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This site provides links to news, pictures and other information about Survivor 4 which is being filmed on the Island of Nuku Hiva, in the Marquesas archipelago of French Polynesia.


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News Articles about Survivor IV Marquesas (click here for an explanation) 


Zap2It 5/31/15 The 10 best and 5 worst 'Survivor' seasons, ranked

Reality TV Calendar 10/15/14 Survivor: My Defense of Vecepia and My “Hall of Fame”

Deseret News 4/7/10 The forgotten 'Survivor': Vecepia would like another shot at reality show

WMAZ 9/21/07 Central Georgia's Survivor

AJC 9/20/07 Sturdy 'Survivor' made lasting impact on judge

Inside Bay Area 12/19/06 Advice from one 'Survivor' to another: Pay your taxes

Celebrity Spider 4/19/05 Reality Couple Rob & Amber Get Married On Television  

Reality TV Hall of Fame 5/13/04 Hall of Fame Moment: Changing the Balance of Power in the Marquesas 3/22/04 Interview with Tammy Leitner

Island Packet 3/21/04 Parting gifts

Reality News Online 3/5/04 Baby Story Survivor: Vecepia’s Next Challenge

Tri Valley Herald 2/6/04 'Survivor' winner offers inside scoop

Daily Review 2/5/04 Former champion survives in reality

Ledger Enquirer 11/19/03 'Survivor' vet English still relives ordeal

Reality TV World 9/8/03 Hunter Ellis to host History Channel's new 'Tactical To Practical'.. 

Survivor Phoenix 9/5/03 Hunter Ellis No Longer Camping with Knuckleheads

Reality TV World 7/16/03 'Survivor: Marquesas' finalist Neleh Dennis gets married

Survivor Skills 3/29/03 The General's Adventure

Tri-Valley Herald 2/18/03 'Survivor' winner faces motherhood

Reality News Online 1/20/03 Paschal Relates Experiences to Chamber of Commerce

Media Fiends 12/19/02 Ethan & Vecepia on 'The Early Show'

Electronic Media 11/18/02 'Survivor' perks: making it in local news 11/16/02 Q&A with The General 11/9/02 Q&A with Boston Rob

Hall of Shame 11/6/02 The Hypocritical Winner: Vecepia Towery 11/3/02 Q&A with Tammy Leitner


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