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About Neleh Dennis


Neleh Dennis was born in Heber City, Utah and lives now in Layton, Utah.  She is a student and her luxury item was Scriptures.


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News Articles about Survivor Contestant Neleh Dennis


Record Eagle 6/14/05 'Survivor' contestants raise funds for charity

Reality TV World 7/16/03 'Survivor: Marquesas' finalist Neleh Dennis gets married

Electronic Media 11/18/02 'Survivor' perks: making it in local news

Salt Lake Magazine 9/1/02 Neleh Dennis Comes a Long Way from Layton to Marquesas

Deseret News 8/22/02 Seeking dates on Net? Neleh did not go there

Thomaston Times 7/15/02 'Survivors' visit Thomaston

CBS News 7/9/02 Oh, My Heck! Neleh's Back On TV

Zap2It 7/5/02 'Survivor' Neleh Back on TV in Utah

Deseret News 6/29/02 Now Neleh's a morning person

Deseret News 5/28/02 C'mon, 'Survivor' is just a Game

Deseret News 5/20/02 Oh my heck! Neleh comes in second

Reality News Online 5/20/02 Why Neleh Lost

Deseret News 5/20/02 Snippets from chilly Central Park

Reality News Online 5/19/02 Why Neleh Has Lasted So Long

Deseret News 5/17/02 Utah's 'Sweetpea' just barely survives; sour Sean is ousted

Deseret News 5/17/02 Utahn survives close call; 'Survivor'down to final 4

Deseret News 5/10/02 Utahn survives plot to inch closer to that million-dollar prize

Reality News Online 5/9/02 In Defense of Neleh

Reality News Online 5/8/02 Point/Counterpoint with Susan and Brian: Neleh, Sweet Neleh

Deseret News 5/3/02 Utah contestant makes some enemies 5/3/02 Finally, we get a clearer picture of Sweet Pea

Deseret News 4/26/02 Utahn is still looking strong

Deseret News 4/19/02 Utah's own 'Survivor' turns the tables on manipulative 'Big Four'

Deseret News 4/12/02 Utahn will survive until final episode one way or another

Deseret News 4/5/02 Utahn has to vote out one of her friends on 'Survivor: Marquesas'

Deseret News 3/29/02 Adorable, popular Utahn still looks like she could be the 'Survivor'

Deseret News 3/22/02 Utahn still there despite switcheroo

Deseret News 3/8/02 Utahn survives even prospers by not barfing

Zap2It 2/6/02 'Early Show' Reveals New 'Survivor' Cast


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