Cooking On Cable

Zap2It 6/11/01 'Survivor's' Keith Has a Taste for 'Adventure'

Detroit 6/11/01 Famie has TV career on the boil

Gist 6/11/01 VH1 Inks Survivor's Jenna

Zap2It 6/10/01 'Survivor's' Skupin for Senate

Reality News Online 6/7/01 Rudy Denies Prior Friendship with Burnett

Zap2It 6/5/01 Burnett Says ‘Survivor’ is ‘A Marketing Vehicle’

Augusta Chronicle 6/5/01 Can 'Survivor' contestant survive Rob Schneider?

Reality News Online 6/5/01 How Did the Chicago Tribune's Psychic Do in Survivor II Predictions?

CNN 6/4/01 'Survivor' Colleen hits big screen with 'Animal'

Milwaukee Journal 6/4/01 'Survivor' Colleen Falls Into Acting

Reality News Online 6/3/01 Dateline NBC Revisits Survivor Manipulation Allegations

Telegraph 6/3/01 Survivor game show based on public school

Kansas City Star 6/1/01 Former `Survivor' is now developing multimillion-dollar homes

CBS 6/1/01 'Survivor': I Felt Cheap And Used

San Francisco Chronicle 6/1/01 Evolution of a 'Survivor' also-ran

Oklahoman 6/1/01 'Survivor' guru tackles challenge of 'The Animal'

USA Today 6/1/01 Sugar cane and other 'Survivor' revelations


News Articles 5/1/01 to 5/31/01


Zap2It 5/31/01 Critics Nominate 'Buffy,' 'Survivor'

Reality News Online 5/31/01 Dateline NBC Will Revisit Survivor Allegations 5/31/01 Haskell Survives The Animal

Reality News Online 5/30/01 Dirk Says Mark Burnett Was Definitely 'Cheating'

Write News 5/29/01 Interview With Peter Lance

Zap2It 5/29/01 British TV Disappointed with 'Survivor'   Follow Survivor in the UK here

Zap2It 5/29/01 'Survivor' Rudy on Burnett: 'We're Friends'

CBS 5/25/01 Castaway: No Coercion

Zap2It 5/25/01 Been on 'Survivor': It's Not All Reality

Zap2It 5/25/01 'Survivor's' Been Testimony Made Public

Lubbock Online 5/25/01 Homegrown survivor heads back to high school

Zap2It 5/25/01 Dirk Denies Manipulation In "Survivor" Voting

Reporter News 5/25/01 `Survivor' star speaking at alma mater graduation in Texas hometown 5/23/01 Colleen Haskell Interview

Reality News Online 5/23/01 Survivor Colleen Plugs New Movie on Tonight Show

Reality News Online 5/22/01 Survivor Contestants Take on Rock & Roll Jeopardy

Zap2It 5/17/01 Court Upholds Counter-Suit Against Stillman

Reality News Online 5/17/01 British Survivor Scandal    Follow Survivor in the UK here

Zap2It 5/16/01 CBS Spoofs 'Survivor'

Reality News Online 5/16/01 The Unbelievable Bloombergini Looks Back, and Ahead

Reality News Online 5/15/01 Dateline's Survivor Story: How Real Is Real?

Star Telegram 5/14/01 It's not war, but this game is hell

Channel Cincinnati 5/14/01 Rodger 'Survives' Kings Island Crowd

Reality News Online 5/14/01 Dateline NBC to Air Piece on Survivor

Zap2It 5/12/01 'Survivor' 1 & 2: Let the Comparisons Begin

Zap2It 5/12/01 Eaton, Gleason Sound Off in 'Survivor' Special

Post Gazette 5/12/01 Survivor Hype

Zap2It 5/12/01 Face Time: Who's The Most Popular Survivor?

Time 5/11/01 'Survivor' and '60 Minutes' — Reality Programming that's not Really Real

Zap2It 5/11/01 Original 'Survivors' Vote Off Richard Hatch

Reality News Online 5/11/01 Which Survivor Is the Weakest Link?

Time 5/11/01 'Survivor' and '60 Minutes' — Reality Programming that's not Really Real

BBC 5/11/01 Fox: Survivor 'was faked'

Reality News Online 5/10/01 Surviving the Return Home

Zap2It 5/10/01 FOX Charges CBS' 'Survivor' Rigged

BBC 5/10/01 Survivor producer admits faking scenes

Reality News Online 5/9/01 Rosie's Survivor Showdown

Zap2It 5/9/01 Burnett Says Some Of 'Survivor' Staged

Washington Post 5/9/01 ABC Survives 'Survivor' to Stay on Top

Zap2It 5/8/01 'Survivor's' Amber Strips for Stuff

Zap2It 5/8/01 'Survivor's' Colby Gets His Harley

PR Newswire 5/8/01 Traffic for Survivor Web Site More Than Doubles First Run of Series

Zap2It 5/8/01 'Survivor' Finale Strands CBS at No. 1

Reality News Online 5/8/01 Surviving the Reunion

Zap2It 5/8/01 NBC Not Joining 'Survivor' Lawsuit

The Star 5/8/01 Product placement ads more noticeable in U.S. television shows

Augusta Chronicle 5/8/01 Contest winner saw herself in 'Survivor' pick

Milwaukee Journal 5/7/01 Suspense is secret of 'Survivor' success

Zap2It 5/7/01 NBC Joins Fight To Open 'Survivor' Testimony

San Francisco Chronicle 5/7/01 'Survivors' know how to milk image

Cnet 5/7/01 "Survivor" loses fans online

Wichita Eagle 5/7/01 'Survivor' finale is No. 3 show of year

Milwaukee Journal 5/6/01 Surviving 'Survivor' isn't that easy

Halifax Herald 5/6/01 It's not war, but Survivor was hell

Washington Post 5/5/01 'Survivor' Feeling A Bit Down Under

Tennessean 5/5/01 'Survivor' winner's edge was her drawl; Knoxville woman also chose ally wisely

Post Gazette 5/5/01 Survivor Hype

Post Gazette 5/5/01 Survivor: Admiration, not acrimony, flows among tribal members

Detroit News 5/5/01 Can Famie parlay his fame?

Time 5/4/01 Person of the Week - Tina Wesson

CBS 5/4/01 The Jury Speaks

Time 5/4/01 Person of the Week - Tina Wesson

Seattle PI 5/4/01 'Survivor' needs a strong dose of inspiration

San Francisco Chronicle 5/4/01 How Tina won on 'Survivor' Colby loses 4-3 tribe vote

CNN 5/4/01 'Survivor II': Tina wins the love fest

St. Petersburg Times 5/4/01 Tina’s strategy triumphs

Zap2It 5/4/01 The 'Survivors' Talk -- Oga-boring Indeed

Toronto Sun 5/4/01 Survivor III on Dark Continent

Zap2It 5/4/01 Tina and Colby's Hometowns Celebrate

Reality News Online 5/4/01 Why Colby Lost

Washington Post 5/4/01 Nice Guys Finish Second: The 'Survivor' Tribe Votes for Tina

Zap2It 5/4/01 Tina Praised as Arthritis Poster Survivor

Milwaukee Journal 5/4/01 Tina takes sweetness to victory

Reality News Online 5/4/01 Why Tina Won

Zap2It 5/4/01 'Survivor' Finale Reaches 41 Million

If Magazine 5/4/01 Cute Colleen From Survivor Fame Braves Rob Schneider in her First Feature

Zap2It 5/4/01 All 16 Survivors Do Letterman's Top Ten List

Zap2It 5/4/01 'Survivor' Finale Dominates Thursday Ratings

Time 5/4/01 'Survivor:' It's... Tina

Calgary Sun 5/4/01 'Survivor 2' concludes

Toronto Sun 5/4/01 'Survivor 2' cast reunite

Zap2It 5/4/01 Tina Edges Colby to Win 'Survivor' Prize

Louisville Channel 5/4/01 Sole 'Survivor' Reigns Triumphant

Reality News Online 5/3/01 Episode 14: Better Player or Better Person?

CNN 5/3/01 It's Tina 5/3/01 And The Winner Is ...

Reality News Online 5/3/01 Why Keith Lost

Michigan Live 5/3/01 Michigan's Skupin: Not a survivor

Zap2It 5/3/01 Celebrity 'Survivor' Just a Pipe Dream?

St. Petersburg Times 5/3/01 Who survives? It's a surprise

Reality News Online 5/3/01 Survivor Pre-Finale Wrap-Up

Time 5/3/01 Colby, Keith or Tina?

Halifax Herald 5/3/01 Survivor showdown

USA Today 5/3/01 Outback Oracle

Toledo Blade 5/3/01 ‘Survivor’ winner to be picked tonight

Sun Spot 5/3/01 Winner to be revealed in tonight's 'Survivor' finale

Zap2It 5/3/01 'Survivor 3' Headed for Africa?

Seattle Times 5/3/01 'Survivor': G-bye mates...but probably not forever

CNN 5/3/01 'Survivor' signing off today

USA Today 5/3/01 'Outback' obsessives have plenty of company

Washington Post 5/3/01 'Survivor': Please Resuscitate

Oklahoman 5/3/01 Jig's up: Pick the 'Survivor'

USA Today 5/3/01 'Outback' obsessives have plenty of company

Zap2It 5/2/01 Fans Pick Colby As Ultimate Survivor Winner

Zap2It 5/2/01 Elisabeth Describes Life of 'Survivor' Jury

Toronto Sun 5/2/01 Elisabeth wins the Letterman couch challenge

Gist 5/2/01 Early Prize for Survivor Winner

Zap2It 5/2/01 Survivors Show Up For The Late Show

Film Threat 5/2/01 Erotic Survivor

Reality News Online 5/2/01 What Happened to

Zap2It 5/2/01 'Survivor' Court Battle Heats Up

Zwire 5/2/01 Fans to flock Commons for ‘Survivor’ soiree

Zap2It 5/2/01 'Survivor's' Gervase Gets All Soaped Up

Seattle PI 5/1/01 Reasons to love 'Survivor II'

USA Today 5/1/01 Castaways hope to survive Madison Ave.

San Francisco Chronicle 5/1/01 'Survivor' deserted again

Reality News Online 5/1/01 The Unbelievable Bloombergini Strikes Again!


News Articles 4/8/01 to 4/30/01


Zap2It 4/30/01 Survivor Winner To Appear On The Early Show

Zap2It 4/30/01 Survivors Play Weakest Link

Calgary Sun 4/29/01 A look back on the highs and lows of Outback life

Post Gazette 4/28/01 Survivor Hype

Milwaukee Journal 4/28/01 'Survivor II' Thumbnail Sketches

Milwaukee Journal 4/28/01 Past Paving the Way for Reality TV

Washington Post 4/27/01 'Survivor' Contestants Now Down to Final Three

Zap2It 4/27/01 Survivor Preview (5/10)

Zap2It 4/27/01 'Survivor's' Elisabeth Played Clean; Disliked Keith

Reality News Online 4/27/01 Survivor: TV Guide Hits the High Points

Calgary Sun 4/27/01 Amber in the radar

Detroit Free Press 4/27/01 'Survivor' pares to 3

Seattle Times 4/27/01 Empty feeling: 'Survivor,' Robert Downey

CSM 4/27/01 Behind "Survivor"; artist finds music in "Song"

Washington Post 4/27/01 The Winner? Elementary, Watson. 4/26/01 Whipped Cream And Other Delights

Time 4/26/01 The Sugar is Dead. Long Live the Spice.

Milwaukee Journal 4/26/01 Elisabeth tossed out of Outback

Zap2It 4/26/01 'Survivor' Sweetheart Sent Home

Reality News Online 4/26/01 Why Elisabeth Lost

Louisville Channel 4/26/01 'Survivor' Contestants Pared To Three

Reality News Online 4/26/01 Surviving the Outback, Episode 13: One Down, Three to Go

USA Today 4/26/01 Outback Oracle

Halifax Herald 4/26/01 And then there were four . . .

Zap2It 4/25/01 CBS Extends 'Survivor' Run for Second Time

Gist 4/25/01 Cutthroat Island — Not!

Reality News Online 4/25/01 The Unbelievable Bloombergini Wins Round I of Prediction Battle!

The Louisville Channel 4/24/01 Rodger Survives David Letterman

Reality News Online 4/24/01 Could Survivor Photo Have Been Doctored?

Zap2It 4/24/01 'Survivor's' Kenniff Looks for Perfect Match

Zap2It 4/24/01 Web Users Insist Colby Out Next

Washington Post 4/24/01 Young and the Ruthless: 'Survivor 2's' Jerri Guests on Soap

News-Enterprise 4/23/01 Ode to Kentucky Joe

Augusta Chronicle 4/23/01 'Survivor 2': Jerri's good and bad dreams

Zap2It 4/23/01 The Final Four Are Homesick (4/26 Preview)

Gist 4/23/01 Survivor's Jerri Traumatized

Toledo Blade 4/23/01 The truth is not a defense on ‘Survivor’

Zap2It 4/23/01 Las Vegas Bookies Bet On 'Survivor's' Colby

Zap2It 4/23/01 'Survivor's' Jerri Lands Guest Spot on CBS Soap

Post Gazette 4/21/01 Survivor Hype

Star Ledger 4/21/01 'Survivor III' wannabes show their stuff at Great Adventure 4/20/01 Leave It To Beaver

Washington Post 4/20/01 Theories Surround 'Survivor' Winner

Zap2It 4/20/01 NBC Leaves Out 'Survivor'

Zap2It 4/20/01 'Survivor's' Rodger Tried to Turn Colby

Gist 4/20/01 Cutthroat Island — Not!

Zap2It 4/20/01 Survivor Mania on the Early Show

Louisville Channel 4/20/01 Gallant Rodger Bows Out

Texas West 4/20/01 Immunity victory lands Christoval’s Colby in final four

Time 4/19/01 'Survivor': Farewell, My Old Kentucky Joe

Channel 6000 4/19/01 One 'Survivor' Sacrifices Self, Is Ousted

CBS News 4/19/01 Nice Guy Rodger Finishes Last

Milwaukee Journal 4/19/01 Teacher wanted six more days

Zap2It 4/19/01 Rodger Out of 'Survivor'; Keith Engaged

Reality News Online 4/19/01 Episode 12: Who Makes the Final Four?

Louisville Channel 4/19/01 One 'Survivor' Sacrifices Self, Is Ousted

Reality News Online 4/19/01 Why Rodger Lost

Louisville Channel 4/19/01 'Survivor' Tonight: Who Won't Make It?


News Articles 4/1/01 to 4/30/01


Zap2It 4/18/01 Colby Still Picked To Go By Web Users

Chicago Tribune 4/18/01 Surviving Survivor

Toledo Blade 4/18/01 Survivor's Amber proved her mettle

CBS 4/17/01 Final Vote Is In - But Not Counted

CNN 4/17/01 'Survivor' winds down, hype ramps up

Zap2It 4/17/01 CBS Floods Weekly Ratings with 'Survivor'

Zap2It 4/17/01 Probst Puts 'Survivor' Sex Rumors to Rest

USA Today 4/17/01 Which 'Survivor' is not the 'Weakest Link'?

Zap2It 4/16/01 A Reward Challenge Lifts Spirits On Survivor

Zap2It 4/16/01 Emmys Decides To Preview One 'Survivor'

Milwaukee Journal 4/16/01 Hated survivor Manthey doesn't mind paying fame's price

Post Gazette 4/14/01 Not-quite-forever-Amber

Zap2It 4/13/01 Brkich Open to Posing For Playboy

Zap2It 4/13/01 CBS Confirms Outbackers Don't Know Who the Winner Is

The Louisville Channel 4/13/01 'Kentucky Joe' Survives Close Call

Milwaukee Journal 4/13/01 'Survivor's' Amber Learns From Error

Zap2It 4/13/01 Brkich Out On 'Survivor'

Post Gazette 4/13/01 'Survivor' waives Amber

Zap2It 4/13/01 'Survivor,' Basketball Bounce CBS to Win 4/12/01 Save The Drama For Your Mama

Time 4/12/01 On A Very Stormy 'Survivor,' the Placid One Goes Gently

Channel 6000 4/12/01 'Survivor': Weary Contestant Ousted, Relieved

Louisville Channel 4/12/01 'Survivor': Weary Contestant Ousted, Relieved

CBS News 4/12/01 Amber Gets Blackballed

Reality TV Online 4/12/01 Survivor: Why Amber Lost

Milwaukee Journal 4/12/01 Amber packs up, moves on

Reality TV Online 4/12/01 Surviving the Outback, Episode 11: Water, Water Everywhere

Zap2It 4/12/01 'Survivor' Winner Announced

Zap2It 4/12/01 Two-Hour Finale of Survivor

Detroit Free Press 4/12/01 Youngsters tune in for outback antics

Zap2It 4/12/01 'Survivor's' Dirk Testifies

Zap2It 4/12/01 'Hollywood Squares' Lines Up 'Survivor: Outback' Week

Augusta Chronicle 4/12/01 'Survivor' hopefuls ham it up for camera

S.F.Chronicle 4/12/01 Gaga Over 'Survivor' Hudson, husband show up at open audition in L.A.

Zap2It 4/11/01 'Hollywood Squares' Lines Up 'Survivor: Outback' Week

Guardian Unlimited 4/11/01 Kate Hudson seeks part on TV's Survivor

Zap2It 4/11/01 'Survivor's' Elisabeth Engaged

Zap2It 4/11/01 Viewers Say Colby Next on 'Survivor'

BBC 4/11/01 Reality TV goes to war

Post Gazette 4/11/01 'Survivor's' Jeff says Amber is shrewd player

Post Gazette 4/11/01 'Survivor' hopefuls ready to try anything

Zap2It 4/10/01 CBS Sues FOX Over 'Boot Camp'

Zap2It 4/9/01 Mother Nature Flexes Her Muscle on Survivor (4/12 Preview)

Zap2It 4/9/01 'Survivors' Help Out Real Survivors

Augusta Chronicle 4/9/01 'Survivor' main man does Borneo

Milwaukee Journal 4/8/01 'Survivor' competes to keep 15 minutes of fame

Gist 4/8/01 Fighting Nature Instead of Each Other

Post Gazette 4/7/01 Survivor Hype

Seattle Times 4/7/01 'Survivor' chips away local contender

Zap2It 4/6/01 'Survivor' Continues To Lead CBS To Success

Zap2It 4/6/01 Nick: I'm Not That Lazy

Time 4/6/01 Nick, the Devil and the Trouble With Paradise

Zap2It 4/6/01 Manthey's Loss Doesn't Hurt as 'Survivor' Overwhelms NBC

Texas West 4/6/01 ‘Survivors’ give up flag shelter for food

Seattle PI 4/6/01 Local boy Nick cast out of 'Survivor'

Calgary Sun 4/6/01 And then there were six

Zap2It 4/6/01 Episode 11: Would You Sell Your Soul for a Can of Rice?

Zap2It 4/5/01 Nick Ousted on 'Survivor'

News Record 4/5/01 Survivor Watch

Zap2It 4/5/01 Manthey Willing to Pose For Playboy

Zap2It 4/5/01 Who's The Latest Victim On 'Survivor'?

Zap2Iy 4/5/01 Users Say Nick Next Off 'Survivor'

Washington Post 4/5/01 Flunking the Coral Exam: The 'Survivor' Producer's Shell Game?

Zap2It 4/4/01 Jerri To Face Gumbel

Zap2It 4/4/01 CBS Holds "Survivor 3" Auditions In New Jersey

USA Today 4/4/01 Allegiances shift for Jerri-built 'Survivor'

Zap2It 4/4/01 'Survivor' Producer Apologizes For Coral Pilfering

Zap2It 4/3/01 'Survivor' Women Draw A Crowd

Zap2It 4/3/01 'Survivor's' Colby In Trouble ... Again

Washington Post 4/3/01 Forget Bug-Eating. Can Jerri Survive Bryant?

Zap2It 4/3/01 Is 'Survivor 2' Less Fun?

Zap2It 4/2/01 Jerri Admits Colby Crush


News Articles 3/1/01 to 3/31/01


Post Gazette 3/31/01 Survivor Hype

Zap2It 3/30/01 Manthey Plays Nice on 'Early Show'

CBS News 3/30/01 Goodbye, Jerri

Channel 6000 3/30/01 'Survivor' Has Shocking Ousting

Texas West 3/30/01 Jerri gets the boot; Colby survives

Louisville Channel 3/30/01 'Kentucky Joe' Cracks Super Seven

San Francisco Chronicle 3/30/01 'Survivor' Lawsuit Will Be Heard in L.A.

Zap2It 3/30/01 'Survivor' Suit Moves to LA

Washington Post 3/30/01 A Big New Concept for 'Survivor'

Time 3/29/01 Survivor: The Queen Is Dead. Long Live the Queen

Zap2It 3/29/01 Jerri Latest Victim on 'Survivor'

CBS News 3/29/01 Jerri's Gone, Finally

Louisville Channel 3/29/01 'Survivor': Shocking Ousting

Michigan Live 3/29/01 A look at how Michigan's 'Survivor' contestants fared 3/29/01 Only The Good Die Young ... Not!

Zap2It 3/29/01 'Survivor' Colby's Police Record   

Louisville Channel 3/29/01 Hundreds Audition For 'Survivor III'

USA Today 3/29/01 Outback Oracle

Zap2It 3/28/01 Web Users Tap Jerri or Nick As Next Survivors To Go

Zap2It 3/28/01 The Barramundi Tribe Faces Hard Times (4/5 Preview)

Globe and Mail 3/28/01 Aussie air force flew Survivor teams

Survivor Dead Pool 3/27/01 Colby, Elisabeth Top Midseason Survivor Survey

Selma Times Journal 3/27/01 Hardy says he would still be surviving the Outback

CBS News 3/27/01 Survivor Flight Under Fire 3/27/01 RAAF under fire for Survivor II costs

BBC 3/27/01 Fury at Australian Survivor bill

Post Gazette 3/24/01 Survivor Hype

Kentucky Post 3/24/01 Bingham backing Lucas' proposal

Zap2It 3/23/01 Storms And Food Shortages Threaten The Group On Survivor

Zap2It 3/22/01 Kimmi Sees The Cards

Zap2It 3/22/01 NBC Holds Out Against 'Survivor' On Wednesday

Texas West 3/22/01 ‘Survivor’ takes nap with outtakes

Channel 6000 3/22/01 'Survivor' Retrospective: A Few New Scenes

Time 3/21/01 The Wrong Time to Pull a Bait-and-Switch

Zap2It 3/21/01 Little Revealed on 'Survivor' Special

News Record 3/21/01 Survivor Watch

Hampton Roads 3/21/01 Burn victim shares 'Survivor' story with '700 Club' 3/21/01 Abs-ence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Zap2It 3/21/01 Jeff Opens Up His Luxury Item

San Francisco Chronicle 3/21/01 Are the Kuchas Doomed?

Seattle PI 3/21/01 'Survivor' connection a family affair for QB

Bergen Record 3/21/01 'Survivor' Guide

Cincinnati Post 3/20/01 Pig kill on live radio is 'Survivor' copycat

The Standard 3/20/01 You Can't Zap These Ads

St. Petersburg Times 3/20/01 Too many losers spoil the fun

St. Petersburg Times 3/20/01 Who can resist the scheming?

St. Petersburg Times 3/20/01 'Survivor' castoffs chat with fans

Toledo Blade 3/19/01 Do you have what it takes for ‘Survivor’?

San Francisco Chronicle 3/19/01 The Fascination With 'Survivor'

Columbus Dispatch 3/19/01 Real 'Survivor' contest would test clan as group

Milwaukee Journal 3/18/01 'Survivor' move doesn't hurt viewership

Post Gazette 3/17/01 Survivor Hype

News Record 3/16/01 'Survivor' outcast has his eyes on stardom

The Capital 3/16/01 Survivor's Rudy tours area

Zap2It 3/16/01 Surviving 'Survivor'

Zap2It 3/16/01 'Survivor's' Alicia and Kimmi Don't Mix

Louisville Channel 3/15/01 'Kentucky Joe' Joins Elite Eight

Zap2It 3/15/01 Episode Eight: False Leads Boomerang

Calgary Sun 3/15/01 And then there were eight

Zap2It 3/15/01 'Survivor' Wednesday's Most Watched Show

Texas West 3/15/01 Colby stays as ‘tribe’ picks off another in ‘Survivor’

Zap2It 3/15/01 NBC Beats Wednesday Night 'Survivor'

News Record 3/15/01 Survivor Watch

Zap2It 3/15/01 Alicia Latest Victim on 'Survivor'

Time 3/15/01 The Strong One, She Must Die

Providence Journal 3/15/01 R.I.'s sweet Survivor cast member bares her fangs

Channel 6000 3/14/01 'Survivor,' Episode 8: Another Tight Vote

Milwaukee Journal 3/14/01 Vote along tribal lines sends Alicia packing

The Louisville Channel 3/14/01 'Survivor,' Episode 8: Another Tight Vote 3/14/01 One By One

Calgary Sun 3/14/01 Sun Survivor tribe predicts the end, puts out a torch

Cincinnati Enquirer 3/14/01 Rodger replaced as most popular

Washington Post 3/14/01 Outback Is In: 'Survivor' Wins the Week for CBS

Zap2It 3/13/01 Web Users Want Alicia And Jerri Off 'Survivor'

Zap2It 3/13/01 'Survivor' and 'CSI' Score CBS Win

Reality TV Links 3/12/01 Virgin Mary Appears on CBS Website, Reveals Survivor 2 Winner

Orlando Sentinel 3/12/01 'Survivor' bounces to new day for March Madness

Zap2It 3/12/01 Stillman Cries 'Survivor' Cover-Up

Zap2It 3/11/01 Evidence of Final Survivors and Preview Differences Spark Web Stories

Post Gazette 3/10/01 Survivor Hype

Daily Telegraph 3/10/01 Be scared, really scared

Reality TV Links 3/9/01 Kimmi Strikes Back

Zap2It 3/9/01 Varner Discusses Merged Tribe Dynamics; Kimmi's Big Mouth

Zap2It 3/9/01 Jeff Ousted on 'Survivor'

Zap2It 3/9/01 CBS and 'Survivor' Dominate Thursday Ratings

The Louisville Channel 3/9/01 Bingham 'Survives' Strategic Vote

Texas West 3/9/01 Tough strategy keeps Colby, Ogakor in the game

News Record 3/9/01 'Survivor" contestants toss Greensboro native from Australian Outback

CBS 3/8/01 Tribes Merge: Jeff Varner Becomes First Casualty

Auction Watch 3/8/01 'Survivor 2' Winner Auctions on eBay

Hampton Roads 3/8/01 Keeping 'Survivor' sweet

The Louisville Channel 3/8/01 Strategic Ousting Ends Latest 'Survivor'

Time 3/8/01 The Outback Meets the Beltway

Milwaukee Journal 3/8/01 No harmony in tribal merger

Hampton Roads 3/8/01 Mad Dog: Surviving as a castaway

USA Today 3/8/01 Outback Oracle tries again 3/8/01 Come Together

Cincinnati Enquirer 3/8/01 Who does Kate think will last?

Toronto Sun 3/8/01 Who will survive tonight?

Augusta Chronicle 3/8/01 Readers watch their 'Survivor' picks fall by the wayside

Zap2It 3/8/01 'Survivor' Lives On

Washington Post 3/8/01 How to Win Over 'Friends': With More 'Survivor,' Natch

Zap2It 3/7/01 Survivor Extra Episode of Highlights Airs 3/21/01

Zap2It 3/7/01 Photo Says 'Survivor's' Jeff Next To Go

Star Telegram 3/7/01 Will Jerri get burned next?

New York Daily News 3/7/01 'Survivor' Celebs Are a Class Act

Toledo Blade 3/7/01 With Skupin out of the picture, ‘Survivor’ tribes set to merge

Detroit Free Press 3/7/01 Survivor: New factions, new furor

USA Today 3/6/01 How real is reality TV?

Zap2It 3/6/01 'Survivor' Hits No. 1, CBS Drops to Second

Journal Star 3/5/01 : 'Survivor II' wins its head-to-head battle with 'Friends'

Herald Sun 3/4/01 'Survivor' in TV fire ordeal

Cincinnati Enquirer 3/3/01 Survivor leaned on Bingham after fire accident

Jam! 3/3/01 Has producer created his Truman Show?

Post Gazette 3/3/01 Survivor Hype

Zap2It 3/2/01 Mike: '"Survivor" Changed My Life'

Cnet 3/2/01 Web spills "Survivor" secrets

Zap2It 3/2/01 'Survivor' Wins Thursday Over 'ER'

Zap2It 3/2/01 Rich to Kucha Tribe: 'Get Over It'

Jam! 3/2/01 Kucha's Catastrophe

Washington Post 3/2/01 'Survivor' Pig-Killer Gets a Taste of the Barbecue

New Record 3/2/01 Survivor Watch

Oakland Press 3/2/01 Local man is no longer a "Survivor"

Zap2It 3/2/01 Episode Six: Mike Falls Victim To Fire

Zap2It 3/2/01 Michael Out of 'Survivor' Following Accident

Time 3/2/01 Ouch! Mike — No Shrimp He — Falls on the Barbie

Zap2It 3/2/01 Richard Hatch: Case Dismissed

CBS News 3/1/01 A Painful Survivor For Michael

Cincinnati Enquirer 3/1/01 Injury plagues Rodger's Kucha tribe

Milwaukee Journal 3/1/01 Injury forces Michael out of Outback, off show

Canadian Press 3/1/01 A touch of reality to Survivor II

Oshkosh Northwestern 3/1/01 Survivor show not just a day at the beach

CNN 3/1/01 Former Survivors Speak Out

Zap2It 3/1/01 Celebrity Survivor Outback Deathmatch Episode 2

Zap2It 3/1/01 Probst Files For Divorce

USA Today 3/1/01 The Outback Oracle

Zap2It 3/1/01 Web Users Think Jerri Next Off 'Survivor'

Courier Journal 3/1/01 Kentucky's 'Survivor' survivor gets a Web site


News Articles 2/1/01 to 2/28/01


Herald Sun 2/28/01 Protest at TV pig killing

Texas West 2/28/01 ‘Survivor’ Colby pops into Christoval for visit

USA Today 2/28/01 'Survivor' tactics would flop in real world

The Age 2/27/01 Nine says 'Survivor' pig scenes stay

Zap2It 2/26/01 Will the Real 'Survivor' Victim Please Stand Up? 2/26/01 Survival show sparks protests

Zap2It 2/24/01 Group Protests 'Survivor' 'Butcher Boys'

Post Gazette 2/24/01 Survivor Hype

Zap2It 2/23/01 'Survivor' Holds Onto Most-Watched Title

Zap2It 2/23/01 Kimmi Reveals Little on 'Early Show'

Zap2It 2/23/01 'Survivor' Rebounds

Zap2It 2/23/01 Episode Five: ... And the Rats Eat the Cheese

Mesabi Daily News 2/23/01 Not a snowball's chance to make the 'Survivor' cut

Time 2/23/01 Kimmi Chopped — and What About That Chopper?

Globe and Mail 2/23/01 Still hooked and feeling no shame

News Record 2/23/01 Survivor Watch

BBC 2/23/01 Pig row hits Survivor

Cincinnati Enquirer 2/23/01 Bingham still surviving

Calgary Sun 2/23/01 Latest 'Survivor' happenings

CBS 2/22/01 Now It's Kimmi

KOIN 2/22/01 Kimmi Unanimously Ousted In Predictable Outcome

Zap2It 2/22/01 Kimmi Voted Out on 'Survivor'

Milwaukee Journal 2/22/01 Yapping Kimmi gets in last word

Zap2It 2/22/01 Is 'Survivor 2' Less Fun?

USA Today 2/22/01 Outback oracle

Zap2It 2/22/01 CBS Contests 'Survivor' Fan Site Logo

Zap2It 2/22/01 Aussies Look Into 'Survivor' Pig's Death

Survivor Deadpool 2/22/01 Tiny Survivor Fantasy Website Caves to CBS Legal Demands

Washington Post 2/22/01 'Survivor' Brings Home the Bacon

Gist 2/22/01 Aussie Officials Probe Survivor

Washington Post 2/22/01 New 'Survivor' Game: The Lawsuit Duel

Augusta Chronicle 2/22/01 CBS is taking applications for third 'Survivor'

Channel Cincinnati 2/21/01 Survivor's Rodger Gets His Own Bridge

Zap2It 2/21/01 Web Users Want Kimmi Gone From 'Survivor'

Louisville Channel 2/21/01 Patton Honors Kentucky 'Survivor'

USA Today 2/21/01 Major marketing deals for 'Survivor' win CBS' vote

Zap2It 2/21/01 CBS Rides 'Survivor' to Weekly Ratings Win

BBC 2/21/01 Survivor creators sue contestant

Halifax Herald 2/21/01 Survivor II shapes up to be another social event

Zap2It 2/21/01 'Survivor's' Stillman Countersued By CBS

Zap2It 2/21/01 CBS Strikes Back At 'Survivor's' Stacey

San Francisco Chronicle 2/20/01 'Survivor' producers sue contestant who claims show was rigged

Zap2It 2/20/01 A Stunning Turn of Events Sends the Tribes Reeling, on "Survivor" (3/1/01) 2/20/01 Boom in Survivor tours

Time 2/19/01 Forgive Them, Jeff Probst, for They Know Not What They Do

Hampton Roads 2/19/01 Mad Dog: Surviving life outside the Outback

New Jersey Online 2/17/01 Mitchell Olson says he enjoys aftermath of being a 'Survivor'

Bergen Record 2/17/01 Wild pig, human decency join 'Survivor' casualties

Post Gazette 2/17/01 Survivor Hype

Milwaukee Journal 2/17/01 'Survivor' Criticized on Pig Killing

Zap2It 2/16/01 CBS Responds To PETA Charges

Louisville Channel 2/16/01 'Kentucky Joe' Survives Another Week

Zap2It 2/16/01 PETA Riled Up About 'Survivor' Pig

Zap2It 2/16/01 'Stingray's' Lance Looks At Week 4

Zap2It 2/16/01 Mitchell: I Wouldn't Do 'Survivor' Again

Zap2It 2/16/01 'Survivor' Slips Against 'Friends

Cincinnati Enquirer 2/16/01 'Kentucky Joe' stays on 'Survivor'

Detroit Free Press 2/16/01 On 'Survivor,' voting is bloody, and so is the pig

Time 2/16/01 Forgive Them, Jeff Probst, For They Know Not What They Do

Argus Leader 2/16/01 'Physically, emotionally drained,' S.D. survivor tossed off

News Record 2/16/01 Survivor watch

Milwaukee Journal 2/16/01 `Survivor: What Happened This Week

Time 2/16/01 These Survivors Would Be Eaten Alive in the Real Outback 2/15/01 Local Survivor' opinions abound, with anonymity

Zap2It 2/15/01 Episode Four: Pig Good, Ogakor Bad

Zap2It 2/15/01 Mitchell Latest Kicked Off 'Survivor'

Milwaukee Journal 2/15/01 Council votes out singer Mitchell

CBS 2/15/01 Survivor Mitch Gets Ditched

Zap2It 2/15/01 CBS Looking For 'Survivors'

Washington Post 2/15/01 CBS Seeks 'Survivor III' Applicants

Washington Post 2/15/01 Rudy Boesch: Still Enjoying His 15 Minutes

CNN 2/15/01 Stalking some career strategies in 'Survivor'

St. Petersburg Times 2/15/01 Sarandon's no friend to 'Survivor'

Post Gazette 2/15/01 'Friends' guest Sarandon bothered by 'Survivor'

UK Guardian 2/15/01 Survivor sued 2/15/01 'Survivor' outcast discovers being a victim has its rewards

Zap2It 2/14/01 CBS Trims 'Survivor's' Gore

Post Gazette 2/14/01 How about a seniors' survivor show?

Zap2It 2/14/01 Web Users Pick Rodger, Jerri as Next 'Survivor' Victims

Milwaukee Journal 2/14/01 'Big Brother' Creator Talks TV

CNN 2/13/01 'Survivor' doll invades New York toy show

Zap2It 2/13/01 Eye Has It as 'Survivor' Helps Win Week

Washington Post 2/13/01 And Now, 'Rudy, the Ultimate SEAL'

Zap2It 2/12/01 'Survivor': To Be Or Not To Be A Game Show?

TeeVee 2/12/01 Thursday Night Fights: No Survivors Here

San Francisco Chronicle 2/12/01 With 'Survivor' Lawsuit, Reality TV Is Getting Down to Cases

Zap2It 2/10/01 'Survivor's' Sean Angers Girlfriend on Stern Show

Panama City News 2/10/01 Ex-Survivor star arrives at airport, greeted by dozens

Kentucky Post 2/10/01 Gov. Patton will meet with 'Survivor' Bingham

San Francisco Chronicle 2/10/01 'Survivor' Lawsuit Points Way

Gist 2/10/01 The Silencing of the Lamb

Post Gazette 2/10/01 Survivor Hype

CNN 2/9/01 Castaway Files Lawsuit Against CBS and 'Survivor' Producer

Zap2It 2/9/01 'Survivor' Continues To Draw The Most Viewers

Cincinnati Enquirer 2/9/01 'Kentucky Joe' survives another week

CNN 2/9/01 Internet 'Survivor' tries to outlast CBS series

Zap2It 2/9/01 'Survivor's' Hatch Lashes Out

Zap2It 2/9/01 NBC Wins Thursday; 'Survivor' Still Strong For CBS

Zap2It 2/9/01 'Survivor's' Mad Dog Plays 'Early Show'

New Jersey Online 2/9/01 'Mad Dog,' not Mitchell, off 'Survivor'

Milwaukee Journal 2/9/01 'Mad Dog' sent to the doghouse

Zap2It 2/9/01 'Stingray's' Lance Looks At Week 3

Channel 6000 2/8/01 'Mad Dog' Maralyn Banished From 'Survivor'

Milwaukee Journal 2/8/01 This Week's 'Survivor' Summary

Zap2It 2/8/01 'Mad Dog' Maralyn Voted Off 'Survivor'

Time 2/8/01 It's the Ice Floe For Maralyn

Zap2It 2/8/01 'Survivor' Jerri's Ex Speaks Up ... And Out

Michigan Live 2/8/01 A look at how Michigan's `Survivor' contestants fared

Zap2It 2/8/01 'Survivor's' Sean Says Portions of Show 'Manufactured'

Time 2/8/01 The People vs. Pulau Tiga

Zap2It 2/8/01 Gervase Goes To Mardi Gras

Detroit Free Press 2/8/01 'Survivor' minutiae in new books

USA Today 2/8/01 'Survivor' tactics could become norm

Cincinnati Enquirer 2/7/01 'Australian Outback' brings new challenges to host Jeff Probst

Zap2It 2/7/01 Tiga Tribe Members Speak Out About Case

Zap2It 2/7/01 A Fire Threatens The Camp On Survivor

Zap2It 2/7/01 Jerri or Kimmi? Who's Out Next on 'Survivor?'

San Francisco Chronicle 2/7/01 'Survivor' Suit Hits Where It Hurts

San Francisco Chronicle 2/6/01 'Survivor' Rigged, SF Contestant Alleges

National Review 2/6/01 Survivor's Kel Speaks!

Milwaukee Journal 2/6/01 'Survivor' who didn't takes it to court

Zap2It 2/6/01 CBS, NBC Tie After Battle for Thursday Survival

Zap2It 2/6/01 'Survivor's' Stacey Sues CBS

CNN 2/6/01 TV's 'Survivor' sued

USA Today 2/6/01 Ex-'Survivor' claims her exit was rigged

San Francisco Chronicle 2/6/01 The 'Survivor' Saga

Media Life 2/5/01 Is 'Survivor' crooked? One woman's story.

Zap2It 2/5/01 'Survivor' Women Draw A Crowd

Union Leader 2/4/01 Dignified Debb: In our book, this 'Survivor' contestant won

Milwaukee Journal 2/4/01 'Friends' came close to ejecting 'Survivor'

Globe and Mail 2/3/01 Survivor contestant makes best of early exit

Washington Post 2/3/01 'Survivor' Comes to CBS's Rescue on Thursday Night

Toronto Sun 2/3/01 Kel shocked by ouster

Globe and Mail 2/3/01 The lizards of Oz, and other treats

Post Gazette 2/3/01 Survivor Hype

New Jersey Online 2/2/01 Worms, cow's brain on top of menu

Zap2It 2/2/01 'Survivor' Most Watched Show Thursday Night

Globe and Mail 2/2/01 Canada's Kel second contestant voted off Survivor

Time 2/2/01 Only the Cool Kids Survive?

Zap2It 2/2/01 'Survivor' Beats 'Friends' But NBC Wins Thursday with 'ER'

Louisville Channel 2/2/01 Kentucky 'Survivor' Passes Round Two

Washington Post 2/2/01 30 Million Get Real

Zap2It 2/2/01 Kel Booted Off 'Survivor'

Channel 3000 2/2/01 Introverted Kel Bullied Off 'Survivor II'

Hampton Roads 2/2/01 The Mad Dog Chronicles

Milwaukee Journal 2/1/01 Kel's tribe has a beef with his behavior

Zap2It 2/1/01 Upcoming 'Survivor' Challenge Revealed

Hampton Roads 2/1/01 Will 'Survivor II' extinguish 'Friends'?

CSM 2/1/01 'Survivor' has it all wrong

USA Today 2/1/01 Outback oracle

CBS 2/1/01  Former Survivors Speak 2/1/01 Survival Of The Prettiest


News Articles 1/01/01 to 1/31/01


Toledo Blade 1/31/01 After No. 2 finish, Kelly Wiglesworth is in demand

NY Observer 1/31/01 Survivor Cutie-Pie Was Reebok Intern

Time 1/31/01 Who's Next? Our 'Survivor' Sage Predicts and Pontificates

Halifax Herald 1/31/01 Man behind Survivor still learning

Time 1/31/01 Ten Minutes That Could Change the Way You Watch TV

Globe and Mail 1/30/01 Figs anyone? We thought not

USA Today 1/30/01 Some viewers may wonder: This is the outback?

Cnet 1/30/01 "Survivor" community thrives on the Net

Washington Post 1/30/01 'Survivor' Redux Fails to Light a Fire

Milwaukee Journal 1/30/01 Moore: Is Survivor Already Done?

Washington Post 1/30/01 CBS's Post-Game Strategy Scores a Touchdown

New Haven Register 1/30/01 ‘Survivor’ forgotten in Trumbull

Detroit News 1/30/01 'Survivors' help ill Michigan kids

Louisville Channel 1/29/01 Kentucky 'Survivor' Makes Cut

Argus Leader 1/29/01 Family cheers son's first week on 'Survivor'

Variety 1/29/01 Where does Survivor fit on Emmy's Island

Zap2It 1/29/01 CBS Reaches 143 Million with Super Bowl, 'Survivor'

San Francisco Chronicle 1/29/01 Sites for 'Survivor' Fans and Foes

San Francisco Chronicle 1/29/01 We Like It Like That 'Survivor 2' repeats formula for success

Milwaukee Journal 1/29/01 The Second 'Survivor' Series Debuts

CBS News 1/29/01 Survivor 2 Turns Into Quest For Fire

San Francisco Chronicle 1/29/01 Internet sleuths seek clues on April winners

USA Today 1/29/01 Innocence lost, cruelty up front on 'Survivor 2'

Union Leader 1/29/01 NH’s Debb Eaton voted off ‘Survivor’

Milwaukee Journal 1/29/01 It's g'day and goodbye for show's Cudahy native

Hampton Roads 1/29/01 Wakefield's ''Mad Dog'' survives first episode of show

Orlando Sentinel 1/29/01 Survivor offers more compelling drama than sullied Super Bowl

Zap2It 1/29/01 'Survivor's' Kelly Bargains To Clear Record

Channel 3000 1/29/01 Dominant Debb Ousted In 'Survivor II' Premiere

Washington Post 1/29/01 'Survivor's' Old Plot Moves to a Much Bigger Island

Seattle Times 1/29/01 'Survivor' sequel has one drawback: It's just too too

Milwaukee Journal 1/28/01 The Second 'Survivor' Series Debuts

Zap2It 1/28/01 'Survivor' Loses First Player

CBS News 1/28/01 Surviving 'Survivor'

Desert Sun 1/28/01 Residents, businesses gear up for ‘Survivor II’

St. Petersburg Times 1/28/01 Network TV's survival of the fittest

Hampton Roads 1/28/01 How was Mad Dog's experience Down Under?

Washington Post 1/28/01 After Super Bowl XXXV 'Survivor' In the Outback

Toronto Sun 1/28/01 Where are they now?

Union Leader 1/28/01 NH ‘Survivor’ hopeful: first to get the boot?

Miami Herald 1/28/01 Key West legend's son competing on `Survivor II'

Detroit News 1/27/01 Only the 'Buff' Survive

Post Gazette 1/27/01 CBS bets 'Survivor' can survive bad timing

Globe and Main 1/27/01 Global TV gets top dollar for Survivor sequel ads

Detroit News 1/27/01 'Survivor's' battle of the bulge

Globe and Mail 1/27/01 Surviving the game

ABC News 1/26/01 Survivor Secrets

ESPN 1/26/01 Super Bowl vs. Survivor

Bergen Record 1/26/01 Psychologists help ensure health, spark of reality TV

Detroit Free Press 1/26/01 Eclectic group includes a singer, a sitter

Post Gazette 1/26/01 'Survivor 2' promises more danger, more critters, more cutthroat alliances

USA Today 1/26/01 For most, it's still treasure island

Seattle PI 1/26/01 'Survivor II' is going to be huge

Miami Herald 1/26/01 A local legend eyes the outback

Post Gazette 1/26/01 Kelly's cup runneth over

Detroit Free Press 1/26/01 Michigan Men

Lubbock Online 1/26/01 Tech alumnus tackles the Australian Outback as Survivor

Seattle Times 1/26/01 Steilacoom man goes Outback

Seattle Times 1/26/01 'Survivor' prompts NBC to take action in ratings fight

Post Gazette 1/26/01 'Survivor 2' promises more danger, more critters, more cutthroat alliances

CBS 1/25/01 Fast Forward: Where Is Rudy Now?

Zap2It 1/25/01 'Survivor II' Contestants Kill the Desert Heat With Eyeliner

CBS 1/25/01 Survivor Creator's Preview

San Francisco Chronicle 1/25/01 Can New 'Survivor' Whip the Super Bowl?

Globe and Mail 1/25/01 The Canadian Survivor

Globe and Mail 1/25/01 If only Zola were alive to watch Survivor

San Francisco Chronicle 1/25/01 A Good Year to Skip the Super Bowl

Globe and Mail 1/25/01 Networks gear up for Thursday-night battle

Zap2It 1/24/01 Hatch Reports On New 'Survivor'

Cincinnati Post 1/24/01 G'Day, 'Survivor II'

Milwaukee Journal 1/24/01 Hatch To Comment on New 'Survivor'

CBS 1/24/01 'Survivor II' draws positive buzz

Milwaukee Journal 1/22/01 Susan Hawk stays afloat on 'Survivor' celebrity

Orlando Sentinel 1/22/01 Buy, buy, buy: 'Survivor' sponsors in sync with CBS

Milwaukee Journal 1/22/01 Get ready to 'survive' cow brains, more Jeff Probst

Milwaukee Journal 1/22/01 Wisconsin's link to the Outback

Milwaukee Journal 1/22/01 NBC writes own rules to beat 'Survivor'

San Francisco Chronicles 1/22/01 'Survivor' Showman Burnett Is Off to the Races

Variety 1/22/01 TV Books to Publish 2nd Survivor e-book

CNS 1/22/01 On the trail of Yowie: Bigfoot Down Under

Detroit News 1/21/01 Survivor finds fans at grocer's

San Francisco Chronicle 1/21/01 Reality Could Bite 'Survivor 2' faces many challenges

Alabama Live 1/20/01 Former Huntsvillian goes in search of fame, fortune in Australia

Variety 1/18/01 CBS licenses rights to more than 40 countries

Zap2It 1/18/01 CBS Sells 'Survivor' Overseas

Zap2It 1/17/01 CBS Announces 'Survivor' Marketing Sponsors

Wired 1/17/01 Outback Is the Real Survivor

Transport News 1/16/01 TNN's "18 Wheels of Justice" Films Special Episode with Susan Hawk

Zap2It 1/16/01 'Survivor II' Contestant To Marry Stepson?

Zap2It 1/16/01 NBC Uses More 'Friends,' 'SNL' To Battle Survivor

ENN 1/15/01 'Survivor' a far cry from eco-tourism

Milwaukee Journal 1/14/01 Trouble for 'Survivor' with state connection

Time 1/14/01 Survivor 2 Back to Reality

Hampton Roads 1/14/01 Will Mad Dog-ism replace Rudymania?

Seattle PI 1/13/01 Hatch may surface as game show host

Bloomberg 1/12/01 CBS's 2nd `Survivor' May Have Tough Time Surpassing Premiere

Milwaukee Journal 1/12/01 'Survivor' Rudy Gets Ovation

Zap2It 1/12/00 'Survivor's Rudy Gets Standing Ovation

Seattle PI 1/11/01 'Survivor II': The game's the same, but with attitude

Globe and Mail 1/11/01 Vegas bookies lay odds on Kel to surviv

San Francisco Chronicle 1/11/01 'Survivor' to Live On

Milwaukee Journal 1/11/01 Hatch of 'Survivor' May Have TV Job

San Francisco Chronicle 1/10/01 'Survivor's' 'Outback' Comeback

CBS 1/10/01 The Right Stuff For Survivor

Milwaukee Journal 1/10/01 Survivor's Greg Signs Modeling Deal

Milwaukee Journal 1/9/01 'Survivor' won't die, CBS says

CBS 1/9/01 CBS announces 'Survivor' sequels

Washington Post 1/9/01 CBS Readies for Next 'Survivor'

Zap2It 1/9/01 CBS Announces Third and Fourth 'Survivors'

Zap2It 1/9/01 Burnett, Moonves Agree On Producer's Fee

Zap2It 1/9/01 Casinos Set "Survivor II" Odds

Channel Cincinnati 1/8/01 Survivor: Could The Old Guy Win?

The Australian 1/6/01 Survivor II hype begins in US

Kentucky Post 1/5/01 'Regular guy' on CBS 'Survivor'

Detroit News 1/5/01 Demers' Double a Non-Survivor

Washington Post 1/5/01 The New Survivors

Cincinnati Enquirer 1/5/01 'Survivor' a Tristate favorite

Post Gazette 1/5/01 Amber joins 'Survivor' tribe

Union Leader 1/5/01 Survivor’ Debb Eaton, 45, ‘outgoing, athletic’

Cincinnati Enquirer 1/5/01 A Survivor among us

Milwaukee Journal 1/4/01 State has another 'Survivor'

Zap2It 1/4/01 'Inside Edition' Finds Out Fate Of Original 'Survivors'

Cincinnati Post 1/4/01 Grant teacher on 'Survivor 2'

Channel Cincinnati 1/4/01 Local Man Revealed To Be 'Survivor' Contestant

CBS 1/4/01 Survivor: The Ogakor Tribe

CBS 1/4/01 Survivor: The Kucha Tribe

Zap2It 1/4/01 CBS Unveils 'Survivor 2' Contestants

Cincinnati Enquirer 1/4/01 Crittenden teacher 'Survivor 2' contestant

CBS 1/3/01 Are You Ready For Survivor: The Australian Outback?

La Junta Tribune Democrat 1/3/01 Huff had a chance to be a ‘Survivor’

Zap2It 1/3/01 'Early Show' To Announce 'Survivor 2' Castaways

Globe and Mail 1/3/01 'Survivor' has roots in the East


News Articles 12/1/00 to 12/31/00


Union Leader 12/30/00 NH boasts yet another ‘Survivor’

Bergen Record 12/29/00 'Survivor' players identified

Pittsburgh Post Gazette 12/29/00 Best TV of 2000

Oakland Press 12/28/00 Oakland "Survivors" mum about show

Post Gazette 12/28/00 Beaver Area grad among possible 'Survivor II' contestants

Milwaukee Journal 12/28/00 TV secrets can't survive Internet

wdiv 12/27/00 Chef Famie Will Be An Australian 'Survivor'

Texas West 12/27/00 Angeloan could be ‘Survivor’ contestant

Detroit News 12/27/00 Did Metro men survive the cut?

Amarillonet 12/27/00 "Survivor II" coming soon to a television near you

Zap2It 12/26/00 Identities Of 'Survivor II' Contestants Revealed

Stingray News 12/22/00 16 Contestant Names Revealed

CBS News 12/22/00 Epic TV war: `Survivor II' vs. `Friends'

Zap2it 12/20/00 Identity of Third 'Survivor' Revealed

Detroit Free Press 12/20/00 'Survivor II' aims at 'Friends'

Milwaukee Journal 12/19/00 'Survivor' readies for friendly ratings war

Zap2It 12/18/00 Website Identifies Another 'Survivor II' Contestant

Time 12/18/00 Best Television 2000

Zap2It 12/18/00 CBS Announces 'Survivor' Airdate

St. Petersburg Times 12/15/00 A few words for the survivor

Ironminds 12/14/00 TV Viewers Are the True Survivors

Zap2It 12/13/00 Three Reality Show Vie For People's Choice Award

Milwaukee Journal 12/11/00 Survivor's Gervase To Play President

Zap2It 12/11/00 Gervase Survives White House

Milwaukee Journal 12/8/00 Susan Hawk riding a wave after 'Survivor'

Bergen Record 12/7/00 Truck driver Susan Hawks' takes a detour into acting

USA Today 12/5/00 Survivor has 'Animal' instincts

Milwaukee Journal 12/5/00 First 'Survivor II' contestant identified

Zap2It 12/5/00 'Survivor II' Contestant Identified

Syracuse Online 12/2/00 Survivor SEAL Boesch home for Mom's 99th birthday

The Advertiser 12/2/00 Survivor II crew upsets Aborigines 12/2/00 Survivor actors poorly paid


News Articles 11/1/00 to 11/30/00


Zap2It 11/30/00 CBS Stays Coy About 'Survivor II' Timeslot

BBC 11/28/00 Ellen comes back with Survivor

Washington Post 11/27/00 CBS Toys With 'Survivor II' Schedule

Zap2It 11/22/00 Contestant Hurt On The Set Of 'Survivor II?'

Cleveland Live 11/20/00 Rumors buzzing about 'Survivor’ Down Under

Write News 11/18/00 What Really Happened on the Survivor Island

Zap2It 11/17/00  'Survivor's' Stacey Says Burnett Swayed Votes

Zap2It 11/16/00 'Survivor 2's' Tribe Names Leaked

Zap2It 11/10/00 'Survivor's' Gervase: New U.S. President

Spokesman Review 11/8/00 'Survivor II' testing players in outback 11/4/00 Survivor 2 filmed in 'haunted' gorge

Bergen Record 11/2/00 Out in Australian the outback, 'Survivor II' is taking shape


News Articles 10/1/00 to 10/31/00


Zap2It 10/31/00 'Survivor II' Begins Production In Australia

Kansas City Star 10/27/00 `Survivor II' Is under way down under...

Zap2It 10/27/00 Did Producers Manipulate 'Survivor?'

ESPN 10/26/00 Getting Crazy With Survivor Colleen

Cincinnati Enquirer 10/26/00 Teacher may be on 'Survivor 2'

Wired 10/26/00 Who Wants to Be a Green Survivor?

Washington Post 10/23/00 He found the Survivor II place, He also found Bigfoot

Write News 10/19/00 Survivor Millionaire Richard Hatch Subject of New Expose

Zap2It 10/17/00 Tabloids Expose 'Survivor II' Secrets

The Advertiser 10/14/00 Wilderness hell with touch of Hollywood

Zap2It 10/13/00 Location of 'Survivor 2' Found? Press Release 10/12/00 Author of Richard Hatch tell all says its not over 10/7/00 Survival Skills

Zap2It 10/6/00 'Survivor' Contestant Courts Fame

Seattle PI 10/5/00 'Survivor' backstage backbiting

Zap2It 10/1/00 Richard Says Greg Didn't Hit On Him


News Articles 9/1/00 to 9/30/00


Zap2It 9/23/00 'Survivor' Book Final Fourth On Bestseller List

Post Gazette 9/19/00 A 'Survivor' keeps on truckin' with new gigs

Post Gazette 9/19/00 A 'Survivor' keeps on truckin' with new gigs

San Francisco Chronicle 9/19/00 My Lunch With Stacey

Zap2It 9/15/00 'Survivor' Extends 15 Minutes Of Fame

CIO Independent 9/15/00 Survivor 

Detroit Free Press 9/12/00 Prof uses 'Survivor' in class

Press Release 9/7/00 Richard Hatch to appear on Becker

Zap2It 9/6/00 Former 'Survivors' To Guest On 'Nash'

Zap2It 9/6/00 'Survivor's Richard Appears On "LATE NIGHT"

New Jersey Record 9/5/00 Ridgewood 'Survivor' now scoping out agents

CSMonitor 9/5/00 Taxes take a bite out of sole 'Survivor'

CSMonitor 9/4/00 Taxes take a bite out of sole 'Survivor'

Union Tribune 9/4/00 Jenna ‘survives’ Franklin return

San Francisco Chronicle 9/3/00 Why `Survivor' Is News

Montgomery Independent 9/1/00 Survivor Millionaire gives has-been actor nightmares


News Articles 8/1/00 to 8/31/00


Washington Post 8/30/00 CBS Drowns out competition

Teevee 8/29/00 You Know, Dick Cheney Is A Lot Like Rudy!

StarIQ 8/29/00 Aries Survivor

Zap2It 8/29/00 Rudy On 'JAG?' Plus More 'Survivor' Updates

Zap2It 8/29/00 "Survivor" Kicks Off Encore Showing (9/15/00)

Mesabi Daily News 8/28/00 Caught up in 'Survivor'

Washington Post 8/28/00 For sponsors, Survivor sequel to be a pricey undertaking 

Zap2It 8/28/00 Everybody Loves 'Survivor's' Rudy 8/27/00 Lawyer's 'Survivor' tactics

Strategy Magazine 8/27/00 Survivor culture a threat to competitiveness

Zap2It 8/26/00 'Survivor's' Kelly to Host 'Talk Soup'

CBS MarketWatch 8/26/00 Reebok hires least popular islander for endorsements

Heraldnet 8/26/00 'Survivor' win may spell cash cow for cutthroat consultant

CBS MarketWatch 8/26/00 Can CBS build a ‘Survivor' franchise?

Wired 8/25/00 Will Survive

Washington Post 8/25/00 A deserted island and 51 million pairs of eyes

New Jersey Online 8/25/00 Those who say he's a rat don't bother rich Rich

Washington Post 8/24/00 A scheming Nudist comes out victorious

Zap2It 8/24/00 Richard And Sean, Sitting In A Tree...?

New Jersey 8/24/00 For devotees, finale offers a communal experience

Zap2It 8/24/00 CBS to Rerun 'Survivor'

CSM 8/24/00 Surviving the end of 'Survivor'

Milwaukee Journal 8/24/00 Richard survives

Milwaukee Journal 8/24/00 Cheers Back Home as Hatch Wins

Washington Post 8/24/00 Richard Wins 'Survivor,' but Others to Cash in Too

Zap2It 8/24/00 Richard Wins 'Survivor'

Halifax Herald 8/24/00 Hatch wins survivor contest

Union Leader 8/24/00 Devious Richard hatches $1m win 8/23/00 The Snake Eats The Rat

San Francisco Chronicle 8/23/00 Conniving Quartet of Survivors Claws Toward Pay Dirt

Sacramento Bee 8/23/00 Kelly's best traits not shown to audiences, fellow river guides say

Washington Post 8/23/00 The Hidden Treasure of 'Survivor'

Zap2It 8/22/00 'Survivor' Castaways To Appear on 'Letterman'

Milwaukee Journal 8/21/00 'Survivor' finale spawns wave of celebrations

Myrtle Beach News 8/21/00 Stuff we've learned from CBS' `Survivor'

Cincinnati Enquirer 8/20/00 'Survivor' has the power

Topeka Journal 8/19/00 Then there were four; 'Survivor' finale nears

Lawrence Journal 8/19/00 'Survivor' cast-off earns spot as medical correspondent

Washington Post 8/18/00 On convention night, the vote people care about is on Survivor

Milwaukee Journal 8/17/00 Rumor has it Wisconsinite is 'Survivor' winner

Washington Post 8/16/00 Survivor floats to the top again

Milwaukee Journal 8/16/00 Neurologist gets kicked off 'Survivor' isle

Milwaukee Journal 8/15/00 'Survivor' Susan apparently is still a trucker

Zap2It 8/15/00 Gervase Visits 'Survivor Island'

Halifax Herald 8/14/00 Peeping Tom TV remains cheap, winning format

Milwaukee Journal 8/13/00 'Survivor' host stung by criticism of show's dialogue

BBC 8/12/00 Reality TV overload

Property and Casualty 8/11/00 Insurance groups supporting “big brother” George

Enquirer 8/11/00 Even tornado warnings can't deter 'Survivor' addicts

Milwaukee Journal 8/7/00 And whatever happened to those rats? 8/4/00 'Survivor' evictee is an island of calm

CS Monitor 8/4/00 Good Morning This is your reality check 8/4/00 'Survivor' evictee is an island of calm

Halifax Herald 8/2/00 Survivor's Jenna tries to parlay new-found fame into a film career

New Hampshire Union Leader 8/1/00 Jenna takes $27.5k into 'Survivor' exile


News Articles 7/1/00 to 7/31/00


Cincinnati Enquirer 7/31/00 Survivor shares last words from TV press tour

Pittsburgh Post Gazette 7/28/00 'Survivor' of the fittest is the order of the day

New Hampshire Union Leader 7/28/00 Jenna fever isn't over yet 

Rocky Mountain News 7/27/00 Survivor' reject admits he was harsh 

New Hampshire Union Leader 7/27/00 Jenna’s luck finally runs out on ‘Survivor’ 

Milwaukee Journal 7/26/00 TV networks hawking reality above all else

Milwaukee Journal 7/26/00 CBS exec from Wisconsin knows secrets of 'Survivor'
Union Leader 7/21/00 Jenna’s missing video family’s fault
Channel 2000 7/20/00 'Survivor' Site Spills Beans Again
USA Today 7/18/00  'Survivor' fans try to flush out secret
Milwaukee Journal 7/16/00 'Survivor' clones will fail to stay on island of TV
Newsmax 7/5/00 'Survivor' Participant Suing Over Child Abuse Case
National Post 7/5/00 If Survivor were real, they'd all be dead by now

Rocky Mountain News 7/3/00 'Survivor' exiles paid to keep a secret

News Articles 6/1/00 to 6/30/00


Washington Post 6/30/00 Latest Ex-Survivor didn't have a prayer
USA Today 6/27/00 Survivor's host is a natural

Washington Post 6/26/00 Darva, Ramona & Bryan share a little more "reality"

Milwaukee Journal 6/26/00 Throw 'angry old man' off island, 'Survivor' fans howl

Channel 3000 6/22/00  'Survivor' Ramona Learns Lesson In Trust
San Francisco Gate 6/21/00 Surviving `Survivor' S.F. lawyer Stacey Stillman
Washington Post 6/21/00 Television's 'Survivor' Instinct
San Francisco Gate 6/21/00 TV'S REAL DEAL
The Onion 6/21/00  Survivor Poll
Business Week 6/20/00 For CBS, Survivor Is a Strategy -- and a Fountain of Youth

Washington Post 6/16/00 Survivor Strategy, Ax a Lawyer, Beat Millionaire
Channel 2000 6/15/00 Stacey Doesn't 'Survive' Vote

Washington Post 6/15/00 CBS Conceives Son of Survivor 
Milwaukee Journal 6/10/00 Just trying to survive watching 'Survivor' can be an ordeal
Channel 2000 6/9/00 Religious Dirk Kicked Off 'Survivor'

Washington Post 6/9/00 Survivor Stomps on Millionaire Again

Milwaukee Journal 6/7/00 Team loses larvae-eating race, kicks B.B. off island

Washington Post 6/5/00 ABC Developing a Survivor Strategy
CSM 6/2/00 Get Real
Washington Post 6/2/00 Survivor Fishes Younger Viewers from Millionaire
Daily News 6/1/00 Survivors a Winner
Channel 2000 6/1/00 'Survivor' Bids Farewell To 1st Castaway
The 6/1/00 CBS 'Survivor' Draws Strong Ratings on Debut
Channel 2000 6/1/00 Will 'Survivor' Survive Against 'Millionaire?'
Washington Post 6/1/00 An Island not Remote Enough

News Articles 10/7/99 to 5/31/00


Milwaukee Journal 5/31/00 Natural TV selection: 'Survivor' is fun - from a distance

Washington Post 5/31/00 Can Survivor Survive an Assault by Millionaire?

Milwaukee Sentinel 5/30/00 3 Wisconsinites have what it takes to be $1M 'Survivor'
Washington Post 3/14/00 CBS tries it's hand at media Survivor tricks

Court TV 3/14/00 'Survivor' reality game show names finalists
USA Today 3/14/00 Survivor' launches with 16 islanders
Court TV 12/14/00 New CBS show Survivor! begs question: can you really sign away your rights?



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