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This site provides links to news, pictures and other information about Survivor 10 which was filmed on Palau

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Survivor: Palau is the tenth season in the Survivor series.  In Survivor Palau 20 competitors survive in the wild dealing with the elements of a hostile environment for over a month while competing against one another in a variety of competitions for rewards and advantages in the game.  Each week one contestant is voted out by other people in their "tribe" until one remains as the sole Survivor.


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Zap2It 5/31/15 The 10 best and 5 worst 'Survivor' seasons, ranked

Reality News Online 2/22/12 Survivor: The Greatest of All Time – #7 Tom Westman

Reality TV Magazine 8/23/11 A Crazy Interview With ‘Redneck’ James Miller Of Survivor: Palau

TV Guide 11/14/10 Survivor's Stephenie LaGrossa and Baseball Player Kyle Kendrick Marry

Inside Pulse 2/24/10 Greatest Survivor Player Of All-Time: Contenders – Katie Gallagher

Reality News Online 1/21/10 Breast Cancer Takes the Life of Survivor: Palau’s Jenn Lyon

Reality TV Magazine 1/20/10 Survivor: Jennifer Lyon Succumbs to Breast Cancer

TV FunSpot 1/20/10 Survivor Palau Contestant Jennifer Lyon Loses Battle with Cancer

Reality TV Magazine 1/20/10 Survivor: Jennifer Lyon Succumbs to Breast Cancer

People 1/20/10 Survivor: Palau Contestant Jennifer Lyon Dies at 37

E!Online 1/20/10 Survivor: Palau's Jennifer Lyon Loses Cancer Battle

Troy Messenger 12/15/07 Bobby Jon gets new 'Job'

Asbury Park Press 1/21/07 You Can Call Her Ms. Reality 

Plain Dealer 8/17/06 Survivor' winnings finance backyard upgrade in Solon

People 7/6/06 Survivor's Stephenie LaGrossa Gets Married

Newsday 5/15/06 Outlasting a flurry after 'Survivor'

Troy Messenger 4/1/06 Bobby Jon to speak at Salem Baptist

Asbury Park Press 3/24/06 Hunger relief group names spokeswoman

Tribune-Democrat 3/11/06 Scouts meet a ‘Survivor’

Tribune-Democrat 2/21/06 Boy Scout speaker is a 'Survivor'

KATU 11/20/05 'Survivor' finalist from The Dalles battles breast cancer

Reality TV World 10/17/05 Former 'Survivor: Palau' castaway Jennifer Lyon reveals she has breast cancer

Post Gazette 10/15/05 'Survivor' Ian Rosenberger settles in at Heinz Lofts

Record Herald 9/27/05 'Survivor' candidate describes 39 days on Pacific island

Herald Mail 9/27/05 'Survivor' contestant shares experience

Chambersburg Public Opinion 9/27/05 'Survivor' speaks of experiences


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