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This site provides links to news, pictures and other information about Survivor 7 which was filmed in The Pearl Islands off the coast of Panama.  


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News Articles about Survivor: Pearl Islands (click here for an explanation) 


Zap2It 5/31/15 The 10 best and 5 worst 'Survivor' seasons, ranked

E!Online 8/30/11 Outwit, Outrun, Outlast...Outcampaign? Survivor's Rupert Ponders Run for Governor

Entertainment Weekly 8/30/11 'Survivor' standout Rupert may run for governor in Indiana

E!Online 6/30/11 Survivor Villain Jonny Fairplay and Top Model Wife Call It Quits 2/18/08 Interview with Mary Sartain from Survivor Micronesia & Ryan Opray Of Survivor Pearl Islands

Salt Lake Tribune 2/6/08 Boneham offers tips for new 'Survivor' crew 2/4/08 Ice To Host "Hardee's Night" Starring Rupert

Celebrity Spider 10/11/07 Jon Dalton Sues Danny Bonaduce for Alleged Assault

Celebrity Spider 10/6/07 Danny Bonaduce Will Not Face Charges For Tossing Johnny Fairplay

Celebrity Spider 10/4/07 Danny Bonaduce Under Investigation After Awards Fight With Jonny Fairplay

JokersUpdates 9/17/07 Chat Live with Bull Riding - Survivor Johnny Fairplay

Reality TV World 9/10/07 Jon Dalton and ex-'Top Model' Michelle Deighton expecting first child

Zap2It 9/10/07 'Survivor's' Jonny Fairplay, 'Top Model' Girlfriend Expecting

TMZ 9/10/07 "Survivor" Fairplay and "Model" Michelle: Baby Reality

Danville Register and Bee 8/10/07 Reality TV vet tries his hand at rodeo

Haywood County News 5/1/07 Popular "Survivor" coming to Haywood County

Palladium-Item 4/15/07 'Survivor' All-Star greets visitors

Celebrity Spider 2/21/06 OLN Premiere of Survivor: Pearl Islands March 1st

Celebrity Spider 2/13/06 Survivor Pearl Islands' Shawn Cohen Hosts Podcast on Uspot

The Trades 2/7/06 Survivor Pearl Islands - The Complete Series

Reality TV Magazine 1/19/06 Burton Roberts, From Survivor To Entrepreneur

Inside Pulse 1/14/06 Brain Spill: Worst Winner Ever

Inside Pulse 9/1/05 The Eyes--- Listening Through The Bushes

OurSports Central 5/17/05 Survivor-Pearl Islands' Lillian Morris to be Warbirds Special Guest

Celebrity Spider 2/21/05 Rupert Boneham to Appear at the Outdoor Adventure Show in Toronto

Emediawire 10/7/04 Survivor Christa's Fashion Success and Holiday Gifts That Give Back


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