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About Vecepia Towery


Vecepia is from Portland, Oregon.  She is an Office Manager and her luxury item was a self written notebook of poetry.


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News Articles about Survivor Contestant Vecepia Towery


Reality TV Calendar 10/15/14 Survivor: My Defense of Vecepia and My “Hall of Fame”
Deseret News 4/7/10 The forgotten 'Survivor': Vecepia would like another shot at reality show

Inside Bay Area 12/19/06 Advice from one 'Survivor' to another: Pay your taxes 10/30/05 Episode 7: Teams merge...Amy doesn't make the cut! 10/4/05 Survivor Guatemala Episode 3: Fierce challenges, hot weather...Brianna goes down in Guatemala 9/17/05 Vecepia Towery Robinson Episode 1: My, my, my...What a way to start the game! 9/13/05 Vecepia Towery Robinson: A new season of Survivor

Record Eagle 6/14/05 'Survivor' contestants raise funds for charity

SheKnows 2/19/05 Vecepia Towery-Robinson: Episode 1: 20 start, 17 remain...unlucky 3 ousted early

SheKnows 12/16/04 Vecepia Towery-Robinson Finale: Chris Daugherty - Last man standing

SheKnows 11/20/04 Vecepia Towery-Robinson Episode 10: Another man bites the dust...Chad sent home

SheKnows 11/14/04 Vecepia Towery-Robinson Episode 9: Chicken wings and bones...Sarge is gone!

SheKnows 11/5/04 Vecepia Towery-Robinson A tale of two genders...ladies rule!

SheKnows 10/30/04 Vecepia Towery-Robinson Episode 7 – Luck runs out for Lopevi…John K. sent packing

SheKnows 10/22/04 Vecepia Towery-Robinson: The Tribe Fails and the Angry Man Prevails

SheKnows 10/15/04 Vecepia Towery-Robinson Episode 5: Bubba has gone bye-bye!

SheKnows 10/8/04 Vecepia Towery-Robinson Episode 4: The FBI agent is Out

SheKnows 9/25/04 Vecepia Towery-Robinson Episode 2 - Nice girls finish last

She Knows 9/22/04 Vecepia Towery Episode 1 Recap: Where’s the shock value?

Reality News Online 3/5/04 Baby Story Survivor: Vecepia’s Next Challenge

Media Fiends 12/19/02 Ethan & Vecepia on 'The Early Show'

Hall of Shame 11/6/02 The Hypocritical Winner: Vecepia Towery

Survivor Fire 9/19/02 Interview with Vecepia

Reality News Online 6/5/02 Sole Survivor Vee Heads Back to Work

Zap2It 6/3/02 'Survivor' Winner Back at Work

Contra Costa Times 6/1/02 'Survivor' doesn't quit her day job


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