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About Paschal English


Paschal "Pappy" English was born in Birmingham, Alabama and lives in Thomaston, Georgia.  He is a 

judge and his luxury item was an American Flag.




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News Articles about Survivor Contestant Paschal English


WMAZ 9/21/07 Central Georgia's Survivor

AJC 9/20/07 Sturdy 'Survivor' made lasting impact on judge

Record Eagle 6/14/05 'Survivor' contestants raise funds for charity

Ledger Enquirer 11/19/03 'Survivor' vet English still relives ordeal

Reality News Online 1/20/03 Paschal Relates Experiences to Chamber of Commerce

Courier Herald 10/15/02 Judge turned ‘Survivor’ to speak at chamber’s 50th annual meeting

Thomaston Times 7/15/02 'Survivors' visit Thomaston

Citizen News 6/26/02 English to appear in Columbus

Thomaston Times 6/19/02 Atlanta Gas Light Company signs English as spokesperson

Citizen 6/19/02 'Survivor' English signs to promote natural gas

Reality News Online 6/7/02 A Look at the Fairness of Paschal's Loss

Macon Telegraph 5/25/02 English describes 'Survivor' lessons to Carter students

Zap2It 5/21/02 'Survivor' Judge Won't Be Banging TV Gavel

Thomaston Times 5/20/02 Popular Pappy

Thomaston Times 5/20/02 Class Act

Macon Telegraph 5/20/02 Paschal unable to survive

Reality News Online 5/19/02 Why Paschal Lost

Macon Telegraph 5/19/02 Survivor, Gus and Pappy Bear

Thomaston Times 5/17/02 Paschal English in Survivor Finale

Macon Telegraph 5/17/02 Thomaston's Survivor advances to final

Thomaston Times 5/13/02 'Survivor' packs The Ritz

Thomaston Times 5/13/02 Ritz Theater 'walk of fame'

Thomaston Times 5/10/02 Beverly English's visit with her husband shown on CBS Survivor

Macon Telegraph 5/9/02 Thomaston gripped by 'Survivor' fever

Thomaston Times 4/15/02 'Survivor' phenomenon keeps Upson County in the spotlight

Thomaston Times 4/5/02 Survivor Watch - Episode VI

Thomaston Times 4/4/02 Survivor phenomenon comes to Thomaston

Macon Telegraph 4/4/02 In Thomaston, 'Survivor' English already a winner

Thomaston Times 3/8/02 English still surviving

Thomaston Times 3/7/02 Don't miss Friday's Times coverage of episode two

Thomaston Times 3/1/02 Here comes the judge

Thomaston Times 2/27/02 The woman behind the man 2/26/02 'Booty'-blasting Georgia judge on newest Survivor

Thomaston Times 2/25/02 SurvivorPaschal English to be seen on CBS Feb. 28

Thomaston Times 2/7/02 Judge Paschal English picked for CBS hit - how cool is that?

Macon Telegraph 2/7/02 Thomaston judge to take chances on next 'Survivor'

Reality News Online 2/6/02 Survivor 4 Contestant Opposed Booty Dancing as a Judge

Zap2It 2/6/02 'Early Show' Reveals New 'Survivor' Cast


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