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News Articles 3/15/04 to 3/31/04


Fans of Reality TV 3/31/04 Paulie's Precaps, Ep 9: Bad Scrabble and Smokin' Carts

Portsmouth Herald 3/31/04 ‘Survivor’ dines at a local tavern

Reality TV World 3/31/04 'Survivor: All Stars' Episode 9 'State of the Spoiling'

Reality News Online 3/31/04 Survivor: All-Stars – Who Will Go in Episode 9?

Rocky Mountain Collegian 3/30/04 Survivor tells of time in Amazon

Reality TV World 3/30/04 CBS pressure leads RI paper to drop column by 'Survivor:Thailand's Helen Glover

Television Without Pity 3/30/04 A Closer Look

Survivor Review 3/30/04 Broken Hearts, Mad Scramble 3/30/04 365 Q&A with Ethan Zohn

Portsmouth Herald 3/30/04 ‘Survivor’ will visit local tavern

Reality News Online 3/30/04 Survivor: All-Stars – Classic Challenges Get Juiced Up

Daily News 3/29/04 Reality stars get cold shoulder in Hollywood

USA Today 3/29/04 Burnett of 'Survivor' expanding empire

SurvivorUpdates 3/29/04 The View: from the Blimp - Our Panel Predicts - Episode 9

Reality News Online 3/29/04 Survivor: All-Stars Recap – Fake Tribal Council, Real Laughs, and Other Issues

NoPointNecessary 3/27/04 Survivor All Stars Ep 9 'The Recrap: Best Episode of the Season!'

Zap2It 3/26/04 CBS Has Problems with Ex-'Survivor's' Column

Survivor Review 3/26/04 Survivor vs The Apprentice

Reality TV Talk 3/26/04 SAS Recap "Recap of the Recrap"

Times Online 3/25/04 Brkich shows sense of humor in 'Survivor' outtakes episode

Crazy4RealityTV 3/25/04 All Star Survivor Recap Episode

Canton Journal 3/25/04 Mariano gets the girl, wins immunity 3/25/04 - S8 Ratings Tracker - All-Stars Again Wins Time-Slot Over FOX

Times Dispatch 3/25/04 Mad Dog Speaks

Reality News Online 3/25/04 Surviving the All-Stars, Recap Episode: Council, Coffee, and Chafing 3/24/04 Glover column doesn't survive after CBS warning

Reality News Online 3/24/04 An “Insider” Look at Survivor: All-Stars, Episode 8

Seattle PI 3/24/04 'Survivor' Insider: With the past winners gone, players look to the merge

Reality News Online 3/24/04 Survivor: All-Stars – Advice for the Remaining Ten

Reality Reel 3/23/04 Survivor Highlights / Never-Before-Seen Footage, On A Special Episode March 24

Television Without Pity 3/23/04 Pick A Tribemate 3/23/04 - My Personal Advice to the Remaining 10

RTVT 3/22/04 Survivor All Stars Ep 8 "I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours"

Fans Of Reality TV 3/22/04 Ep 8 Recap - "When You're Lex, Turning Against A Friend Is Just Too EZ". 3/22/04 Interview with Tammy Leitner

Reality News Online 3/22/04 Survivor: All-Stars, Episode 8 – Moved Up for Hoops, and Ethan Duped

Fans Of Reality TV 3/22/04 Survivor: Standing in the Shadows, Episode Eight

Fans Of Reality TV 3/22/04 Survivor: Pelican Pete Report (Episode 8) - Stop Lex Before He Kills Again!

Island Packet 3/21/04 Parting gifts

Reality TV World 3/21/04 Survivor: All-Stars - Episode 8 summary

Reality Reel 3/21/04 Ethan Zohn Gets His Torch Snuffed Out For The 1st Time

Reality Reel 3/21/04 Captain America Voted Out 3/21/04 - Episode 8: She Doesn't Deserve to be Here!

NoPointNecessary 3/20/04 Survivor All Stars Ep 8 recap 'ProletarEthan Gets Zohnked'

Survivor Review 3/20/04 Et Tu Lex?

CBS2 3/19/04 Analysis of Episode 8: “Pretty Boys Do Cry.”

Reality News Online 3/19/04 “I Just Love the Game of Survivor”: An Interview with Richard Hatch 3/19/04 Interview with All-Star Richard

Democrat & Chronicle 3/19/04 Deaf 'Survivor' visits NTID

Reality News Online 3/19/04 Survivor: All-Stars, Episode 8 MVPs – The One You Least Expect

SurvivorUpdates 3/19/04 Tribal Voice: Episode 8 - Pick Me !! Pick Me !!

Reality Reel 3/18/04 Rob and Amber's Romance Heats Up!

Canton Journal 3/18/04 Mariano survives to enjoy luxurious trip with his tribe

Survivor Review 3/18/04 Week 8 - Strictly Business

SurvivorUpdates 3/18/04 Episode 8 - It’s Only Business

Reality News Online 3/18/04 Survivor: All-Stars – Why Ethan Lost

Reality Steve 3/18/04 - Survivor: All Stars - Episode 8 Recap

Reality TV World 3/18/04 Ethan Zohn becomes the final previous winner to be booted from 'Survivor All-Stars' 3/18/04 Merge Anyone? 3/18/04 - All-Star Ethan on 'The Early Show'

Reality News Online 3/18/04 Strategic Overview of Survivor: When Good Players Turn Bad

WCNC 3/18/04 Final previous winner of Survivor gets the boot; Lex has chance to ruin another season

Miami Herald 3/18/04 Ethan Tossed From 'Survivor All-Stars'

Santa Cruz Sentinel 3/18/04 ‘Survivor’ or ‘Soprano?’ Lex acts like a wise guy, not a standup guy

The Age 3/18/04 Probing Probst

Calgary Sun 3/18/04 Twilight on Zohn

CBS 3/18/04 Ethan Gets The Ax

Dayton Daily News 3/18/04 Ethan doesn't get fair play

Tri Cities 3/18/04 "Big Tom" strategy surviving

Reality News Online 3/17/04 Surviving the All-Stars, Episode 8: One Is the Loneliest Number

Zap2It 3/17/04 Loser Set to Win 'Survivor: All-Stars'

CBS 3/17/04 It's Business, Not Personal, Ethan Zohn Voted Out 3/17/04 Survivor: All-Stars 3/17/04

Times Online 3/17/04 'Survivor' challenge - TV Guide gives local cover to Pitt basketball over Amber

Ottawa Citizen 3/17/04 'All stars' could use a 10-second delay

Reality News Online 3/17/04 Survivor: All-Stars – Advice for the Remaining 11

Reality News Online 3/17/04 An “Insider” Look at Survivor: All-Stars, Episode 7

USA Today 3/17/04 'Survivor' panelists: Beware of Lex

Seattle PI 3/17/04 'Survivor' Insider: Colby's out -- is Jerri next? 3/17/04 Helen Glover: Rob, Amber get cozy; Jerri, Shii Ann go for the jugular

CBS 3/17/04 What's Next On 'Survivor'?

Dayton Daily News 3/17/04 A peek at tonight's 'Survivor' 

JokersUpdates 3/16/04 - The Krafty Chronicles - Survivor All Stars Week 7

Abilene Reporter News 3/16/04 Wild shennanigans on 'Survivor' don't affect much, besides ratings

Survivor Review 3/16/04 Predictions - Episode 8

Fans of Reality TV 3/16/04 Paulie's Precaps, Ep 8: Wicker Bribe Plate

Reality TV World 3/16/04 'Survivor: All Stars' Episode 8 'State of the Spoiling'

Reality TV World 3/16/04 Survivor: All-Stars - Episode 7 summary

Fans of Reality TV 3/16/04 Ep 7 recap - Lex Cuts The Cheese

Reality News Online 3/16/04 Survivor: All-Stars – Who Will Go in Episode 8?

Fans Of Reality TV 3/15/04 Survivor All-Stars: Standing in the Shadows, Episode Seven

Reality News Online 3/15/04 Survivor: All-Stars – Why Lex Should Have Kept Colby

SurvivorUpdates 3/15/04 The View: from the Blimp - Our Panel Predicts - Episode 7

Fans Of Reality TV 3/15/04 Survivor: Pelican Pete Report (Episode 7) - Yawn sort of rhymes with Pagong

Reality News Online 3/15/04 Survivor: All-Stars, Episode 7 MVPs – Double Header

Television Without Pity 3/14/04 Sorry...I Blew It

NoPointNecessary 3/14/04 All Star Survivor Episode 7 'By-Stander on a Desserted Island'

Reality News Online 3/14/04 Survivor: All-Stars, Episode 7 – Riding Off Into the Sunset Too Soon?

Reality TV Talk 3/14/04 Survivor All Stars Episode 7 – I’m Sorry But I’ll Show You!

Survivor Review 3/14/04 The Seduction of Kathy

Herald Democrat 3/14/04 All-stars fight for survival

SurvivorUpdates 3/13/04 Tribal Voice: Episode 7 - Sorry...I Blew It

Survivor Review 3/13/04 You Under-Estimated My Power

Reality Reel 3/13/04 Sue Oh Sue… You Blew It With Your Own Agenda.

Reality Reel 3/13/04 A First For Colby – He Has Been Snuffed Out

SurvivorUpdates 3/12/04 Episode 7 - Revenge: Cold and Sweet

CBS2 3/12/04 Analysis of Episode 7: “All or Nothing.”

Reality TV World 3/12/04 Ratings: Seventh 'Survivor All-Stars' episode wins time period, all key demos

Reality News Online 3/12/04 Survivor: All-Stars – Why Colby Lost

Reality Steve 3/12/04 Survivor: All Stars Recap Episode 7

Reality TV World 3/12/04 Colby gets booted from 'Survivor All-Stars' as Jerri finally gets her revenge

SurvivorUpdates 3/12/04 Colby on the CBS Early Show - Transcript and Screen Caps

The Trades 3/12/04 Survivor: All Stars - Episode 7

TV Barn 3/12/04 CBS PR: Just a reminder, "Survivor" moves to Weds. 3/12/04 - All-Star Colby on 'The Early Show'

Reality News Online 3/12/04 Strategic Overview of Survivor: Flip-Flopping 3/12/04 Fatal Mistake

Santa Cruz Sentinel 3/12/04 ‘Survivor:’ Lying Lex dishes up Colby’s head on a plate

CBS 3/12/04 Colby Gets Shredded

Calgary Sun 3/12/04 Colby thrown from saddle

Dayton Daily News 3/12/04 Tribe Cuts Colby Off

580 CFRA 3/12/04 Survivor All-Stars Update

Reality News Online 3/12/04 Survivor All-Stars, Episode 7: Revenge Is a Dish Best Served at Tribal Council

Tri Cities 3/12/04 "Big Tom" sets sail on yacht

The Low Standard 3/11/04 Survivor: Lions and Tigers and Yachts, Oh My!

Zap2It 3/11/04 Sob! Colby Cut from 'Survivor: All-Stars'

CBS 3/11/04 The Strong Will Not Survive: Colby Ousted

Canton Journal 3/11/04 Mariano grows stronger on 'All-Stars'

Reality TV Hall of Fame 3/11/04 Strategy and Personality as a Winning Combination: Tina Wesson

Times Dispatch 3/11/04 Mad Dog Has Spoken 3/11/04 Helen Glover: Jerri Manthey annoys the Mogo Mogo women

Plain Dealer 3/11/04 Surviving the Survivors

USA Today 3/11/04 Another 'All-Star' walks away from the game

CBS 3/11/04 Kathy And Lex Courting Victory?

Fans of Reality TV 3/11/04 Paulie's Precaps, Ep 7: Atari Guy Clue Kit

Reality News Online 3/11/04 Survivor: All-Stars, Episode 6 MVPs – Alliances a Plenty

Seattle PI 3/11/04 Feelings get touchy; second survivor this season opts to toss in the towel

Star Ledger 3/11/04 'Survivor' can't escape the outside world -- and that's one of its strengths

Herald Sun 3/10/04 Survivor Sue decides not to sue

Reality News Online 3/10/04 Survivor: All-Stars – Advice for the Remaining 12

JokersUpdates 3/10/04 - The Krafty Chronicles - Survivor Survivor All Stars Week 6

Survivor Review 3/9/04 Sorry, I Blew It.

Fans of Reality TV 3/9/04 Crazy Like A Hawk (Ep 6 recap)

Television Without Pity 3/9/04 Outraged!

Reality TV World 3/9/04 'Survivor: All-Stars' finale to air live from Madison Square Garden on Sunday May 9

Reality TV Talk 3/9/04 SAS Ep 6 Recap: "One Stunning Challenge"

Reality TV World 3/9/04 'Survivor: All Stars' Episode 7 'State of the Spoiling' 3/9/04 Survivor's Hatch has buried treasure right in R.I

Reality News Online 3/9/04 Survivor Walkers: The Four Musketeers

Reality TV World 3/9/04 Survivor: All-Stars - Episode 6 summary

Reality News Online 3/9/04 Episode 6 – “Will Sue sue and get rich over Rich?” & Other Questions

Springfield News-Sun 3/8/04 ‘Survivor’ contestant to speak

Reality News Online 3/8/04 An “Insider” Look at Survivor: All-Stars, Episode 6

Fans Of Reality TV 3/8/04 Survivor All-Stars Standing in the Shadows, Episode Six

Reality News Online 3/8/04 Survivor: All-Stars – Who Will Go in Episode 7?

Fans Of Reality TV 3/8/04 Survivor: Pelican Pete Report (Episode 6) - Is Everyone Going to Quit the Game?

SurvivorUpdates 3/7/04 The View: from the Blimp - Our Panel Predicts - Episode 7

Survivor Review 3/7/04 Shifting Sands

NoPointNecessary 3/7/04 S8 All Star Survivor Episode 6 'Hawk Hatches A Howler'

Survivor Review 3/6/04, Girl Power???

Reality TV World 3/6/04 Sixth 'Survivor: All-Stars' episode draws most viewers in nearly a year

SurvivorUpdates 3/5/04 Episode 6 - Hawk Takes to Flight

WCNC 3/5/04 Survivor castmate says she was sexually violated... 3/5/04 Survivor Report Card.

Reality TV World 3/5/04 Sue Hawk takes flight, quits 'Survivor: All-Stars' over previous challenge incident

Reality Steve 3/5/04 "Survivor: All Stars" Episode 6 Summary 3/5/04 Streaming Video - Surviving Survivor Week 6

Reality News Online 3/5/04 Baby Story Survivor: Vecepia’s Next Challenge

SurvivorUpdates 3/5/04 Sue and Rich on the Early Show - Transcript and Screen Caps

Reality News Online 3/5/04 Survivor: All-Stars – Why Sue Lost

CBS2 3/5/04 Analysis of Episode 6: “Winners never quit and quitters never win.”

Zap2It 3/5/04 'Survivor' Fuels Thursday Win for CBS

SurvivorUpdates 3/5/04 Tribal Voice: Episode 5 -"Outraged"

Reality News Online 3/5/04 Strategic Overview of Survivor: Gaining Power

Times Online 3/5/04 Hawk quits

CBS 3/5/04 Hawk And Hatch: Getting Past It 3/5/04 Surviving This Survivor

The Trades 3/5/04 Survivor: All Stars - Episode 6

Calgary Sun 3/5/04 Sue? You bet she will

Santa Cruz Sentinel 3/5/04 Lex steps up, and sets himself up as ‘Survivor: All Stars’ favorite

Dayton Daily News 3/5/04 Hawk Takes Wing

Reality News Online 3/5/04 Surviving the All-Stars, Episode 6: Stunned

Tri Cities 3/5/04 "Big Tom" Buchanan danced

The Low Standard 3/4/04 Survivor: The one where Sue gets ready to sue

Zap2It 3/4/04 Sue Goes Off, Then Goes Off on 'Survivor'

CBS 3/4/04 Another All-Star Bows Out - Sue Hawk Goes Home

Times Dispatch 3/4/04 Mad Dog Has Spoken

Canton Journal 3/4/04 Mariano's balance leads tribe to victory

Reality TV World 3/4/04 Jeff Probst admits error that led to Richard Hatch boot on 'Survivor: All-Stars'

Reality TV Hall of Fame 3/4/04 Did Richard's Loss on 'All-Stars' Tarnish His Legacy? 3/4/04 Helen Glover: Hatch-Hawk incident is still smoldering; Donaldson gains power

The Province 3/4/04 Duncan Clark's All-Stars Advance

Seattle PI 3/4/04 'Survivor' Insider: Good riddance to Richard; now we move on to Sue

USA Today 3/4/04 Au revoir, Richard

Reality News Online 3/4/04 Survivor: All-Stars – Advice for the Remaining 13

Fans of Reality TV 3/3/04 Paulie's Precaps, Episode 6: Crouch-Caged

Reality Reel 3/3/04 "Survivor All-Stars" Winner To Be Revealed from Madison Square Garden May 9th

Television Without Pity 3/3/04 I've Been Bamboozled!

Reality Reel 3/3/04 2 Robs Don’t Make A Right

Reality Reel 3/3/04 0 Pounds of Hatch Voted Out.

Reality News Online 3/3/04 Survivor: All-Stars – Who Will Go in Episode 6?

TV Barn 3/3/04 CBS PR: Survivor finale live from MSG

Survivor Review 3/3/04 Outraged!

Reality News Online 3/3/04 RNO Roundtable: The Richard/Sue Incident on ‘Survivor: All-Stars’

New Zealand Herald 3/2/04 Survivor: All Stars waiting for the Terminator

Fans of Reality TV 3/2/04 Standing in the Shadows, Episode 5

Reality TV World 3/2/04 'Survivor: All Stars' Episode 6 'State of the Spoiling'

Zap2It 3/2/04 'Survivor' Finale Returns to NYC

Fans Of Reality TV 3/2/04 Survivor: Epsiode 5 Recap - "Sue Meets "Little" Richard". 3/2/04 - Richard Hatch on 'Regis & Kelly' 3/2/04 Survivor Hatch faces challenge on tying kno

Reality News Online 3/2/04 An “Insider” Look at Survivor: All-Stars, Episode 5

Reality TV World 3/1/04 Survivor: All-Stars - Episode 5 summary

Reality News Online 3/1/04 Survivor: All-Stars, Episode 5 MVPs – Cuttin’ Out the Cancer


News Articles 2/1/04 to 2/29/04


SurvivorUpdates 2/29/04 The View: from the Blimp - Our Panel Predicts - Episode 6

NoPointNecessary 2/29/04 S8 A.S.S. Episode 5 Recap 'Full Frontal Stupidity'

Survivor Review 2/29/04 Lament for the King

Digital Spy 2/29/04 'Survivor' spoilers exposed as fake

Edmonton Journal 2/28/04 Survivor castaways send Hatch packing

Reality TV World 2/28/04 Over 22 million viewers watch Richard Hatch be booted from 'Survivor All-Stars'

Fans of Reality TV 2/28/04 Pelican Pete Report: Ding Dong Rich is Dead 2/28/04 “Down With Hatch” – Survivor All Stars - Episode 5

Survivor Review 2/28/04 He's Like A Cancer!

SurvivorUpdates 2/28/04 Tribal Voice: Episode 5 - I've Been Bamboozled!

Reality News Online 2/28/04 Survivor: All-Stars, Episode 5 – Hung Out to Dry, or Last Things First… 2/28/04 Ditched Hatch to get hitched

Concord Monitor 2/27/04 Jenna bemoans her loss of 'total control'

Dayton Daily News 2/27/04 Hatch's Plan Backfires

SurvivorUpdates 2/27/04 Episode 5 -Hatch Unhinged

Reality TV Talk 2/27/04 SAS Ep 5 Recap: "The Fall of the King" 2/27/04 Two Winners make big mistake!

CBS2 2/27/04 Analysis of Episode 5: “Ladies and gentlemen, the king has left the island”

SurvivorUpdates 2/27/04 Richard Hatch speaks out on the CBS Early Show

Reality News Online 2/27/04 Survivor: All-Stars – Why Rich Lost 2/27/04 Survivor All Star Special: Episode 5 Wrap Up 2/27/04 The tribe has spoken: R.I.'s Richard Hatch is ousted

KOIN 2/27/04 Where Is Portland's Own 'Survivor' Now?

Reality TV World 2/27/04 It's the fall of the king as Richard Hatch gets voted out of 'Survivor: All-Stars' 2/27/04 - All-Star Richard on 'The Early Show'

Reality News Online 2/27/04 Strategic Overview of Survivor: The Twilight Zone

The Trades 2/27/04 Survivor: All Stars - Episode 5

Calgary Sun 2/27/04 Hatch’s nude awakening

Santa Cruz Sentinel 2/27/04 The kindest cut: Lex survives reinvigorated ‘Survivor’

Zap2It 2/27/04 'Survivor' Gets Skittish in a Post-Superbowl World

Tri Cities 2/27/04 Father happy to see "Big Tom" survive another week

Reality News Online 2/27/04 Surviving the All-Stars, Episode 5: Gut Check

CBS 2/26/04 Bamboozled: Richard Hatch Voted Out

CBS 2/26/04 Richard Hatch 'Bamboozled'

Canton Journal 2/26/04 Mariano gains strength on 'Survivor'

OurSports Central 2/26/04 Survivor: All-Stars” Ethan Zohn to appear at Thunder game 2/26/04 - All-Star Interview with Rob C.

Reality News Online 2/26/04 “I Was Viewed as Too Big of a Threat”: An Interview with Rob Cesternino

Toronto Star 2/26/04 Has Survivor's secret been leaked? 2/26/04 Helen Glover: Tonight, one tribe will fade into history; Hatch looking strong

Reality TV Hall of Fame 2/26/04 The Model for Future Survivors: Richard Hatch

USA Today 2/26/04 'Survivor' pregame show

CBS 2/26/04 Bye, Tribe

The Province 2/26/04 Duncan Clark's All-Stars Advance

Calgary Sun 2/26/04 Survivor’s spoilsport

Digital Spy 2/26/04 'Survivor' spoilers proving true

Seattle PI 2/26/04 'Survivor' Insider: Cagey play is dulling-down the game 2/26/04 The General unedited

Reality News Online 2/26/04 Survivor: All-Stars – Advice for the Remaining 14

JokersUpdates 2/25/04 - The Krafty Chronicles - Survivor Survivor All Stars Week 4

Fans of Reality TV 2/25/04 Paulie's Precaps, Ep 5: Five-Ten, Shampoo's Sold!

Fans Of Reality TV 2/25/04 Survivor All Stars: Standing in the Shadows, Episode 4

Reality News Online 2/25/04 An “Insider” Look at Survivor: All-Stars, Episode 4

SurvivorUpdates 2/25/04 Tribal Voice: Episode 4 - Wipe Out!

Survivor Review 2/25/04 Predictions - Episode 5

Reality News Online 2/25/04 Survivor: All-Stars – Who Will Go in Episode 5?

TV Week 2/24/04 Eye on 'Survivor'

Reality TV World 2/24/04 'Survivor: All Stars' Episode 5 'State of the Spoiling'

CBS 2/24/04 Why Rob C. Is Gone

Reality TV Talk 2/24/04 - SAS Ep 4 Recap: "Smack Dab Right in the Kisser"

Fans of Reality TV 2/24/04 Episode 4: The Best Player Never To Win, Twice

Reality News Online 2/24/04 Survivor: All-Stars, Episode 3 – We Wuz ROBbed… Or Was We?

SurvivorUpdates 2/23/04 The View: from the Blimp - Our Panel Predicts - Episode 5

Reality News Online 2/23/04 Survivor: All-Stars, Episode 4 MVPs – It’s Practically Ladies Night!

Reality TV World 2/22/04 Survivor: All-Stars - Episode 4 summary

Television Without Pity 2/22/04 Wipe Out!

Survivor Review 2/22/04 The Return of the Rob-Father

Reality TV World 2/22/04 Nearly 23 million viewers watch 'Survivor: All-Stars' Rob-vs-Rob showdown 2/21/04 Survivor leak gains strength

Survivor Review 2/21/04 He's Too Smart

Reality Reel 2/21/04 Survivor This Week: A Tribute To Rob C.

Post Gazette 2/21/04 'Survivor' Watch

Survivor Fever 2/20/04 Rob Cesternino's Survivor: All-Stars Web Chat Transcript

Times Online 2/20/04 Amber Brkich no longer timid

Fans of Reality TV 2/20/04 Pelican Pete Report, Episode 4: Aliens Abduct Cesternino

SurvivorUpdates 2/20/04 Episode 4 - Pop Goes the Weasel

Survivor Fever 2/20/04 Episode 4: A Dark and Stormy Night

Boston Herald 2/20/04 `Survivor': The rerun

Reality News Online 2/20/04 Survivor: All-Stars – Why Rob C. Lost

CBS2 2/20/04 Analysis of Episode 4: "Smarty Pantsed"

CBS2 2/20/04 Mark Burnett Talks About His Success 2/20/04 Stepping On the Throat

Reality TV World 2/20/04 No longer the "greatest," Rob Cesternino gets booted from 'Survivor: All-Stars'

Reality News Online 2/20/04 Strategic Overview of Survivor: Off With Their Heads!

The Trades 2/20/04 Survivor: All Stars - Episode 4

Santa Cruz Sentinel 2/20/04 Lex still a ‘Survivor’

Houston Voice 2/20/04 I’m down with Hatch

Dallas Morning News 2/20/04 Cesternino shut out of 'All Stars'

Calgary Sun 2/20/04 The odd man out

Zap2It 2/20/04 Chapera Tastes Defeat on 'Survivor: All-Stars'

Dayton Daily News 2/20/04 Story of two Robs: one goes

Tri Cities 2/20/04 "Big Tom" takes big blow to the head

The Low Standard 2/19/04 Survivor: Apartment Vacancy in Pearl Islands

Reality News Online 2/19/04 Surviving the All-Stars, Episode 4: A Dark and Stormy Night

CBS 2/19/04 Robbed at Tribal Council: Rob C. Ousted

CBS 2/19/04 Rob C. Gets The Ol' Heave Ho!

Chicago Sun-Times 2/19/04 Reality TV, for once, is actually realistic

CBS 2/19/04 'Survivor' Winners Weigh In 2/19/04 Tonight: Storm and confusion

Edmonton Journal 2/19/04 The naked truth is, Hatch has good chance to survive

The Province 2/19/04 Duncan Clark's All-Stars Advance

USA Today 2/19/04 Jenna's departure stuns 'Survivor' panel

Reality News Online 2/19/04 Survivor: All-Stars – Advice for the Remaining 15

Seattle PI 2/19/04 'Survivor' Insider: Richard, now it's your turn to be booted

Fans of Reality TV 2/18/04 Paulie's Precaps, Ep 4: Stripe Count 2/18/04 - All-Star Interview with Jenna M.

Reality News Online 2/18/04 An “Insider” Look at Survivor: All-Stars, Episode 3

Digital Spy 2/18/04 First 'Survivor' season gets DVD release

Windy City Times 2/18/04 Burton Roberts: ‘Pearl’ Talk

Reality TV World 2/18/04 'Survivor: All Stars' Episode 4 'State of the Spoiling'

Reality News Online 2/18/04 “I Had to Make a Huge Decision”: An Interview with Survivor’s Jenna Morasca

NineMSN 2/18/04 Survivor All-Stars cut old stuff

Reality TV HoS 2/18/04 Hall of Shame Moment: Brandon Quinton Dooms His Team – And Himself

WKYT 2/18/04 "Kentucky Joe" Visits East KY School

Television Without Pity 2/17/04 Shark Attack

Survivor Review 2/17/04 Predictions - Episode 4 - Wipe Out!

Reality News Online 2/17/04 Survivor: All-Stars – Who Will Go in Episode 4?

Fans of Reality TV 2/17/04 Ep 3 Recap - "There's No Place Like Home...Depot"

Fans of Reality TV 2/17/04 Standing in the Shadows, Episode 3

Reality News Online 2/17/04 Survivor: All-Stars, Episode 3 – A Model Decision?

Bikini Day 2/17/04 Survivor 8 All-Star Jenna Morasca departs

JokersUpdates 2/16/04 The Krafty Chronicles - Survivor All Stars Week 3

SurvivorUpdates 2/16/04 The View: from the Blimp - Our Panel Predicts -Episode 4

Reality TV Talk 2/16/04 SAS Ep. 2, "Rest In Peace, Mrs. Morasca"

Let Us Ponder 2/16/04 Ep2: Purely Strategical

NY Times 2/16/04 Rare Programming No-No: Burnett Show vs. Burnett Show

Reality News Online 2/16/04 Strategic Overview of Survivor: Squeezing Blood from a Stone

NoPointNecessary 2/15/04 Survivor 8 A.S.S. Ep. 3 Recap "Most Intense Reward Ceremony Yet"

Reality Reel 2/15/04 Jenna's Choice

Survivor Review 2/15/04 "Division of Labor" 2/15/04 View is perfect for R.I. native

Reality Reel 2/14/04 "Wipe Out!"

Fans of Reality TV 2/14/03 Pelican Pete Report: Where's Bob Vila When You Need Him?

Survivor Review 2/14/04 "Home & Hearth"

Reality Reel 2/14/04 “Is it possible to call a gay man a stud?”

Boston Herald 2/14/04 Boston Rob could play spoiler on `Survivor'

Post Gazette 2/14/04 Jenna Morasca departs 'Survivor: All-Stars'

Concord Monitor 2/13/04 Tribe sidesteps another loss

Reality Reel 2/13/04 Interview With Jenna Morasca From Survivor

SurvivorUpdates 2/13/04 Episode 3 - Jenna: Homeward Bound

Santa Cruz Sentinel 2/13/04 Santa Cruz’s ‘Survivor’ still in the game

Reality TV World 2/13/04 Third 'Survivor All-Stars' episode draws over 22.3 million viewers

Post Gazette 2/13/04 Local ‘Survivor’ drops out due to mother’s health

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CBS2 2/13/04 Analysis of Episode 3: "Rest in Pieces"

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Reality TV World 2/13/04 Former 'Survivor' winner Jenna Morasca quits 'All Stars' to be with dying mother

Reality News Online 2/13/04 Survivor: All-Stars – Why Jenna M. Lost 2/13/04 - All-Star Jenna M. on ‘The Early Show’ 2/13/04 That's Why They Call It Survivor

The Trades 2/13/04 Survivor: All Stars - Episode 3

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Calgary Sun 2/13/04 Crying shame

The Province 2/13/04 Family first for Survivor Jenna

The Argus 2/13/04 'Survivor' champ offers insight

Reality News Online 2/13/04 Surviving the All-Stars, Episode 3: Family Foreshadowing

Tri Cities 2/13/04 "Big Tom" survives another week

CBS 2/12/04 Tribal Council Cancelled: Jenna Morasca Bows Out

Zap2It 2/12/04 NCAA Hoops Will Move 'Survivor' to Wednesdays

CBS 2/12/04 Attacks On 'Survivor'

Canton Journal 2/12/03 All-Star Mariano survives for another week

Reality Reel 2/12/04 Survivor To Move To Wednesdays

TV Barn 2/12/04 CBS PR: "Survivor" moves to Weds. for March Madness

Edmonton Journal 2/12/04 Mouthy, manipulative Boston Rob the All-Star to watch 2/12/04 Tonight: Hungry shark, hungrier castaways

CBS 2/12/04 Examining 'Survivor' Tactics

USA Today 2/12/04 Survivors know best

Seattle PI 2/12/04 'Survivor' Insider: Say bye-bye to Jerri, Jenna or Sue

Reality News Online 2/12/04 “The Tribe Did the Right Thing”: An Interview with Survivor’s Rudy

Reality News Online 2/12/04 Survivor: All-Stars – Advice for the Remaining 16

Fans of Reality TV 2/11/04 Paulie's Precaps, Ep 3: Dark Hat Rack 2/11/04 - All-Star Interview with Rudy

Times Dispatch 2/11/04 Rudy: Sabogas can relax

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Survivor Review 2/10/04 Predictions - Ep.3 "Shark Attack!"

Reality News Online 2/10/04 An Interview with Survivor’s Tina Wesson 2/10/04 - All-Star Interview with Tina

Reality News Online 2/10/04 Episode 2–Who’s Naughty, Who’s Nice, and Who’s Missing, .... 

Television Without Pity 2/10/04 Panicked, Desperate, Thirsty As Hell

JokersUpdates 2/9/04 The Krafty Chronicles - Survivor Survivor All Stars Week 2

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Fans of Reality TV 2/9/04 Ep 2 Recap, What Happened To Rudy? - I Dunno

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Reality TV World 2/9/04 Survivor: All-Stars - Episode 2 summary

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SCN 2/8/04 Survivor Watch

Fans Of Reality TV 2/8/04 Pelican Pete Report - Episode 2 - Respect Your Elders... or Not!

NoPointNecessary 2/8/04 Survivor 8 A.S.S. Ep 2 Recap "I Dunno What To Say"

Reality TV World 2/8/04 First Thursday 'Survivor: All-Stars' draws highest regular episode ratings in nearly a yr

Fans of Reality TV 2/8/04 Standing in the Shadows, Episode 2

JokersUpdates 2/7/04 It's All a Blur - Ode To Rich

Reality Reel 2/7/04 Survivor Says Goodbye To A Real American Hero

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Survivor Review 2/7/04 Commentary: "I Scorn You, Mark Burnett"

Vancouver Sun 2/6/04 Senior survives leaky boat only to be deep-sixed

Reality TV Talk:  2/6/04: Saboga Could Be Heading For A Split

SurvivorUpdates 2/6/04 SAS Episode 2 - Rudy’s Fate Sealed

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Tri Valley Herald 2/6/04 'Survivor' winner offers inside scoop

CBS 2/6/04 Analysis of Episode 2: "Out With The Old"

Reality News Online 2/6/04 Survivor: All-Stars – Why Rudy Lost 2/6/04 All-Star Rudy on 'The Early Show'

CBS 2/6/04 Survivor: Rudy Gets The Boot

Reality TV World 2/6/04 Four years later, 'Survivor' Rudy Boesch falls once again 2/6/04 Wake Up Call For Two

CBS 2/6/04 Survivor: Rudy Sent Packing

The Trades 2/6/04 Survivor: All-Stars - Episode 2

Bristol Herald Courier 2/6/04 "Big Tom" survives

Reality News Online 2/6/04 Surviving the All-Stars, Episode 2: A Hero’s Reward

Bergen Record 2/5/04 An outback 'Survivor' lends a fresh view

Dayton Daily News 2/5/04 Rudy bites the dust

CBS 2/5/04 No Rest for the Weak - Rudy Boesch Voted Out
Zap2It 2/5/04 Saboga Sinks on 'Survivor: All-Stars'

Canton Journal 2/5/04 Rob Mariano thrives on new 'Survivor'

Television Without Pity 2/5/04 They're Back!

Baxter Bulletin 2/5/04 Tina first to go on 'Survivor'

Daily Review 2/5/04 Former champion survives in reality 2/5/04 Is the Survivor cat out of bag?

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Reality TV World 2/2/04 'Survivor All-Stars' premiere sets ratings records, averages 33.27 million viewers

Reality TV World 2/2/04 CBS to rebroadcast 'Survivor: All-Stars' premiere on February 3 2/2/04 Survivor: Episode One Round Up 2/2/04 - All-Star Tina on ‘The Early Show’

Reality TV World 2/2/04 Three years later, 'Survivor: All-Stars' Tina Wesson finally gets her torch snuffed

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Digital Spy 2/2/04 First 'Survivor Allstars' player eliminated

The Province 2/2/04 It's a million-to-one for Tina

Chicago Tribune 2/2/04 `Survivor' Wesson gets the ax

USA Today 2/2/04 Tina first 'All-Star' to get voted off the 'Survivor' island

JokersUpdates 2/1/04 Ode to ASS

Dayton Daily News 2/1/04 Tina first to go from 'Survivor: All-Stars'

CBS 2/1/04 Survivor All-Stars Begins, Tina Wesson First to Go

Zap2It 2/1/04 'Survivor: All-Stars' Shines So Bright

Let Us Ponder 2/1/04 Survivor All-Stars Preview 2/1/04 Survivor stars get together

Kokomo Tribune 2/1/04 Fans advise, no more Mr. Nice Guy 2/1/04 Christoval still has Colby fever as all-star debut nears

Connecticut Post 2/1/04 Ex-Trumbull woman gets 2nd 'Survivor' chance

Contra Costa Times 2/1/04 Who's who of 'Survivor's' all-star players

Survivor Review  2/1/04 Predictions - Episode 1

Post Gazette 2/1/04 TV Preview: Former 'Survivors' compete again

St Petersburg Times 2/1/04 The envy. The rancor. The cutthroats.

The Virginian-Pilot 2/1/04 Tune in to ''Survivor'' after Super Bowl

Times Picayune 2/1/04 Gluttons for punishment stranded again

The Province 2/1/04 Where's Jonny?

Grand Rapids Press 2/1/04 After Super Bowl, it's 'Survivor' Sunday as all-star castaways duke it out

Dayton Daily News 2/1/04 Will Richard last as 'Survivor's self-centered savant? Not a chance


News Articles 1/1/04 to 1/31/04


Teen Hollywood 1/31/04 The Super Bowl of 'Survivor'

Palm Beach Post 1/31/04 On location with 'Survivor'

Bristol Herald Courier 1/31/04 Gaga for the "goat man"

Dallas Morning News 1/31/04 'Survivor' all-stars will face 'nature in the raw'

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Roanoke Times 1/31/04 Big Tom's big fan

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Dayton Daily News 1/31/04 Will Richard last as 'Survivor's self-centered savant? Not a chance

Star Ledger 1/31/04 Three tribes: Eighteen ex-'Survivors' take another shot at the prize

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Reality Reel 1/30/04 Survivor: All-Stars Review - Hatch Is Naked

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CBS2 1/30/04 Snubbed: The Not So Magnificent Seven

The Spoof 1/30/04 Next "Survivor" Underway

Chicago Tribune 1/30/04 All-star 'Survivor' goes back to basics

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Boston Globe 1/30/04 What to watch afterward...

USA Today 1/30/04 The old gang is as feisty as ever

Knox News 1/30/04 Grudge match: Tina Wesson vs. Wilson (from Tom Hanks' movie "Castaway")

Hollywood Reporter 1/30/04 Survivor: All-Stars

Milwaukee Journal 1/30/04 'Survivor' pits best, nastiest from old episodes

The Star 1/30/04 Get ready for the all-stars

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Chicago Sun-Times 1/30/04 Richard shows them some skin, shows them how it's done

Detroit Free Press 1/30/04 Bold and beautiful castaways are back

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Rocky Mountain News 1/30/04 The scheme teams

Media Life 1/29/04 CBS's bigger Super Bowl play: 'Survivor'

Canton Journal 1/29/04 Mariano's second 'Survivor' odyssey begins Sunday

Colorado Springs Gazette 1/29/04 'Survivor' gets ready for its 'Super' kickoff

Reality TV World 1/29/04 'Survivor: All Stars' Episode 1 'State of the Spoiling'

Sturgis Journal 1/29/04 Can’t wait for the big game

Contra Costa Times 1/29/04 'Survivor: All-Stars' Participants

Reality News Online 1/29/04 What All-Star Survivors Definitely Should Have Learned 1/29/04 'Survivor' gets ready for its 'Super' kickoff

NY Daily News 1/29/04 'All-Stars' is all-involving

JokersUpdates 1/28/04 Survivor All Stars Cast Information - Meet the All Star cast of Survivor!!!

Fans of Reality TV 1/28/04 Paulie's Precaps, Ep. 1: Flare Sack

CBS 1/28/04 Saboga Staying Under Radar

Reality Reel 1/28/04 Survivor: All Stars Pre-show Review

Reality Reel 1/28/04 Previous Winners And The Luck Factor

CBS 1/28/04 Chapera Watching Its Big Mouth

Reality News Online 1/28/04 RNO Roundtable: ‘Survivor All-Stars’ Predictions

Fans Of Reality TV 1/27/04 Survivor All-Stars: The FORT Writers Speak - Saboga Tribe

Reality News Online 1/27/04 Advice for the Survivor All-Stars

CBS 1/27/04 A Look At Mogo Mogo

CBS 1/26/04 The 'Survivor' Phenomenon

Zap2It 1/26/04 Familiar Faces Return for 'Survivor: All-Stars'

Cincinnati Enquirer 1/26/04 'Big Lill' to appear at Kings-Mason varsity game

Tribune Star 1/26/04 Soul Survivor

Reality TV World 1/26/04 'Spoiler Island' fantasy game launches for the 'Survivor: All Stars' season 1/24/04 'The Winner of All-Star Survivor Is?'

Seattle PI 1/24/04 'Survivor' auditions coming to Tacoma

Fans of Reality TV 1/23/04 The FORT Writers Speak - Mogo Mogo Tribe

Slidell Sentry News 1/23/04 Ex-'Survivor' castaway sues former church

TV Barn 1/22/04 Who's in the final 2 of "Survivor Allstars?"

Knox News 1/22/04 Get ready for 'Survivor: All-Stars'

SurvivorUpdates 1/22/04 The View: The Panel’s - First Impressions

Cincinnati Enquirer 1/22/04 Lillian intends to survive through speaking fees

Washington Post 1/22/04 She's Up to the Challenge of Celebrity

Times Picayune 1/22/04 Pastor sues over elder's words

Post-Dispatch 1/22/04 Rigors of the game are real in "Survivor: All Stars"

Zap2It 1/21/04 Probst: I'd Be a Great 'Survivor' Contestant

SurvivorUpdates 1/21/04 SAS - At First Glance

Reality News Online 1/21/04 Strategic Predictions for ‘Survivor: All-Stars’

Jam! 1/21/04 Elite 'Survivor' spoiler leaks info

PR Newswire 1/21/04 TV Fan Goes Undercover to Nail Finalists of Survivor: All-Stars

Impact Wrestling 1/21/04 Details On TNA's Signing Of Jonny Fairplay

WKYT 1/21/04 Ex-Survivor "Kentucky Joe" Gets A Job

Deseret News 1/20/04 Talented Burnett has a chink in his armor — telling lies

Fans of Reality TV 1/20/04 The FORT Writers Speak: The Chapera Tribe

Zap2It 1/20/04 Burnett Wasted Little Time Finding 'Survivor' Stars

Boston Globe 1/20/04 Jeff Probst would love to play 'Survivor' 1/20/04 'Survivor All Stars' Not All That

Orlando Sentinel 1/20/04 It's survival of the fittest once `Friends' bids farewell

Coming Soon 1/19/04 CBS Greenlights Two More Survivor Seasons

Business Courier 1/19/03 Survivor's Big Lill signs with Game Day

NY Times 1/19/04 Manufactured Drama Assists 'Survivor'-CBS Deal

Zap2It 1/19/04 CBS Renews 'Survivor,' Wants More 'Raymond'

Reality News Online 1/19/04 Survivor Alsos – The Best of the Rest

Arizona Republic 1/18/04 Survive this; age before beauty; and speaking on cue

Orlando Sentinel 1/18/04 CBS adds 3rd `CSI,' will keep `Survivor'

The Province 1/18/04 18 return to fight for survival

Beacon Journal 1/18/04 Mortality of `Survivor' questioned

Tribune-Review 1/17/04 'Survivor' auditions will be taped today at stores

The Australian 1/17/04 Survival test in dragon pit

The Virginian-Pilot 1/16/04 Beach’s “Survivor” star takes second shot at the prize

Jam! 1/16/04 Will Survivor survive the Internet?

Knox News 1/15/04 A chance to see if 'nice' can win again on 'Survivor'

Pro Wrestling Torch 1/15/04 Ex-Survivor Cast Member Joins TNA Wrestling

Reality News Online 1/15/04 Survivor Villain Johnny Fairplay Gets Pay-Per-View Wrestling Gig

Ledger Enquirer 1/15/04 'Survivor' skills

Baxter Bulletin 1/15/04 'Survivor: All Stars' begins after the Super Bowl game

Mobile Register 1/15/04 'Survivor' auditions at WKRG today

Smyth County News 1/14/04 'Big Tom' survives All Stars selection

Oakland Press 1/14/04 Calling all 'Survivor' wannabees

Cincinnati Enquirer 1/14/04 Just missed cut for 'Survivor: All Stars,' Bingham says

Kentucky Post 1/14/04 Bingham takes state job

News OK 1/14/04 'Survivor' tryouts today

Post Tribune 1/14/04 Nearly 1,000 wait in line to be a ... Survivor

Munster Times 1/14/04 Fans brave tryouts for role on 'Survivor'

Herald Courier 1/13/04 'Big Tom' returns to 'Survivor'

Standard Times 1/13/04 West Texas 'Survivor' picked for all-star team

Concord Monitor 1/13/04 Franklin native's fame still alive

WFLS 1/13/04 Rudy, Big Tom back on Survivor series

WBIR 1/13/04 Knoxville Woman Set For Return To ''Survivor'' Reality Show

Contra Costa Times 1/13/04 'Survivor' offers winners, losers another go-round

Edmonton Journal 1/13/04 The real all-star game

Wisconsin State Journal 1/13/04 Super Survivors: All-star cast assembles for show's latest incarnation

Orlando Sentinel 1/13/04 Meet the `Survivor: All-Stars'

Post-Gazette 1/13/04 Amber, Jenna make 'Survivor All-Stars'

Knox News 1/13/04 Tina Wesson part of all-star Survivor cast

Santa Cruz Sentinel 1/13/04 Santa Cruz ‘Survivor’ gets second crack at $1 million

Chicago Sun-Times 1/13/04 Welcome back, plotters

NY Daily News 1/13/04 Fittest of 'Survivors'

Arizona Republic 1/13/04 'Survivors' gather for all-star version of the show

Newsday 1/13/04 Our ‘Survivor’ All-Stars

Times Dispatch 1/13/04 Rudy, Tom are all-star 'Survivors'

Virginian-Pilot 1/12/04 Beach's Rudy Boesch will compete with ''Survivor'' all-stars

Burlington Free Press 1/12/04 Burlington's "Survivor" picked for all-star edition

People 1/12/04 'Survivor' Hatches All-Star Contest

Reality TV Hall of Shame 1/12/04 What Will Jerri Do? – A Prediction of Her ‘Survivor: All-Stars’ Behavior

Reality TV World 1/12/04 CBS formally announces 'Survivor: All-Stars' contestants

Post Gazette 1/12/04 2 Pittsburgh women in Survivor: All Stars

WTEV 1/12/04 Nearly 750 Try to "Survive" Casting Call

Times Online 1/12/04 Casino hosts 'Survivor' casting call

Naples Daily News 1/12/04 Hundreds turn out for chance to be a 'Survivor'

News Press 1/12/04 Hopefuls brave chilly night for tryouts with ‘Survivor’

Zap2It 1/12/04 'Outback' Survivors Dominate 'All-Stars' Cast

CBS 1/12/04 'Old' Survivors Set For New Game

Seattle Times 1/12/04 'Survivor' announces returning all-stars

Digital Spy 1/12/04 'Survivor Allstars' lineup confirmed

The Trades 1/12/04 Lost and Delirious- Survivor: All-Stars Preview

Lompoc Record 1/11/04 'Survivor' holds open casting call

Boseman Daily Chronicle 1/11/04 'Survivor' wannabes hope to outwit, outlast the competition

The State 1/11/04 ‘Survivor’ hopefuls try to outwit, outplay, outlast audition rivals

Reality News Online 1/10/04 ‘Survivor: All-Stars’ Players Revealed

News Press 1/10/04 Naples campus hosts ‘Survivor’ tryouts

Reality TV World 1/9/04 CBS to officially announce 'Survivor: All Stars' cast on January 12

Naples Daily News 1/9/04 'Survivor' casting call to be held Sunday

Mattoon Journal 1/8/04 'Survivor' tryouts held in Central Illinois

TV Barn 1/8/04 CBS PR: "Survivor All-Stars" to unveil on morning show

Chicago Tribune 1/8/04 The fittest of television's 'Survivors'

Reality News Online 1/7/04 Survivor: The Fate of Power Brokers

Daily Mail 1/7/04 Gilligan' advises ‘Survivor' wannabes

Clarksburg Exponent 1/5/04 'Survivor' comes calling this week at Meadowbrook Mall

KUAM 1/5/04 KUAM to host open audition for next season of "Survivor"

Digital Spy 1/3/04 Challenge buys US 'Survivor' for UK

Poker Mag 1/3/04 Casino To Host Open Cast Call For 'Survivor'

Indy Star 1/2/04 'Survivor' auditions to be held here Jan. 13

The Spoof 1/1/04 Coming Soon: Survivor 9


News Articles 12/1/03 to 12/31/03


News-Star 12/31/03 Year busy for 'Survivor' runner-up

Register-Pajaronian 12/31/03 Central Coast residents can try out for 'Survivor'

Survivor Phoenix 12/30/03 E13: Tribal Council Votes

Pantagraph 12/30/03 'Survivor' speaker fits theme for Clinton Chamber's dinner

News Gazette 12/30/03 'Survivor' hosting tryouts in East Central Illinois

Reality News Online 12/30/03 Survivor Advice: Thoughts on the Meta-Game Looking Back and Ahead

US Army 12/29/03 AAFES employee wins $1 million

Television Without Pity 12/29/03 Pearl Islands Reunion

Fans Of Reality TV 12/29/03 FORT Interview with Rupert Boneham

WKYT 12/28/03 Survivor Open Casting Call

Post Gazette 12/28/03 Reality TV shows have a local flavor

Reality Reel 12/26/03 That Bugger Had It Coming In A Big Way

Reality Reel 12/26/03 Lillian Thinks She Can Win Against Sandra??? Big Mistake

Wrestling Observer 12/26/03 Alex Marvez interviews Jon "Jonny Fairplay" Dalton

Sun-Times 12/25/03 Survivor tryouts in Naples

NoPointNecessary 12/25/03 S7 Pearl Islands Reunion Recap & Final Comments Re Sandra

Reality News Online 12/24/03 “I Showed My True Passion for the Game” – An Interview with Rupert

Reality News Online 12/24/03 “I Should Have Lied to Lill” – A Second Interview with Survivor’s Burton

Washington Times 12/24/03 Hasselbecks adjust to newfound fame

The Star 12/24/03 Seventh and surviving

Reality News Online 12/23/03 “It’s Just a Game” – A Second Interview with Survivor’s Lill

Reality News Online 12/23/03 “I Was In Shock” – An Interview with Survivor Winner Sandra 12/23/03 2nd Interview with Lillian 12/23/03 Second Interview with Burton

Reality News Online 12/23/03 Surviving the Jury on ‘Survivor’

Reality News Online 12/22/03 Survivor: Pearl Islands – MVP Moments for Everyone

The Californian 12/22/03 'Survivor' casts eyes on county

Reality TV Talk 12/21/03 Survivor PI Finale Hour 2 Recap "Caribbean Queen vs Sorry Excuse for A Scout"

Herald Democrat 12/21/03 Survivor's over ... now comes the withdrawals

Orlando Sentinel 12/21/03 The best Survivor? Pearl Islands of course

Television Without Pity 12/20/03 Flames And Endurance

NoPointNecessary 12/20/03 Survivor:Pearl Islands - Finale Recap

Fans of Reality TV 12/20/03 Standing in the Shadows, Week 13

Ojai Valley News 12/19/03 Castaway contestant featured at reception

Ojai Valley News 12/19/03 Ojai 'Survivor' outlasts most

Ad Age 12/19/03 P&G Announces 20 Brand Tie-In With 'Survivor'

CBS 12/19/03 Catching Up With Sandra

The Trades 12/19/03 Lost and Delirious- Finale

Reality News Online 12/19/03 “We Weren’t All Meant to Get Along”–An Interview with Christa

SurvivorUpdates 12/18/03 The View from the Crow’s Nest - Our Panel’s - Final Reflections 12/18/03 - Interview with Christa

Natchez Democrat 12/18/03 Hometown fans gather to watch 'Survivor' hopeful 12/18/03 Facing The Music

Times Dispatch 12/18/03 'Mad Dog' lives!

Fayetteville Online 12/18/03 'Tough cookie' soldier is 'Survivor'

WRAL 12/18/03 'Survivor' Winner Once Lived In Fayetteville, Credits Army Training

Survivor Review 12/17/03 Commentary - "Pearl Islands Wrap Up"

Reality Reel 12/17/03 Most Watched Survivor Finale Since Marquesas

Reality News Online 12/17/03 In Defense of Sandra – Why She Deserves the Million Dollars

Reality TV World 12/17/03 Survivor: Pearl Islands - Finale Episode summary

CNN 12/17/03 Survivor: The charity challenge

Washington Post 12/17/03 'Survivor' and 'Rudolph,' Making Spirits Bright at CBS

Hollywood Reporter 12/17/03 CBS' 'Survivor' powers net to ratings victory 12/16/03 The 60-Pound Gorilla

Reality TV World 12/16/03 'Survivor: Pearl Islands' finale dominates, draws over 25 million viewers

Reality Reel 12/16/03 Sandra, Sole Survivor

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The Spoof 12/16/03 Survivor's Rupert Boneham Wins Presidential Poll

Daily Sentinel 12/16/03 'Survivor' runner-up Lillian Morris, 51, has fond memories of growing up in Maine

Seattle PI 12/16/03 Million-dollar Army mom sounds off about her 'Survivor' tour of duty

Star Ledger 12/16/03 Colorful onlooker

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Chicago Sun-Times 12/16/03 'Survivor' winner drew early betting action

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CBS 2 Chicago 12/15/03 Recap of Episode 14: "A Three Hour Tour."

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Clarion Ledger 12/15/03 Miss.'s 1st 'Survivor' falls short of $1M 12/15/03 Streaming Video - Surviving Survivor Finale

News Tribune 12/15/03 Fort Lewis mom proves she's 'Survivor' 12/15/03 Nine spoils Survivor

Seattle Times 12/15/03 Fort Lewis woman wins 'Survivor'

Seattle PI 12/15/03 Loyal, outspoken schemer from Fort Lewis is ultimate 'Survivor'

NY Daily News 12/15/03 Mother of the 'Pearl'

St. Petersburg Times 12/15/03 Loser: No regrets over $1-million 'Survivor' decision

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News Articles 11/1/03 to 11/30/03


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Reality TV World 11/17/03 'Survivor: All-Stars' to premiere after Super Bowl XXXVIII on February 1

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Dayton Daily News 11/14/03 Morgan pals vote 'Ryno' Opray off

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CBS 11/13/03 Balboa Cuts Another Morgan, Ryan Voted Off

Zap2It 11/13/03 Balboa Bags a Rhino on 'Survivor'

Reality TV Planet 11/13/03 Burton Backstabs, Lil Lies, and Sweet Ryan Goes Sour

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Fans Of Reality TV 11/10/03 Standing in the Shadows: Survivor Episode 7B 11/10/03 Interview with Osten

Fans of Reality TV 11/10/03 Our Interview with Osten Taylor

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Survivor Phoenix 11/7/03 E7b: Outcast Tribal Council Votes

Survivor Phoenix 11/7/03 E7b: Tribal Council Votes 11/7/03 Survivor 7 - Episode 8 11/7/03 Andrew on 'The Early Show' 11/7/03 Survivor 7 Insider Clips - Episode 8

Reality News Online 11/7/03 Surviving the Pearl Islands, Episode 8: Revenge Is Sweet

The Trades 11/7/03 Lost and Delirious- Survivor: Pearl Islands - Episode 7.2

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CBS 11/7/03 Tribes Merge, Andrew Purged

Zap2It 11/6/03 Rocky Start for Tribe Balboa

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CBS 11/6/03 Outcast Return, Andrew Savage Out

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Leaf Chronicle 11/6/03 Clarksvillian Ryan Shoulders returns to 'Survivor' tonight

Tufts Daily 11/6/03 Survivor 101- A guide to the reality show


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