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This site provides links to news, pictures and other information about Survivor 6 which was filmed in The Amazon.  


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People 9/30/13 Rob Cesternino Welcomes Son Dominic James

E!Online 2/18/13 Survivor Stars Ethan Zohn and Jenna Morasca Split After 10 Years Together

E!Online 2/3/12 Ethan Zohn and Jenna Morasca Dye Their Hair Pink to Raise Awareness for World Cancer Day

People 2/3/12 Ethan Zohn & Jenna Morasca Dye Their Hair Pink – for a Good Cause

Reality TV Magazine 8/4/11 More Survivor Seasons Coming To DVD 6/19/11 Former 'Survivor' Contestants Spotted on 'The Amazing Race'

Reality TV World 10/9/09 Former 'Survivor: Amazon' castaway Heidi Strobel gives birth to boy

Unofficial Survivor Guide 10/9/09 Survivor: Amazon's Heidi Strobel, Cole Hamels welcome first baby

Reality TV Fans 3/9/09 Survivor Winner Jenna Morasca to Appear on TNA Wrestling Thursday on Spike

Reality TV World 3/9/09 'Survivor: The Amazon' champ Jenna Morasca becoming a pro wrestler 9/6/07 “Survivor: the Amazon” deaf contestant Christy Smith to travel the world, raise awareness of Worldwide Deaf Issues

TMZ 7/18/07 "Survivor" Champ Spits Venom at Snake Eater

TV Robot 3/26/07 Jenna Morasca Surviving Beautifully, Thank You 1/30/07 TV doctor admits to misconduct and cocaine use

Reality News Online 3/8/06 Is There Life After Survivor for Daniel Lue?

Reality TV Calendar 12/27/05 The Finale of Survivor Thailand & Survivor Amazon Premiere on OLN

Inside Pulse 8/24/05 The Eyes--- Queen Of The Amazon

Khalsa News Network 4/4/05 Survivor Amazon's JoAnna Ward to host motivational and fitness seminar for one of the largest facility

LaSalle News Tribune 2/17/05 TV 'Survivor' speaks at IVCC about his recipe for success

Post Gazette 2/1/05 'Survivor' pair host benefits

Rocky Mountain News 12/14/04 'Survivor' lessons for hearing-impaired

PR Web 10/23/04 CBS Survivor Amazon's JoAnna Ward to host motivational and fitness seminar

Stockwatch 8/3/04 All-Star Rob C and other Celebrities to Attend Raven Moon's Annual Shareholder Meeting

Press Release 6/7/04 Rob Cesternino to Host The Amazon Challenge

Rocky Mountain Collegian 3/30/04 Survivor tells of time in Amazon


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