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This site provides links to news, pictures and other information about Survivor 12 which was filmed in Panama

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About Survivor Panama: Exile Island


In Survivor Panama 16 competitors survive in the wild dealing with the elements of a hostile environment for over a month while competing against one another in a variety of competitions for rewards and advantages in the game.  Each week one contestant is voted out by other people in their "tribe" until one remains as the sole Survivor.


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People 5/30/14 It's a Boy for Survivor's Aras Baskauskas

Fearless-Diva 11/10/13 'Survivor' Winner Gets Engaged

Reality TV Magazine 4/3/12 Survivor: Guatemala & Survivor: Panama Exile Island Coming To DVD

TMZ 11/24/07 "Survivor" Champ's Business: Fur-get About It

Tonight 2/7/07 'Survivor' winner in Cape for stint as model

Sentinel & Enterprise 11/28/06 'Survivor' finalist hoping to rev up acting career 11/27/06 A 'Survivor' Winner's Mantra: 'I Love Myself'

CBS 8/23/06 'Survivor's' Aras Hits The Heights With His Hats

CBS 8/13/06 Catch Up With Aras, 'Survivor' Million Dollar Man

Lawrence Journal World 7/9/06 Survivors lend a hand at party

AJC 7/5/06 'Survivor' winner jailed for shooting dog with an arrow

CBS 7/5/06 Former 'Survivor' Winner Arrested

Reality News Online 7/3/06 Survivor: Exile Island My Big Fat Obnoxious Tribemate

Celebrity Spider 6/20/06 Survivor Panama's Melinda Hyder & Cirie Fields to Appear on The Guiding Light

Traverse City Record Eagle 6/13/06 19 Survivors at Wuerfel Park Friday

Celebrity Spider 6/6/06 Survivor Vanuatu Winner Suspended for Lying About Medical Issues

Celebrity Spider 6/5/06 Last Chance to Own a Piece of Survivor: Panama 6/4/06 Survivors Land in Springfield

News Record 5/30/06 Ousted 'Survivor' plans future

Television Without Pity 5/29/06 Reunion

Grand Rapids Press 5/23/06 Ex-'Survivor' shares life lessons with schoolkids

New University 5/23/06 Sole Survivor: Former Anteater Baller Aras Baskauskas Wins "Survivor"

Celebrity Spider 5/22/06 Survivor: Panama Charity Auction Raises $31,000 to Benefit Operation Smile

Reality News Online 5/22/06 Survivor: Exile Island, The Finale and Reunion - It Could've Been Better, It Could've Been Worse

Reality TV Games 5/21/06 Survivor Finale Recap: Teepee for Rent

Television Without Pity 5/20/06 The Final Showdown


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