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News Articles 8/1/05 to 8/31/05


Orlando Sentinel 8/31/05 'Survivor Africa' guest will speak

Reality TV Magazine 8/31/05 Brandon Bellinger, A Rancher on Survivor Guatemala

Reality TV Magazine 8/30/05 Danni Boatwright, The Other Famous Face On Survivor Guatemala

Ledger Independent 8/29/05 Support your local survivor 8/29/05 "Survivor" star accepts role in Milwaukee film

Daily O'Collegian 8/29/05 ‘Survivor’ speaks at Student Union

Herald Standard 8/29/05 Reality show contestant shares TV experience

Reality TV Calendar 8/28/05 Meet The Survivors - Get The Odds

Seattle PI 8/27/05 Local women to compete on 'Survivor 11'

Stetson University 8/26/05 ‘Survivor Africa’ winner, philanthropist Ethan Zohn to speak at Stetson University

Republican American 8/26/05 'Survivor' fanatic finally gets spot on show he loves...

Celebrity Spider 8/25/05 Sportsbook Posts Odds on Survivor Guatemala and The Amazing Race 8

Ledger Independent 8/25/05 Natural-born survivor: Cindy Hall has always been a ‘jungle girl'

Norwalk Advocate 8/25/05 A New Milford man competing on "Survivor"

The Vista 8/25/05 Second Stampede Week visit for 'Survivor' winner

Inside Pulse 8/24/05 The Eyes--- Queen Of The Amazon

Celebrity Spider 8/24/05 Tom Westman Signs on as Spokesman for Caribbean Joe Clothing Line

Orlando Sentinel 8/22/05 'Survivor' winner Tom Westman wears it well

Hood River News 8/20/05 Hood River’s Struck cast in new ‘Survivor’ series

News Times 8/19/05 New Milford grad a 'Survivor'

Tonganoxie Mirror 8/17/05 She's a ‘survivor'

Macon Telegraph 8/17/05 Former NFL quarterback competes on 'Survivor'

Tonganoxie Mirror 8/17/05 Store workers get their heads in the game

The Manhattan Mercury 8/16/05 Voting him on 'Survivor'

Daily Mail 8/16/05 Elkview native a ‘Survivor' contestant

Survivor Skills 8/14/05 Survivor Guatemala Fact Sheet.

Belleville News-Democrat 8/14/05 Ex-superintendent hopes for crack at CBS 'Survivor'

Douglas Daily News 8/13/05 Newton to appear on CBS' "Survivor"

Providence Journal 8/12/05 People: Brown grad to be on Survivor: Guatemala

KOTV 8/12/05 Parents Cheer On Tulsa "Survivor" Contestant

Edmonds Herald 8/12/05 Edmonds woman voted onto the island

Tribune Review 8/12/05 Kilbuck man becomes 'Survivor' contestant

Plain Dealer 8/12/05 Local woman snags a spot on 'Survivor' 

Beacon Journal 8/12/05 Ohio woman to be on `Survivor' 

WIBW 8/12/05 Kansans on Survivor 

Muskegon Chronicle 8/12/05 Grand Haven ex-QB hides past on 'Survivor

Reality News Online 8/12/05 CBS Reveals 'Survivor: Guatemala' Players

Reality TV Calendar 8/12/05 The Cast, The Photos and More

Duluth News Tribune 8/12/05 'Survivor' Rupert headed for Duluth

Celebrity Spider 8/11/05 CBS Announces 16 New Castaways for Survivor Guatemala

Brown Daily Herald 8/11/05 Judkins '05 to compete on 'Survivor: Guatemala' 

Naples Daily News 8/11/05 Former Naples zookeeper picked for next 'Survivor' 

The Wichita Eagle 8/11/05 Two Kansas newest 'Survivor' contestants  

Herald & Review 8/11/05 Sullivan native on upcoming 'Survivor' 

Reality TV World 8/11/05 CBS announces 'Survivor: Guatemala' cast details, fuels rumors of prior castaway participation

Jam! 8/11/05 'Survivor: Guatemala' cast announced

KOTV 8/11/05 Tulsa Resident To "Outwit, Outplay, Outlast" On Survivor: Guatemala 

News-Press 8/11/05 Former Naples zookeeper chosen for 'Survivor'  

Central Michigan University 8/11/05 Hogeboom Competing on Survivor 11

CBS 8/11/05 Survivor: Guatemala

Reality TV Magazine 8/11/05 Survivor Guatemala Cast Revealed

Reality TV Magazine 8/9/05 Survivor Guatemala Cast To Be Revealed on The Early Show

Wireless Flash News Service 8/5/05 `Survivor' Winner Discovers Playing A Firefighter Harder Than Being One In Real Life

Reality TV World 8/4/05 CBS' 'Survivor: Guatemala' to premiere September 15, cast info continues leaking

Connecticut Post 8/1/05 TV fame fleeting; Scouting lessons can last a lifetime


News Articles 7/1/05 to 7/31/05


Los Banos Enterprise 7/29/05 'Survivor' Helps a Woman's Place

Survivor Phoenix 7/29/05 Spoilers S11: Contestant - Pride of the Frat Boys: Blake Towsley

Town Online 7/28/05 'Survivor' interview will air

Grand Rapids Press 7/27/05 Family won't say if Hogeboom is on 'Survivor'

Florida Today 7/26/05 Celebrate 'Survivor'

Reality TV World 7/26/05 Report: Former NFL quarterback Gary Hogeboom competing on 'Survivor: Guatemala'

Fort Wayne Gazette 7/25/05 ‘Survivor,’ ‘Race’ redo reality

Beacon Journal 7/22/05 `Survivor' wannabes show off their skills

Inside Pulse 7/21/05 The Eyes--- The Big Man From Borneo

Survivor Phoenix 7/21/05 Spoilers S11: Contestant - He has a rock named Charles: Rafe Judkins

Reality Reel 7/18/05 Survivor Lives – OLN Will Air Season One Through Ten Beginning July 24th

Newsday 7/17/05 From survivor to daytime soaper

Zap2It 7/15/05 'Survivor' Winner Gets 'Bold' with Lamas

Reality Reel 7/15/05 Survivor: Palau Winner, Tom Westman, To Appear On The Bold And The Beautiful

Inside Pulse 7/14/05 The Eyes--- The Best Strategic Decisions

Box Office Prophets 7/8/05 Survivor: Palau Episode Fourteen, Part Two

Inside Pulse 7/7/05 The Eyes: Biggest Survivor Blunders

The Standard 7/7/05 Casting call held for Survivor series

NY Daily News 7/6/05 'Survivor' winner leaving FDNY

Newsday 7/5/05 'Survivor' winner files for retirement


News Articles 6/1/05 to 6/30/05


Inside Pulse 6/30/05 The Eyes-- The Host With The Most

Reality TV Calendar 6/30/05 Spoiler Report #1: Filming Underway - Former Survivors Return

Telegraph Forum 6/25/05 'Survivor' star to speak at youth conference Monday

News24 6/23/05 Survivor's Rupert loves SA 6/20/05 Will the ultimate survivor survive the local jungle?

Reality Shack 6/20/05 Interview With Caryn Groedel of Survivor: Palau

Steubenville Herald-Star 6/19/05 Area answers call for 'Survivor'

IOL 6/18/05 Big bear Rupert touches down in SA

Press of Atlantic City 6/18/05 ‘Survivor’ to hold tryouts Thursday at A.C. beach bar

Tribune-Review 6/17/05 'Survivor' winner to emcee local round of model search

Press of Atlantic City 6/17/05 ‘Survivor’ wannabes

Inside Pulse 6/16/05 The Eyes--- The Role of the Jury

Daily Herald 6/16/05 ‘Survivor’ wannabes let it all hang out at Gurnee casting call

Herald-Star 6/16/05 Area answers call for 'Survivor'

Mobile Register 6/16/05 'Survivor' hopefuls audition

Ludington Daily News 6/15/05 'Survivor' tryouts

Yuma Sun 6/14/05 Want to be on ‘Survivor’? Join local casting call

Record Eagle 6/14/05 'Survivor' contestants raise funds for charity

Journal and Courier 6/13/05 Stout-hearted apply to showcase 'Survivor' skills

WLTX 6/12/05 Everybody Wants to be on Survivor

Journal and Courier 6/10/05 Local 'Survivor' fans may have a shot at starring on the show

Courier-Journal 6/10/05 'Survivors' invade Six Flags

Beaver County Times 6/10/05 Who wants to be a 'Survivor'?

Seattle PI 6/10/05 Auditions for 'Survivor' to be held in Tukwila on Saturday

Inside Pulse 6/9/05 The Eyes--- The Key to Victory

The State 6/9/05 Calling all ‘Survivors’

Press Gazette 6/9/05 Locals race to survive TV tryouts

Ludington Daily News 6/9/05 Think you're a Survivor

Reality Shack 6/8/05 Interview With Gregg Carey of Survivor: Palau

Reality TV Magazine 6/7/05 Survivor 12 Holding Open Casting Calls

Coming Soon 6/7/05 Open Casting Calls for Survivor 12

Reality Shack 6/7/05 Interview With Jolanda Jones of Survivor: Palau

St Petersburg Times 6/7/05 Are you 'Survivor' material?

Reality Shack 6/6/05 Interview With James Miller of Survivor: Palau 6/5/05 Parade For LI's Survivor

Newsday 6/5/05 'Survivor' winner's new challenge: A parade

Corvallis Gazette Times 6/4/05 Are you a ‘Survivor'?

Register-Guard 6/3/05 'Survivor' Casts Its Net

Reality Shack 6/3/05 Interview With Coby of Survivor: Palau

Reality Shack 6/3/05 Interview With Wanda Shirk of Survivor: Palau

Mobile Register 6/3/05 'Survivor' reruns will turn up on Outdoor Life

The Messenger 6/2/05 Troy honors favorite son, Survivor

Sun Newspapers 6/2/05 'Survivor' safely back home

Inside Pulse 6/2/05 The Eyes--- Easy Come, Easy Go

Celebrity Spider 6/1/05 OLN Acquires Exclusive Syndication Rights to Survivor

Zap2It 6/1/05 'Survivor' Reruns Find Place on Cable


News Articles 5/1/05 to 5/31/05


Inside Pulse 5/31/05 Riding Coattails: Survivor: Palau - The Final Frontier

News Review 5/30/05 'Survivor' casting call comes to county

Digital Spy 5/30/05 $1m 'Survivor' winner returns to firefighting

Beacon Journal 5/30/05 TV survivors pitch in to help Akron Children's burn center

Reality TV Talk 5/29/05 Survivor Palau Reunion "Party Animals"

Beaver County Times 5/29/05 Ian Rosenberger - No regrets

Salina Journal 5/28/05 Salinan wants to be a ‘Survivor’

Beacon Journal 5/28/05 `Survivor' fans meet stars of CBS reality TV series

Television Without Pity 5/28/05 Reunion

NY Daily News 5/27/05 'Survivor' champ back in FDNY fold

Zwire 5/26/05 'Survivor' star talks to Chalfont students

Inside Pulse 5/26/05 The Eyes--- And The Winner Is........

CBS 5/26/05 `Survivor' winner back at work at the firehouse

No Point Necessary 5/23/05 S10 Finale Part 1: "Oh Ian!"

Reality TV Calendar 5/23/05 The Reality Of Survivor 5/23/05 Gay `Survivor' castaway says experience led to self-acceptance

The Trades 5/22/05 Survivor Palau - Episode 14 - The Sole Survivor

Reality TV Talk 5/22/05 Survivor Finale Episode 5/15/05 Escape From Rat Island Part 2

Reality TV Talk 5/22/05 Survivor Finale Episode 5/15/05 Escape From Rat Island Part 1

Television Without Pity 5/22/05 The Ultimate Shock

Toronto Star 5/22/05 Survivor looks ahead

Patriot News 5/21/05 Elementary school gets exciting visit from 'Survivor'

CBS 5/20/05 Guatemala Wants 'Survivor' Boost

Reality Reel 5/20/05 Survivor: The Finale: The Tom and Ian Brotherhood

Reality News Online 5/20/05 Survivor: Palau Finale and Reunion Show - Hurray for Tommywood!

Reality TV World 5/19/05 CBS begins accepting applications for 'Survivor 12'

Reality TV World 5/19/05 CBS's 'Survivor: Palau' finale averages 20.8 million viewers, but still trails ABC's 'Housewives'

Ventura County Star 5/19/05 Another 'Survivor' moves to Ventura

Reality TV Hall of Shame 5/19/05 Hall of Shame Moment: Ian's Fateful and Faulty Final Decision on 'Survivor: Palau'

Times Ledger 5/19/05 Middle Village native son wins 'Survivor' reality show

Celebrity Spider 5/18/05 Survivor Star Jerri Manthey Shows New Side as Cooking Columnist

Reality TV World 5/18/05 Survivor: Palau - Finale episode summary

Noblesville Daily Times 5/18/05 Survivor shares secrets of success

Patriot-News 5/18/05 Survivor claims no regrets about forfeiting prize

Reality News Online 5/18/05 Survivor: Palau: Survivor Live Recap, Episode 14

Fans of Reality TV 5/18/05 The Reunion - Don't You Forget About Me

Fans of Reality TV 5/18/05 Season Finale: Loose Lips Sink Ships

Reality News Online 5/18/08 An "Insider" Look at the Survivor: Palau Finale: Holding On

Fans of Reality TV 5/18/05 Standing in the Shadows: Finale

SurvivorUpdates 5/17/05 Tribal Voice from Down Under: Winners, Losers, and All Things in Between

NY Times 5/17/05 39 Days in Palau? Try 34 Straight Interviews in Manhattan 5/17/05 - Tom on 'Live with Regis & Kelly'

Reality TV Calendar 5/17/05 Tom: A Hero Wins!

OurSports Central 5/17/05 Survivor-Pearl Islands' Lillian Morris to be Warbirds Special Guest

SF Chronicle 5/17/05 CBS Dominates Ratings, Aided by 'Survivor'

Post Gazette 5/17/05 'Survivor' Ian picks friendship over $1 million

Reality News Online 5/17/05 "I Wanted the Jury to Know What Was Really Going On": An Interview with Survivor's Caryn

Survivor Review 5/17/05 The Dominator

NY Daily News 5/17/05 Bravest give 'Survivor' a reality check

Reality Shack 5/17/05 Attaboy - Survivor: Palau, Finale

SurvivorUpdates 5/16/05 Tribal Voice: Finale - Jenn Who, Worthless Katie, Whipped Ian, and Tom, a man among men.

Reality TV World 5/16/05 CBS announces 'Survivor 11' to film in Mayan ruins, be titled 'Survivor: Guatemala'

Celebrity Spider 5/16/05 Survivor Palau Props and Memorabilia Up For Bid on eBay

Newsday 5/16/05 Cheers for 'nice guy' who finished first

Newsday 5/16/05 Westman: FDNY training was behind 'Survivor' victory

Beaver County Times 5/16/05 Friends, family gather at fire hall to pull for their favorite Survivor

Merced Sun-Star 5/16/05 Gallagher second on 'Survivor'

Reality TV World 5/16/05 NYC firefighter Tom Westman wins CBS's 'Survivor: Palau'

Reality News Online 5/16/05 Survivor: Palau - Why Tom Won

Reality News Online 5/16/05 Survivor: Palau - Why Katie Lost

Reality News Online 5/16/05 Strategic Overview of Survivor, the Finale: Two in the Bush Is Not Better Than One in the Hand

Reality News Online 5/16/05 Survivor: Palau - Why Ian Lost

Reality News Online 5/16/05 Survivor: Palau - Why Jenn Lost 5/16/05 - Survivor Palau Winner Tom on ‘The Early Show’

Reality News Online 5/16/05 Surviving the Palau Early Show - The Final Four Ride Again

Reality TV Calendar 5/16/05 The Finale and Reunion Recap 5/16/05 - Woo Hoo! Tom, the man comes through!

Reality TV World 5/16/05 Tom Westman defeats Katie Gallagher to win 'Survivor: Palau'

Reality News Online 5/16/05 Surviving Palau, the Finale: "Nobody Would Have Predicted This Move"

Unofficial Survivor Guide 5/16/05 Episode 14 discussion - Firefighter Tom Extiguishes the Competition, Wins Survivor: Palau

Jam! 5/16/05 Firefighter wins 'Survivor' 5/16/05 NY firefighter tops 'Survivor" Palau'

Salon 5/16/05 Guilt: The ultimate "Survivor"

Entertainment Weekly 5/16/05 Pole Position

Fresno Bee 5/16/05 Merced 'Survivor' second-best

Beaver County Times 5/16/05 Integrity first: Economy man gives up shot at $1 million

Star Telegram 5/16/05 New York firefighter wins 10th 'Survivor'

CBS 5/16/05 'Survivor' Tom Gets His $1M

Patriot-News 5/16/05 Friendship wins out for PSU grad

Beacon Journal 5/16/05 `Survivor: Palau' has satisfying finale

Centre Daily Times 5/16/05 PSU grad chooses integrity over cash

Chicago Sun-Times 5/16/05 N.Y.C. firefighter, 41, oldest to win 'Survivor'

USA Today 5/16/05 Tom wins 'Survivor'

MSNBC 5/16/05 Tom wins, but Ian will be remembered

Newsday 5/16/05 'Bravest' is the best

NY Daily News 5/16/05 $1M firefighter

ABC News 5/16/05 Tom Westman Wins 'Survivor: Palau'

Zap2It 5/16/05 The Strong Survive on 'Survivor'

MSNBC 5/16/05 Readers debate ‘Survivor’ finale

Box Office Prophets 5/16/05 Survivor: Palau Episode Fourteen, Part One

Penn State Live 5/15/05 Penn State 'Survivor' update: Rosenberger loses $1 million, gains integrity 5/15/05 - Survivor Pulau Finale & Live Reunion: No Gimmes

TV is King 5/15/05 Survivor Palau Season Finale Picks

Fans of Reality TV 5/15/05 The Miseducation of Ian Rosenberger

Fans of Reality TV 5/15/05 Standing in the Shadows: Episode Thirteen

No Point Necessary 5/15/05 Survivor Palau Ep 13 "A Shiny New Car and a Rusty Alliance" 5/15/05 Oregonian In “Survivor” Final Four

Jam! 5/15/05 Tip sheet for 'Suvivor: Palau' 5/15/05 This Final Four has at least 2 worthy contenders

Reality TV Calendar 5/15/05 Two Immunities & The Ultimate Survivor: Our Final Prediction

Fans of Reality TV 5/15/05 Riding in Cars With Boys

Television Without Pity 5/15/05 It Could All Backfire

Oakland Tribune 5/15/05 Ian's mistake almost costly on 'Survivor'

Beaver County Times 5/15/05 Will local boy Ian be the sole Survivor?

NY Daily News 5/15/05 City firefighter a red-hot 'Survivor'

WFAA 5/15/05 'Survivor' stint shaped Texan's priorities

Reality News Online 5/14/05 Survivor Palau: Survivor Live Recap, Episode 13

Reality Shack 5/14/05 Survivor Palau’s Final Four – On the Road to Sole Survivor

Reality TV World 5/14/05 'Survivor: Palau' Finale Episode 'State of the Spoiling'

Survivor Review 5/14/05 Predictions - The Ultimate Shock

Merced Sun-Star 5/14/05 Mercedians invited to 'Survivor' party 5/14/05 Fittest Survivor apt to be male

Reality News Online 5/14/05 Survivor: Palau - Who Will Go in Episode 14?

Reality News Online 5/14/05 Survivor: Palau - Advice for the Remaining 4

SurvivorUpdates 5/14/05 Tribal Voice - Episode 13 -"This is Survivor not Parcheesi"

SurvivorUpdates 5/14/05 The View from the Blimp - Our Panel Predicts - The Finale

Reality Shack 5/14/05 "Are You Crazy?!" - Survivor: Palau, Episode 13

Plain Dealer 5/14/05 Solon lawyer mum on her choice of sole Survivor'

Patriot News 5/14/05 Follow the rules to have a chance on 'Survivor'

LaSalle News Tribune 5/14/05 Civil rights attorney made her case for the jury but still went home on 'Survivor: Palau'

Oneonta Daily Star 5/14/05 Survivor winner Zohn to visit Soccer Hall on July 16

Tampa Bay's 10 5/14/05 Interview with "Survivor: Palau" Castoff Caryn

Calgary Sun 5/14/05 Millionaires in waiting 5/14/05 'Survivor' finalist has ties to Bakersfield

Centre Daily Times 5/14/05 Four Diamonds children to watch 'Survivor' finale

Survivor Review 5/13/05 I Always Knew You Were An Informer

CNN 5/13/05 Is 'Survivor' Tom Westman invincible?

Reality News Online 5/13/05 An "Insider" Look at Survivor: Palau, Episode 13: War is Hell

Reality TV World 5/13/05 Caryn Groedel becomes the sixteenth contestant to exit 'Survivor: Palau'

Reality News Online 5/13/05 Survivor: Palau Episode 13 MVP: None of the Above?

Reality TV Calendar 5/13/05 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of May 13th

Fresno Bee 5/13/05 Merced's 'Survivor' makes top 4

The Trades 5/13/05 Survivor Palau - Episode 13 - Fireworks and Guilt Trips

Reality News Online 5/13/05 Survivor: Palau - All in the Family Koror

Reality News Online 5/13/05 Strategic Overview of Survivor, Episode 13: Survivor: Katie

Entertainment Weekly 5/13/05 Car Trouble 5/13/05 - Caryn on ‘The Early Show’

Reality TV Calendar 5/13/05 Is Friendship Worth A Million Dollars? Episode 13 Recap

Reality News Online 5/13/05 Surviving the Jury on Survivor

Reality News Online 5/13/05 Survivor: Palau - Why Caryn Lost 5/13/05 - A Corvette Makes Ian Go a Little Mental....

Unofficial Survivor Guide 5/13/05 Episode 13 discussion - Tom, Ian, Katie, Jen Reach Final 4; Caryn Cracks Up

CBS 5/13/05 Caryn Puts Cards On The Table

MSNBC 5/13/05 ‘Survivor’ finale tough to handicap

Metro 5/13/05 Days are numbered for Palau

Plain Dealer 5/13/05 Solon's Groedel no longer a Survivor'

Modesto Bee 5/13/05 Still alive! Merced 'Survivor' in final 4

Jam! 5/13/05 'Survivor Palau' final four set

USA Today 5/13/05 We'll always carry a torch for 'Survivor' castoff Stephenie

Zap2It 5/13/05 Corvette Bummer on 'Survivor: Palau'

Reality News Online 5/13/05 Surviving Palau, Episode 13: Drama Queens

Box Office Prophets 5/13/05 Survivor Episode Thirteen 5/12/05 - Guardedly Optimistic

Penn State Live 5/12/05 Penn State 'Survivor' update: Rosenberger makes it to Final Four

CBS 5/12/05 The Truth Hurts, Caryn Ousted

Calgary Sun 5/12/05 Stephenie tells tribal tales

Ashland TAB 5/12/05 Survivor Carey voted off the island

Reality Reel 5/12/05 Survivor: Palau Castoff Jeff Wilson To Appear On "The Young And The Restless" May 13th

Reality TV Calendar 5/12/05 Reward? Immunity? Boot? RTVC Prediction #13

CBS 5/12/05 Will 'Survivor' Women Unite?

Reality News Online 5/12/05 Survivor: Palau, Episode 12 MVP: Bust a Move

Inside Pulse 5/12/05 The Eyes--- Race to the Finish

Inside Pulse 5/12/05 From The Dugout - Survivor: Palau - Episode 12: "We'll Make You Pay"

Penn State Live 5/12/05 Will Rosenberger win $1 million?

Reality Shack 5/11/05 Boot Prediction - Survivor Palau, Episode 13 5/11/05 Episode 12: Couples alliance broken...Gregg sent packing

Centre Daily Times 5/11/05 Ex-bus driver's attorney seeks plea deal in 'Survivor' tape case

Reality News Online 5/11/05 Survivor: Palau - Who Will Go in Episode 13?

Reality TV World 5/11/05 Survivor: Palau - Episode 12 summary

Reality TV World 5/11/05 'Survivor: Palau' Episode 13 'State of the Spoiling'

Reality News Online 5/11/05 Survivor: Palau - Advice for the Remaining 5

JokersUpdates 5/11/05 Survivor: Palau Katie's Million-Dollar Move

Cincinnati Enquirer 5/11/05 'Kentucky Joe' keynotes at yearly Business Expo

Television Without Pity 5/10/05 We'll Make You Pay

Reality TV Talk 5/10/05 S10 ep 12 "When the Play Date is Over, Someone You Love Must Come and Collect You"

Survivor Review 5/10/05 It Could All Backfire

MetroWest Daily News 5/10/05 Back to reality for Carey

Reality News Online 5/10/05 Strategic Overview of Survivor, Episode 12: Purple Rocks in their Heads

Reality News Online 5/10/05 Survivor: Palau - A Blunder of Sitcom-ish Proportions

SurvivorUpdates 5/9/05 The View from the Blimp - Our Panel Predicts - Episode 13

CBS 5/9/05 Survivor: The Plot Thickens

Inside Pulse 5/9/05 Ask Jake Billingsley: Episode 12 - Gregg Ousted

Reality News Online 5/9/05 Survivor Palau: Survivor Live Recap, Episode 12

SurvivorUpdates 5/8/05 Tribal Voice: Episode 12 - Complete shock

Survivor Review 5/8/05 Gregg Was Bamboozled

The Trades 5/8/05 Survivor Palau - Episode 12 - The Tables Turn

Survivor Review 5/7/05 One Good Flip Deserves Another

Fans of Reality TV 5/7/05 The End is Nigh

Fans of Reality TV 5/7/05 Standing in the Shadows: Episode Twelve

Chicago Tribune 5/7/05 `Survivor's' tale of love ... and loss

News Tribune 5/7/05 Gregg surprised by council vote

Fans of Reality TV 5/6/05 Shady Ladies and the Yacht of Doom

Reality Shack 5/6/05 "No, We'll Pay You Back" - Survivor: Palau, Episode 12

Reality TV Calendar 5/6/05 Payback's Will Break Your Heart 5/6/05 - Gregg on TES

Reality TV World 5/6/05 Gregg Carey becomes the fifteenth contestant to exit 'Survivor: Palau'

JokersUpdates 5/6/05 Survivor: Palau Does the Next Boot Determine the Final Two?

Reality TV Calendar 5/6/05 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of May 6th

Reality News Online 5/6/05 Back in the Army as a Company Commander: An Interview with Survivor 2’s Kel 5/6/05 - Snap! The reward turns into a nightmare for one player!

Reality News Online 5/6/05 Survivor: Palau - Why Gregg Lost

Reality TV Calendar 5/6/05 Is Loyalty Worth A Million Dollars? Episode 12 Recap

Fresno Bee 5/6/05 Merced resident in 'Survivor' final 5

Entertainment Weekly 5/6/05 Booby Prize

CBS 5/6/05 Gregg: 'A Moment Too Late'

Metro 5/6/05 It's the art of deception for Survivor finalists

Merced Sun-Star 5/6/05 'Survivor' Update

Macon Telegraph 5/6/05 Gregg voted off 'Survivor: Palau'

Dayton Daily News 5/6/05 Tom, Ian devise plan; Gregg gon

Jam! 5/6/05 Survivor's Greggifer no more

Zap2It 5/6/05 Reward Winner Gets Torpedoed on 'Survivor'

Reality News Online 5/6/05 Surviving Palau, Episode 12: "Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures"

Box Office Prophets 5/6/05 Survivor: Palau Episode Twelve

Metro West Daily News 5/6/05 Carey thrown off the island

Unofficial Survivor Guide 5/5/05 Episode 12 discussion - Tomfoolery! Katie Helps Gum Up Gregg's Power Grab 5/5/05 - I Didn't Come For Icing...

Penn State Live 5/5/05 Penn State 'Survivor' update: Sharp-shooting, strategizing keep Rosenberger on target

CBS 5/5/05 Koror Mutiny: Gregg Cast Adrift

Celebrity Spider 5/5/05 Jeff Probst Addresses Reports He's in the Running to Take Over for Regis Philbin

CBS 5/5/05 Will Gregg Dethrone Tom?

Reality TV Calendar 5/5/05 Reward? Immunity? Boot? RTVC Prediction #12

Reality News Online 5/5/05 "Never Underestimate Yourself!": An Interview with Survivor's Stephenie

Reality News Online 5/5/05 Survivor: Palau, Episode 11 MVP: Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful

Reality News Online 5/5/05 An "Insider" Look at Survivor: Palau, Episode 11: Angel on My Shoulder

Inside Pulse 5/5/05 Riding Coattails: Luck Of The Draw

Inside Pulse 5/5/05 The Eyes---Game On!

Inside Pulse 5/5/05 From The Dugout - Survivor: Palau - Episode 11: "I'll Show You How Threatening I Am"

Reality Shack 5/4/05 Boot Prediction - Survivor Palau, Episode 12

Reality Reel 5/4/05 Certain Castaways Get A Visit From Their Loved Ones, May 5th

Survivor Review 5/4/05 We'll Make You Pay

Pacific Business News 5/4/05 "Surfvivor" v. "Survivor"

Television Without Pity 5/4/05 I'll Show You How Threatening I Am

Reality News Online 5/4/05 "I Wrote My Own Destiny": An Interview with Survivor's Janu

Reality News Online 5/4/05 Survivor: Palau - Who Will Go in Episode 12?

Reality News Online 5/4/05 Survivor: Palau - Advice for the Remaining 6

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No Point Necessary 5/4/05 Survivor 10 Episodes 10 & 11 "Euthanasia for Ectomorphs" followed by "Lemming Meringue Pie"

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JokersUpdates 5/3/05 Survivor Palau - Katie and the Alpha Males

Reality TV Talk 5/3/05 Survivor Episode 11 Recap 4/28/2005 Dolphin Boy Takes a Bath

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SurvivorUpdates 5/2/05 The View from the Blimp - Our Panel Predicts - Episode 12

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Inside Pulse 5/2/05 Ask JP: Survivor Palau - Episode 11

Reality News Online 5/2/05 Survivor Palau: Survivor Live Recap, Episode 11

CBS 5/2/05 Carin' About Caryn 5/2/05 Stephenie scrubs Palau away

Survivor Review 5/1/05 So Long, Ulong

JokersUpdates 5/1/05 Jenn as the Ultimate Survivor

Reality Shack 5/1/05 The Stephenie Show - Survivor: Palau, Episode 11

Reality TV Calendar 5/1/05 You Can Own Stephenie's Torch


News Articles 4/1/05 to 4/30/05


The Trades 4/30/05 Survivor Palau - Episode 11 - Ulong's Iron Maiden Fights To The End

Fans of Reality TV 4/30/05 Anything You Can Bet, I Can Bet Higher

Fans of Reality 4/30/05 Standing in the Shadows: Episode Eleven

Fans of Reality TV 4/30/05 Target Practice

Inside Pulse 4/30/05 Tequila Sunrise: Supersteph

Tampa Bay's 10 4/30/05 Interview with "Survivor" Castoff Stephenie

News Tribune 4/30/05 Women's alliance falls through again

Reality TV World 4/29/05 Stephenie LaGrossa becomes the fourteenth contestant to exit 'Survivor: Palau'

Milwaukee Journal 4/29/05 LaGrossa Eliminated on 'Survivor: Palau'

Merced Sun-Star 4/29/05 'Survivor' Update 4/29/05 - Steph on 'The Early Show'

Reality News Online 4/29/05 Survivor: Palau – Why Stephenie Lost

Inside Pulse 4/29/05 Survivor: Palau - Recap - Episode 11

Inside Pulse 4/29/05 Ask Jake: Episode 11 - Steph's Flame Doused

Reality TV Calendar 4/29/05 Photo Scoreboard & Rankings as of April 29th

Reality TV Calendar 4/29/05 "The Million-Dollar Alliance" Is Shifting: Episode 11 Recap

Jam! 4/29/05 Last Ulong is gone

Delaware County Times 4/29/05 LaGrossa booted off ‘Survivor’

Metro 4/29/05 Fears of Survivor ousting come true for Stephanie 4/29/05 Stephenie voted off 'Survivor'

Entertainment Weekly 4/29/05 So Long, Ulong

Reality News Online 4/29/05 Surviving Palau, Episode 11: "Don't Mess With the Plan!"

Reality News Online 4/29/05 Strategic Overview of Survivor, Episode 11: Thinking Stupidly

Unofficial Survivor Guide 4/29/05 Episode 11 discussion - Let the Backstabbing Begin! Steph Stiffed by Koror

Digital Collegian 4/29/05 Ian 'cleans up' in challenge, wins spaghetti

Box Office Prophets 4/29/05 Survivor Palau Episode Eleven 4/28/05 - 4.28.05: Survivor Palau

Zap2It 4/28/05 'Survivor': Sound and Fury, Signifying Not Much

Penn State Live 4/28/05 Penn State 'Survivor' update: Rosenberger cleans up self, then the competition

CBS 4/28/05 Koror Sends Stephenie Packing

CBS 4/28/05 What Will Stephenie Do?

Reality TV Calendar 4/28/05 Reward? Immunity? Boot? Prediction #11

Reality TV Talk 4/28/05 Survivor 10: Ep 10 Recap: "All By Myself"

Digital Spy 4/28/05 'Survivor' host was close to quitting

Reality TV Hall of Shame 4/28/05 Why Survivor: Palau's Janu Is Not in the Hall of Shame

Reality News Online 4/28/05 An "Insider" Look at Survivor: Palau, Episode 10: Even Showgirls Get the Blues

Reality News Online 4/28/05 Survivor: Palau - Who Will Go in Episode 11?

Reality Shack 4/27/05 Boot Prediction - Survivor Palau, Episode 11

Survivor Review 4/27/05 I'll Show You How Threatening I Am

Reality TV World 4/27/05 'Survivor: Palau' Episode 11 'State of the Spoiling'

Reality Reel 4/27/05 Did Probst Manipulate Janu?

Inside Pulse 4/27/05 Riding Coattails: A Light In The Attic

Reality News Online 4/27/05 Survivor Palau: Survivor Live Recap, Episode 10

Herald Sun 4/27/05 Probst's reality check

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Television Without Pity 4/26/05 Exile Island

Reality TV World 4/26/05 Survivor: Palau - Episode 10 summary

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The Trades 4/26/05 "Survivor The Australian Outback - The Complete Season" DVD Review

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Reality News Online 4/26/05 Survivor: Palau - Advice for the Remaining 7

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Reality News Online 4/25/05 Survivor: Palau - Who's Cunning, and Who's Vicious?

Survivor Review 4/24/05 Be Careful What You Wish For

KUAM 4/24/05 Remengesau says reality TV paying off for Palau

CBS 4/24/05 Survival Of The Snittiest

Reality Shack 4/23/05 Buzzkill - Survivor: Palau, Episode 10

SurvivorUpdates 4/23/05 Tribal Voice: Episode 10 - Why stay just to be someone else’s tool?"

Fans of Reality TV 4/23/05 Janu it Was Coming Sooner or Later

Reality Reel 4/23/05 Survivor Palau: The Rigged Manipulation Of Janu

Fans of Reality TV 4/23/05 Standing in the Shadows: Episode Ten

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Reality TV Calendar 4/23/05 What Really Happened At Tribal Council

Reality TV Calendar 4/23/05 You Can Own Janu's Torch

Reality TV World 4/22/05 Janu Tornell quits 'Survivor: Palau', becomes the thirteenth castaway to exit

Fans of Reality TV 4/22/05 Kingdom of Heaven

The Trades 4/22/05 Survivor Palau: Episode 10 - Vegas Showgirl Craps Out

Survivor Review 4/22/05 Janu Goes Moon-Dancing

Reality TV Calendar 4/22/05 The Million-Dollar Question: Episode 10 Recap

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Reality TV Calendar 4/22/05 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of April 22nd 4/22/05 Janu on 'The Early Show'

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WCNC 4/22/04 'Survivor' host gets too involved in the game

Unofficial Survivor Guide 4/22/05 Episode 10 discussion - Show's Over: Koror Drops the Curtain on Janu 4/22/05 Probst Gets Someone To Quit

Reality News Online 4/22/05 Strategic Overview of Survivor, Episode 10: The Princes and the Couple

Digital Collegian 4/22/05 Ian survives without immunity in chilly waters

Reality News Online 4/22/05 Surviving Palau, Episode 10: "Survivor Isn't Always About Fairness"

Box Office Prophets 4/22/05 Survivor Palau Episode Ten

Entertainment Weekly 4/22/05 Odd Woman Out

Zap2It 4/21/05 'Survivor' Showgirl Makes a Curtain Call

Penn State Live 4/21/05 Penn State 'Survivor' update: Rosenberger stays afloat despite tricky water challenges, trickster teammates

Reality HQ 4/21/05 Survivor: Palau - Episode 10 Recap

CBS 4/21/05 Survivor: Showgirl Pukes, Opts Out

CBS 4/21/05 Tribal Council Shocker - Janu Quits

Reality Reel 4/21/05 One Castaway Is Banished To Another Island, April 21st On Survivor

Reality TV Calendar 4/21/05 Reward? Immunity? Who Goes Home? Boot Prediction #10

Reality News Online 4/21/05 Survivor: Palau - Who Will Go in Episode 10?

Reality News Online 4/21/05 Survivor: Palau, Survivor Live Recap, Episode 9 4/21/05 A tribe of one, and a singular personality

The Advocate 4/21/05 Survival of the bitchiest 4/21/05 Rob & Amber: They're really a couple

Reality Shack 4/21/05 Boot Prediction - Survivor Palau, Episode 10

NoPointNecessary 4/20/05 S10 Episode 9 'Coby Jumps the Snark.'

Survivor Review 4/20/05 Exile Island

Reality News Online 4/20/05 Survivor: Palau, Episode 9 MVP: One Singular Sensation 4/20/05 Episode 9: Hooray for the merge...Stephenie safe, Coby ousted!

Television Without Pity 4/20/05 I Will Not Give Up

Reality News Online 4/20/05 "Nobody Could Control Me": An Interview with Survivor's Coby

Reality News Online 4/20/05 Survivor: Palau - What Crawled in Your Buff and Died?

Celebrity Spider 4/19/05 Reality Couple Rob & Amber Get Married On Television

Inside Pulse 4/19/05 Cheri-Vision: Let's Hear it For the Girl

Inside Pulse 4/19/05 Riding Coattails: Rum Reunion

Reality TV World 4/19/05 Survivor: Palau - Episode 9 summary

Reality TV World 4/19/05 'Survivor: Palau' Episode 10 'State of the Spoiling'

Reality TV Calendar 4/19/05 CBS Announces Romber Wedding Special Details & 1st Photo

Reality TV World 4/19/05 CBS confirms 'Rob and Amber Get Married' wedding special to air on May 24

Zap2It 4/19/05 CBS Sets Date for Rob-Amber Nuptials

Reality News Online 4/19/05 An "Insider" Look at Survivor: Palau, Episode 9: Million Dollar Donut

NY Daily News 4/19/05 'Race'-y pair ties the knot in a real deal

SurvivorUpdates 4/18/05 The View from the Blimp - Our Panel Predicts - Episode 10

Zap2It 4/18/05 Rob and Amber Reportedly Wed

Jam! 4/18/05 'Ramber' wedding to face 'Idol' finale?

KLTV 4/18/05 Local Man Makes It Big On "Survivor"

CBS 4/18/05 Demon Rum And Demon Tom 4/18/05 Gays with Attitudes: Coby, Karamo Booted from Survivor: Palau and Inferno 2

Reality TV Calendar 4/18/05 Romber Married - Bahamas Ceremony Was Saturday

Reality TV Talk 4/18/05 Survivor 10 Episode 9 Recap “A Million Dollars Is A Lot Of Dough-nuts”

Reality News Online 4/18/05 Survivor: Palau - Advice for the Remaining 8

Survivor Review 4/17/05 When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

Fans of Reality TV 3/17/05 Standing in the Shadows

Inside Pulse 4/17/05 Tequila Sunrise: Baitman vs. Drunkman

SurvivorUpdates 4/17/05 Tribal Voice: Episode 9 - Gossip Goner

Fans Of Reality TV 4/17/05 Palau Perspective Episode 9: Two Become One 4/17/05 The reality of sewage: A lesson from TV

Jam! 4/16/05 Bobby Jon says Stephenie has what it takes to win

JokersUpdates 4/16/05 Why Stephanie is the Most Likely Winner

Reality Shack 4/16/05 The Stubborn Irishman - Survivor: Palau, Episode 9

Fans Of Reality TV 4/16/05 Survivor Palau 4/14 Recap: "One of These Kids is Not Like the Others"

Survivor Review 4/16/05 We Are All Koror

Reality TV Calendar 4/16/05 Coby's Torch - Up For Auction

The Trades 4/15/05 Survivor Palau: Episode 9 - Million-Dollar Crybaby?

Reality TV World 4/15/05 Report: 'Survivor' couple Amber Brkich and Rob Mariano to marry on April 16

WTSP 4/15/05 Interview with Survivor castoff Coby Archa

Bay City Times 4/15/05 'Survivor' Survivor

CBS 4/15/05 Coby Archa: Better Not Bitter

Merced Sun-Star 4/15/05 'Survivor' Update

Survivor Phoenix 4/15/05 Survivor Palau Episode 10 Previews - Exile Island

Reality TV World 4/15/05 Coby Archa becomes the twelfth contestant to exit 'Survivor: Palau' 4/15/05 - Coby on 'The Early Show'

Inside Pulse 4/15/05 Ask JP: Episode 9 Thoughts

Inside Pulse 4/15/05 Survivor Palau - Recap - Episode 9

Reality News Online 4/15/05 Survivor: Palau - Why Coby Lost

Reality TV Calendar 4/15/05 The Million-Dollar Meal: Episode 9 Recap 4/15/05 - 4/14: One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish..and a Donut?

Reality News Online 4/15/05 Strategic Overview of Survivor, Episode 9: Coupling

Reality TV Calendar 4/15/05 Photo Scoreboard & Rankings as of April 15th

Unofficial Survivor Guide 4/15/05 Episode 9 discussion: Steph Joins Koror, Coby Goes Down in Flames

Jam! 4/15/05 Donuts not dollars for Coby

Entertainment Weekly 4/15/05 Coby Loses It

Digital Collegian 4/15/05 Ian votes mafia-style during council

Zap2It 4/15/05 'Survivor': Familiarity Breeds Contempt

Box Office Prophets 4/15/05 Survivor Palau Episode Nine

Reality News Online 4/15/05 Surviving Palau, Episode 9: "I'm Baitman!" 4/14/05 - 4.14.05: Survivor Palau

CBS 4/14/05 One Tribe at Last: Coby Voted Out

Penn State Live 4/14/05 Penn State 'Survivor' update: Rosenberger prefers milk to immunity 4/14/05 She 'got a little scared' for her 'Survivor' daughter

CBS 4/14/05 Steph Goes Solo

Inside Pulse 4/14/05 The Eyes-- All Alone

Inside Pulse 4/14/05 From The Dugout - Episode 7: "The Great White Shark Hunter" & Episode 8: "Neanderthal Man"

Deseret News 4/14/05 'Survivor' is hot; 'Apprentice' not

Reality TV Calendar 4/14/05 Reward? Immunity? Who Goes Home? Boot Prediction #9

USA Today 4/14/05 Sole survivor of Ulong: 'I will not give up'

NY Times 4/14/05 And Now, a 'Survivor' First: A Tribe With One Member

Reality News Online 4/14/05 Survivor: Palau, Episode 8 MVPs: Alone!

Reality TV Hall of Shame 4/14/05 Losing Like Nobody Has Lost Before: The Ulong Tribe from 'Survivor: Palau'

Reality Shack 4/14/05 Boot Prediction - Survivor Palau, Episode 9

Reality News Online 4/14/05 An "Insider" Look at Survivor: Palau, Episode 8: Watch the Beak

Reality News Online 4/14/05 Survivor: Palau - Who Will Go in Episode 9?

Star Ledger 4/13/05 Island girl

Reality Reel 4/13/05 Stephenie Struggles To Survive By Herself, April 14th On Survivor

Inside Pulse 4/13/05 Riding Coattails: Total Survivor Annihilation

Reality News Online 4/13/05 Survivor: Palau - I Believe We Have a Winner

Reality TV World 4/12/05 'Survivor: Palau' Episode 9 'State of the Spoiling'

Survivor Review 4/12/05 I Will Not Give Up

Reality TV World 4/12/05 Survivor: Palau - Episode 8 summary

Reality News Online 4/12/05 "I Just Wasn't Going to Quit": An Interview with Survivor's Bobby Jon

CBS 4/12/05 Steph 'Wolf In Sheep's Clothing'?

Reality News Online 4/12/05 Survivor: Palau - Advice for the Remaining 9

Reality TV Calendar 4/11/05 Now Their Selling The Boats! Photos & More

SurvivorUpdates 4/11/05 The View from the Blimp - Our Panel Predicts - Episode 9

SurvivorUpdates 4/11/05 Tribal Voice- Episode Eight - "We're on the verge of utter ridiculousness"

Reality News Online 4/11/05 Survivor Palau: Survivor Live Recap, Episode 8

Reality TV Talk 4/11/05 S10 Episode 8 "Three For The Record Books!"

Television Without Pity 4/11/05 Neanderthal Man 4/11/05 Local adviser helps 'Survivor' victor stay rich

Reality Reel 4/10/05 Survivor Palau: The Koror Star Chamber

Survivor Review 4/10/05 We Made The Jury

Inside Pulse 4/10/05 Ask Jake: Episode 8- Bye Bye Alabama

Reality TV Calendar 4/10/05 You Could Own Bobby Jon's Torch

Detroit News 4/10/05 'Survivor: Palau' stirs warm memories for Michigan couple

Inside Pulse 4/9/05 Tequila Sunrise: Three Blind Mice

Survivor Review 4/9/05 Fire Is Life

CBS New York 4/9/05 Ex-'Survivor' Contestant Anchoring News

Fans of Reality TV 4/9/05 Standing in the Shadows: Episode Eight

News Tribune 4/9/05 Ulong tribe first ever with only one member 4/9/05 Bobby Jon on 'The Early Show'… And Ibrehem

Survivor Phoenix 4/9/05 Survivor Palau Episode 9 Previews - I Will Not Give Up

Fans of Reality TV 4/9/05 Life's Just Ducky, For Some

Fans of Reality TV 4/8/05 Time to Get Your Ducks in a Row, Koror 4/8/05 - 4/7: Survivor Palau: Stinky Shark heads and baby duckies make for a gross eppy

Reality Shack 4/8/05 Snot Rockets and Shower Water - Survivor: Palau, Episode 8

Tampa Bay's 10 4/8/05 Interview with "Survivor" Castoff Bobby Jon Drinkard

Media Life 4/8/05 CBS's suddenly struggling 'Survivor'

Reality TV Calendar 4/8/05 Commentary: Heartbreak vs. Superman

Reality TV World 4/8/05 Bobby Jon Drinkard becomes the eleventh contestant to exit 'Survivor: Palau'

The Trades 4/8/05 Survivor Palau - Ep 8 - Can You Stomach This Loss?

Reality TV Calendar 4/8/05 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of April 8th

Reality TV Calendar 4/8/05 "We're on the Verge of Utter Ridiculousness" Episode 8 Recap 4/8/05 - Neanderthal Man

Reality News Online 4/8/05 Strategic Overview of Survivor, Episode 8: Game On! 4/8/05 Drinkard goes home on 'Survivor'

Jam! 4/8/05 Steph, Ulong's 'Sole Survivor'

Entertainment Weekly 4/8/05 The Scope Trials

CBS 4/8/05 No Fire For Bobby Jon

Troy Messenger 4/8/05 Bobby Jon eliminated after losing immunity challenge

Mobile Register 4/8/05 Last Alabamian Leaves 'Survivor: Palau' Island

Reality News Online 4/8/05 Survivor: Palau - Why Bobby Jon Lost

Unofficial Survivor Guide 4/8/05 Episode 8 discussion: Steph Stuffs Bobby Jon for Immunity, Ulong Long Gone

Reality News Online 4/8/05 Surviving Palau, Episode 8: "The Tribe Definitely Did Not Speak"

Digital Collegian 4/8/05 Ian is just 'ducky' for sweet smell of success

Box Office Prophets 4/8/05 Survivor Palau Episode Eight

Zap2It 4/7/05 'Survivor': So Long, Ulong 4/7/05 - 4.7.05 Survivor Palau

CBS 4/7/05 Bye Bye Bobby Jon, Ulong Long Gone?

Penn State Live 4/7/05 Penn State 'Survivor' update: Rosenberger out-eats the competition

CBS 4/7/05 Survivor: Routing Out The Vermin

Fresno Bee 4/7/05 'Survivor' player from Merced is still in the game

Reality TV Calendar 4/7/05 Reward? Immunity? Who Goes Home? Boot Prediction #8

Reality News Online 4/7/05 Survivor: Palau MVPs, Episode 7: The Little Tribe That Could… Not

Inside Pulse 4/6/05 The Eyes: History 101

Survivor Phoenix 4/7/05 S10 Evidence Summary: E8 - Neanderthal Man

Reality News Online 4/7/05 An "Insider" Look at Survivor: Palau, Episode 7: Puzzling Performances

Mobile Register 4/7/05 'Survivor' great experience for Alabamian

Reality Shack 4/7/05 Boot Prediction - Survivor Palau, Episode 8

Reality News Online 4/7/05 Survivor: Palau - Who Will Go in Episode 8?

News Tribune 4/6/05 'Survivor' contestant touts safety on the highway

Survivor Review 4/6/05 Neanderthal Man

Reality TV World 4/6/05 'Survivor' alum Elisabeth Filarski Hasselbeck gives birth to baby girl

Television Without Pity 4/6/05 The Great White Shark Hunter

Reality TV World 4/6/05 'Survivor: Palau' Episode 8 'State of the Spoiling'

Reality News Online 4/6/05 Survivor: Palau - Advice for the Remaining 10

Inside Pulse 4/5/05 Riding Coattails: Embarrassment and Riches

Fans of Reality 4/5/05 A Full House Beats Three of a Kind Every Time

Reality News Online 4/5/05 Survivor: Palau - Survivor Live Recap, Episode 7

SheKnows 4/5/05 Episode 11: No merge yet! Ulong sets record, loses another!

Box Office Prophets 4/5/05 Survivor Palau Episode Seven

SurvivorUpdates 4/4/05 The View from the Blimp - Our Panel Predicts - Episode 8

CBS 4/4/05 Team For Two

Survivor Review 4/4/05 Merge? Merge What???

Reality TV World 4/4/05 Survivor: Palau - Episode 7 summary

Fans of Reality TV 4/4/05 Gorging with Glee and a Tribe Very Wee

Survivor Skills 4/4/05 Jimmy V Where Are You?

Reality News Online 4/4/05 Strategic Overview of Survivor, Episode 7: The Weak Shall Inherit the Game?

Khalsa News Network 4/4/05 Survivor Amazon's JoAnna Ward to host motivational and fitness seminar for one of the largest facility

Red Herrings & Sticky Wickets 4/4/05 S10 Ep 7 "Okay, so this actually Doesn't suck..."

Red Herrings & Sticky Wickets 4/3/05 Survivor -"Who Deserves To Win?"

Reality TV Talk 4/3/05 Survivor Recap Episode 7 "The Clam's Out Of The Bag"

Fans Of Reality TV 4/3/05 Survivor: Palau Standing in the Shadows: Episode 7

Inside Pulse 4/3/05 Ask Jake Billingsley: Ibrehem Out Of game

Survivor Review 4/3/05 Sweet Home Alabama

SurvivorUpdates 4/2/05 Tribal Voice: Episode7 - Welcome to the Survivor Clam Bake!

Inside Pulse 4/2/05 Tequila Sunrise: A Superlative Season

Tampa Bay's 10 4/2/05 Interview with "Survivor: Palau" castoff Ibrehem Rahman

Milwaukee Journal 4/2/05 Ulong Tribe Is Worst Ever for 'Survivor'

Reality Shack 4/1/05 Shark Beats Fish - Survivor: Palau, Episode 7

Survivor Phoenix 4/1/05 Survivor Palau Episode 8 Previews - Neanderthal Man

Reality TV Calendar 4/1/05 The Sharkslayer and the Sad Tribe

CBS 4/1/05 Ibrehem Stuck By His Word

Reality TV World 4/1/05 Ibrehem Rahman becomes the tenth contestant to exit 'Survivor: Palau' 4/1/05 - Koror gets the shark--Ulong gets the Shaft...

Reality News Online 4/1/05 Survivor: Palau - Why Ibrehem Lost

Reality News Online 4/1/05 Survivor: Palau - Too Much Togetherness?

Inside Pulse 4/1/05 Ask JP: My Thoughts About Survivor Episode 7

Merced Sun-Star 4/1/05 'Survivor' Update

Jam! 4/1/05 Ulong sets 'Survivor' record

Reality TV Calendar 4/1/05 Photo Scoreboard & Rankings as of April 1st

Reality TV Calendar 4/1/05 Got Food? We Do! Episode 7 Recap

Entertainment Weekly 4/1/05 So Long, Ulong

Metro 4/1/05 Merging the tribes only a matter of time

Mobile Register 4/1/05 One Alabamian Survives 

Inside Pulse 4/1/05 Survivor Palau - Recap - Episode 7

Reality News Online 4/1/05 Surviving Palau, Episode 7: Big Fish/Little Fish

Digital Collegian 4/1/05 Rosenberger's tribe continues strong showing


News Articles 3/25/05 to 3/31/05


Zap2It 3/31/05 'Survivor': Unlucky Seven for Ulong 3/31/05 - 3.31.05: Survivor Palau

CBS 3/31/05 Survivor: Alabama Alliance Breakup

CBS 3/31/05 So Long, Ulong? Ibrehem Sent Home

Penn State Live 3/31/05 Penn State 'Survivor' update: Rosenberger feeds his tribemates

Reality TV Talk 3/31/05 - Survivor 9, Ep 6 "All Tied Up"

Reality News Online 3/31/05 "Broke Ass People Like Me Deserve a Chance to Win": An Interview with Survivor's James

Reality TV Calendar 3/31/05 Reward? Immunity? Who Goes Home? Prediction #7

Inside Pulse 3/31/05 The Eyes---Survivor: Palau Midterm Report Card

Inside Pulse 3/31/05 From The Dugout - Survivor 10: Palau - Episode 6: "Jellyfish 'N' Chips"

Mobile Register 3/31/05 Two from Alabama survive into Episode 7

Reality News Online 3/31/05 An "Insider" Look at Survivor: Palau, Episode 6: Cracked Shot

Reality Shack 3/30/05 Boot Prediction - Survivor Palau, Episode 7

Television Without Pity 3/30/05 Jellyfish 'N Chips

Reality TV World 3/30/05 'Survivor: Palau' Episode 7 'State of the Spoiling'

Inside Pulse 3/30/05 Riding Coattails: Tied Up In Knots

Reality News Online 3/30/05 Survivor: Palau - Who Will Go in Episode 7?

Reality TV World 3/29/05 Survivor: Palau - Episode 6 summary

Reality News Online 3/29/05 Survivor: Palau Episode 5 & 6 MVPs: Two for One

Survivor Review 3/29/05 The Great White Shark Hunter

SurvivorUpdates 3/29/05 The View from the Blimp - Our Panel Predicts - Episode 7

Reality News Online 3/29/05 Survivor: Palau - Advice for the Remaining 11

Survivor Review 3/28/05 No Pity For Ulong

Sydney Morning Herald 3/28/05 Last man standing

Reality News Online 3/28/05 Survivor Palau: Survivor Live Recap, Episode 6

Fans Of Reality TV 3/27/05 Survivor Palau: Palau Perspective Episode 6: Dead Tribe Talkin

Red Herrings & Sticky Wickets 3/27/05 Survivor 10 Episode 6 "if It Quacks Like A Duck..."

Mobile Register 3/27/05 Off the island

Survivor Phoenix 3/27/05 S10 TC Votes: Episode 6 Tribal Council Votes

The Trades 3/26/05 Survivor Palau: Episode 6 - Knot Up to the Challenge

Fans of Reality TV 3/26/05 Standing in the Shadows: Episode Six

Reality TV Calendar 3/26/05 "Win As A Team, Lose As A Team" Episode 6 Recap

SheKnows 3/26/05 Episode 6: Poor James...Ousted

SurvivorUpdates 3/26/05 Tribal Voice: Episode 6 - This is "Survivor" baby, c' will ya

Fans of Reality TV 3/25/05 Knot All He's Cracked Up To Be

Inside Pulse 3/25/05 The Eyes--Sunken Ship

Inside Pulse 3/25/05 Romo's World: What Went Wrong With Ulong?

Survivor Phoenix 3/25/05 Survivor Palau Episode 7 Previews - The Great White Shark Hunter

Inside Pulse 3/25/05 Ask Jake Billingsley: Steelworker Plunges

Reality News Online 3/25/05 Survivor: Palau - I'm Done... Know What I Mean, Vern?

Tampa Bays 10 3/25/05 Interview with Survivor Castoff James Miller


News Articles 3/1/05 to 3/24/05


CBS 3/24/05 James Wearing A G-String?

Reality TV World 3/24/05 James Miller becomes the ninth contestant to exit 'Survivor: Palau'

Inside Pulse 3/24/05 Survivor Palau - Recap - Episode 6

Jam! 3/24/05 James knot a 'Survivor' winner

Reality News Online 3/24/05 Survivor: Palau - Why James Lost

Mobile Register 3/24/05 Mobilan voted off 'Survivor: Palau' 3/24/05 James on 'The Early Show'

Unofficial Survivor Guide 3/24/05 Episode 6 discussion: Ulong Says "So Long" to James

Reality Shack 3/24/05 Tarzan Ain't Sherlock - Survivor: Palau, Episode 6

Reality News Online 3/24/05 Strategic Overview of Survivor, Episode 6: Not Ulong for the World

Reality TV Calendar 3/24/05 Photo Scoreboard & Rankings as of March 24th

Entertainment Weekly 3/24/05 The Ulong Goodbye

Penn State Live 3/24/05 Penn State Survivor update: Rosenberger and Koror win again

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Penn State Digital Collegian 3/24/05 Ian's tribe weathers the storm

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Santa Cruz Sentinel 2/18/05 Set on seeing whole season of ‘Survivor’

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Beaver County Times 2/18/05 On 'Survivor' debut, Ian's first ashore. But can he last?

MSNBC 2/18/05 ‘Survivor’ returns with surprises

Entertainment Weekly 2/18/05 The X Games

Mobile Register 2/18/05 Trio of Alabamians advances

Reality News Online 2/18/05 Survivor: Palau - Why Jonathan Lost

Collegian 2/18/05 Ex-USG president survives first round

Box Office Prophets 2/18/05 Survivor: Palau Episode One, Part One

Reality News Online 2/18/05 Strategic Overview of Survivor, Episode 1: Choose Your Strategy

Reality News Online 2/18/05 Surviving Palau, Episode 1: Easy Come, Easy Go

Unofficial Survivor Guide 2/17/04 Jonathon and Wanda Left Behind; Jolanda Jolted 2/17/05 - 2.17.05 Survivor Premiere

Zap2It 2/17/05 'Survivor' Takes a Recess in 'Palau' Opener

CBS 2/17/05 Jolanda, Jonathan and Wanda First Out

Cincinnati Post 2/17/05 Former Miss Ohio has brains, beauty, but is she a survivor?

LaSalle News Tribune 2/17/05 TV 'Survivor' speaks at IVCC about his recipe for success

KHOU 2/17/05 Houston attorney to compete on 'Survivor'

Reality Reel 2/17/04 "Survivor: Palau," Premieres Tonight, Thursday, Feb. 17

KLAS-TV 2/17/05 Las Vegas Showgirl Competes in Survivor Palau

Reality TV Calendar 2/17/05 Boot Prediction #1 - Three Are Going Home - Here's Who

Kansas City Star 2/17/05 The young and the lawless rule ‘Survivor'

Courier-Journal 2/17/05 'Survivor' returns, proving it doesn't just survive; it succeeds

Winston-Salem Journal 2/17/05 Survivor Instinct: Show keeps the drama, hot players coming

Jam! 2/17/05 Top 50 'Survivor' moments

Deseret News 2/17/05 Surprises await 'Survivors'

Hartford Courant 2/17/05 20 More Try To Survive `Palau'

Beacon Journal 2/17/05 Clueless castaways on the new `Survivor'

Bakersfield Californian 2/17/05 Local man proud of 'Survivor' daughter

Post-Dispatch 2/17/05 For most "Survivors," Jeff Probst is the villain

Plain Dealer 2/17/05 Real suspense is the challenge of 10th Survivor'

Chicago Tribune 2/17/05 CBS' `Survivor' rarely at loss for big surprises

Troy Messenger 2/17/05 Drinkard will try to 'Outwit, Outlast, Outplay'

Modesto Bee 2/17/05 Merced 'Survivor' making her television debut tonight

Mobile Register 2/17/05 It could be Miller's time

Digital Collegian 2/17/05 Former USG president Ian Rosenberger joins tribal council tonight on 'Survivor'

Sun Sentinel 2/17/05 New, tougher Survivor debuts on Palau

Seattle PI 2/17/05 'Survivor: Palau' contestants need to be rougher and tougher

Cincinnati Post 2/17/05 Survivor keeps surviving

NY Daily News 2/17/05 Local hero a real 'Survivor'

Star Ledger 2/17/05 Time to face reality: 'Survivor' mastermind Mark Burnett's empire is troubled

CBS 2/17/05 'Survivor: Palau': A Preview

Conroe Courier 2/17/05 Panorama Village resident real survivor of Palau

Reality News Online 2/17/05 RNO Roundtable: 'Survivor: Palau' Predictions

Newsday 2/17/05 New survivors, old ghosts

Calgary Sun 2/16/05 Surviving

Reality Shack 2/16/05  Boot Prediction - Survivor Palau, Episode 1

Penn State Live 2/16/05 Penn State alumnus Rosenberger ready to be sole 'Survivor' of CBS show

SF Chronicle 2/16/04 Probst Vows 'Survivor' Season of Firsts

Zap2It 2/16/05 Probst Predicts a 'Brutal' Season of Firsts on 'Survivor'

Reality TV World 2/16/05 Regis Philbin touts 'Survivor' Jeff Probst host as his 'Live' successor

Reality TV World 2/16/05 'Survivor: Vanuatu' winner Chris Daugherty marries on Daytona Speedway's Victory Lane

Reality News Online 2/16/05 What Palau Survivors Should Have Learned

MetroWest Daily News 2/16/05 'Survivor' bash planned for local contestant

Ottawa Citizen 2/16/05 Survivor gets serious

Courier & Press 2/16/05 'Survivor' cast set out without any instructions

Reality TV World 2/15/05 'Survivor: Palau' Episode 1 'State of the Spoiling'

Reality Shack 2/15/05 Survivor Palau – A Preview of What’s to Come

Reality TV Calendar 2/15/05 Photo Scoreboard: Initial Rankings and More

Reality TV World 2/15/05 'Survivor' wannabe arrested and fired for audition tape stunt

Ventura County Star 2/15/05 'Survivor' of the Fittest

Beaver County Times 2/15/05 A new Survivor in town

Penn Live 2/15/05 Teacher vows she'll outwit other 'Survivors'

Capital Times 2/15/05 Media musings: 'Survivor' still king

Reality TV Calendar 2/14/05 Jeff Ranks The Seasons - Worst to First

SurvivorUpdates 2/14/05 The View from the Blimp -Our Panel’s First Impressions- Season 10: Palau

Reality TV World 2/14/05 'Survivor' host Jeff Probst gushes about his relationship with 'Vanuatu' girlfriend Julie Berry

Reality TV World 2/14/05 'Survivor' host Jeff Probst dishes about CBS's upcoming 'Survivor: Palau'

Florida Today 2/14/05 Track hosts wedding made for TV

Zap2It 2/14/05 Police Unamused by 'Survivor' Audition Stunt

Reality News Online 2/14/05 Strategic Predictions for 'Survivor: Palau'

Entertainment Weekly 2/14/05 Cutthroat Island

Denver Post 2/13/05 Rupert Boneham

Dallas Morning News 2/13/05 Texans again populate the 'Survivor' island adventure

Times Picayune 2/13/05 Will Angie from N.O. survive?

Orlando Sentinel 2/13/05 'Survivor: Palau' will pack more pow

Grand Rapids Press 2/13/05 Palau appetizing, but it's not food

Vanuatu Online 2/13/05 Survivor Palau green buff - does it exist ? 2/12/05 - Do You Want To Win Prizes? Play Mediafiends' Survivor 10 Palau Contest

Mercury News 2/12/05 Martin has role in 'Survivor' wedding

Digital Spy 2/12/05 'Survivor' romance still going strong

WNEP 16 2/12/05 School bus driver encourages misbehavior for 'Survivor' audition tape 2/11/05 Koala crusaders: reality television stars push survival

The Trades 2/11/05 Survivor: Palau - Preview - Who Are These Chuckenuts?

Zap2It 2/11/05 'Survivor' Host Still Sweet on Berry

Digital Spy 2/11/05 'Survivor' host Probst "considered quitting"

Jam! 2/10/05 Probst: 'Palau' is a different 'Survivor'

OurSports Central 2/10/05 Survivor: Vanuatu’s Eliza Orlins to Appear at February 18 Crunch Game

Reality TV World 2/9/05 'Spoiler Island' fantasy game launches for the 'Survivor: Palau' season

Docket Online 2/8/05 Alum to Compete on Reality Show Survivor

Entertainment Weekly 2/8/05 The Host Has Spoken

Reality TV Calendar 2/7/05 Spoiler Report #10 - This Has Never Happened Before!

New Zealand Herald 2/7/05 Island game pales next to hardship

Birmingham News 2/6/05 Local Castaways

Hernando Today 2/6/05 A matter of conviction 2/2/05 People: Richard Hatch to appear on Family Feud

Post Gazette 2/1/05 'Survivor' pair host benefits


News Articles 1/1/05 to 1/31/05


Santa Cruz Sentinel 1/30/05 Strung out on a strange, new addiction for ukuleles

Survivor Fever 1/28/05 Survivor: Palau Pre-Episode 1 Spoiler Summary Where We Stand

Reality Shack 1/27/05 Interview With Lea "Sarge" Masters of Survivor: Vanuatu 1/26/05 'Survivor' winner arraigned on tax fraud

SurvivorWeb 1/26/05 Honest Achmed: "Rested, Ready, And Itching"

Boston Globe 1/25/05 'Survivor' Winner Arraigned on Tax Evasion 1/25/05 Hatch released on $50,000 bond at tax-fraud arraignment

Providence Journal 1/24/05 Survivor winner rarely out of spotlight for long

Survivor Phoenix 1/23/05 Survivor 10 Evidence Summary: E1

Reality Shack 1/21/05 Interview With Julie Berry of Survivor: Vanuatu

Reality Shack 1/21/05 Interview With Chad Crittenden of Survivor: Vanuatu

Town Online 1/20/05 Carey takes on 'Survivor: Palau'

KSAT 1/20/05 Host Wishes 'Survivor' Winner Best With Tax Troubles

Jam! 1/20/05 'Survivor' head dangles Canadian carrot again

Lancaster Online 1/19/05 Ephrata native tests 'Survivor' skills

Ephrata Review 1/19/05 EHS grad to appear on next 'Survivor'

Reality Shack 1/19/05 Interview With Lisa Keiffer of Survivor: Vanuatu

Daily Orange 1/19/05 SU's 'Survivor' star reflects upon televised experience

Reality Shack 1/18/05 Interview With Dolly Neely of Survivor: Vanuatu

Reality News Online 1/18/05 ‘Survivor’ Winner Rich Hatch Agrees to Plead Guilty to Tax Evasion

Smoking Gun 1/18/05 Richard Hatch Hit With Tax Evasion Rap

Jam! 1/18/05 'Survivor' winner charged in tax case

Reality News Online 1/18/05 'Survivor: Palau' Players Revealed

Greenville Online 1/17/05 Dacusville woman tests 'Survivor' skills on TV

NY Daily News 1/15/05 His girl aided in Brave gig

Lewistown Sentinel 1/15/05 Upcoming season of ‘Survivor’ on Palau island to feature Belleville native

Chicago Sun Times 1/15/05 This island's gonna get crowded

Williamsport Sun Gazette 1/15/05 Potter County English teacher, 55, to be on upcoming season of ‘Survivor’

Star Gazette 1/15/05 Potter County woman to appear on 'Survivor'

Keynoter 1/14/05 Dolphin trainer on TV cast

King County Journal 1/14/05 Bellevue lawyer makes cut for latest `Survivor'

Digital Collegian 1/14/05 PSU grad chosen for next 'Survivor'

Modesto Bee 1/14/05 Merced Native Mum On Time As 'Survivor'

Troy Messenger 1/14/05 Drinkard will try to 'survive' Palau

Mobile Register 1/14/05 Mobile man on TV's 'Survivor'

Centre Daily Times 1/14/05 PSU grad a 'Survivor' 1/14/05 No sooner had we survived 'Survivor'...

MetroWest Daily News 1/14/05 Ashland native takes on 'Survivor: Palau'

Cincinnati Enquirer 1/14/05 2 Ohioans on new 'Survivor: Palau' 1/14/05 Parker grad joining cast of `Survivor' contestants

Tuscaloosa News 1/14/05 Three Alabamaians among castaways on CBS' "Survivor"

Entertainment Weekly 1/14/05 Three for the Road

Dayton Daily News 1/14/05 Local Woman on Survivor

Macomb Daily 1/14/05 'Survivor' candidates heed call of the wild

KLTV 1/13/05 "Survivor" Contestant Calls East Texas Home

Ventura County Star 1/13/05 Venturan on next 'Survivor'

KOIN 1/13/05 Washington Survivor Competes On 'Survivor'

Reality TV Calendar 1/13/05 Spoiler Report #9: The First 10 Minutes - The Twists - The Cast

Reality Shack 1/13/05 Survivor Palau Contestants Revealed On The Early Show

Reality TV World 1/13/05 CBS announces 'Survivor: Palau' cast, series to premiere February 17

KHOU 1/13/05 Houston attorney to appear on next "Survivor" show

Zap2It 1/13/05 CBS Unveils Biggest 'Survivor' Cast Yet

Jam! 1/13/05 'Survivor 10' cast, theme unveiled

USA Today 1/13/05 CBS reveals identities of 'Survivor: Palau' castaways

Morning Journal 1/13/05 Aspiring actor checks in with 'Survivor' tryouts in Cleveland bar

CBS 1/13/05 Meet Survivor: Palau Cast

Daily O'Collegian 1/12/05 Survivor contestant speaks at Stillwater library

Chronicle-Telegram 1/12/05 Outwit, outplay, outlast everyone

Macomb Daily 1/12/04 'Survivor' casting call

Monessen Valley Independent 1/12/05 Hundreds of local residents hope to join 'Survivor' cast

Tribune-Review 1/12/05 Casting calls reel in reality show hopefuls

Register-Guard 1/12/05 Hundreds line up for a chance at fame

Reality News Online 1/12/05 "All of Your Strategies Fly Out the Window": An Interview with Survivor's Eliza

Daily O'Collegian 1/11/05 Stillwater ‘Survivor’ finalist shares council

Reality News Online 1/11/05 "I Knew What I Had to Say": An Interview with 'Survivor: Vanuatu' Winner Chris Daugherty

Saginaw News 1/11/05 'Feisty' deputy clerk itching to get on 'Survivor'

Capital Journal 1/10/05 'Survivor' casting call draws hundreds

Grand Rapids Press 1/10/05 Will I land a 'Survivor' spot? Well, don't hold your breath

Grand Rapids Press 1/10/05 They chilled for the thrill of 'Survivor'

Reality TV Calendar 1/10/05 Spoiler Report #8: All 20 Contestants Revealed, Bio's & Photos

Digital Collegian 1/10/05 Former USG president may be 'Survivor' contestant

The Daily 1/10/05 Survivor skills

Post Gazette 1/10/05 TV Note: 'Survivor' to audition at local GetGo stores

South Bend Tribune 1/9/05 Survival of the feistiest

Hattiesburg American 1/9/05 80 vie to become next 'Survivor'

Elkhart Truth 1/9/05 Exhibitionists flaunt their quirks in 'Survivor' tryouts

Billings Gazette 1/9/05 Audition tapings draw 150: 'Survivor' enthusiasts try out for the show at Rimrock Mall

Seattle Times 1/9/05 Silverdale "Survivor" casting call gives 90 seconds to shine

Unofficial Survivor Guide 1/8/05 Interview with Scout Cloud Lee

Coos Bay World 1/8/05 CBS affiliate plans to recruit 'Survivor' candidates at mall

Missoulian 1/7/05 Western Montanans get ready to bring it on at 'Survivor' audition

Grand Rapids Press 1/7/05 Can you 'Survive?'

PR Newswire 1/5/05 Survivor Comes to Meijer; Audition for Survivor this Saturday, January 8

Star Telegram 1/5/05 Survivor audition draws crowd

Manteca Bulletin 1/5/05 'Survivor: Manteca' challenge

Reality TV World 1/5/05 Online sleuths uncover identities of 'Survivor: Palau' castaways

Reality News Online 1/4/05 'Survivor: Palau' Location Information Revealed

Reality TV Calendar 1/3/05 Spoiler Report #7 - More Photos

Survivor Phoenix 1/3/05 Spoilers S10: Early Spoiling for Survivor Palau

Survivor Fever 1/1/05 Ashland Local to be on Next Survivor 


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