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News Articles 10/1/02 to 10/31/02


Reality News Online 10/31/02 Letters from Camp Koh Tarutao: The Return of B.B.

Zap2It 10/31/02 "Survivor: Thailand" Turns on Shii Ann

CBS 10/31/02 Too Many Assumptions: Shii Ann Huang Voted Out

Survivor Fever 10/31/02 Holy Shii Episode 7

Television Without Pity 10/31/02 Power of One

Amarillo Globe News 10/31/02 Jordan Journal

Fans of Reality TV 10/31/02 Episode 6 Recap, "I Love You, Man!"

Reality News Online 10/31/02 Survivor: Thailand - Mom? Dad? Are We a Family?

Fans of Reality TV 10/30/02 Episode 7 Precap, "Consumptions"

Reality News Online 10/30/02 Survivor: Thailand - Advice to the Remaining 10

Reality News Online 10/30/02 Survivor: Thailand - Robb's Epiphany

Augusta Chronicle 10/30/02 Hobby brings 'Survivor' cast member to Augusta

Reality News Online 10/29/02 Stop That! Your Mother Is Watching

Reality News Online 10/29/02 Why Robb Should Not Have Been Voted Off"

Hall of Shame 10/29/02 Clarence Black Spilled the Beans

Elites TV 10/29/02 Like One Time, At Band Camp...

The Trades 10/28/02 The S-Ratings Survivor: Thailand - Episode 7

Reality News Online 10/28/02 Survivor: Thailand, Episode 6 MVPs: Motivation or Procrastination

RealityTVTalk 10/28/02 "Dude, Where's My Banana?"

Fans of Reality TV 10/28/02 Standing in the Shadows, Week 6

RealityTVTalk 10/28/02 Episode 6 Recap: "The Power of Wan"

Manly Thoughts 10/27/02 Episode 6: Robb Hands Duphus Stick to Jan

Reality News Online 10/26/02 Survivor: Thailand - Robb, How Could You Do This to Us?

Finger Lakes Times 10/25/02 'Survivor' Frank speaks at Keuka College

The Trades 10/25/02 Episode 6- 5 Votes, 2 B's, 1 Dude

Media Fiends 10/25/02 Survivor 5 - Episode 6

News Star 10/25/02 Jordan keeps on surviving

Media Fiends 10/25/02 Robb on “The Early Show”

News Observer 10/25/02 Tracking Ted

Television Without Pity 10/24/02 The Ocean's Surprise

Survivor Fever 10/24/02 Nailed to the Cross (Episode 6)

Zap2It 10/24/02 It's All About Robb on 'Survivor'

Reality News Online 10/24/02 Survivor: Thailand - Why Robb Lost

CBS 10/24/02 The Tribe Says: Robb

Amarillo Globe News 10/24/02 Jordan Journal

Reality News Online 10/24/02 Surviving Thailand, Episode 6: Dude, Where's My Vote?

CBS 10/24/02 Dude, Where's My Tribe?

Reality News Online 10/24/02 Letters from Camp Koh Tarutao: Cocka-doodle-eww!

Television Without Pity 10/24/02 The Ocean's Surprise

Midland Daily News 10/23/02 A survivor

Fans of Reality TV 10/23/02 Episode 6 Precap, "The Tower of Ones"

Reality News Online 10/23/02 Why Stephanie Should Not Have Been Voted Off

Elites TV 10/23/02 Three Things I Hate About...

Reality News Online 10/22/02 Survivor: Thailand - Advice to the Remaining 11

Fans of Reality TV 10/22/02 Episode 5, "Hey Robb, Feel Like Necking?"

Reality News Online 10/21/02 Mom's Perspective on Survivor: Thailand, Week 5

The Trades 10/21/02 The S-Ratings Survivor: Thailand - Episode 6

Manly Thoughts 10/21/02 Episode 5: The Producers who cried Wolf!

Fans of Reality TV 10/21/02 Standing in the Shadows, Week 5

Reality News Online 10/21/02 Survivor: Thailand – An Open Letter from a Fan of Stephanie

RealityTVTalk 10/21/02 Episode 5 Recap

Santa Cruz Sentinel 10/19/02 Lex Sez: Competing for ‘Dumb’ and ‘Dumber’

Reality News Online 10/19/02 Survivor: Thailand, Episode 5 MVPs: A Switch Would Set You Free

Media Fiends 10/18/02 Survivor 5 – Episode 5

Reality TV Talk 10/18/02 Episode 5 Commentary

NWA Online 10/18/02 Fayetteville Firefighter Shown Being Dismissed From 'Survivor'

Reality News Online 10/18/02 Survivor: Thailand, Week 5: A Questionable Episode

The Trades 10/18/02 Episode 5 - The Firefighter Gets Hosed

Zap2It 10/18/02 Sook Jai Flunks Stephanie on 'Survivor: Thailand'

Survivor Fever 10/18/02 Survivor Barbs: Test Pattern (Episode 5)

Jam! 10/18/02 Stephanie stuffed

CBS 10/18/02 Sayonara, Stephanie

St. Petersburg Times 10/18/02 Jan watch - Episode 5

CBS 10/17/02 Sook Jai Stung: Stephanie Dill Voted Out

Reality News Online 10/17/02 Survivor: Thailand - Why Stephanie Lost

Reality News Online 10/17/02 Surviving Thailand, Episode 5: Something's Fishy

Reality News Online 10/17/02 Letters from Camp Koh Tarutao: The Same Old, Same Old

CBS 10/17/02 Sook Jai : Tribe You Love To Hate

Television Without Pity 10/17/02 Gender Bender

Reality News Online 10/17/02 Why Ghandia Should Not Have Been Voted Off

Amarillo Globe News 10/17/02 Jordan Journal

Reality News Online 10/17/02 Stop That! Your Mother Is Watching

Fans of Reality TV 10/16/02 Survivor Precap, Week 5, "The Potion Surprise"

Reality News Online 10/16/02 Survivor: Thailand - Game Theory and Helen's Decision

Reality News Online 10/16/02 Survivor: Thailand - Things That Make You Go "Huh?"

Jokers Updates 10/15/02 Survivor Fest On-Line: the Web Cares

Courier Herald 10/15/02 Judge turned ‘Survivor’ to speak at chamber’s 50th annual meeting

Fans of Reality TV 10/15/02 Week 4 Recap, "Going, Going, Ghandia"

Hall of Shame 10/15/02 Taking the Game Too Far: Ghandia Johnson of ‘Survivor: Thailand’

Fans of Reality TV 10/15/02 Standing in the Shadows, Episode 4

Sydney Morning Herald 10/15/02 Survival of the fittest

Reality News Online 10/14/02 Survivor: Thailand, Episode 4 MVPs: The Indecisive and a Dummy

The Trades 10/14/02 The S-Ratings Survivor: Thailand - Episode 5

Reality TV Talk 10/14/02 Episode 4 Recap

Manly Thoughts 10/13/02 Episode 4: Grumbles and Immaturity

Rocky Mountain News 10/12/02 Denver's 'survivor' ready to move on

Santa Cruz Sentinel 10/12/02 There seems to be something missing from ‘Survivor: Thailand’

Reality News Online 10/11/02 Survivor: Thailand – Advice to the Remaining 12

Media Fiends 10/11/02 Survivor 5 - Episode 4

The Trades 10/11/02 Episode 4 - Simple Case of Addition By Subtraction

Dallas Morning News 10/11/02 Ghandia out on 'Survivor'; 5 with Texas ties surviving

St. Petersburg Times 10/11/02 The Jan watch

News Star 10/11/02 Jordan weathers latest episode of 'Survivor'

Survivor Fever 10/11/02 Survivor Barbs: - Too little, too late (Episode 4)

CBS 10/10/02 There's No Place Like Home: Ghandia Johnson Sent Home

Zap2It 10/10/02 'Survivor: Thailand' Sends Home the Denver Diva

Reality News Online 10/10/02 Survivor: Thailand - Why Ghandia Lost

CBS 10/10/02 Goodbye Ghandia

Reality News Online 10/10/02 Surviving Thailand, Episode 4: Battle of the Sexes

Amarillo Globe News 10/10/02 Jordan Journal

Hall of Shame 10/10/02 Sook Jai’s Shameful Behavior In & After the Episode 3 Reward Challenge

Reality News Online 10/10/02 Survivor: Thailand, Week 3: Did Anybody Really Win?

Television Without Pity 10/10/02 Family Values

Fans of Reality TV 10/9/02 Survivor Precap, Week 4

Reality News Online 10/9/02 Letters from Camp Koh Tarutao: Bitchslaps All Around

Reality News Online 10/8/02 Survivor: Thailand - Advice to the Remaining 13

Fans of Reality TV 10/8/02 Standing in the Shadows, Week 3

Manly Thoughts 10/8/02 Episode 3: Exact Conversations, Commentary, and Thorough Recap

Fans of Reality TV 10/8/02 Week 3 Recap, "Much a DUDE about nothing"

WacoTrib 10/7/02 Baylor grad enjoying ‘Survivor’ celebrity after getting booted off

Elites TV 10/7/02 Storm Winds and Sunshine

The Trades 10/7/02 The S-Ratings Survivor: Thailand - Episode 4

Reality TV Talk 10/7/02 Episode 3 Commentary

Reality News Online 10/7/02 Survivor: Thailand, Episode 3 MVPs: Speaking Your Mind

Reality TV Talk 10/6/02 Episode 3 Recap

Dallas Morning News 10/5/02 Evictee Jed finds food for thought in 'Survivor: Thailand'

Reality News Online 10/5/02 Survivor: Thailand - Hype, Hype, Hooray!

Santa Cruz Sentinel 10/5/02 Lex sez: ‘Survivors’ cuddle together, then open up their dark side

St. Petersburg Times 10/4/02 Jan Watch

Reality News Online 10/4/02 Surviving Thailand, Episode 3: Fight Night

Dallas Morning News 10/4/02 Jed first Texan pulled from 'Survivor: Thailand'

The Trades 10/4/02 Ep. 3-The Dizzy Delegating Dentist gets Dismissed

Reality News Online 10/4/02 Survivor: Thailand – Why Jed Lost

Reality News Online 10/4/02 Why Jed Should Not Have Been Voted Off

Zap2It 10/4/02 High Drama Highlights on 'Survivor'

Media Fiends 10/4/02 Survivor 5 - Episode 3

RealityTVFans 10/4/02 Survivor 5 - Episode 3: Let's Get Physical

News Observer 10/4/02 Tracking Ted -- Week 3

CBS 10/3/02 Jed Gets The Goodbye

Survivor Fever 10/3/02 Survivor Barbs: Let's Get It On

CBS 10/3/02 Jed Hildebrand Extracted

News Star 10/3/02 Jordan threepeats 'Survivor'

Amarillo Globe News 10/3/02 Jordan Journal

Fans of Reality TV 10/3/02 Survivor Week 3 Precap 10/3/02 Still a ‘Survivor’: Former Navy SEAL and TV star stops in Quincy

Reality News Online 10/3/02 Survivor 2's Kel Discusses Bar Attack for the First Time

Immunity Idol 10/3/02 Jedi's Counsel: Episode II : Advice To the Wise

Television Without Pity 10/3/02 The Great Divide

Jam! 10/3/02 War! Fight night tonight on Survivor?

Christianity Today 10/2/02 'Pastor John' Sees Himself As a Survivor on the Mount

Fans of Reality TV 10/2/02 Episode 2 Recap

Reality News Online 10/2/02 Why Tanya Should Not Have Been Voted Off

Zap2It 10/1/02 An Explosive Confrontation Heats Up' Survivor Thailand

Fans of Realty TV 10/1/02 Standing in the Shadows, Week 2

Reality News Online 10/1/02 Survivor: Thailand - Advice to the Remaining 14

Hollywood Reporter 10/1/02 CBS takes aim at ABC's 'Celebrity'


News Articles 9/1/02 to 9/30/02


Elites TV 9/30/02 Survivor Thailand: Snoozing and Losing

Reality News Online 9/30/02 Survivor: Thailand Episode Two MVPs: Strength Brings Victory

The Trades 9/30/02 The S-Ratings Survivor: Thailand - Episode 3

Reality TV Talk 9/30/02 Episode 2 Recap

Reality News Online 9/30/02 Letters from Camp Koh Tarutao: Bang, You're Dead

Manly Thoughts 9/30/02 Episode 2: Women Lost - Squid Die - God Responsible?

Reality TV Talk 9/30/02 Commentary on Episode 2

Digital Spy 9/29/02 "Survivor 6" headed for Brazil?

Reality News Online 9/29/02 Survivor: Thailand - Second Week Scorecard and Observations

Elizabethan Star 9/29/02 'Big Tom' Buchanan to participate in fundraiser for Alzheimer's research

Reality News Online 9/29/02 A Tale of Two Thailands

Santa Cruz Sentinel 9/28/02 Lex Sez: Living with backstabbers, whiners and schemers

Jokers Update 9/28/02 Survivor 5 Tribes and Cast

Zap2It 9/27/02 'Survivor' Producers Sue Makers of 'Get Me Out'

Reality News Online 9/27/02 Survivor: Faith on the Island

Reality News Online 9/27/02 Survivor: Thailand – Why Tanya Lost

The Trades  9/27/02 Survivor: Thailand - "Tennessee Gets Volunteered"

Reality News Online 9/27/02 Surviving Thailand, Episode 2: Chuay Gone?

St. Petersburg Times 9/27/02 A hero who looks 53: that's reality

Zap2It 9/27/02 Youth Is Served Again on 'Survivor'

St. Petersburg Times 9/27/02 Jan watch

Amarillo Globe News 9/26/02 Jordan's Journal

CBS 9/26/02 Tanya Second To Go On Survivor

CBS 9/26/02 All In The Family: Tanya Vance Voted Out

WCAX 9/26/02 Life After Survivor

Media Fiends 9/26/02 Survivor 2's Kel Stabbed

Television Without Pity 9/26/02 The Importance of Being E...est

Reality News Online 9/26/02 Survivor Draft Day: Judging the Thailand Picks

Fans of Reality TV 9/25/02 Episode one Recap

Zap2It 9/25/02 'Survivor' Contestant Has DWI Record

Smoking Gun 9/25/02 Jed Hildebrand DWI Bust

Reality News Online 9/25/02 Letters from Camp Koh Tarutao: Things Do Get Better with Age

Manly Thoughts 9/24/02 Episode One: Return of the History Class Flunkouts

The Trades 9/23/02 The S-Ratings Episode 2

Reality News Online 9/22/02 Survivor: Thailand - Advice to the Remaining 15

Jokers Update 9/21/02 1st Look at the Survivor 5 Cast

Reality News Online 9/21/02 Survivor: Thailand, Episode 1 MVPs: The Older the Better

NY Daily News 9/21/02 Viewers flock to 'Survivor' isle

Reality News Online 9/21/02 Survivor: Thailand - First Impressions of Week One

Detroit News 9/21/02 'Survivor' alumni camp out in Detroit

Extra TV 9/20/02 'Survivor's' First Castoff

Zap2It 9/20/02 'Survivor: Thailand' Debut Draws Tribe of Young Viewers

Elites TV 9/20/02 Survivor Thailand: Rain, Rain Everywhere

Reality News Online 9/20/02 Survivor: Thailand – Why John Lost

The Trades 9/20/02 Survivor: Thailand - Episode 1

Reality News Online 9/20/02 Why John Should Not Have Been Voted Out

Media Fiends 9/20/02 Survivor 5 - Episode 1

Reality News Online 9/20/02 Surviving Thailand, Episode 1: Some People Never Learn

St. Petersburg Times 9/20/02 Surviving is elementary

Reality TV Talk 9/20/02 RealityTVTalk: Miss Marcy Has Spoken: Episode 1

Times News 9/20/02 Fans gather at Damon's to cheer for Kingsport survivor

News Star 9/20/02 First-week survivor

NY Daily News 9/20/02 'Survivor' Thai-in

Dallas Morning News 9/20/02 'Survivor' teams tagged

Beaumont Enterprise 9/19/02 Lamar grad is obviously true 'Survivor'

Zap2It 9/19/02 'Survivor: Thailand' Picks Sides

CBS 9/19/02 Pastor John Booted Off Survivor

Zap2It 9/19/02 'Survivor' Colby Stars in PAX Feature

AV Press 9/19/02 AV `Survivor' stays mum, even among coworkers

CBS 9/19/02 Man Behind ‘Survivor’ Challenges

CBS 9/19/02 Importance of Being Eldest: John Raymond First to Go

Amarillo Globe News 9/19/02 Almost Paradise: Texans, others start bid to be ultimate 'Survivor

Reality News Online 9/19/02 The Key to Playing: Secret Alliances

WacoTrib 9/19/02 Baylor graduate aiming to become sole "Survivor'

New York Daily News 9/19/02 'Survivor' expected to hang tough

Dallas Morning News 9/19/02 'Survivor' talk with a twang

Cincinnati Post 9/19/02 Can we Survive another 'Survivor?'

Go Memphis 9/19/02 Survivor: Thailand shakes the formula

Reality News Online 9/19/02 The Acme Brain Trust Pre-Survivor Interview

News Star 9/19/02 'Survivor' player's friends confident he can take prize

St. Petersburg Times 9/19/02 She's not telling

National Post 9/19/02 'Social Darwinism' with added spice

Cincinnati Post 9/19/02 Outback version 'made the series'

News OK 9/19/02 'Survivor' players want to win

Sacramento Bee 9/19/02 Get real -- 'Survivor's' a game

Toronto Star 9/19/02 Survivor aims for Thai high 9/19/02 The crew that strives to keep 'Survivor' thriving

Rocky Mountain News 9/19/02 Denver resident a 'Survivor'

Survivor Thailand 9/18/02 Probst-able Cause: Handicapping the Castaways

Reality News Online 9/18/02 RNO Roundtable: The Survivor Thailand Preview and Predictions

Elites TV 9/18/02 So Close I Can Taste It

Survivor Thailand 9/18/02 Welcome Back to My Island

Cincinnati Enquirer 9/18/02 'Survivor 5' promises to be different

Jam! 9/18/02 Canucks may make Survivor

Zap2It 9/17/02 Burnett Teases Twists on Thursday’s ‘Survivor’

Zap2It 9/17/02 Feisty 'Survivor' Contestants Surprise Crew

CBS 9/17/02 ‘Survivor’ Creator Keeps Show Fresh

CBS Press Release 9/17/02 Jeff Probst Live Chat Today

Reality News Online 9/17/02 What Thai Survivors Should Have Learned

CBS 9/16/02 Look Behind New ‘Survivor’ Location

Houston Chronicle 9/16/02 Creators of 'Survivor' parody say they're being threatened

The Olympian 9/15/02 'Survivor: Thailand' promises unpredictability, fresh challenges

News Star 9/14/02 Monroe 'Survivor': Loose lips can sink series

Flint Journal 9/13/02 Survivor' golf could have players roughing it

GoTri Cities 9/13/02 Show’s fans expect Vance to endure

Daily Tribune 9/10/02 Hibbing native stranded on 'Survivor' island

Guardian 9/9/02 Get Me Out of Here goes out over there 9/8/02 On 'Survivor' isle, no paradise

Electronic Media Online 9/6/02 Notes from a survivor By Jerri Manthey

Rolling Good Times 9/5/02 Intertops Has Odds on Survivor 5


News Articles 8/1/02 to 8/31/02


Cincinnati Enquirer 8/25/02 'Survivor' producer eager for Cincinnati contestant

Star Magazine 8/23/02 Vanna's Hot New Love

Deseret News 8/22/02 Seeking dates on Net? Neleh did not go there

Bernardsville News 8/22/02 Bernards High graduate to compete on 'Survivor'

Lubbock Online 8/22/02 Former Levelland resident ekes out existence on 'Survivor'

AV Press 8/21/02 Quartz Hill `Survivor's' soft-core porn credits stir controversy

The Trades 8/21/02 Survivor: Thailand - Season Preview 8/20/02 Robb Zbacnik is a Survivor

Digital Spy 8/20/02 Gender divisions in "Survivor: Thailand"?

New York Daily News 8/20/02 Survivor's soft-core past bared

Reality News Online 8/20/02 Soft Porn Actor a ‘Survivor: Thailand’ Contestant

Extra TV 8/20/02 'Survivor' Controversy

Online Casino 8/20/02 Used Car salesman favourite to win Survivor 5

Zap2It 8/19/02 CBS Omits 'Survivor's' Porn Credits

Smoking Gun 8/19/02 Exposing a Soft-Core Survivor

Amarillo Globe News 8/16/02 Ex-area resident to compete in 'Survivor'

St. Petersburg Times 8/16/02 How I spent my summer: 'Survivor'

New York Daily News 8/16/02 5th 'Survivor' includes N.Y. cop, headhunter

Denver Post 8/16/02 City 'survivor' 8/16/02 Survivor show features Rhode Islander -- again

Advocate 8/16/02 New Survivor season may be gay-free

Valley Press 8/16/02 One new `Survivor' hails from Antelope Valley

Arkansas Business 8/16/02 Fayetteville Firefighter to Appear on ‘Survivor: Thailand’

KFSM 8/15/02 Local Firefighter Joins Survivor This Season

Extra TV 8/15/02 'Survivor: Thailand'

Austin Business Journal 8/15/02 Local real estate agent is a 'Survivor'

CBS 8/15/02 16 Face 'Survivor' Experience

Zap2It 8/15/02 Meet the 'Survivor: Texas' -- er, 'Thailand' -- Castaways

Digital Spy 8/15/02 "Survivor 5" cast list revealed?

Zap2It 8/14/02 'Survivor' Castaways To Be Revealed Thursday

Zap2It 8/14/02 The Early Show to Provide First Look at Survivor: Thailand Castaways

CBS Press Release 8/13/02 Meet the Contestants of Survivor: Thailand

CBS 8/13/02 New Format For ‘Survivor’


News Articles 7/1/02 to 7/31/02


Times Argus 7/29/02 ‘Survivor’ hoping women get ‘Real’

CBN 7/22/02 Vecepia Towery: 'Survivor' Winner

Reality News Online 7/19/02 Report from SurvivorFest

Fresno Bee 7/18/02 'Survivor' Skupin returns

My Inky 7/16/02 Kentucky 'Survivor' to speak in Henderson

Thomaston Times 7/15/02 'Survivors' visit Thomaston

Journal Star 7/14/02 `Survivor' fans meet the stars

Macon Telegraph 7/14/02 'Survivor' showcase: 400 turn out for autographs of those off island

Sun Journal 7/13/02 Future looks bright to Zoe Zanidakis

Journal Star 7/12/02 `Survivor' stars make most of television fame after show

Zap2It 7/10/02 'Survivor' Elisabeth Weds

CBS News 7/9/02 Oh, My Heck! Neleh's Back On TV

Zap2It 7/5/02 'Survivor' Neleh Back on TV in Utah

Tribnet 7/5/02 'Survivor' asks senator question she can't well answer

Zap2It 7/5/02 Reality TV Stars Duke It Out on Dog Eat Dog

Desert News 7/2/02 Choose me, please! 93 give their all in 'Survivor' tryouts


News Articles 6/1/02 to 6/30/02


Deseret News 6/29/02 Now Neleh's a morning person

Deseret News 6/29/02 'Survivor' auditions

Citizen News 6/26/02 English to appear in Columbus

PR Newswire 6/20/02 'Survivor' Attends Chicago Seminar to Encourage Others

Thomaston Times 6/19/02 Atlanta Gas Light Company signs English as spokesperson

Citizen 6/19/02 'Survivor' English signs to promote natural gas

Toronto Star 6/18/02 Survivor millionaire thanks God, not taxman

Star Gazette 6/17/02 'Survivor' helps local fund-raiser

Zap2It 6/13/02 CBS Taking 'Survivor 6' Applications

Zap2It 6/13/02 'Survivor: Thailand' Begins Shooting

The Nation 6/11/02 'Survivor' payday for people in Satun

Reality News Online 6/7/02 A Look at the Fairness of Paschal's Loss

Reality News Online 6/5/02 Sole Survivor Vee Heads Back to Work

ESPN 6/3/02 Q&A with Ethan Zohn

Zap2It 6/3/02 “Survivor's” Colleen Haskell Guest Stars on Maybe It's Me

Zap2It 6/3/02 'Survivor' Winner Back at Work

Television Without Pity 6/2/02 Marquesas Reunion Special

Contra Costa Times 6/1/02 'Survivor' doesn't quit her day job


News Articles 5/1/02 to 5/31/02


Zap2It 5/29/02 Ex-'Survivor' Decries Killing Animals on TV

Pop Politics 5/29/02 The Invisible Woman

Reality News Online 5/29/02 There's Something About Kathy

RealityTVLinks 5/28/02 Survivor Fest in Lincoln, Nebraska on July 23

Deseret News 5/28/02 C'mon, 'Survivor' is just a Game

Reality News Online 5/27/02 The International Politics of Survivor: Final Mistakes

Television Without Pity 5/26/02 The Sole Survivor!

Macon Telegraph 5/25/02 English describes 'Survivor' lessons to Carter students

The Trades 5/24/02 The S-Ratings

Reality News Online 5/23/02 What Fans Want For The All-Star Edition Of Survivor

Reality News Online 5/23/02 A Different Vision of the Possible All-Star Survivor

San Francisco Chronicle 5/23/02 Survivors get a whole lot of religion

Advocate 5/23/02 Reality gays converge for Survivor party

Burlington Free Press 5/22/02 39 Days on Hell Beach

Reality News Online 5/22/02 A Finale of Futility

The Trades 5/22/02 Episode 13 - Instant Millionaire, Just Add Venom

Ledger Enquirer 5/22/02 'Survivor' winner has local tie

Reality News Online 5/21/02 The Proper Way to Plead Your Case to a Jury

St. Petersburg Times 5/21/02 Don't look to 'Survivor' for honest dialogue on race

CBS 5/20/02 The Winners Circle

Deseret News 5/20/02 Oh my heck! Neleh comes in second

San Francisco Chronicle 5/20/02 Hayward's own 'Survivor' 

Thomaston Times 5/20/02 Paschal English made us proud

Reality News Online 5/20/02 Notes from the Live Survivor Finale & Reunion

Zap2It 5/20/02 'Survivor: Marquesas' Finale Raises More Questions Than It Answers

Thomaston Times 5/20/02 Popular Pappy

Reality News Online 5/20/02 Why Vecepia Won

Zap2It 5/20/02 CBS Survives, and Thrives, on Sunday

Seattle PI 5/20/02 Survivor Marquesas Week 13: Vee for victory

Extra TV 5/20/02 'Survivor' Finale

Deseret News 5/20/02 Snippets from chilly Central Park

Reality News Online 5/20/02 Surviving the Marquesan Reunion

Reality News Online 5/20/02 Surviving the Marquesas, the Finale: Girl Power!

Reality News Online 5/20/02 Why Neleh Lost

CBS 5/20/02 'Vee' For Victory

Deseret News 5/20/02 Final 'Survivor' events

St. Petersburg Times 5/20/02 The Survivor

Rutland Herald 5/20/02 Survivor? Vermont woman falls short

Burlington Free Press 5/19/02 Episode Finale: Vermont 'Survivor' is voted off

Zap2It 5/19/02 Vecepia Towery Wins 'Survivor: Marquesas'

Reality News Online 5/19/02 Why Kathy Lost

Reality News Online 5/19/02 Why Paschal Lost

CBS 5/19/02 The Verdict is in: Vecepia Towery is the Sole Survivor

Times Argus 5/19/02 Survivor? Vermont woman falls short

Reality News Online 5/19/02 The Unbelievable Bloombergini Predicts 'Survivor: Marquesas' Finale

Reality News Online 5/19/02 Point/Counterpoint with Susan and Brian - Can Kathy Win?

Digital Spy 5/19/02 'Survivor' props to be sold on eBay

Macon Telegraph 5/19/02 Survivor, Gus and Pappy Bear

Reality News Online 5/19/02 Why Neleh Has Lasted So Long

St. Petersburg Times 5/19/02 How to survive tonight's TV onslaught

Santa Cruz Sentinel 5/18/02 LeX Sez: Which ‘Survivor’ will go all the way?

Manly Thoughts 5/18/02 The Manly Man predicts the Survivor Marquesas Winner!

Reality News Online 5/18/02 Survivor 4's Sean and the Race Card

Reality News Online 5/18/02 Who Will Survive the Marquesas?

Reality News Online 5/18/02 Survivor Questions, and Hopefully a Few Answers

Thomaston Times 5/17/02 Paschal English in Survivor Finale

Extra TV 5/17/02 'Survivor' Finale Preview

Seattle PI 5/17/02 Survivor Marquesas Week 12: Finale fever

Deseret News 5/17/02 Utah's 'Sweetpea' just barely survives; sour Sean is ousted

Reality News Online 5/17/02 Letters from Camp Nuku Hiva: A Vue from the Bridge

Reality News Online 5/17/02 Why Sean Should Not Have Been Voted Off

Deseret News 5/17/02 Utahn survives close call; 'Survivor'down to final 4

The Trades 5/17/02 The S-Ratings

Reality News Online 5/17/02 Survivor: Marquesas -- Advice to the Remaining 4

CBS 5/17/02 So Long, Sean

The Trades 5/17/02 Ep 12 - Kathy Chooses a Side...She's Chosen Poorly

Zap2It 5/16/02 Sean Loses 'Survivor' Showcase Showdown

Burlington Free Press 5/16/02 Episode 12: Vavrick-O'Brien advances to the final four

Reality News Online 5/16/02 Surviving the Marquesas, Episode 12: His Own Worst Enemy
Reality News Online 5/16/02 Why Sean Lost

CBS 5/16/02 The Swing Vote Chops Away, Sean Rector Voted Out

Reality News Online 5/16/02 Letters from Camp Nuku Hiva: Honorable Discharge

Globe and Mail 5/16/02 For real drama, choose Leafs game, not Survivor

Television Without Pity 5/16/02 Marquesan Vacation

Reality News Online 5/15/02 Robert Should Not Have Been Voted Out

Reality News Online 5/14/02 Survivor: Marquesas -- Advice to the Remaining 5

Thomaston Times 5/13/02 'Survivor' packs The Ritz

Thomaston Times 5/13/02 Ritz Theater 'walk of fame'

Reality News Online 5/13/02 Survivor: Time to Pop the Questions

The Trades 5/13/02 The S-Ratings

Toronto Star 5/12/02 Gilligan's Island reunion

Cincinnati Enquirer 5/12/02 Why Tristate won't vote 'Survivor' off TV island

Reality News Online 5/11/02 Surviving the Marquesas, Episode 11: Court martial

Santa Cruz Sentinel 5/11/02 Lex Sez: It’s all a game, but nobody’s playing for the ultimate prize

Reality News Online 5/11/02 Why Robert Lost

Thomaston Times 5/10/02 Beverly English's visit with her husband shown on CBS Survivor

Deseret News 5/10/02 Utahn survives plot to inch closer to that million-dollar prize

The Trades 5/10/02 Episode 11 - The General Gets A Court-Martial

CBS 5/10/02 The General Ousted

Seattle PI 5/10/02 Survivor Marquesas Week 11: Mother's Day

Elites TV 5/10/02 Survivor Barbs: Generalismo Fransisco Franco is still dead...and so is Robert

Maine Today 5/10/02 'Survivor' Zoe promotes calendar in Waterville

Zap2It 5/9/02 'Survivor's' General Gets Dismissed

WCAX 5/9/02 Survivor Becomes a Family Affair

Papillion Times 5/9/02 Carroll, Cade speak to Carriage Hill students about their island experience

CBS 5/9/02 Episode 11: The General Gets His Walking Papers

Tee Vee 5/9/02 Survivor Survives

Macon Telegraph 5/9/02 Thomaston gripped by 'Survivor' fever

Reality News Online 5/9/02 Letters from Camp Nuku Hiva: Getting the Scoop

Pop Politics 5/9/02 "Bet on Black"

Reality News Online 5/9/02 In Defense of Neleh

Oregonian 5/8/02 Towery proving to be a true 'Survivor'

Television Without Pity 5/8/02 The Princess

Reality News Online 5/8/02 Point/Counterpoint with Susan and Brian: Neleh, Sweet Neleh

Reality News Online 5/8/02 Suggestions for the "All-Star" Version of Survivor

Salon 5/8/02 Jeff Probst is not an idiot

Reality News Online 5/7/02 Why Tammy Should Not Have Been Voted Out

Zap2It 5/6/02 A Newcomer Joins the Tribe

The Trades 5/6/02 The S-Ratings

Lincoln County News 5/6/02 Zoe Considers Life After 'Survivor'

Reality News Online 5/6/02 The International Politics of Survivor: Kathy's Choice

Santa Cruz Sentinel 5/4/02 May I please have a little whine with my coconut?

Reality News Online 5/4/02 Survivor: Marquesas -- Advice to the Remaining 6

Seattle PI 5/3/02 Survivor Marquesas Week 10: Food factor

Deseret News 5/3/02 Utah contestant makes some enemies

CBS 5/3/02 Ta Ta Tammy

The Trades 5/3/02 Episode 10 - Baby Let's Cruise...Away From Here

Reality News Online 5/3/02 That's All She Wrote, or Haven't I Seen This Before?

Burlington Free Press 5/2/02 Episode 10: Exhaustion in paradise

Zap2It 5/2/02 CBS 5/2/02 Reporter Gets Scooped, Tammy Voted Out

Reality News Online 5/2/02 Surviving the Marquesas, Episode 10: Reporter Gets the Bad News

Reality News Online 5/2/02 Why Tammy Lost

CBS 5/2/02 Reporter Gets Scooped, Tammy Voted Out

Hollywood Reporter 5/1/02 'Survivor' heads to Thailand for fall


News Articles 4/1/02 to 4/30/02


Zap2It 4/30/02 CBS Confirms Thailand as Next 'Survivor' Locale

Reality News Online 4/30/02 Survivor: Marquesas – Advice to the Remaining 7

The Trades 4/29/02 The S-Ratings

Reality News Online 4/29/02 You've Got Answers, We've Got Questions

Courier and Press 4/29/02 'Survivor' chef is winner with cuisine

Toronto Star 4/28/02 Woe is Zoe

Orlando Sentinel 4/28/02 'Survivor' buoys South Seas ventures

Lincoln County News 4/27/02 Zoe Voted Out -- May Be Headed For Hollywood

Reality News Online 4/27/02 Why Zoe Should Not Have Been Voted Out

Central Main 4/27/02 Mainers react to 'Survivor' vote

Survivor Fire 4/27/02 Food and Feast: Unique Polynesian Cuisine

Sunspot 4/27/02 Chat with Colleen Haskell

Central Main 4/27/02 Maine 'Survivor' basks in the media spotlight

Santa Cruz Sentinel 4/27/02 Lex isn’t the only one in town who knows a few things about ‘Survivor’

Survivor Fire 4/26/02 Zoe, We Liked You More When We Didn't Know Ye

Deseret News 4/26/02 Utahn is still looking strong

Elites TV 4/26/02 Survivor Barbs: Ease on Down the Road

Press Herald 4/26/02 Maine's 'Survivor' voted off TV series

Seattle PI 4/26/02 Survivor Marquesas Week 9: Sucking up 4/26/02 Judge a food freeloader

The Trades 4/26/02 Episode 9 - Almost, Almost Honest

Survivor Fire 4/26/02 Survivor Wars: Episode 9

Survivor Fire 4/26/02 Episode 9 Summary: Another Double Agent Goes Down

Zap2It 4/26/02 'Survivor: Marquesas' Sets Zoe Adrift

Reality News Online 4/25/02 Surviving the Marquesas, Episode 9: She Sells Sea Shells - See Ya

Burlington Free Press 4/25/02 Episode 9: Under the radar

Reality News Online 4/25/02 Why Zoe Lost

Survivor Fire 4/25/02 Episode 9's Aftershocks

CBS 4/25/02 The Ship Comes In: Zoe Voted Out

Maine Today 4/25/02 Lawmakers laud Maine 'Survivor'

CBS 4/25/02 Maine Lawmakers Salute Zoe

Reality News Online 4/25/02 Point/Counterpoint with Susan and Brian: The Enigma That Is Zoe

Reality News Online 4/24/02 The International Politics of Survivor

Reality News Online 4/23/02 Letters from Camp Nuku Hiva: Go Fly a Kite

TNMC 4/23/02 Week 8 Wrapup

Zap2It 4/22/02 Rosie Picked to Host 'Survivor' Reunion

Reality News Online 4/22/02 Good Night Nurse, or "Isn't It Ironic?

The Trades 4/22/02 The S-Ratings

Providence Journal 4/21/02 Surviving the Marquesas

The Nation 4/21/02 Chief backs 'Survivor'

Reality News Online 4/20/02 Why John Should Not Have Been Voted Out"

Santa Cruz Sentinel 4/20/02 Lex Sez: Firecracker and John’s checkmate 4/19/02 Omahan relished his time on 'Survivor' 4/19/02 Bossy John gets voted off island

Deseret News 4/19/02 Utah's own 'Survivor' turns the tables on manipulative 'Big Four'

CBS News 4/19/02 John Joins The Jury

Advocate 4/19/02 Coconuts and homophobia

Seattle PI 4/19/02 Survivor Marquesas Week 8: Jury Duty

Reality News Online 4/19/02 Survivor: Marquesas - Advice to the Remaining 8

The Trades 4/19/02 Episode 8 - The Worm Has Turned

Elites TV 4/19/02 Flying Pigs Wearing Sweaters in Hell 4/19/02 Cast away: Omaha contestant is no longer a 'Survivor'

WCAX 4/18/02 Kathy Takes a Dive on Survivor

Reality News Online 4/18/02 Surviving the Marquesas, Episode 8: Nursing a Grudge

Reality News Online 4/18/02 Why John Lost

Zap2It 4/18/02 'Survivor's' Nurse Gets Dear John Letter

Burlington Free Press 4/18/02 Episode 8: That's why it's called a game

CBS 4/18/02 First Jury Member Selected: John Carroll Voted Out

Reality News Online 4/18/02 RNO Roundtable: Post-Merge Review & Predictions

St. Petersburg Times 4/18/02 The plan: An all-star 'Survivor'

Television Without Pity 4/18/02 True Lies

Pop Politics 4/17/02 Turning Point

Reality News Online 4/17/02 Letters From Camp Nuku Hiva: Blunt Trauma to the Head

Elites TV 4/17/02 ETV talks with Diane Ogden of Survivor 3

Travel and Leisure 4/17/02 10 Questions: Jeff Probst

Zap2It 4/16/02 Kathy's Paranoia Increases (4/18 Preview)

Zap2It 4/16/02 'Survivor' Reunion in the Works

Augusta Chronicle 4/16/02 'Survivor,' week 7: Rats, sinking ship, etc.

Seattle PI 4/15/02 Former 'Survivor' now a globe-trotting gourmet

Thomaston Times 4/15/02 'Survivor' phenomenon keeps Upson County in the spotlight

Reality News Online 4/15/02 Survivor: Marquesas - Advice to the Remaining 9

The Trades 4/15/02 The S-Ratings

Knox Studio 4/15/02 Recipes from the 'Survivor' chef

Times Online 4/14/02 Fame fleeting for 'Survivor' star

Sun Journal 4/14/02 Everyone’s just wild about Zoe

Toronto Star 4/14/02 Survivor Strategizer: Nice, ugly, boring guys finish last

Cincinnati Enquirer 4/14/02 Survivor still thrives in Tristate - but why?

Reality News Online 4/13/02 Why Rob Should Not Have Been Voted Out

Santa Cruz Sentinel 4/13/02 The Robfather’s gone and the claws come out

CBS 4/12/02 Arrivederci, Rob

The Trades 4/12/02 Episode 7 - We Are Dysfunctional Family

Elites TV 4/12/02 The Rob and Kathy Show

Deseret News 4/12/02 Utahn will survive until final episode — one way or another

Survivor Fire 4/12/02 Episode 7: The Opinionated Summary: Merging into a 10 Car Pileup

Elites TV 4/12/02 We've got spirits. Yes we do! 4/12/02 Omahan survives; Bostonian booted

Reality News Online 4/12/02 New 'Survivor' Brings More Questions Than Answers

Jam! 4/12/02 Survivor: Marquesas: Episode Seven

BBC 4/12/02 Survivor heads for Thai island

Zap2It 4/12/02 'Survivor' Gets Thailand Green Light

Seattle PI 4/12/02 Survivor Marquesas Week 7: Suicidal tendencies

CBS 4/11/02 No 'Favorite' Emerges

Zap2It 4/11/02 'Survivor: Marquesas' Forms Soliantu, Cuts Rob

Burlington Free Press 4/11/02 Episode 7: Treachery and deceit

Reality News Online 4/11/02 Surviving the Marquesas, Episode 7: The Robfather

Reality News Online 4/11/02 Why Rob Lost

CBS 4/11/02 Tribes Merge: Soliantu is Formed, Rob Voted Out
WCAX 4/11/02 Vermont Survivor Update

Reality News Online 4/11/02 Point/Counterpoint with Susan and Brian: The Survivor Me

The Nation 4/11/02 'Survivor' gets green light

Reality News Online 4/10/02 Letters From Camp Nuku Hiva: Answering the Obvious

Television Without Pity 4/10/02 The Underdogs

Florida Times Union 4/10/02 Tribe has spoken: She's no survivor

Knox News 4/9/02 Surviving 'Survivor' 4/9/02 Survivors failing the celebrity challenge

Cincinnati Post 4/9/02 New 'Survivor' still No. 1 here

Zap2It 4/9/02 Catch Survivor Marquesas Highlights on "The First 24 Days" Special

TNMC 4/9/02 Week 6 Wrapup

Zap2It 4/8/02 The Tribes Merge into One

The Trades 4/8/02 The S-Ratings

Reality News Online 4/8/02 Survivor: Marquesas – Advice to the Remaining 10

Reality News Online 4/8/02 Survivor: Africa -- An Interview with Carl

Toronto Star 4/7/02 Survivor Strategizer: Skinny-dipping for fun and profit

Santa Cruz Sentinel 4/6/02 Beauty and the beast: Gina’s gone, Rob grows dangerous

St. Petersburg Times 4/6/02 'Nice' is a loser on this 'Survivor'

Deseret News 4/5/02 Utahn has to vote out one of her friends on 'Survivor: Marquesas'

Bay Area 4/5/02 Luckydog drummer's spot on reality show has paid off 4/5/02 Omahan on 'Survivor' asserts tribal leader role

Thomaston Times 4/5/02 Survivor Watch - Episode VI

Seattle PI 4/5/02 Survivor Marquesas Week 6: Naked ambition

Elites TV 4/5/02 Survivor Marquesa: Ties than Bind

CBS 4/5/02 Good-bye, Gina

Reality News Online 4/5/02 Liar, Liar, Sand on Fire, or Why Gina Should Not Have Been Voted Out

The Trades 4/5/02 Episode 6: The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

Zap2It 4/5/02 Family Spirit Can't Save Gina

WCAX 4/4/02 Close Call for Survivor Kathy

Reality News Online 4/4/02 Why Gina Lost

Burlington Free Press 4/4/02 Episode 6: We are family

Reality News Online 4/4/02 Surviving the Marquesas, Episode 6: Make Love, Not War

CBS 4/4/02 Ten Survivors Remain: Gina Crews Voted Out

Jam! 4/4/02 Canoe's predictions: Episode Six

Thomaston Times 4/4/02 Survivor phenomenon comes to Thomaston

CBS 4/4/02 Who's The Next To Go?

Zap2It 4/4/02 'Survivor' Looks to Thailand for Fifth Season

Jam! 4/4/02 Next 'Survivor' in Thailand?

CBS 4/4/02 Survivor 5 Goes Asian

Reality News Online 4/4/02 Gabriel: Heroic Philosopher or Just a Crackpot?

St. Petersburg Times 4/4/02 Where Survivor goes, flak follows

Macon Telegraph 4/4/02 In Thomaston, 'Survivor' English already a winner

The Nation 4/4/02 Tarutao: A little isle of horrors

Television Without Pity 4/3/02 The End of Innocence

Elites TV 4/3/02 Face Time!

Reality News Online 4/3/02 Survivor: Marquesas - Advice to the Remaining 11

The Trades 4/2/02 The S-Ratings

Tahiti Press 4/2/02 The best of Survivor : part 4

Augusta Chronicle 4/2/02 'Survivor' watch: Week 5

Zap2It 4/1/02 Rob Refuses to Accept Defeat

Reality News Online 4/1/02 Letters from Camp Nuku Hiva: Taking the Rap


News Articles 3/1/02 to 3/31/02


Santa Cruz Sentinel 3/30/02 Lex Sez: Tossing innocence out of the Garden of Eden

Reality News Online 3/30/02 If Gabriel Was an Angel, What Does That Make John? 3/29/02 What I Did While Everyone Else Watched "Survivor"

Citizen Times 3/29/02 `Survivor' wasn't in it for the money

CBS 3/29/02 Good Guy Gabe's A Goner

Elites TV 3/29/02 Rotu's Fatal Mistake

Seattle PI 3/29/02 Survivor Marquesas Week 5: Smells like teen spirit

The Trades 3/29/02 Episode 5 - Trouble in Paradise

Reality News Online 3/29/02 Why Gabriel Should Not Have Been Voted Out

Deseret News 3/29/02 Adorable, popular Utahn still looks like she could be the 'Survivor' 3/29/02 Omaha 'Survivor' sees his scheming pay off

Zap2It 3/28/02 Gabriel's Gone as Rotu Is Routed

Reality News Online 3/28/02 Surviving the Marquesas, Episode 5: Paradise Lost

Reality News Online 3/28/02 Why Gabriel Lost

Burlington Free Press 3/28/02 Episode 5: Teamwork all the way

CBS 3/28/02 Rotu Gets Raided: Gabriel Cade Voted Out

WCAX 3/28/02 Survivor Attracts Vermont Following

Maine Today 3/28/02 Rooting for Monhegan woman on 'Survivor'

Bergen Record 3/28/02 'Survivor' host keeps guests off balance

CBS 3/28/02 Who's The Next To Go?

Bangor Daily News 3/28/02 Maine survivor has her own calendar, web group

Zap2It 3/27/02 'Survivor' Picked Up for 5th Season

TNMC 3/26/02 That Sinking Feeling: The Sarah Jones Story
Television Without Pity 3/26/02 The Winds Twist

Reality News Online 3/26/02 Letters from Camp Nuku Hiva -- Sausage Envy

The Trades 3/26/02 The S-Ratings

Elites TV 3/25/02 Survivor Marquesas: Sean's Winning Strategy

Zap2It 3/25/02 'Survivor: Africa's' Silas Makes Oscar Cameo

Reality News Online 3/25/02 Maraamu In The Midst: A Journal from Tammy Leitner

Juneau Empire 3/24/02 'Survivor' secrets revealed

Santa Cruz Sentinel 3/23/02 Lex sez: The alpha males become village idiots

Reality News Online 3/23/02 It's Deja-Maraamu All Over Again

Seattle PI 3/22/02 Survivor Marquesas Week 4: R.I.P. Maraamu

San Francisco Chronicle 3/22/02 Alterations in paradise

Deseret News 3/22/02 Utahn still there despite switcheroo

Zap2It 3/22/02 One Tribe's Camp is Raided by the Other

Reality News Online 3/22/02 Survivor: Marquesas - Advice to the Remaining 12

Napa News 3/22/02 Castaway says Napa wasn't her kind of city

Elite TV 3/21/02 Survivor Marquesas: Winning The Switch E!

Napa News 3/21/02 Napan gets the boot from 'Survivor' television series

Juneau Empire 3/21/02 Juneau 'Survivor' out but not down

CBS 3/21/02 Sayonara, Sarah!

Zap2It 3/21/02 'Survivor's' Haskell Returns to TV

Reality News Online 3/21/02 Where is Don Corleone When You Need Him?

The Trades 3/21/02 Episode 4 - Oops, They Did It Again!

The State 3/20/02 Mama's back from Marquesas, and she's ready to roll

Reality News Online 3/20/02 Why Sarah Lost

Burlington Free Press 3/20/02 Episode 4: New team, new chance

WCAX 3/20/02 Close Call for Vermont Survivor

Zap2It 3/20/02 'Survivor: Marquesas' Gives Sarah the Slip

Reality News Online 3/20/02 Surviving the Marquesas, Episode 4: Booby Prize

CBS 3/20/02 Survivors Swap Tribes, Sarah Jones Voted Out

Reality News Online 3/20/02 'Survivor: Africa' -- An Interview with Kelly

Television Without Pity 3/20/02 No Pain, No Gain

CBS 3/20/02 Who's The Next To Go?

Reality News Online 3/19/02 Survivor Psyche: Brainsucked in Paradise

Pop Politics 3/19/02 Retro Style

The Trades 3/18/02 The S-Ratings

Reality News Online 3/18/02 Survivor: Marquesas - Advice to the Remaining 13

Reality News Online 3/17/02 Hunter, We Hardly Knew Ye

Santa Cruz Sentinel 3/16/02 Trapped on an island with knuckleheads?

Reality News Online 3/16/02 Surviving Hunter's 'Early Show' Interview

Seattle PI 3/15/02 Survivor Marquesas Week 3: Heal thyself!

The Trades 3/15/02 Episode 3 - 5 And Counting

TNMC 3/15/02 Week 3 Wrapup

Reality News Online 3/15/02 Letters from Camp Nuku Hiva - What a Nono!

Omaha World Herald 3/14/02 Omahan suffers sting and bite on 'Survivor'

Zap2It 3/14/02 'Amazing Race' Couple Challenges 'Survivor'

CBS 3/14/02 Heave-Ho For Hunky Hunter

Reality News Online 3/14/02 The Ego Alliance, or Why Hunter Should Not Have Been Voted Out

Omaha World Herald 3/13/02 'Survivors' deal with attention

Reality News Online 3/13/02 Surviving the Marquesas, Episode 3: The Hunted

Reality News Online 3/13/02 Why Hunter Lost

Zap2it 3/13/02 Maraamu Loses its Hunter

Burlington Free Press 3/13/02 Kathy Watch Episode 3

WCAX 3/13/02 Can Vermont "Survivor" Kathy Hang-on?

CBS 3/13/02 Dissention among the Maraamu Tribe: Hunter Ellis Voted Out

Reality News Online 3/13/02 Survivor: Africa – An Interview with Brandon

Television Without Pity 3/13/02 Throw Momma From the Tribe

Reality News Online 3/12/02 Falling for Survivor All Over Again

Reality News Online 3/12/02 Survivor: Marquesas - Observations on the Second Episode

Digital Spy 3/11/02 Survivor 4: Patricia has "no hard feelings" over exit

The Trades 3/11/02 The S-Ratings

Reality News Online 3/11/02 Survivor: Marquesas -- Advice to the Remaining 14

Reality News Online 3/9/02 Age Before Beauty: Why Patricia Should Not Have Been Voted Out

Santa Cruz Sentinel 3/9/02 Lez sez: Trouble in paradise — the back-biting heats up

Deseret News 3/8/02 Utahn survives — even prospers — by not barfing 3/8/02 Omahan snares shrimp, not pig

TNMC 3/8/02 Week 2 Wrapup

Thomaston Times 3/8/02 English still surviving

Napa News 3/8/02 Napa's Survivor survives round two

Zap2It 3/8/02 Injury Plagues One Tribe on Survivor

Seattle PI 3/8/02 Survivor Marquesas Week 2: Tight like that

CBS 3/8/02 Once Again, Age Matters

TNMC 3/8/02 Week 2 Wrap-up

The Trades 3/8/02 Survivor: Marquesas - Get Your Gross Food Here

Reality News Online 3/8/02 Letters from Camp Nuku Hiva - Battle of the Alpha Women

Jam! 3/8/02 And then there were 14 ...

Burlington Free Press 3/8/03 Kathy Watch Episode 2

Zap2It 3/7/02 'Survivor': Maraamu Goes Down Two

Reality News Online 3/7/02 Surviving the Marquesas, Episode 2: Stereotypes Galore

Reality News Online 3/7/02 Why Patricia Lost

WCAX 3/7/02 Can Vermont's "Survivor" Hang-on?

CBS 3/7/02 Episode 2: Patricia Jackson Voted Out

Television Without Pity 3/7/02 Back to the Beach

Reality News Online 3/6/02 Survivor: Marquesas-Why the Remaining 15 Will, or Won't, Stay

The Trades 3/5/02 The S-Ratings

Digital Spy 3/4/02 Survivor 4: Peter not disappointed at leaving

Zap2It 3/4/02 The Castaways' True Colors Begin to Show

Reality News Online 3/4/02 Letters from Camp Nuku Hiva -- Home, Sweet Home

San Francisco Examiner 3/4/02 Survival of the fattest

Santa Cruz Sentinel 3/2/02 Lex sez: Weighing in on the new ‘Survivor’

Burlington Free Press 3/2/02 Episode 1: Off to rocky start

Reality News Online 3/2/02 Why Fruit Loops are better than Trix

CBS 3/1/02 Peter Too Holy For Survivor?

Survivor Foxes 3/1/02 To Be Holy, Or To Be Hole-y: That Is The Question

Digital Spy 3/1/02 Survivor 4: Peter voted off

Zap2It 3/1/02 'Survivor: Marquesas' Premiere Pulls Over 23 Million Viewers

Napa News 3/1/02 Napa 'Survivor' makes her debut in the Marquesas

Juneau Empire 3/1/02 Juneau woman endures 1st 'Survivor' show

The Trades 3/1/02 Survivor: Marquesas - Back to the Beach

Thomaston Times 3/1/02 Here comes the judge

Reality News Online 3/1/02 Survivor: Marquesas: Advice to the Remaining 15

The State 3/1/02 She survives - so far


News Articles 2/1/02 to 2/28/02


WCAX 2/28/02 Vermonter Survives Survivor

Zap2It 2/28/02 'Survivor: Marquesas' Yoga Enthusiast Unable to Conform

CBS 2/28/02 Survivor is Back--Peter Harkey Bowled Over

Reality News Online 2/28/02 Why Peter Lost 2/28/02 'Survivor' party to benefit AIDS project

Reality News Online 2/28/02 Surviving the Marquesas, Episode 1: Yoga No Go

Globe and Mail 2/28/02 Survivor: Here come the judge and the usual suspects

Dallas Morning News 2/28/02 'Survivor' No. 4 has promise

Star Ledger 2/28/02 Newest 'Survivor' leaves 16 strangers lost in paradise

Cincinnati Enquirer 2/28/02 Expect 'evolutions' in newest 'Survivor'

San Francisco Chronicle 2/28/02 Latest `Survivor' series takes off the kid gloves

Go Memphis 2/28/02 On Marquesas, survivors tough it out with a smile

Bay Area 2/28/02 'Survivor' heading back to the beach

KPIX 2/28/02 New 'Survivor' Contestants Have Bay Area Ties

Santa Cruz Sentinel 2/28/02 Lex, our own Survivor, dissects the new game

Phoenix New Times 2/28/02 Reality Check

Indianapolis Star 2/28/02 New island, new risks

CBS 2/27/02 Master Of The Survivor Game

Milwaukee Journal 2/27/02 Tougher turf on island brings out worst in cast

Oregonian 2/27/02 'A real go-getter' of an ex-Portlander goes and gets on 'Survivor'

Citizen Times 2/27/02 Yancey County native aims to be the 'Survivor'

Thomaston Times 2/27/02 The woman behind the man 2/27/02 Menacing Marquesas

General Motors 2/27/02 Saturn VUE Featured As Exclusive Vehicle On CBS Survivor: Marquesas

USA Today 2/27/02 'Survivor' goes back to the South Pacific

Digital Spy 2/27/02 Survivor 4: Burnett outlines changes

Zap2It 2/27/02 'Survivor: Marquesas' Goes Hunting and Gathering

Reality News Online 2/27/02 RNO Roundtable: 'Survivor: Marquesas' Predictions

The Trades 2/27/02 The S-Ratings

Town Online 2/27/02 Canton man embarks on ‘Survivor’ mission

Reality News Online 2/27/02 Can We Get a Little Attention Over Here?

Reality News Online 2/26/02 What Marquesan Survivors Should Have Learned

CBS 2/26/02 Bugging The New Survivors 2/25/02 Survivor: Too Much of a Good Thing?

Republican Journal 2/25/02 From North Atlantic to South Pacific, Zanidakis a Survivor

CBS 2/25/02 This Time Food Is Not A Problem

Adweek 2/25/02 Reebok Sets 'Survivor' Debut for Campaign

Santa Cruz Sentinel 2/23/02 Lex was robbed! S.C. man lost out in finale

Kpix 2/22/02 Santa Cruz's Lex Talks About 'Survivor' Snafu

Gist 2/22/02 Survivor Boss Takes Up Martial Arts

All Africa 2/22/02 And The Ultimate Survivor Is...

Zap2It 2/22/02 Meet the New Castaways on the Premiere of Survivor: Marquesas

Daily Nebraskan 2/22/02 Local woman surviving after voted off reality show

Reality News Online 2/21/02 Lex Discusses the Survivor Screw-Up

Zap2It 2/20/02 'Survivor' Snafu Leads to Payout for Two Players
Reality News Online 2/20/02 CBS Admits Survivor Immunity Challenge 'Screw Up' and Payoff

All Your TV 2/20/02 CBS And Producers Of "Survivor: Africa" Adjust Prize Money

Gist 2/20/02 Survivor Mistake Nets $ for Lex, Tom

Reality News Online 2/19/02 Survivor 2's Alicia May Get Job as New York Reporter

Reality News Online 2/18/02 Survivor Scandal Update: Who's Pierced?

Reality News Online 2/17/02 'Survivor 3' Immunity Challenge Scandal!

Go Memphis 2/17/02 Out of Africa

AllYourTV 2/15/02 Mistake On Immunity Challenge Of "Survivor: Africa" Leads To Cash Payout

Ledger Enquirer 2/15/02 'Survivor' contestant once lived in Phenix

Lincoln Country News 2/14/02 Monhegan's Zoe Zanidakis Competes in 'Survivor Marquesas'

The Trades 2/13/02 Survivor: Marquesas Preview

Coraopolis Star 2/13/02 Local audition for TV show attracts dreamers

Zap2It 2/13/02 'X-Files' Finale Squares Off with 'Survivor'

Juneau Empire 2/13/02 Juneau woman beats out thousands to compete in 'Survivor'

Chronicle Independent 2/12/02 Lugoff's Jackson prepares for 'Survivor' fame

Pop Politics 2/12/02 For Pete's Sake

CBS 2/12/02 Stranded In Paradise

Reality News Online 2/11/02 Survivor 3’s Lex Discusses the Game, His Image, and His Kids

St. Petersburg Times 2/9/02 Whooooooooo is she?

Dallas Voice 2/9/02 Survivor snags another gay Texan

Napa News 2/9/02 Vintage grad featured on 'Survivor'

Citizen News 2/8/02 Who is Paschal English and will he make a good Survivor? 2/7/02 Creighton law student named as contestant on 'Survivor'

Citizen Times 2/7/02 Yancey County native makes "Survivor" cast

Thomaston Times 2/7/02 Judge Paschal English picked for CBS hit - how cool is that?

St. Petersburg Times 2/7/02 Who will survive Marquesas?

Cincinnati Post 2/7/02 'Survivors 4': Young and buff

Macon Telegraph 2/7/02 Thomaston judge to take chances on next 'Survivor'

Burlington Free Press 2/7/02 Burlington woman to be on 'Survivor' 2/7/02 Monhegan boat captain faces challenge: Survive 'Survivor'

Lincoln Journal Star 2/7/02 Second Nebraskan to be on 'Survivor'

Courier Gazette 2/6/02 Island woman to be 'survivor'

Reality News Online 2/6/02 Survivor 4 Contestant Opposed Booty Dancing as a Judge

Reality News Online 2/6/02 CBS Reveals Survivor 4 Cast Members

Dallas Morning News 2/6/02 Contestants named for 'Survivor: Marquesas'

Zap2It 2/6/02 'Early Show' Reveals New 'Survivor' Cast

Record Eagle 2/6/02 TC social worker takes frigid dip for 'Survivor' tape

Zap2It 2/5/02 CBS Wants Contestants for 'Survivor 5'

Zap2It 2/1/02 'Early Show' To Announce New 'Survivor' Cast

Reality News Online 2/1/02 Survivor's Lindsey Discusses Fame, Fortune, and the AIDS Benefit


News Articles 1/10/02 to 1/31/02


Reality News Online 1/29/02 Survivor 2's Kel Shares His Thoughts

USA Today 1/29/02 'Real' reality hits TV show

The Gazette 1/28/02 Fans survive waiting for Tom

Mighty Big TV 1/28/02 Back from Africa

Santa Cruz Sentinel 1/27/02 Lex, fellow ‘Survivors’ reunite for AIDS fund-raiser

Register Pajaronian 1/27/02 What's next for Lex?

Lincoln Journal Star 1/27/02 'Survivor' survivor looks back

Reality News Online 1/25/02 Survivor Fans Hot Down Under

Reality News Online 1/25/02 Aussies Getting Screwed on Survivor 4

Santa Cruz Sentinel 1/24/02 Catch Lex and ‘Survivor’ pals in action

Mighty Big TV 1/23/02 Survivor Africa Reunion

Daily Times 1/21/02 Tina Wesson inspires many at Crossroads Community Church

Dallas Voice 1/20/02 Super Survivors

Santa Cruz Sentinel 1/20/02 Out of Africa: How Lex van den Berghe survived ‘Survivor: Africa’

VH1 1/18/02 Even Without $1 Million, 'Survivor' Lex Is A Luckydog

Reality News Online 1/18/02 Survivor 'Psychic' Predictions in TV Guide Revisited

Pop Politics 1/17/02 Triumph Over Evil

Reality News Online 1/17/02 Surviving the Return from Africa

Reality News Online 1/17/02 Revisionist History in the Survivor Calendar

Mighty Big TV 1/17/02 The Final Four: No Regrets

The Trades 1/16/02 The S-Ratings 1/15/02 `Survivor' winner gets last laugh on locker room needlers

Cleveland Jewish News 1/15/02 TV's latest 'survivor'

Zap2It 1/15/02 'Survivor' Leads CBS to Ratings Win

Reality News Online 1/15/02 And a Little Lamb Shall Lead Them

Reality News Online 1/15/02 Survivor Psyche, Final Episode: (L)Exes, Old Goats, and Nice Guy

Sacramento Bee 1/14/02 Less-watched 'Survivor' retains quality, goofiness

Zap2It 1/14/02 Jeff Probst Hosts Survivor: Back from Africa

Reality News Online 1/14/02 Survivor Locations of the Future

The Times-Picayune 1/14/02 Surreal ‘Survivor'

DMN News 1/14/02 'Survivor' Auction on eBay Will Benefit AIDS Charity

Bergen Record 1/12/02 'Survivor' booty gives coach a kick

St. Petersburg Times 1/12/02 Still surviving, but a little less fit

Milwaukee Journal 1/12/02 Guards keep close watch on television critics

Star Ledger 1/12/02 The third time around, 'Survivor' lost some of its charm

Zap2It 1/11/02 'Survivor' Finale Draws 27 Million Viewers

Halifax Herald 1/11/02 Nice guy finishes first

Santa Cruz Sentinel 1/11/02 Not so Lex-cellent result: Local man loses in ‘Survivor: Africa’ finale

The Trades 1/11/02 Episode 13 - 13 Will be Someone's Lucky Number

Reality News Online 1/11/02 Surviving Africa, the Finale: May the Best Man Win

Bergen Record 1/11/02 FDU's Ethan is last standing on 'Survivor'

News OK 1/11/02 Soccer boy Ethan gets the goal

Hollywood Reporter 1/11/02 Finale of 'Survivor: Africa' tops for CBS

Reality News Online 1/11/02 Surviving the Early Show

Roanoke Times 1/11/02 'Big Tom' gets the boot off 'Survivor Africa'

San Francisco Chronicle 1/11/02 Soccer goalie goes the distance in 'Survivor'

Milwaukee Journal 1/11/02 Ethan outlasts 15 others to take home $1 million

Seattle PI 1/11/02 A moment with ... 'Survivor' winner Ethan

Zap2It 1/11/02 'Survivor: Africa' Ep. 13: Kelly Gets Even

Seattle PI 1/11/02 Get out the atlas: it's off to Nuku Hiva for 'Survivor IV'

Zap2It 1/11/02 Survivor Marquesas Set to Premiere on CBS

Zap2It 1/11/02 'Survivor' Winner: 'In My Head It Was Even'

Zap2It 1/11/02 'Survivors' Do Letterman's Top Ten List

Ananova 1/11/02 Footballer wins $1 million on US Survivor

Detroit Free Press 1/11/02 Soccer player boots out teacher as top 'Survivor'

Washington Post 1/11/02 Soccer Pro Wins 'Survivor 3'

Zap2It 1/11/02 Ethan Takes the Prize

Sacramento Bee 1/10/02 Less-watched 'Survivor' retains quality, goofiness

CBS 1/10/02 Episode 13 Summary Ethan Zohn The Sole Survivor

Pop Politic 1/10/02 Spoiler Sports

Reality News Online 1/10/02 Why Ethan Won

Reality News Online 1/10/02 Why Kim J. Lost

Reality News Online 1/10/02 Why Lex Lost

Reality News Online 1/10/02 Why Tom Lost

Zap2It 1/10/02 CBS Revisits 'Survivor'

Zap2It 1/10/02 CBS Sets 'Survivor 4' Premiere Date

Reality News Online 1/10/02 A Look Inside Survivor Insider, Episode 12

San Francisco Chronicle 1/10/02 Who will be African 'Survivor'?

Santa Cruz Sentinel 1/10/02 ‘Survivor’ preview: Lex goes for gold

Reality News Online 1/10/02 RNO Roundtable: Looking Back at the 12 Voted Off

Mighty Big TV 1/10/02 Truth Be Told 1/10/02 A million bucks and fleeting fame

Reality News Online 1/10/02 Survivor's Lindsey Tells the Other Side of the Story

The Olympian 1/10/02 Series just surviving

Sacramento Bee 1/10/02 Less-watched 'Survivor' retains quality, goofiness

Ad Age 1/10/02 CBS Announces Fourth Survivor Locale

CNN 1/10/02 'Survivor' no longer the office cooler ruler

Cincinnati Post 1/10/02 'Survivor' fans see this one as snooze

Pop Politics 1/10/02 Survivor: Africa Episode 12


News Articles 1/1/02 to 1/9/02


Reality News Online 1/9/02 Tom, the Most Underrated of the Final Four

The Trades 1/9/02 S-Ratings

The Advocate 1/9/02 A Survivor recalls her gay brother

Reality News Online 1/9/02 A Heart to Heart Talk with Survivor’s Frank

Zap2It 1/8/02 'Early Show' To Present 'Survivor' Winner with Check

Reality News Online 1/8/02 Too Many Options for the Final Two

Reality News Online 1/8/02 Survivor Formula Needs Changes

Reality News Online 1/8/02 RNO Roundtable: The Final Predictions

Sign on San Diego 1/7/02 Beach town in frenzy over Lex's possibilities on 'Survivor'

Reality News Online 1/7/02 Survivor Psyche, Episode 12: Extinct

Reality News Online 1/7/02 A Psychic Prediction of the 'Survivor: Africa' Winner 1/7/02 Throckmorton Mining Company and Brandon Quinton Host Cast of Survivor 

Smoking Gun 1/7/02 Tom Buchanan's 1979 Arrest Record

Manly Thoughts 1/7/02 Manly Man vs. Unbelievable Bloombergini: Survivor Predictions

Santa Cruz Sentinel 1/5/02 Santa Cruz’s Lex van den Berghe could be the ‘Survivor’ champ

Zap2It 1/4/02 'Survivor' Ratings Rise as Show Nears End

Macon Telegraph 1/4/02 Jackson flight attendant ousted from 'Survivor'

Reality News Online 1/4/02 Survivor: Africa -- Advice to the Final Four

Zap2It 1/4/02 Former 'Survivor' Skupin's Office Burns

News OK 1/4/02 T-Bird runs out of gas

Gist 1/4/02 Final Four

The Trades 1/4/02 Episode 12 - And Then There Were Four

Advocate 1/4/02 Survivor’s Brandon: The “good villain” tells all

Zap2It 1/3/02 Samburu Extinguished on 'Survivor'

Zap2It 1/3/02 'Survivor: Africa' Ep. 12 -- The Savannah Gets Stinky

CBS 1/3/02 Episode 12: Final Four Set: Teresa Voted Out

Reality News Online 1/3/02 Surviving Africa, Episode 12: Sayonara Samburu

Reality News Online 1/3/02 Why Teresa Lost

Reality News Online 1/3/02 Is Ethan a Vegetarian?

Reality News Online 1/3/02 RNO Roundtable: Can Teresa Save Herself?

Reality News Online 1/2/02 A Look Inside Survivor Insider, Episode 11

Reality News Online 1/2/02 Who'll Win the Kenyatucky Derby?

Reality News Online 1/2/02 Is Lex the 'Survivor: Africa' Villian?

Reality News Online 1/1/02 Surviving Africa, Episode 11: Taking Out the Lone Wildebeests

The Trades 1/1/02 The S-Ratings

Reality News Online 1/1/02 Survivor Psyche, Episode 11: School’s Out


News Articles 12/1/01 to 12/31/01


Pop Politics 12/31/01 Family Hour

Reality News Online 12/31/01 Why Kim P. Lost

Reality News Online 12/31/01 Survivor: Africa -- Advice to the Remaining Five

Santa Cruz Sentinel 12/29/01 Lex Watch

Roanoke Times 12/28/01 'Survivor's' Tom Buchanan has turned Smyth County into a tourist spot

The Trades 12/28/01 Episode 11 - And Another Samburu Bites the Dust

News OK 12/28/01 Craftshow Kim does namesake in

Zap2It 12/27/01 Kim Powerless on 'Survivor'

Zap2It 12/27/01 'Survivor: Africa' Ep. 11: Lex Buys More Time

CBS 12/27/01 Episode 11 Summary 12/27/01 Survivor Safari, Kim P. Voted Out

Reality News Online 12/27/01 Where’s the Survivor Cutie?

The Trades 12/26/01 The S-Ratings

Reality News Online 12/26/01 RNO Roundtable: Would You Go on Survivor?

Reality News Online 12/26/01 Reality News Online 12/26/01

Reality News Online 12/25/01 Survivor Psyche, Episode 10: Marching Orders

Reality News Online 12/24/01 A Look Inside Survivor Insider, Episode 10

Pop Politics 12/23/01 Survivor: Africa Episode 10: Checkmate

Santa Cruz Sentinel 12/22/01 Lex survives another week, but Frank gets tossed

Reality News Online 12/21/01 Advice to the Remaining Contestants, Episode 10

News OK 12/21/01 The Impertinence of Being Frank

The Trades 12/21/01 Episode 10 - The Telephone Man Gets Disconnected

Zap2It 12/20/01 'Survivor' Preview

Durango Herald 12/20/01 'Survivor' contestant has family in Durango

Zap2It 12/20/01 Garrison Meets His End on 'Survivor'

Zap2It 12/20/01 'Survivor: Africa' Ep. 10 -- Will the Real Farmer Tom Please Stand Up?

CBS Episode 10 12/20/01 Farewell to Frank

Reality News Online 12/20/01 Surviving Africa, Episode 10: Frank is Frank

Reality News Online 12/20/01 Why Frank Lost

Zap2It 12/20/01 'Survivor: Africa' Gets Two-Hour Finale

Zap2It 12/20/01 The Sole Survivor Will Be Revealed During a Special

Mighty Big TV 12/20/01 Dinner, Movie and a Betrayal

Reality News Online 12/20/01 Reflections on the Reasons for Playing Survivor

Reality News Online 12/20/01 Was Brandon Really an Idiot?

Reality News Online 12/19/01 RNO Roundtable: What About the Kims?

Reality News Online 12/19/01 A Look Inside Survivor Insider, Episode 9

Zap2It 12/18/01 The Tribe Shrinks, Wild Animal Activity Increases on Survivor

The Trades 12/18/01 The S-Ratings

Pop Politics 12/18/01 Harold and Maude?

Reality News Online 12/18/01 Survivor Psyche, Episode 9: Checkmate

Santa Cruz Sentinel 12/15/01 Lex on the hot seat: Is he the next to go?

Reality News Online 12/15/01 Advice to the Remaining Contestants, Episode 9

Advocate 12/15/01 Gay bartender voted off Survivor

Zap2It 12/14/01 Brandon Meets His End on 'Survivor'

News OK 12/14/01 Brandon flames out, leaving Lex in the hot seat

The Trades 12/14/01 Episode 9 - Brandon's Luck Finally Runs Out

Zap2It 12/14/01 'Survivor: Africa' Ep. 9: A Woman Scorned

Reality News Online 12/13/01 Surviving Africa, Episode 9: Backlash!

Reality News Online 12/13/01 Why Brandon Lost

CBS 12/13/01 Episode 9 Summary Tensions Boil Brandon Voted Out

Macon Telegraph 12/13/01 Jackson mother, flight attendant still 'Surviving'

Star Ledger 12/13/01 Despite shake-ups, Survivor: Africa suffers from deja vu

Mighty Big TV 12/13/01 Smoking Out the Snake

Courier Journal 12/13/01 Kentucky student's dad endures on 'Survivor'

Reality News Online 12/12/01 What Went Into Brandon’s Decision

The Trades 12/11/01 The S-Ratings

Reality News Online 12/11/01 Survivor Psyche, Episode 8: Brain Dead

Pop Politics 12/11/01 Salem Africa

Reality News Online 12/11/01 RNO Roundtable: Is Brandon an Idiot?

Detroit News 12/11/01 'Survivor' doc Sean lands Miami TV gig

Reality News Online 12/10/01 A Look Inside Survivor Insider, Episode 8

Santa Cruz Sentinel 12/8/01 The Lex Watch: ‘Survivor: Africa’

Reality News Online 12/8/01 Survivor: Africa -- Advice to the Remaining Contestants, Episode 8

Zap2It 12/7/01 Kelly: No Hard Feelings Against Lex

News OK 12/7/01 A suspicious mind blinds Lex, dooms Kelly

The Trades 12/7/01 Episode 8 - Snakes and Goats and Rats, Oh My!!

Zap2It 12/7/01 'Survivor: Africa' Ep. 8: The Cheerleader vs. the Tattooed Man

CBS 12/6/01 Episode 8 Allegiances Shift: Kelly Voted Out

Zap2It 12/6/01 Goldsmith Shown the Door on 'Survivor: Africa'

Reality News Online 12/6/01 Surviving Africa, Episode 8: Snakepit!

Reality News Online 12/6/01 Why Kelly Lost

Mighty Big TV 12/6/01 Look Closer: Survivor Africa
Reality News Online 12/6/01 The RealityNewsOnline Survivor Post-Merge Review

Manly Thoughts 12/5/01 Survivor 3: An Elephant's Memory Pondered

Santa Cruz Sentinel 12/1/01 Close encounters of the Lex kind


News Articles 11/1/01 to 11/30/01


Zap2It 11/30/01 An Obsessed Lex Grills Everyone in Moto Maji on 12/6 Episode

News OK 11/30/01 So far, so ... far to go

Rocky Mountain News 11/30/01 Rehash a rip-off, but still insightful

Reality News Online 11/29/01 Surviving Africa, the Recap: Time for a Rerun
Reality News Online 11/29/01 A Look Inside Survivor Insider, Episode 7

Reality News Online 11/29/01 A Look Ahead at the Survivor 2002 Calendar

Mighty Big TV 11/28/01 I Never Got Kicked Out of Africa for Opening a Can of Beans

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Reality News Online 11/28/01 Survivor Psyche, Episode 7: Washed Out

Zap2It 11/27/01 'Survivor 4' Camps Located?

Zap2It 11/27/01 'Survivor's' Sean Joins Miami News Team

Reality News Online 11/27/01 Why Clarence Lost

Reality News Online 11/27/01 Surviving Africa, Episode 7: Hot Water Burns Clarence

The Trades 11/27/01 The S-Ratings

Reality News Online 11/27/01 Survivor: Africa - Advice to the Remaining Contestants, Episode 7

Zap2It 11/26/01 CBS Sets 'Survivor' Halftime Show

Pop Politics 11/26/01 Survivor: Africa Episode 7

Zap2It 11/26/01 Never-Before-Seen Footage Helps Recap First 21 Days of Survivor

Toronto Star 11/25/01 Hexed Lex vexes

Detroit News 11/24/01 'Survivor' gives boot to another Detroiter 11/23/01 Clarence tossed as tribes merge

Zap2It 11/23/01 Has 'Survivor 4' Already Lost Its First Three?

Detroit News 11/23/01 Michigan survivor voted off show

All Africa 11/23/01 'Survivor' Comes to Africa

Zap2It 11/23/01 'Survivor: Africa' Ep. 7: To Merge or Not to Merge

News OK 11/23/01 Tribes merge, Clarence is purged

Rocky Mountain News 11/23/01 After the meal, we savored 'Survivor'

Zap2It 11/23/01 'Survivor's' Moto Maji Ousts Black

The Trades 11/22/01 Episode 7 - B-ball Coach Finally Gets Dunked

CBS 11/22/01 Episode 7 Summary Moto Maji is Born; Clarence is Out

Reality News Online 11/22/01 Survivor Archetypes

Manly Thoughts 11/21/01 Week 6: Survivor Insider

The Trades 11/21/01 S-Ratings

Reality News Online 11/21/01 A Look Inside Survivor Insider, Episode 6

Mighty Big TV 11/21/01 Whine and Roses

Detroit News 11/21/01 Famie finds fame after 'Survivor'

Zap2It 11/20/01 'Survivor' Host Jeff Probst Voted 'Director to Watch'

Reality News Online 11/20/01 Survivor Psyche, Episode 6: Ticked Off

Reality News Online 11/20/01 Survivor: Africa-Advice to the Remaining Contestants, Episode 6

Zap2It 11/20/01 Non-'Survivor' Lindsey Bares All for Letterman

The Trades 11/20/01 Survivor:  Honors, Favors, and Horses?

Cincinnati Enquirer 11/20/01 'Survivor' on the stump

Zap2It 11/19/01 Jeff Probst Wins Awards for Directorial Debut

Courier Mail 11/19/01 'Misery tour' marks a new phase in Survivor

Pop Politics 11/19/01 Dr. Jekyll, Col. Hyde

Santa Cruz Sentinel 11/17/01 ‘Survivor’ watch: Charting Lex’s progress

Oregonian 11/17/01 Alas, poor Lindsey! It wasn't easy for 'Survivor' castoff

Zap2It 11/16/01 'Survivor' Lindsey Vs. The Tick -- The Tick Wins

News OK 11/16/01 Who's crying now? Lindsey, of course

The Trades 11/16/01 Episode 5: Lindsey Redeems Herself

Cincinnati Post 11/16/01 'Survivor: Africa': New tribal orders

Zap2It 11/15/01 'Survivor: Africa' Ep. 6 -- The Misfits' Downfall

Zap2It 11/15/01 Lindsey Loses Out on 'Survivor'

Reality News Online 11/15/01 Why Lindsey Lost

Reality News Online 11/15/01 Surviving Africa, Episode 6: Hitting the Target

Michigan Live 11/15/01 A look at how Michigan's `Survivor' contestant fared

CBS 11/15/01 Who's Next To Go On Survivor?

Zap2It 11/15/01 Original 'Survivor's' Compare With Africa

Manly Thoughts 11/15/01 Week 5: Survivor Insider

San Francisco Chronicle 11/15/01 'Survivor' wears out its welcome

Cincinnati Enquirer 11/15/01 'Survivor' still thrives here

TNMC 11/14/01 Week 5 

The Trades 11/14/01 S-Ratings

The Trades 11/14/01 Probst's Evil Riddle

Detroit News 11/14/01 Reality less exciting than 'Survivor'

Zap2It 11/13/01 "Survivor: Africa" Preview (11/22 Episode)

Zap2It 11/13/01 "Survivor: Africa" Preview (11/15 Episode)

Reality News Online 11/13/01 Survivor: The Power of Alliances, Post-Twist

Gamespot 11/12/01 Survivor heads to stores   Click here to order

Reality News Online 11/12/01 Survivor Psyche, Episode 5: Checked Out

Detroit News 11/12/01 Famie spreads far and wide; Africa is next

CBS 11/12/01 African Cuisine From Survivor Keith

The Trades 11/11/01 Survivor Africa: Outwit, outlast, outPAY?

Detroit Free Press 11/11/01  Keith Famie savors his grand tour

Reality News Online 11/11/01 A Look Inside Survivor Insider, Episode 5

Santa Cruz  Sentinel 11/10/01 ‘Survivor’ watch: Lex switches teams

Santa Cruz Sentinel 11/10/01 Does Lex deserve to win?

Reality News Online 11/10/01 Advice to the Remaining Contestants, Episode 5

News OK 11/9/01 Silas leaves the Samburu sisterhood ... and the game

Gist 11/9/01 Trade Winds

St. Petersburg Times 11/9/01 'Survivor' sets up a new game

Reality News Online 11/9/01 Why Silas Lost

Reality News Online 11/9/01 Surviving Africa, Episode 5: Twisting the Night Away

The Trades 11/9/01 Episode 5 - Mark Burnett Saves Survivor: Africa

Zap2It 11/9/01 'Survivor' Tribes Get Mixed Up in Latest Episode

Rocky Mountain News 11/9/01 Silas in the drink, so to speak

CBS 11/8/01 Episode 5 - The Switch: Silas Voted Out

Michigan Live 11/8/01 A look at how Michigan's `Survivor' contestant fared

CNN 11/8/01 Bush loses in network battle of 'Survivor'

Go Memphis 11/7/01 Silas watch

The Trades 11/7/01 S-Ratings

Zap2It 11/7/01 Burnett Promises 'Survivor' Surprise

Reality News Online 11/7/01 A Look Inside Survivor Insider, Episode 4

Reality News Online 11/7/01 If Real Life Worked Like Reality TV

The Trades 11/7/01 Survivor Mystery

Channel News Asia 11/6/01 Journey to Shangri-la - China's version of 'Survivor'

Reality News Online 11/6/01 Survivor: Africa -- Advice to the Remaining Contestants, Episode 4

Reality News Online 11/6/01 Survivor Psyche, Episode 4: Spirited Away

Pop Politics 11/5/01 Survivor: Africa Episode 4

Des Moines Register 11/5/01 Survivor star Susan Hawk savors new life

Reality News Online 11/5/01 Surviving Africa, Episode 4: Linda Cracks

Reality News Online 11/5/01 Why Linda Lost

USA Today 11/4/01 An appointment with "Survivor"'s doc

Zap2It 11/2/01 Latest 'Survivor' Victim: No Hard Feelings

Zap2It 11/2/01 'Survivor' No Competition for 'Friends'

Gist 11/2/01 Gang of Four

News OK 11/2/01 It's the end for Linda, but the beginning of a new kind of 'Survivor?'

Rocky Mountain News 11/2/01 Giesen: I do not like them, Samburu I Am

The Trades 11/2/01 Survior: Africa - Ep. 4 Ex-Ad exec loses the big account!

Detroit News 11/2/01 Is 'Survivor' another victim of how America has changed since Sept. 11?

Zap2It 11/1/01 Samburu Tribe Loses Linda on 'Survivor'

Oakland Press 11/1/01 Age gap continues to divide contestants on 'Survivor'

Reality News Online 11/1/01 Survivor: Africa -- Secrets of the 'Slackers'

Reality News Online 11/1/01 Deserving the Prize


News Articles 10/1/01 to 10/31/01


The Trades 10/31/01 S-Ratings

Go Memphis 10/31/01 Silas Gaither update

Reality News Online 10/31/01 Survivor: The Power of Alliances

Manly Thoughts 10/31/01 Week3: Insight and Pics from Survivor Insider

Reality News Online 10/30/01 Survivor Psyche, Episode 3: Painful Extraction

Reality News Online 10/29/01 Advice to the Remaining Contestants, Episode 3

Reality News Online 10/27/01 The Spoiled Brats of Africa

Detroit News 10/27/01 Pack your swimsuit for next 'Survivor'

Zap2It 10/26/01 'Survivor' Contestant Did Show To Lose Weight

Zap2It 10/26/01 'Survivor' Gains, but 'Friends' Still Wins Thursday

Reality News Online 10/26/01 Surviving Africa, Episode 3: The Generation Gap

Oakland Press 10/26/01 Age rift extracts dentist on 'Survivor'

The Trades 10/26/01 Survivor: Africa - Episode 3

Rocky Mountain News 10/26/01 'Survivor' tribe has cavity after vote along age lines

Reality News Online 10/26/01 Why Carl Lost

CBS 10/25/01 Episode 3 Summary - What's Up Doc?

Zap2It 10/25/01 Samburu's Carl Ousted After Tie on 'Survivor'

Oakland Press 10/25/01 Country Day coach may be next 'survivor' out of Africa

Gist 10/25/01 Survivor Goes Polynesian

Smoking Gun 10/25/01 Brandon Quinton Divorce Papers

Reality News Online 10/25/01 U.K. Survivor Provides an Interesting Comparison

Go Memphis 10/25/01 Silas Watch

Zap2It 10/24/01 'Survivor 4' Headed to French Polynesia

The Trades 10/24/01 S-Ratings

Survivor Planet 10/24/01 A Look At Episode Three

Reality News Online 10/24/01 Winning, Losing, and Getting a Grip

Zap2It 10/23/01 Attention: You've Got Tree Mail! (11/8 Preview)

Zap2It 10/23/01 A Samburu Tribe Member Cracks Under Pressure (11/1 Preview)

Rocky Mountain News 10/23/01 'Friends' proving no friend to 'Survivor'

Post Gazette 10/23/01 New 'Survivor' falling short of its predecessor's ratings

Survivor Planet 10/22/01 Spoiling Secrets : Burnett's Plan

Reality News Online 10/22/01 Survivor Psyche, Episode 2: Hot Tamale Fizzles

Cincinnati Enquirer 10/22/01 'Survivor' winner talks of her faith

Journal Standard 10/21/01 Will Clarence survive, or continue to be a bean klepto?

BBC 10/21/01 New Survivor struggles in ratings

Reality News Online 10/20/01 Survivor - Advice to the Remaining Contestants, Episode 2

Gist 10/20/01 Brawn Before Beauty

Go Memphis 10/19/01 'Survivor: Africa' - Week Two

Zap2It 10/19/01 'Survivor' Is Second to 'Friends'

Mighty Big TV 10/19/01 Got Blood?

The Trades 10/19/01 Survivor: Africa - Episode 2 - Lost and Delirious

Zap2It 10/19/01 'Survivor's' Latest Victim Wasn't Fan of the Show

Dearborn County Register 10/19/01 Roger: right choices are key to survival

Rocky Mountain News 10/19/01 'Survivor' contestants bloody well go bottoms-up

Detroit News 10/19/01 Survivors drink blood; eject Jessie 10/18/01 Survivor 3 - Samburu Tribe - Go Lindsey! An Update

CBS 10/18/01 Episode 2 Summary Jessie Camacho Voted Out 

Zap2It 10/18/01 'Survivor: Africa' Ep. 2: Blood is Thicker Than Water

Michigan Live 10/18/01 A look at how Michigan's `Survivor' contestant fared

Zap2It 10/18/01 Boran Tribe Loses on 'Survivor' For Second Week In A Row

Reality News Online 10/18/01 Surviving Africa, Episode 2: Target-Rich Environment

Reality News Online 10/18/01 Why Jessie Lost

Channel 6000 10/18/01 'Survivor' Week 2: It's Snacktime!

Contra Costa Times 10/18/01 'Survivor' seems petty right now

Zap2It 10/18/01 Kansas City Station Bumps 'Survivor' for Chiefs Game

Go Memphis 10/18/01 Tom Walter: Silas watch

Reality News Online 10/18/01 Survivor Psyche, Episode 1: Return to Sender

Reality News Online 10/17/01 Survivor 2 Contestants: Where Are They Now?

Reality News Online 10/17/01 Survivor 1 Contestants: Where Are They Now?

Milwaukee Journal 10/17/01 'Survivor' surviving Nielsen competition

Reality News Online 10/17/01 A Look at Burnett’s 16 Survivor Strategies

Manly Thoughts 10/17/01 Week1: Further Insight and Insider Brilliance

Washington Post 10/17/01 'Friends' Edges Out the Rivals of 'Survivor'

Reality News Online 10/16/01 'Psychic' TV Predictions Provide No Insight

USA Today 10/15/01 'Survivor' Ogden first to get canned

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CBS 10/11/01 Episode 1 Summary - Diane Ogden the First Canned

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Tahiti Press 10/2/01 "Survivor" TV show in the Marquesas Islands


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