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News Articles 9/1/04 to 9/16/04


TBO 9/16/04 Former USF Student To Be Among Group Of Castaways On `Survivor'

Kingsport Times 9/16/04 Friends gather to cheer on Johnson City survivor

WSAW 9/16/04 Local Woman Set to Appear in Survivor: Vanuatu

Reality News Online 9/16/04 RNO Roundtable: ‘Survivor: Vanuatu’ Predictions

News-Press 9/16/04 Fort Myers High grad is a 'Survivor'

Reality TV Calendar 9/16/04 Boot Prediction #1 Who Wins Immunity - Who's Going Home?

Deseret News 9/16/04 'Survivor' is still scorching

Reality TV World 9/16/04 'Survivor: Vanuatu' to feature online talk show co-hosted by Richard Hatch

Reality News Online 9/16/04 Strategic Predictions for ‘Survivor: Vanuatu’

Alameda Times-Star 9/16/04 Amputee teacher up for challenge that is 'Survivor'

Press Herald 9/16/04 Gorham native joins castaways on 'Survivor' premiere tonight

Asbury Park Press 9/16/04 Toms River native among the new 'Survivor' contestants 9/16/04 Dangerous situation erupts on 'Survivor'

The Vanguard 9/16/04 Bentley Alum Picked for "Survivor" Series

Star Telegram 9/16/04 The return of 'Survivor' could bring tremors

Post Standard 9/16/04 'Survivor' host notes SU senior's 'personality'

Grand Rapids Press 9/16/04 Survivors move to Vanuatu

Des Moines Register 9/16/04 Rory's quest begins tonight

The State 9/16/04 What lies ahead ...

Munster Times 9/16/04 Former Hobart man will compete on popular TV show

St. Petersburg Times 9/16/04 Back to the island

Beacon Journal 9/16/04 Who will be Rupert of the new `Survivor'?

Arizona Republic 9/16/04 'Survivor' goes native

Springfield News Sun 9/16/04 South Vienna man goes tribal tonight on 'Survivor'

Gary Post Tribune 9/16/04 Hobart to root for local ’Survivor’

Courier Journal 9/16/04 'Survivor' has spawned wealth, fame

Journal Gazette 9/16/04 ‘Survivor’ turns up the heat again

Daily Orange 9/16/04 Alpha Phi sister spends summer on cast of 'Survivor' 9/16/04 Dangerous situation erupts on 'Survivor'

Orlando Sentinel 9/16/04 Girl power, spirituality propel new 'Survivor'

Kansas City Star 9/16/04 It's Marshall (Mo.) law on 'Survivor'

Baltimore Sun 9/16/04 'Survivor' goes too far with brutal beginning

Chicago Tribune 9/16/04 `Survivor' returns with usual trappings

Cincinnati Enquirer 9/16/04 Survivor in Vanuatu

CBS 9/16/04 The New 'Survivor': Jeff Speaks

Hartford Courant 9/16/04 Hot Times On `Survivor'

Chicago Sun-Times 9/16/04 New 'Survivor' weaves its old black magic

Star Ledger 9/16/04 Still fired up

Brand Week 9/15/04 Pontiac's G6 Is A Survivor

SurvivorUpdates 9/15/04 The View from the Blimp - Survivor Vanuatu - Panel’s First Impressions

AJC 9/15/04 'Survivor' goes native

Omaha World Herald 9/15/04 New 'Survivor' spot impressed Omahan

Wisconsin State Journal 9/15/04 'Survivor' regains its original appeal

WIFR 9/15/04 Survivor Worked in Stateline

Survivor Review 9/15/04 Episode 1 Prediction 

Reality Shack 9/15/04 CaptainD's Boot Predictions - Episode 1

Zap2It 9/15/04 Jeff Probst Versus the Volcano

San Francisco Chronicle 9/15/04 Buff men, buxom women, backstabbing -- who says 'Survivor' isn't family fare?

MSNBC 9/15/04 Survivor’s Rupert donates money to kids

Herald Sun 9/15/04 Boston 'robbed'

Zap2It 9/15/04 CBS Hatches Online 'Survivor' Talk Show 9/15/04 Student passes on opportunity to be a 'Survivor'

Post Standard 9/14/04 Survival of the fittest or wittiest?

Inside INdiana Business 9/14/04 Survivor Star Rupert Launches Organization For Kids

Casino City Times 9/14/04 Releases Survivor Odds

WISH 9/14/04 Rupert Launches Mentoring Program

CBS 9/14/04 'Survivor' Lovebirds Perch In N.Y.

Cincinnati Enquirer 9/13/04 'Survivor' a big draw

Reality TV World 9/13/04 'Survivor: Vanuatu' Episode 1 'State of the Spoiling'

Reality Shack 9/13/04 Survivor Vanuatu - Welcome to the Islands of Fire 9/12/04 - Survivor Vanuatu Contest - Week 1

Santa Cruz Sentinel 9/12/04 Lex van den Berghe: The Skinny

The Sun Journal 9/12/04 Vying to 'survive'

SF Chronicle 9/12/04 Reality TV Finally Opens The Door To Lesbians

Reality TV Calendar 9/12/04 Spoiler #3: The Latest Rumors - Who Goes Home First?

SurvivorUpdates 9/11/04 Survivor Vanuatu -First Impressions 9/11/04 - Survivor IX: The Pre Show

Fans of Reality TV 9/10/04 Paulie's Precaps, Ep 1: Three Clay Mats Up Wins Beers

Reality TV World 9/10/04 'Spoiler Island' fantasy game launches for the 'Survivor: Vanuatu' season

CBS 9/9/04 Survivors Helping Survivors

Morning Sun 9/8/04 'Survivor' winner comes to Pittsburgh State

The Trades 9/7/04 Survivor: Vanuatu, Islands of Fire Preview

Reality TV Calendar 9/7/04 Meet The Survivors: Travis Sampson Bio and Photo

Reality TV Calendar 9/6/04 Meet The Survivors: Twila Tanner Bio and Photo

Reality TV Calendar 9/4/04 Meet The Survivors: Rory Freeman Bio and Photo

Reality TV Calendar 9/3/04 Meet The Survivors: Scout Cloud Lee Bio and Photo

Reality TV Calendar 9/2/04 Meet The Survivors: Lea "Sarge" Masters Bio and Photo

Reality TV Calendar 9/1/04 Meet The Survivors: Mia Galeotalanza Bio and Photo


News Articles 8/1/04 to 8/31/04


Reality TV Calendar 8/31/04 Meet The Survivors: John Palyok Bio and Photo

Branford Review 8/30/04 Branford native could be next 'Survivor'

Reality TV Calendar 8/30/04 Meet The Survivors: Lisa Keiffer Bio and Photo

Reality TV Calendar 8/29/04 Meet The Survivors: John Kenney Bio and Photo

Lancaster Newspapers 8/28/04 Wow! It's 'total mayhem' when 'Survivor' all-stars come to town for fund-raiser

Reality TV Calendar 8/28/04 Meet The Survivors: Leann Slaby Bio and Photo

Marshall Democrat-News 8/27/04 Marshall woman among 'Survivor' contestants

Davis Enterprise 8/27/04 UCD grad's a new 'Survivor'

Reality TV Calendar 8/27/04 Meet The Survivors: Chris Daugherty and Photo

Huntington Beach Independent 8/26/04 Surf City 'Survivor'

Reality TV Calendar 8/26/04 Meet The Survivors: Julie Berry Bio and Photo

Star Telegram 8/25/04 60 Second Preview

Reality TV Calendar 8/25/04 Meet The Survivors: Chad Crittenden Bio and Photo

WKBN 8/24/04 Meet Amber and Boston Rob

Reality TV Calendar 8/24/04 Survivor Stew: Spoiler Report #2

Reality TV Calendar 8/24/04 Meet The Survivors: Eliza Orlins Bio and Photo

Sydney Morning Herald 8/24/04 Tribes survive as boys and girls

Westine Report 8/23/04 She’s a Survivor

Cincinnati Enquirer 8/23/04 'Survivor' star will drop puck

Rocky Mount Telegram 8/23/04 'Survivor' star helps Bryant Gay

Reality TV Calendar 8/23/04 Meet The Survivors: Brook Geraghty Bio and Photo

Wausau Daily Herald 8/23/04 WSAW-TV to beef up 'Survivor' coverage

Reality TV Calendar 8/22/04 Meet The Survivors: Dolly Neely Bio and Photo

Planet Out 8/21/04 New "Survivor" features two lesbians 8/21/04 Survivor's volcanic lure

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 8/21/04 'Survivor' to appear

Reality TV Calendar 8/21/04 Meet The Survivors: Brady Finta Bio and Photo

Journal Gazette 8/20/04 ‘Survivor’ using soccer to teach others how to survive

Reality TV Calendar 8/20/04 Meet The Survivors: Ami Cusak Bio and Photo

SurvivorWeb 8/19/04 Honest Achmed's Middle East Guide to "Survivor: Vanuatu"

The Gate 8/18/04 "Survivor: Vanuatu" Castaways Announced

WSAW 8/18/04 Kronenwetter Native Cast member on Survivor

KATC 8/18/04 Mandeville woman is named 'Survivor' castaway

Contra Costa Times 8/18/04 Oakland man among latest cast of 'Survivors' 8/18/04 Oklahoman joins 'Survivor'

OurSports Central 8/18/04 America's Favorite Survivor Rupert Boneham to make appearance at October 24 Mighty Ducks game

Bristol Herald Courier 8/18/04 Travis "Bubba" Sampson, "token hilbilly" or "Survivor"

Des Moines Register 8/18/04 Iowan's 'survival' skills stay secret

The State 8/18/04 Sergeant aims to survive

Baton Rouge Advocate 8/18/04 Mandeville woman to appear on 'Survivor'

Dallas Morning News 8/18/04 Television: 'Survivor' tribes grow

Rocky Mountain News 8/18/04 Lakewood woman braves TV's 'Survivor'

Gary Post Tribune 8/18/04 Hobart native one of the Survivors

Press Herald 8/18/04 Maine woman to compete on 'Survivor'

Springfield News Sun 8/18/04 Local man to be on Survivor

Pop Politics 8/18/04 Survivor: Men vs. Women, Again? Really?

Milwaukee Journal 8/18/04 Kansasville singer tries to survive Vanuatu

Post Gazette 8/18/04 Mercer woman cast on 'Survivor'

NY Daily News 8/18/04 Sexes to battle on 'Survivor'

SurvivorWeb 8/17/04 Survivor: Vanuatu - Men vs. Women

After Ellen 8/17/04 Finally! Lesbians on Survivor!

Reality TV World 8/17/04 CBS officially announces identities of 'Survivor: Vanuatu's eighteen castaways

MSNBC 8/17/04 Castaways announced for ninth ‘Survivor’

Zap2It 8/17/04 'Survivor' Restages Battle of the Sexes

KOTV 8/17/04 CBS' Latest Survivors Includes A Castaway From Oklahoma

Iowa Channel 8/17/04 Iowa Man Competes In 'Survivor'

Reality News Online 8/17/04 Survivor: Vanuatu Players Revealed

CBS 8/17/04 Picks From Rob And Amber

CBS 8/17/04 Get Ready For 'Islands of Fire'

Globe and Mail 8/16/04 Survivor: Kitchener, Ont.

Reality TV Calendar 8/15/04 Spoiler: Meet The Survivors - Bios and Photos

PR Newswire 8/11/04 Survivor's Amber to Appear at Lifesteps' Summer Festival

Stockwatch 8/9/04 CBS Survivor All-Star Rupert Boneham to Attend Raven Moon's Shareholder Meeting

Pop Politics 8/9/04 Waiting for Survivor: Vanuatu

Press & Sun-Bulletin 8/9/04 60,000 jam Spiedie Fest to see Rupert, rockers and the Hulk

Chillicothe Gazette 8/4/04 Local family visits with a TV 'Survivor' in Virginia Beach

Stockwatch 8/3/04 All-Star Rob C and other Celebrities to Attend Raven Moon's Annual Shareholder Meeting


News Articles 7/1/04 to 7/31/04 7/28/04 Gervase still courts celebrity

Reality TV World 7/28/04 Jenna Lewis grants sex tape interview, but leaves key details unexplained

Vanuatu Survivors 7/27/04 Survivors talk at last!

Kansas City Star 7/24/04 Rupert's summer of love

Extra 7/23/04 Survivor Seethes Over Leaked Sex Tape

Standardbred Canada 7/23/04 Survivor Stars at The Meadows

Lancaster Newspapers 7/23/04 'Survivors' kick in to KO AIDS

KPHO 7/21/04 Survivor Contestants in Real Danger

CJAD 7/20/04 Survivors stranded on Montreal island, part of Just for Laughs festival

TBO 7/20/04 Popular Contestant Recounts How He Survived Spending $1 Million

Indianapolis Indians 7/20/04 "America’s Favorite Survivor" to Appear at Victory Field

Boston Globe 7/20/04 Double coverage 7/20/04 What real life is like for 'Survivor' winner 7/19/04 Rupert returns

Beacon Journal 7/19/04 Rupert Boneham surviving demands of celebrity

Reality TV World 7/19/04 CBS announces 'Survivor: Vanuatu' to premiere September 16 as contestant names begin leaking

WANE 7/17/04 Rupert at the Wagon Wheel

Indy Star 7/16/04 'Survivor' star has close call with fan who couldn't wait

Journal Gazette 7/16/04 Ordinary ‘Survivor’

Reality TV World 7/16/04 Report: 'Survivor' producer Mark Burnett says eleventh season may film in Canada 7/13/04 Rupert, Jared, Skyy Dogs to visit the Vic

CBS 7/13/04 Rob And Amber's Wedding Plans

Unofficial Survivor Guide 7/13/04 Exclusive photos and insider info from Vanuatu, part 4

Reality TV World 7/13/04 Jenna Lewis "fighting mad" over sex tape release, but planning to sell her "exclusive story"

Reality TV Calendar 7/12/04 Jenna Lewis Porn Tape - Part 2

Des Moines Register 7/10/04 'Survivor' wants Register on island

OurSports Central 7/10/04 Rupert to visit Victory Field July 16

Unofficial Survivor Guide 7/8/04 Exclusive photos and insider info from Vanuatu, part 3

Journal Gazette 7/7/04 Tickets to see a ‘Survivor’ up for grabs 7/5/04 Life After All-Stars 

Unofficial Survivor Guide 7/5/04 More exclusive photos and insider info from Vanuatu! 7/3/04 Survivor Restricted Area - Havannah Harbour

WANE 7/1/04 Rupert Visits Fort Wayne


News Articles 6/1/04 to 6/30/04


Unofficial Survivor Guide 6/30/04 Exclusive! Photos and insider information from Vanuatu!

Vanuatu Daily Post 6/29/04 Yasur volcano closed for Survivors filming

Reality TV World 6/29/04 'Survivor' winner Amber Brkich and fiance Rob Mariano negotiate for TV wedding

Reality TV Calendar 6/28/04 Survivor: Amber, The Bikinis, The Photos And More

Zap2It 6/28/04 'Survivor' Champ Amber Sheds Bikinis for Museum

Times Leader 6/27/04 Survivor star shows off bikinis in museum display

Roanoke Times 6/26/04 Medium Todd meets Big Tom

Contra Costa Times 6/23/04 Life's been a relay for Survivor Sonia

OurSports Central 6/23/04 Survivor Ethan Zohn to join USL on FSW telecasts

Hospitality Net 6/23/04 Grand Rapids Baymont Inns & Suites Hosts ‘Survivor’ All Stars

Zap2It 6/23/04 Alleged 'Survivor' Sex Tape Hits Internet

Impact Wrestling 6/23/04 Recap Of Jeff Jarrett & Johnny Fairplay On Mancow

NY Times 6/22/04 The Use of Fame to Fight AIDS

CBS 6/22/04 Rupert: Enjoying Life And Booty

WTHR 6/21/04 Monday designated Rupert Day

County Times 6/21/04 Shot at fame - and pain

Coles County Leader 6/21/04 Over 200 Central Illinois residents come for their chance to appear on Survivor

Mattoon Journal 6/21/04 Scores of hopefuls film 'Survivor' auditions

Daily Journal 6/21/04 Surviving the auditions

Santa Cruz Sentinel 6/20/04 Lex Van Den Berghe: The Skinny

Oakland Tribune 6/20/04 'Survivor' winner to help with class on TV production

Reality TV Calendar 6/20/04 Survivor's Jenna Lewis: A Star Is Born

SF Chronicle 6/20/04 Audition that can outwit, outplay, outlast 300 Bay Area residents vie to be 'Survivor'

Reality TV World 6/18/04 Tape of 'Survivor: All-Stars' Jenna Lewis surfaces on the Internet

Daily Camera 6/18/04 Folks bulk up for TV shot

Clarion Ledger 6/18/04 Hopefuls compete in Jackson for spot on next 'Survivor'

Norwich Bulletin 6/18/04 Aiming to be a survivor

Hartford Courant 6/18/04 Long Wait Is `Survivor' Hopefuls' First Ordeal

Citizens Voice 6/17/04 Citizens' Voice staffer survives Survivor audition

Enterprise Record 6/17/04 Auditions for Survivor' TV show scheduled for Oroville

San Mateo County Times 6/17/04 'Survivor' TV show to have open casting call in Burlingame

Star Telegram 6/17/04 Surviving the auditions

Pitt News 6/16/04 Hopeful Pittsburghers audition for "Survivor"

Bay City Times 6/16/04 Volunteers line up for shot at reality TV show

Journal Gazette 6/16/04 Show the ‘Survivor' in you: Auditions are Friday

KBCI 6/15/04 "Survivor" Open Casting Call

El Paso Times 6/14/04 Dozens arrive for chance to be on CBS show

Charlotte Observer 6/12/04 `Survivor' wannabes strut stuff for agents

The Advertiser 6/12/04 In survivor mode

WTOC 6/11/04 Local "Survivor" Auditions This Weekend

Carolina Morning News 6/11/04 You could be the next 'Survivor'

Charlotte Observer 6/11/04 'Survivor' tryouts today in Charlotte

News Review 6/11/04 'Survivor' stars to benefit Winston skate park

Indy Star 6/9/04 Local casting call set for 'Survivor'

Keloland 6/9/04  Survivor Try-Outs

Daily Nonpareil 6/9/04 Casting call for 'Survivor' June 16

Dallas Morning News 6/9/04 'Survivor' tryouts set for next week

Crazy4RealityTV 6/9/04 Interview With Alicia Calaway of Survivor: All Stars

Star Tribune 6/8/04 'Survivor' savors taste of victory

Boston Globe 6/8/04 15 minutes and ticking

WTOC 6/8/04 Audition for Survivor

Tribune Review 6/8/04 'Survivor' tryouts are today

Press Release 6/7/04 Rob Cesternino to Host The Amazon Challenge

Crazy4RealityTV 6/7/04 Interview With Tina Wesson of Survivor: All Stars

Crazy4RealityTV 6/7/04 Interview With Jenna Morasca of Survivor: All Stars

The Regional 6/5/04 Survivor coming to central Illinois

Omaha World Herald 6/5/04 'Survivor' plans auditions in Bluffs

Crazy4RealityTV 6/4/04 Interview With Rob Cesternino of Survivor All Stars

CBS2 6/4/04 Try Out For Survivor!

The Trades 6/4/04 The Best of Survivor - Part 3

WKBN 6/3/04 Survivor 10 Auditions

Indy Star 6/1/04 Rupert outlines plans for Kid's Help charity


News Articles 5/1/04 to 5/31/04


Press Release 5/31/04 Survivors Ethan and Jenna M. Join the Sail to Survive

Herald Bulletin 5/30/04 Rupert madness hits Hoosier Park

Indy Star 5/29/04 Fellow castaway steps up to handle Rupert's affairs

The Trades 5/28/04 The Best of Survivor - Part 2

Television Without Pity 5/28/04 America's Tribal Council

Travel Biz 5/26/04 Vanuatu next location for Survivor

Hollywood Reporter 5/26/04 Dialogue with producer Mark Burnett

Survivor Fever 5/25/04 Survivor Vanuatu: On Location

Box Office Prophets 5/25/04 Episode Fifteen: The All-Stars Finale 5/24/04 All-Star Interview with Tom

Television Without Pity 5/24/04 All-Star Reunion

Reality Reel 5/23/04 Final Thoughts On Survivor: All-Stars

Sunday Times 5/23/04 Survivor and the art of war

WISH 5/21/04 Rupert: Hairy But Not So Scary

OurSports Central 5/21/04 Survivor Rupert to appear at Grizzlies game

The Trades 5/21/04 The Best of Survivor - Part 1 5/21/04 Survivor Vanuatu: Now we can talk about it - up to a point

Greeneville Sun 5/20/04 ‘Survivor’ Star ‘Big Tom,’ Pays Visit To Greeneville

Kokomo Perspective 5/20/04 Rupert coming to Kokomo!

Manteca Bulletin 5/20/04 'Survivor All-Star' keynote speaker for Manteca CVB 5/19/04 The Real Rupert

Reality News Online 5/19/04 An Interview with ‘Survivor: All-Stars’ Winner Amber

Reality TV Calendar 5/18/04 Survivor: Rupert Making Money & Poor Richard's Anatomy

Reality News Online 5/18/04 Was Jerri’s Behavior Really So Bad? A Debate

SurvivorUpdates 5/17/04 The View from the Blimp - Final Impressions - SAS

Reality News Online 5/17/04 Survivor: All-Stars Finale, Reunion, and Follow-Up Show: The Good, the Bad,...

Reality TV Hall of Shame 5/17/04 Opening Her Big Mouth to Get Back in the Hall of Shame: Jerri Manthey..

Herald Sun 5/17/04 Rupert romps in

NoPointNecessary 5/17/04 Survivor 8 A.S.S. Recap "Finale in Glorious PanAMAIvision"

Television Without Pity 5/16/04 All-Star Finale

Reality TV Calendar 5/16/04 Survivor Analysis: Boston Rob Crosses The Line And Loses

Denver Post 5/16/04 Just surviving is not enough

NY Daily News 5/16/04 Up the Hatch (end of article)

Survivor Fever 5/15/05 Vanuatu - 'Land Eternal'

Survivor Fever 5/15/04 Nagol - Land Diving

Survivor Review 5/15/04 All-Star Wrap-Up

Star Telegram 5/15/04 Local trio hope to win with 'Survivor' star

Herald Sun 5/15/04 Survivor Rupert wins $1m prize

KLAS 5/14/04 Kate Chats With Survivor's Favorite Pirate

Ottawa Citizen 5/14/04 Boston Rob's passion for hockey

WISH 5/14/04 Mom: Rupert Was True to Himself

SurvivorUpdates 5/14/04 The Finale - All in the Family

Reality TV Talk 5/14/04 SAS Reunion Show Recap

Reality TV World 5/14/04 Survivor: All-Stars - Finale and Reunion summary

Reality TV Planet 5/14/04 Calvin & Beachbuzzard's Excellent Adventure

Reality TV World 5/14/04 Rupert Boneham wins million dollar viewer prize, as 'Survivor 9' heads for Vanuatu

Reality TV Talk 5/14/04 SAS Final Recap - Part 2 "Bitterness, Betrayal & Hypocrisy"

Reality TV Talk 5/14/04 SAS Final Recap - Part 1 "See-Saw"

Reality TV Hall of Fame 5/14/04 The Host with the Most: Jeff Probst of ‘Survivor’

The Trades 5/14/04 Survivor: All Stars - America's Tribal Council

SurvivorUpdates 5/14/03 America's Choice - Rupert - CBS Early Show Interview

WCNC 5/14/04 Cast members got it wrong; America steps in to get it right. 5/14/04 - All-Star Favorite Rupert on 'The Early Show'

Reality News Online 5/14/04 Survivor: America’s Tribal Council – Why Rupert Won

Reality TV Calendar 5/14/04 Survivor: American Tribal Council Recap

WISH 5/14/04 Rupert's Charity Targets Troubled Teens

Village Soup 5/14/04 Maine 'Survivor' Zoe Z. gifts beltie goat to Aldermere Farm

TV Barn 5/14/04 Rupert and CBS win

Indy Star 5/14/04 America votes, Rupert wins

Calgary Sun 5/14/04 Fan favourite claims $1M prize

Dayton Daily News 5/14/04 Fan-favorite Rupert finally claims victory

580 CFRA Radio 5/14/04 Survivor All-Stars, Rupert Has His Day

Zap2It 5/14/04 Rupert Is the People's Choice at 'America's Tribal Council'

Reality News Online 5/14/04 Surviving America’s Tribal Council: One Big Winner, One Big Loser

TV Barn 5/13/04 38 MM votes for Rupert -- I mean, for "Survivor" winner

CBS 5/13/04 Rupert Takes The Prize 5/13/04 - Survivor All-Stars Second Million Dollar Winner

Indy Star 5/13/04 Rupert picks up Gov. Kernan's vote

Canton Journal 5/13/04 Family morphs into 'Survivor' addicts

Arizona Republic 5/13/04 'Survivor: Greed': CBS can't let season go with 'All-Stars' finale

CBS 5/13/04 'Why I Deserve A Million Dollars'

Times Dispatch 5/13/04 Mad Dog Speaks

WVEC 5/13/04 Smart money on Boneham to win Survivor: All-Stars bonus

The Robesonian 5/13/04 Could I match Boston Rob's good luck?

Reality News Online 5/13/04 Survivor: All-Stars – The Season’s MVP

Reality TV Hall of Fame 5/13/04 Hall of Fame Moment: Changing the Balance of Power in the Marquesas

Reality TV World 5/13/04 'Survivor: All-Stars' finale averages 24.8 million viewers

Reality TV World 5/13/04 CBS begins accepting applications for 'Survivor 10'

Beaver County Times 5/12/04 A task any father would love: Depositing a $1 million check

Media Life 5/12/04 Gadzooks! A not so perky 'Survivor.'

Reality TV Planet 5/12/04 Buzz's report: Survivor All-Stars Finale in NYC

Zap2It 5/12/04 'Survivor' Voting Delivers Record Traffic to CBS Site

Fans Of Reality TV 5/12/04 Survivor All-Stars: Standing in the Shadows-Final Episode

The Star 5/12/04 Survivor: Best of the best

Reality News Online 5/12/04 Strategic Overview of Survivor, the Finale: Strategic Mistakes, Strategic Geniuses

The Trades 5/12/04 Survivor: All Stars - Finale

The Trades 5/12/04 Survivor: All Stars - Live Reunion Show

SF Chronicle 5/12/04 'Survivor' free-for-all a grisly delight

St Petersburg Times 5/12/04 You can't phone it in

Unofficial Survivor Guide 5/12/04 Amber Wins The Million Dollars - And The Ring

TV Barn 5/12/04 Take that, Dave -- Rob and Amber to appear on Leno

SCN 5/11/04 Lovestruck Brkich wins 'Survivor: All-Stars' — and gains a fiance

Greenwich Time 5/11/04 Beyond buff: 'Survivor' contestant tells how she stays fit

Navy Times 5/11/04 ‘Survivor’ vote could benefit families of troops killed in Iraq

NBCMV 5/11/04 'Survivor' Supercouple Amber & Rob to Appear on 'The Tonight Show' in Las Vegas 5/11/04 Survivor of the fittest

SurvivorUpdates 5/11/04 Tribal Voice - 39 days, 15 episodes, and 1 Sole

Reality News Online 5/11/04 Surviving the All-Stars, the Finale: Relationships Broken, Relationships Created

Reality News Online 5/11/04 RNO Roundtable: Who Should Win the Survivor Viewers’ Choice Million?

TV Barn 5/11/04 Survivor finale leads Top 25

Post Gazette 5/11/04 Amber's Wave: She played 'the hardest game,' although Rob 'took all the bullets'

Herald Sun 5/11/04 Engaging reality TV

Hollywood Reporter 5/11/04 Sunday vote to 'Survivor' as 24 mil-plus see finale

TV Barn 5/11/04 Revised Survivor voting info

SurvivorUpdates 5/11/04 Tribal Voice: The Final Gauntlet Is Thrown

Patriot Ledger 5/11/04 Feeling like a million: ‘Boston Rob' to wed ‘Survivor' winner

Boston Globe 5/11/04 Rob, a 'Survivor' loser, becomes a winner in love

Boston Herald 5/11/04 Naughty and nice: `Boston Rob' still a hit back home

Dallas Morning News 5/11/04 Say-so: I [heart] Rob+Amber

Chicago Sun-Times 5/11/04 Amber and Rob: A match made in dirt

Washington Post 5/11/04 'Survivor: All-Stars' Finale: Twist and Pout

Star Ledger 5/11/04 All the right moves

USA Today 5/11/04 Rob and Amber's payoff: $1.25 million and two cars

Metro West Daily News 5/11/04 Love is the reality between Boston Rob and Amber

Reality News Online 5/11/04 Survivor: All-Stars – Why Amber Won

Reality News Online 5/11/04 Survivor: All-Stars – Why Rob M. Lost

Knox News 5/10/04 Wesson surviving just fine, thank you

WISH 5/10/04 Rupert Hopes to Start Charity with Winnings

Extra 5/10/04 Outwit, Outplay, "I Do?"

Zap2It 5/10/04 'Survivor' Fans Vote on Second Million Dollar Prize

Zap2It 5/10/04 'Survivor' Finale Keeps Pace in Ratings

Reality TV World 5/10/04 'Survivor All-Stars' contestants record video pitches for $1 million audience prize

Reality TV World 5/10/04 CBS to air 'Survivor: America's Tribal Council' special on May 13

Reality TV Calendar 5/10/04 Survivor All Star Idols

Survivor Review 5/10/04 The Purple Rock Factor

Survivor Review 5/10/04 Love Conquers All

Reality TV World 5/10/04 Amber Brkich wins 'Survivor: All-Stars', gets engaged to runner-up Rob Mariano

Reality TV World 5/10/04 'Survivor All-Star' Jenna Lewis weds 21-year-old male model

Beaver County Times 5/10/04 Amber wins 'Survivor,' $1 million! She gets the ring and the runner-up

PRNewswire 5/10/04 Survivor: All-Stars - Who Will America Vote For? 5/10/04 Survivor Analysis 5/10/04 The Right Person Won

Reality TV Talk 5/10/04 Miss Marcy Has Spoken – The Finale - Survivor Meets The Bachelor? Huh?

CBS 5/10/04 Mending Fences After The Game

TV Barn 5/10/04 Didja hear? Now you can vote for Rupert!

MSNBC 5/10/04 ‘Survivor’ takes a page from ‘Idol’s’ book

The Spoof 5/10/04 Survivor All-Stars Finale: Amber Wins, Boston Rob Proposes, Jenna Pregnant

Post Gazette 5/10/04 Amber wins 'Survivor' $1 million, plus marriage proposal

The Low Standard 5/10/04 Survivor: Surviving on an island is easy compared to surviving a marriage!

CBS2 5/10/04 Analysis: Why Amber Won The Million

Indy Star 5/10/04 Ousted Rupert may yet survive

Tribune Review 5/10/04 It's how you play the game: Beaver County's Amber is last 'Survivor' standing

AJC 5/10/04 Amber Brkich wins 'Survivor'

MSNBC 5/10/04 ‘Survivor All-Stars’ was all about the Robfather

Dallas Morning News 5/10/04 Amber bags a mil, snags a ring in 'Survivor: All-Stars' finale 5/10/04 'Survivor: The Love Boat'

Seattle Times 5/10/04 Amber wins $1 million, Rob's heart

WKBN 5/10/04 Western PA woman is the ultimate survivor

Boston Globe 5/10/04 Rob loses 'Survivor,' finds love

Star Phoenix 5/10/04 Survivor victor a double winner

Milwaukee Journal 5/10/04 Male lovebird booted from the nest

Winnipeg Sun 5/10/04 Was it Survivor or The Bachelor?

Reality News Online 5/10/04 Survivor: All-Stars – Why Jenna L. Lost

Reality TV Calendar 5/10/04 Survivor: Finale-Reunion Recap

Reality News Online 5/10/04 Survivor: All-Stars – Why Rupert Lost

CBS 5/10/04 Romantic Finish For 'Survivor'

Dayton Daily News 5/10/04 Brkich says yes, then wins

Wisconsin State Journal 5/10/04 Survivor: the wedding

St Petersburg Times 5/10/04 Romance trumps game on 'Survivor'

CBS 5/10/04 And Then There Was One: Amber Brkich Is The Sole Survivor

NY Daily News 5/10/04 A million & a ring

Union Leader 5/10/04 Amber wins 'Survivor All-Stars' — NH's Jenna elopes 5/9/04 Survivor All-Stars Finale

Zap2It 5/9/04 Slammin' Amber Wins 'Survivor: All-Stars,' Agrees to Join Robfather's Family

Fox News 5/9/04 Amber Wins $1M, Gets Engaged on 'Survivor: All Stars' Finale

Fans of Reality TV 5/9/04 Paulie's Precaps, Ep 15: A Soldier Driving Paul's Car

Fans of Reality TV 5/9/04 Standing in the Shadows, Episode 14 5/9/04 The Krafty Chronicles - Spoiler-Filled Look at The Finale P.2 5/9/04 The Krafty Chronicles - Spoiler-Filled Look at The Finale P.1

Television Without Pity 5/9/04 The Instigator

NoPointNecessary 5/8/04 Survivor 8 Ep 15 recap 'Games: Pin the (Tattle)Tale on the Donkey'

Reality Reel 5/9/04 Tonight On The Survivor: All-Stars Finale

Indy Star 5/9/04 Will Indianapolis man be last Survivor standing?

Beacon Journal 5/9/04 A `Survivor' moment we could really savor 5/9/04 And then there was one...

Pioneer Press 5/9/04 Probst fascinated with 'Boston Rob'

Boston Globe 5/9/04 Old Stars, Same Tricks

St Petersburg Times 5/9/04 The real 'Survivor' challenge

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Star Telegram 5/9/04 Survivor four-cast

News Sun 5/9/04 Allison littlest fan of gentlest giant

Fans of Reality TV 5/8/04 Episode 14: Can You Be A Pawn Star? 5/8/04 Survivor plays to win viewers in finale

Palm Beach Post 5/8/04 'Apprentice,' 'Idol' eat away at 'Survivor' glory

Unofficial Survivor Guide 5/8/04 Looking Ahead to Episode 15 - Previews & Predictions

Reality TV World 5/8/04 'Survivor: All Stars' Finale Episode 'State of the Spoiling'

SurvivorUpdates 5/8/04 The View from the Blimp - Our Panel Predicts - The Finale

Roanoke Times 5/8/04 Remaining survivors kick 'Big Tom' off island

Seattle PI 5/8/04 'Survivor' Insider: Who knew? Big Tom's departure is a sizable surprise

Zap2It 5/8/04 Probst Looks Forward to End of 'All-Stars'

Calgary Sun 5/8/04 Who will survive?

Hartford Courant 5/8/04 Boston Rob, Unlikely `Survivor'

Plain Dealer 5/8/04 All-stars keep buzz over 'Survivor' alive

Sun Sentinel 5/8/04 All eyes on Rob and Amber as All-Stars winds down

Herald Sun 5/8/04 Surprise when 'Big Tom' is voted out

Reality News Online 5/8/04 An “Insider” Look at Survivor: All-Stars, Episode 14

Reality News Online 5/8/04 “Stupid Stupid Stupid”: An Interview with Survivor’s Shii Ann

Extra 5/7/04 Sue Survives Her Make-over With Stunning Results

CBS2 5/7/04 Analysis of Episode 14: “Somebody Stop Rob Now!"

SurvivorUpdates 5/7/04 Episode 14 - Chain, Chain, Chain---

SurvivorUpdates 5/7/04 Tribal Voice: Episode 14 - “The Instigator”

Survivor Review 5/7/04 I Can Smell The Money

Dallas Morning News 5/7/04 All-Stars or sore losers?

CBS 5/7/04 The Ultimate 'All-Star' Survivor

Fans of Reality TV 5/7/04 Pelican Pete Report, Final 4: The Pawn Is Gone

Reality TV Calendar 5/7/04 Survivor: And Now The End Is Near....

Reality TV Talk 5/7/04 SAS - Ep 15 Recap "Please Extract Knife 1 & 2"

Unofficial Survivor Guide 5/7/04 Alternate Reality All-Stars: Episode 14

Reality News Online 5/7/04 Survivor: All-Stars – Why Tom Lost

New Castle News 5/7/04 Amber survives

Reality News Online 5/7/04 Survivor: All-Stars – Who Will Go in the Finale?

Reality News Online 5/7/04 Survivor: All-Stars, Episode 14 MVP – Paranoia Smaranoia

Reality TV World 5/7/04 Tom Buchanan becomes the 14th contestant to be booted from 'Survivor: All-Stars'

The Trades 5/7/04 Survivor: All Stars - Episode 14

CNN 5/7/04 Commentary: And now, the 'Survivor' finale -- honest

TV Barn 5/7/04 Sunday Isn't the "Survivor" finale (also DVD info) 5/7/04 Why Big Tom?

Reality News Online 5/7/04 Survivor: All-Stars – Advice for the Final Four

Reality News Online 5/7/04 Survivor: All-Stars – Five Left… Backstabbers Get Your Goat?

Reality TV Calendar 5/7/04 Survivor: Episode 15 Recap

Calgary Sun 5/7/04 Survivor’s hick takes his licks

Post Gazette 5/7/04 TV Preview: 'Survivor' gears up for final council

USA Today 5/7/04 Coming Sunday: A fight to the 'Survivor' finish

USA Today 5/7/04 Survival of the witless plays out on 'All-Stars'

Dayton Daily News 5/7/04 Tom bites the dust

Star Phoenix 5/7/04 'Big Tom' 14th survivor ousted off island

Times & Democrat 5/7/04 Branchville couple wins trivia contest, trip to New York for 'Survivor' finale

Reality News Online 5/7/04 Strategic Overview of Survivor, Episode 14: [Insert “Bad Strategy” Cliché Here]

Tri Cities 5/7/04 "Big Tom" ready for big payback

Reality News Online 5/7/04 Surviving the All-Stars, Episode 14: Paranoia Will Destroy Ya

CBS 5/6/04 Big Tom Takes The Fall

Extra 5/6/04 Sue Hawke's Million Dollar Makeover

Unofficial Survivor Guide 5/6/04 Tom Plays Dumb and Gets Dumped

Zap2It 5/6/04 'Survivor: All-Stars' Becomes a Game of Four Square

CBS 5/6/04 Shattered Alliance: Big Tom Ousted 5/6/04 - 5/6/04 Survivor: All-Stars

Slate 5/6/04 The Rules of the Game

Canton Journal 5/6/04 Mariano still in game

Press Enterprise 5/6/04 Jerri Manthey's softer side

Kalamazoo Gazette 5/6/04 Area flutist will perform on 'Survivor' season finale Sunday

Zap2It 5/6/04 'Survivor' Host Handicaps Remaining Castaways

Zap2It 5/6/04 TV Gal Professes Her Adoriation for Boston Rob

News Tribune 5/6/04 'Survivor: All-Stars' crowns a winner Sunday night

Standardbred Canada 5/6/04 TV Survivor To Attend Hoosier Cup

Zap2It 5/6/04 'Survivor' Shepherd Joins NBC Ranks

Fans of Reality TV 5/6/04 Paulie's Precaps, Ep 14: Three-Inch Stuffed Gator

Reality TV Hall of Fame 5/6/04 Building a Web of Alliances: Brian Heidik of ‘Survivor: Thailand’

CBS 5/6/04 'Paranoia Will Destroy Ya'

Houston Chronicle 5/6/04 `All-Star Survivor' offers romance and hurt feelings 5/6/04 Latest 'Survivor' nears endgame

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Dayton Daily News 5/6/04 Final five still alive

Reality News Online 5/6/04 An “Insider” Look at Survivor: All-Stars, Episode 13

USA Today 5/6/04 Psychoanalysis, 'Survivor'-style

Seattle PI 5/6/04 'Survivor' Insider: A tense buildup to the mother of all finales

Reality TV Talk 5/5/04 SAS Ep 13 Recap: "Pardon Me While I Wipe That Slobber Off Your Chin"

Reality TV Calendar 5/5/04 Survivor's Sunday Surprise: Is Amber Pregnant?

MSNBC 5/5/04 The ‘Survivor’ season you love to hate

MSNBC 5/5/04 Tribe has spoken: ‘Survivor All-Stars’ is a big bore

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Unofficial Survivor Guide 5/5/04 Looking Ahead to Episode 14 - Previews & Predictions

Reality TV World 5/5/04 'Survivor: All Stars' Episode 14 'State of the Spoiling'

Reality News Online 5/5/04 Survivor: All-Stars, Episode 13 MVP – For Cryin’ Out Loud, Listen to Her!

NY Daily News 5/5/04 Host Probst isn't 'All-Stars'-struck

MSNBC 5/4/04 TV finales mix truth, reality

Survivor Review 5/4/04 The Instigator

Reality TV World 5/4/04 Survivor: All-Stars - Episode 13 summary

SurvivorUpdates 5/4/04 The View From the Blimp - Our Panel Predicts - Episode 14

Reality TV World 5/4/04 Dutch courts rule that 'Big Brother' does not steal from 'Survivor'

Fans of Reality TV 5/4/04 Episode 13: Going, going, Pagong!

Reality News Online 5/4/04 Survivor: All-Stars – Shii’s Outta There!

Fans of Reality TV 5/3/04 Standing in the Shadows, Episode 13

CBS2 5/3/04 Analysis of Episode 13: “Things (Finally) Just Got Interesting.”

Reality News Online 5/3/04 “I Knew Not to Trust Rob”: An Interview with Survivor’s Alicia

Unofficial Survivor Guide 5/3/04 Alternate Reality All-Stars: Episode 13

Reality News Online 5/3/04 Survivor: All-Stars – Advice for the Remaining Five

SurvivorUpdates 5/2/04 Tribal Voice: Episode 13 - A Chapera Surprise

NoPointNecessary 5/2/04 S8 All Stars Survivor ep 14 'Stepping in Shiit'

Fans Of Reality TV 5/1/04 Survivor: Pelican Pete Report (Episode 13) - Stupid, Stupid ... Yadda Yadda


News Articles 4/1/04 to 4/30/04


SurvivorUpdates 4/30/04 Episode 13 - Do Not Go Gently

Survivor Review 4/30/04 And Then There Were Five

Survivor Review 4/30/04 The Shii-Devil!

Canton Journal 4/30/04 Mariano in the final six

Concord Monitor 4/30/04 Jenna's not making friends for life

Beaver County Times 4/30/04 'Survivor': Only Five Remain Amber stays; Shii Ann's out

Reality TV World 4/30/04 Shii Ann Huang becomes the thirteenth contestant to be booted from 'All-Stars'

Crazy4RealityTV 4/30/04 If a Shii-Devil Rants at TC, Does Anyone Hear? – Survivor All Stars, Episode 13

Reality TV Calendar 4/30/04 Survivor: Episode 14 Recap

Unofficial Survivor Guide 4/30/04 Episode 13 recap: Shii Devil Exorcised - No Mo' Mogo Mogo

Reality News Online 4/30/04 Survivor: All-Stars – Why Shii Ann Lost

The Trades 4/30/04 Survivor: All Stars - Episode 13

CBS 4/30/04 Shii Ann Sent Home

Zap2It 4/30/04 'Survivor: All-Stars' Take Their Cranky Pills

Reality News Online 4/30/04 Surviving the All-Stars, Episode 13: One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, MY FISH!

Tri Cities 4/30/04 "Big Tom" now one of five

Box Office Prophets 4/30/04 Episode Thirteen: A Chapera Surprise

Reality News Online 4/30/04 Survivor All Stars Episode 13: Scraping the Bottom of the Strategy Barrel

CBS 4/29/04 Mogo Mogo Extinct - Shii Ann Out 4/29/04 - 4/29/04 Survivor All-Stars

Fans of Reality TV 4/29/04 Paulie's Precaps, Ep 13: Catch A Pair Of Earth Pies

CBS 4/29/04 'Survivor' Goes Down To Wire

Reality TV Hall of Fame 4/29/04 Hall of Fame Moment – Shii Ann Huang: A Triumph of the Will

Seattle PI 4/29/04 'Survivor' Insider: Congrats, Shii Ann; you deserve to gloat

CBS 4/29/04 Formula For 'Survivor' Win?

USA Today 4/29/04 Shii Ann shakes things up

Times Dispatch 4/29/04 Mad Dog Speaks

Reality News Online 4/29/04 An ‘Insider’ Look at Survivor: All-Stars, Episode 12

Television Without Pity 4/28/04 Stupid People. Stupid, Stupid People

Reality Reel 4/28/04 Alliances Are Shattered This Week On 'Survivor: All-Stars'

Reality News Online 4/28/04 Survivor: All-Stars – Advice for the Remaining Six

Unofficial Survivor Guide 4/28/04 Looking Ahead to Episode 13 - Previews & Predictions

Reality News Online 4/28/04 Survivor: All-Stars – Who Will Go in Episode 13?

Business Wire 4/27/04 to Auction Tickets to CBS's ``Survivor: All-Stars'' Finale

Reality TV World 4/27/04 'Survivor: All Stars' Episode 13 'State of the Spoiling'

Market Wire 4/26/04 Survivor Winners Ethan and Jenna Celebrate Earth Day in Nation's Capital

Reality TV Talk 4/27/04 SAS Ep 12 Recap: "Determination, thy name is Shii Ann"

Fans Of Reality TV 4/27/04 Survivor All-Stars Episode 12 Recap - "Shii Determination".

Reality News Online 4/27/04 Survivor: All-Stars – Shii Bangs!

Survivor Review 4/26/04 A Chaperan Surprise

Fans Of Reality TV 4/26/04 Survivor All-Stars: Standing in the Shadows, Episode Twelve

OurSports Central 4/26/04 Galaxy welcome Survivor All-Star Ethan Zohn 4/26/04 - All-Star Interview With Alicia

Reality News Online 4/26/04 Survivor: All-Stars – Why Alicia Lost

Reality TV World 4/26/04 Survivor: All-Stars - Episode 12 summary

Straits Times 4/26/04 He's a big, mean softie

Unofficial Survivor Guide 4/26/04 "Alternate Reality All-Stars: Episode 12"

Reality News Online 4/26/04 Survivor: All-Stars, Episode 12 MVP: Gloat! You Deserve To!

Survivor Review 4/25/04 Alicia in Wonderland

SurvivorUpdates 4/25/04 Tribal Voice: Stupid People, Stupid, Stupid People

NoPointNecessary 4/25/04 Survivor AllStars Episode 13 'That That Stupid Players'

SurvivorUpdates 4/25/04 The View from the Blimp - Our Panel Predicts - Episode 13

Survivor Review 4/24/04 6-Pack Shake Up

SurvivorUpdates 4/24/04 Episode 12 - Shii Devil Derails Mini Omarosa

Fans Of Reality TV 4/24/04 Survivor: Pelican Pete Report (Episode 12) - The Shii Ann Power Hour

Concord Monitor 4/23/04 Jenna holds onto her spot on the island

Unofficial Survivor Guide 4/23/04 "Alicia And Her Finger Sent Packing"

Survivor Fever 4/23/04 Episode 12—Stupid People, Stupid, Stupid People

The Trades 4/23/04 Survivor: All Stars - Episode 12

SurvivorUpdates 4/23/04 Alicia Calaway's Early Show Interview - Transcript and Vidcaps

Beaver County Times 4/23/04 Amber is 'so sweet, you hate to hate her'

Reality TV World 4/23/04 Alicia becomes the 12th contestant to be booted from 'Survivor: All-Stars'

Reality News Online 4/23/04 Strategic Overview of Survivor, Episode 12: Insanity Island

Reality News Online 4/23/04 Surviving the All-Stars, Episode 12: Irony, Thy Name Is ‘Survivor’

Tri Cities 4/23/04 "Big Tom" survives, Calloway gets the boot 4/22/04 Boston Rob's Choice of Hat Appropriate?

Canton Review 4/22/04 Ardent Mariano wins again

Box Office Prophets 4/22/04 Episode Twelve: Stupid People: Stupid, Stupid People

Zap2It 4/22/04 'Survivor' Six Forced to Eat One of Their Own

CBS 4/22/04 Adios Alicia

CBS 4/22/04 Shii Ann Fights Back: Alicia Sent Home 4/22/04 - 4/22/04 Survivor All-Stars

Fans of Reality TV 4/22/04 Paulie's Precaps, Ep 12: Scoop A Deep Hole; Two Fit Cupid's Peephole

CBS 4/22/04 Friend And Foe Of 'Boston Rob'

Times Dispatch 4/22/04 Mad Dog Speaks

Reality TV World 4/22/04 'Survivor: All Stars' Episode 12 'State of the Spoiling'

Seattle PI 4/22/04 'Survivor' Insider: Wake up, Big Tom! It looks like you're out of the big threesome

Reality News Online 4/22/04 Survivor: All-Stars – Advice for the Remaining Seven

Television Without Pity 4/21/04 A Thoughtful Gesture Or A Deceptive Plan?

Business Wire 4/21/04 Ethan and Jenna participate in Koch Industries-Sponsored DC Earth Day Event

Reality News Online 4/21/04 Survivor: All-Stars – Who Will Go in Episode 12?

Reality TV World 4/21/04 Survivor: All-Stars - Episode 11 summary

Reality News Online 4/21/04 An “Insider” Look at Survivor: All-Stars, Episode 11

Survivor Review 4/20/04 Stupid People, Stupid, Stupid People!

Reality TV Talk 4/20/04 SAS Ep 11 Recap: "There's No Place Like Home"

The Spoof 4/20/04 Ultimate Survivor Challenge 4/20/04 Time Is Now For Rupert and Big Tom

Fans Of Reality TV 4/20/04 Standing in the Shadows, Episode Eleven

Reality News Online 4/20/04 Survivor: All-Stars, Episode 11 MVP – The Fun House Mirror

Reality Reel 4/19/04 Episode 11: A Thoughtful Gesture or a Deceptive Plan?

Reality News Online 4/19/04 Survivor: All-Stars – Your Next Challenge: Stay Interested

SurvivorUpdates 4/19/04 The View: from the Blimp - Our Panel Predicts - Episode 12

Burlington Free Press 4/18/04 Bad days at the beach

NoPointNecessary 4/18/04 S8 All Stars Ep 12 recap 'Cure for Insomnia'

Fans Of Reality TV 4/18/04 Survivor: Pelican Pete Report (Episode 11) - Much Ado About Nothing

Survivor Review 4/17/04 Divide & Flounder

SurvivorUpdates 4/17/04 Tribal Voice Episode 11 Part Deux – What? I wasn’t doing nothing

Post Gazette 4/17/04 "Survivor" watch

Beaver County Times 4/16/04 She's rough, tough and guess what? She's hot!

SurvivorUpdates 4/16/04 Episode 11 - The Silence of the Sheep

SurvivorUpdates 4/16/04 Tribal Voice: Episode 11 - You're the Voice

Survivor Review 4/16/04 The Kat Is Out Of The Bag

CBS2 4/16/04 Analysis Of Episode 11: "To A Degree."

Zap2It 4/16/04 'Survivor's' Rudy Plays Guy Named Rudy

Reality TV World 4/16/04 Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien becomes the 11th contestant to be booted from 'All-Stars'

Calgary Sun 4/16/04 Sappy stars kibosh Kathy

Boston Globe 4/16/04 Vermont Survivor Kathy voted off island

Dayton Daily News 4/16/04 Kathy convinces no one, voted off

Reality News Online 4/16/04 Survivor: All-Stars – Why Kathy Lost

Reality News Online 4/16/04 Strategic Overview of Survivor: Wake Up and Smell the Chocolate!

Calgary Sun 4/16/04 Sappy stars kibosh Kathy

The Trades 4/16/04 Survivor: All Stars - Episode 11

Reality News Online 4/16/04 Surviving the All-Stars, Episode 11: Friends and Family – and the Game

TriCities 4/16/04 "Big Tom" one of seven vying to win

Burlington Free Press 4/16/04 O'Brien laments her fate

The Low Standard 4/16/04 Survivor The (tear) emotional episode and future outlook for the all stars


News Articles 4/1/04 to 4/15/04


CBS 4/15/04 Kathy Cut Loose

Zap2It 4/15/04 'Survivor: All-Stars' Wipes Out Key Strategist

CBS 4/15/04 Old Alliances Hold: Kathy Voted Out 4/15/04 - 4/15/04 Survivor All-Stars

Reality TV World 4/15/04 Survivor: All-Stars - Episode 10 summary

Canton Review 4/15/04 Mariano in final eight

Zap2It 4/15/04 FX Gets Encores of '24,' CBS Doubles Up 'Survivor'

Times Dispatch 4/15/04 Mad Dog Speaks 4/15/04 The Krafty Chronicles Survivor All Stars Week 10

Dayton Daily News 4/15/04 'In Rob We Trust' mark of worthless coin

CBS 4/15/04 Kathy, We Are Counting On You

Reality TV Hall of Shame 4/15/04 Hall of Shame Moment: Lex Van Den Berghe Cuts His Own Throat

Fans of Reality TV 4/15/04 Paulie's Precaps, Ep 11: A Chock-Full Lecture For A Perceptive Man

Reality News Online 4/15/04 Survivor: All-Stars – Who Will Go in Episode 11?

Reality News Online 4/15/04 Survivor: All-Stars – Advice for the Remaining Eight

Seattle PI 4/15/04 'Survivor' Insider: Kathy's out on a limb after sticking it to Lex

USA Today 4/15/04 Downsizing, 'Survivor'-style

Reality News Online 4/14/04 Rob Mariano – The New Brian Heidik?

NoPointNecessary 4/14/04 All Star Survivor special article "Lex's Stupidity"

Reality News Online 4/14/04 An “Insider” Look at Survivor: All-Stars, Episode 10

News Journal 4/14/04 Hallsville woman wins trip to taping of 'Survivor' season finale

Reality TV World 4/13/04 'Survivor: All Stars' Episode 11 'State of the Spoiling'

Reality Reel 4/13/04 Several Castaways Are Brought To Tears On "Survivor: All-Stars"

Reality Reel 4/13/04 Episode 10 Summary: Lex First On The Jury

Reality Reel 4/13/04 Episode 9 Summary: Jerri Voted Out After Two Strikes

Reality Reel 4/13/04 Episode 8 Summary: Another Past Winner Voted Out

Fans of Reality TV 4/13/04 Episode 10, Hey Lex, Wanna Buy A Bridge?

Reality News Online 4/13/04 Former Players – Does Anybody Left Deserve to Be Called an “All-Star”?

SurvivorUpdates 4/12/04 Episode 10 - Doh!!!

SurvivorUpdates 4/12/04 Tribal Voice: Episode 10 - "As The Tribe Turns"

SurvivorUpdates 4/12/04 The View from the Blimp - Our Panel Predicts - Episode 11

Survivor Review 4/12/04 An Act of Kindness, Or a Deceptive Plan?

RTVT 4/12/04 SAS Ep 10 Recap "Lex, Meet Kettle"

Fans Of Reality TV 4/12/04 Standing in the Shadows, Episode Ten

Fans Of Reality TV 4/12/04 Survivor: Pelican Pete Report (Episode 10) - Lex sleeps with the fishes

Reality News Online 4/12/04 Survivor: All-Stars, Episode 10 MVP – I’m Reaching, Here!

Times Online 4/11/04 Young. Famous. In Love? Amber and Rob noticed by People

Television Without Pity 4/11/04 Anger, Tears, And Chaos

NoPointNecessary 4/11/04 All Star Survivor Episode 11 'I Would Never Backstab You'

Survivor Review 4/11/04 Merging Traffic

Santa Cruz Sentinel 4/11/04 Sentinel exclusive interview: Lex looks back on ‘Survivor: All-Stars’

Press Gazette 4/10/04 ‘Survivor’: Round 10: Rob stabs Lex in the back

Survivor Review 4/10/04 Lex Was ROB-bed!!!

Reality Reel 4/10/04 Episode 10: Anger, Tears, and Chaos

Post Gazette 4/10/04 "Survivor" watch 4/9/04 The Krafty Chronicles Survivor Survivor All Stars Week 9

Times Online 4/9/04 Lex let go 4/9/04 - Episode 10: Let's Just Give Rob the Million!

CBS2 4/9/04 Analysis of Episode 10: “Yeah, he should have refused that offer.” 4/9/04 Survivor Duh!

The Trades 4/9/04 Survivor: All Stars - Episode 10 4/9/04 - All-Star Lex on ‘The Early Show’

Reality News Online 4/9/04 Survivor: All-Stars – Why Lex Lost

Reality TV World 4/9/04 Lex van den Berghe becomes the tenth contestant to be booted from 'All-Stars'

Reality News Online 4/9/04 Strategic Overview of Survivor: Strategic Suicide

The Low Standard 4/9/04 Survivor: Jaboga Moga: It's not just a dance craze anymore!

Knox News 4/9/04 Grudge match: Donald Trump ("The Apprentice") vs. Jeff Probst ("Survivor")

Santa Cruz Sentinel 4/9/04 Lex voted off ‘Survivor’

Calgary Sun 4/9/04 Backstabbing returns

CBS 4/9/04 Lex Left In The Lurch

Zap2It 4/9/04 'Survivor' Power Couple Reunited and It Hurts So Good

Reality News Online 4/9/04 Surviving the All-Stars, Episode 10: Live By the Sword…

Burlington Free Press 4/8/04 Lex says goodbye

CBS 4/8/04 Backstabbed: Lex Sent Home 4/8/04 - 4/8/04 Survivor: All-Stars

Canton Journal 4/8/04 Mariano loses girlfriend to opposing tribe

Reality Reel 4/8/04 Episode 9: Mad Scramble and Broken Hearts

Fans of Reality TV 4/8/04 Paulie's Precaps, Ep 10: Hang Your Spears and Hay Toss

Reality TV World 4/8/04 Survivor: All-Stars - Episode 9 summary

CBS 4/8/04 'Survivor': Winning Analysis

USA Today 4/8/04 Mogo Mogo mess?

Seattle PI 4/8/04 'Survivor' Insider: Rob holds the power as the two tribes move toward merging

Times Dispatch 4/8/04 Mad Dog Speaks

Reality News Online 4/8/04 Survivor: All-Stars – Advice for the Remaining Nine

Reality News Online 4/7/04 Survivor: All-Stars – Who Will Go in Episode 10?

Reality TV World 4/6/04 Ninth 'Survivor: All-Stars' episode draws 21.7 million viewers in Thursday return

Reality TV World 4/6/04 'Survivor: All Stars' Episode 10 'State of the Spoiling'

Television Without Pity 4/6/04 Mad Scramble And Broken Hearts

Reality Reel 4/6/04 This Thursday On Survivor 04/08/04

Miami Herald 4/6/04 Burnett's Thursday Shows Dominate Ratings

Survivor Review 4/6/04 Anger, Tears and Chaos

Fans of Reality TV 4/6/04 Ep 9 Recap - An Offer You Shoulda Refused

Reality News Online 4/6/04 An “Insider” Look at Survivor: All-Stars, Episode 9

Reality News Online 4/6/04 Survivor: All-Stars, Episode 9 MVPs – Just Stay with Me, Here!

Fans Of Reality TV 4/5/04 Survivor All Stars: Standing in the Shadows, Episode Nine

Reality News Online 4/5/04 Survivor: All-Stars, Episode 9 – Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Rob?

SurvivorUpdates 4/5/04 The View: from the Blimp - Our Panel Predicts - Episode 10

SurvivorUpdates 4/4/04 Tribal Voice: Episode 9 - Mad Scramble and Broken Hearts

NoPointNecessary 4/4/04 All Star Survivor Episode 10 'Sink in the Dishes'

Fans Of Reality TV 4/3/04 Survivor: Pelican Pete Report (Episode 9) - Rob and Amber split! It's wicked sad!

Crazy4RealityTV 4/2/04 Survivor All Stars Episode 9

Survivor Review 4/2/04 The Rob-Father Strikes!

SurvivorUpdates 4/2/04 Jakey's Corner: Episode 9 - Promises, Promises

CBS2 4/2/04 Analysis of Episode 9: “An Offer He Can’t Refuse.” 4/2/04 Lucky Lex Back in the Game 4/2/04 Survivor All Star Special: Episode 9 Wrap Up

Burlington Free Press 4/2/04 Switching tribes, sort of...

Reality News Online 4/2/04 Survivor: All-Stars – Why Jerri Lost

WCNC 4/2/04 Survivor boomerangs with new twist no one expects

Reality Steve 4/2/04 "Survivor: All Stars" - Episode 10 Recap

Reality TV World 4/2/04 Jerri Manthey becomes ninth contestant to be booted from 'Survivor: All-Stars'

Reality News Online 4/2/04 Strategic Overview of Survivor, Episode 9: Madness! Madness! 4/2/04 - All-Star Jerri on 'Early Show'

Bikini Day 4/2/04 Bikini Day's Survivor 8 Roundtable Video Highlights

Reality News Online 4/2/04 Surviving the All-Stars, Episode 9: When ‘Godfather’ Meets ‘A Love Story’

The Trades 4/2/04 Survivor: All Stars - Episode 9

Santa Cruz Sentinel 4/2/04 Santa Cruz’s ‘Survivor’ cuts deal with the Robfather

Calgary Sun 4/2/04 Jerri nixed post-shuffle

CBS 4/2/04 Survivors Jilt Jerri

Dayton Daily News 4/2/04 Survivor mixes up tribes, hearts

Tri Cities 4/2/04 "Big Tom" goes spear fishing
Zap2It 4/1/04 'Survivor' Lovebirds Played for April Fools

CBS 4/1/04 Tribal Shuffle - Jerri Voted Out

The Low Standard 4/1/04 Survivor: Chameleons aren't the only thing that can change their colors! 4/1/04 - Survivor All-Stars 4/1/04

Creative Power 4/1/04  Survivor 8 is a Winner

Pawtucket Times 4/1/04 ‘Survivor’ Hatch testifies at gay-marriage hearing

USA Today 4/1/04 Lex: The puppetmaster of 'Survivor'

Seattle PI 4/1/04 'Survivor Insider': Expect the tribes to be evened out this week

CBS 4/1/04 'Survivor Roundtable'

Times Dispatch 4/1/04 Mad Dog Speaks


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