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About Survivor: Gabon

Survivor: Gabon - Earth's Last Eden is the upcoming seventeenth season of the CBS reality television series Survivor. Applications were due on January 24, 2008. Around March 2008, 800 applicants were selected for an interview by CBS. Out of these 800, about 48 semi-finalists were selected to go to Los Angeles sometime during April 2008. From these semi-finalists, 18 contestants were selected to participate in the show between late June and mid-August 2008. Each week one contestant is voted out by other people in their "tribe" until one remains as the sole Survivor.

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Dan Kay Links x Danny Brown Links x Gillian Larson Links x Jacquie Berg Links x
Jessica Kiper Links x Kelly Czarnecki Links x Ken Hoang Links x Marcus Lehman Links x
Matty Whitmore Links x Michelle Chase Links x Paloma Soto-Castillo Links x Randy Bailey Links x
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News Articles about CBS Network's Survivor: Gabon  
(click here for an explanation) 4/8/14 Crowleys plot new ‘Survivor’ challenge

Tri Town Weekly 3/12/13 ‘Survivor’ star has your yurt

Reality TV Hall of Shame 2/3/10 Survivor: Gabon’s Crystal Cox (Sort of) Admits to Steroid Use

Reality TV Magazine 2/2/10 Survivor: Gabon’s Crystal Cox Admits to Using Steroids
Reality TV World 1/13/09 CBS reveals the cast of 'Survivor: Tocantins -- The Brazilian Highlands'
Reality TV World 1/7/09 'Survivor: Gabon' winner honored with "Bob Crowley Day"
Reality TV World 1/5/09 Charges dropped against 'Survivor: Gabon' castaway Ace Gordon
TV Funspot 12/30/08 What Is Your Favorite Season Of Survivor Poll
Reality TV Magazine 12/24/08 Survivor: Gabon — Susie's Second-Place Finish
Reality News Online 12/24/08 Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch – Survivor: Gabon Ponderosa Finale Videos
Reality News Online 12/23/08 An “Insider” Look at Survivor: Gabon, Episode 13, Part 2
Reality TV Fans 12/23/08 Survivor Gabon Finale: All’s Well that Ends Well for the “Good”Survivor Fans Podcast 12/22/08 Interview with Peggy Crowley
Reality News Online 12/22/08 An “Insider” Look at Survivor: Gabon, Episode 13, Part 1
Reality TV Magazine 12/20/08 Survivor: Gabon — Matty's Adventure
Survivor Fans Podcast 12/18/08 Interview with Bob Crowley
TV FunSpot 12/18/08 Episode 13 - Bob's Your Uncle Figure
Fans of Reality TV 12/18/08 Recap: A Million Buys A Lot of Bowties
Reality News Online 12/18/08 Survivor: Gabon – Why Bob Won
Reality TV Fans 12/18/08 Casting Call - Survivor 19
BuddyTV 12/17/08 Exclusive Interview: Jessica "Sugar" Kiper of 'Survivor: Gabon'

BuddyTV 12/17/08 'Survivor: Gabon' Props Seized By Customs Authorities
RealityShack 12/17/08 Survivor: Gabon, Finale & Reunion Commentary – AARP Will Call to Represent
Reality TV Fans 12/17/08 Survivor Gabon Memorabilia and Props Up for Auction for Charity
Reality TV Magazine 12/17/08 Survivor Artifacts Seized By American Customs Department
Reality News Online 12/17/08 Survivor: Gabon – Why Susie Lost
Reality News Online 12/17/08 Survivor: Gabon – Why Sugar Lost
BuddyTV 12/16/08 Exclusive Interview: Susie Smith, Runner Up of 'Survivor: Gabon'

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